The Importance of Swimwear Sizing Charts

Shopping online is convenient when you have a chart to help you.

Buying a designer swimsuit online is undeniably convenient. The perfect suit comes right to your door, you pop it into your suitcase, and voila — you’re ready to fly away on vacay. Buying a suit this way also spares you the traumatic experience all girls share when shopping for a bathing suit: finding the right size under that dreaded florescent light. Why struggle through a dozen suits, in a cramped boutique cubicle, while fending off the overly-helpful salesgirl? Select a designer swimsuit the easy way — buy online!

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Best Swimsuit Styles For All Body Types

Scared to shed your clothes and show off your swimsuit?

Summer is right around the corner and it can be a stressful time for a lot of people. When the sweatshirts come off and our figures are revealed to the world in skimpy swimwear, it’s easy to feel a lot of self-loathing. There are ways to avoid those summer blues by ensuring that you’re dressing for your body type, and not just wearing the latest fashion trends, in spite of how they look in the mirror.

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Spring Break Bikini Options

From classic swimsuits to trendy new looks, find out what's hot for Spring!

From classic swimsuits to trendy new looks, find out what’s hot for Spring!

Every year as the snow and ice begin to melt, while the days start getting lighter earlier and darker later, people everywhere rejoice at signs indicating spring is on its way. That means it’s time to relinquish the sweaters and leggings back to the rear of the closet and pull out the shorts, tees and let’s not forget swimsuits! More importantly, it means spring break is approaching quickly and you have to be up-to-date and prepared with the latest styles! It’s time to cast off the layered style of winter and bare it all with some of the trendiest spring break swimsuits and beachwear apparel!

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Preparing For Spring Break

Nothing looks better than a wide open swimming pool on a hot day!

Even though the winter weather refuses to let up, spring has officially sprung, meaning it’s time for spring break! Tons of students, adults, and kids will be jetting off to tropical locations to soak up the sun and enjoy a vacation. If you’re among the lucky few taking a trip this spring, there are some things you need to do in order to prepare for the perfect vacation.

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Top 5 Places To Visit For Spring Break

Check out these top beach destinations.

Spring break is in full swing for college kids across the country. And while Panama City Beach might be the destination of choice for most of them, we’re reviewing some of the most beautiful spring break locations that are perfect for a couples retreat or a family trip. Escape the crowds and enjoy the beauty of a tropical location with these top 5 destinations.

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Look Like a Celebrity: Top 5 Beach Styles to Steal

Don’t waste a beautiful day at the beach, enjoy with a cute swimsuit!

The last few weeks of winter are fading away, and with it go the coats, scarves and hats. Warm weather is fast approaching, which means it’s officially time to bust out your beach chic and celebrate like a celebrity.

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Getting In Shape For Summer

Trim Beach Body

Loose that excess weight!

It’s that time again – that day of the year when you look outside and think, “swimsuit weather is only a few months away – and I am so not ready!” It’s easy to panic when you remember the cheesecake you wolfed down over the holidays, or the chocolates you gobbled up during Valentine’s. We’ve all been there.

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