The Best Bathing Suits for Your Body after Baby

This La Blanca Tankini is great for new moms

Check out you! Don’t be afraid to wear a swimsuit after pregnancy.

Many women who are having a baby think, postpartum body + swimsuit = never gonna happen. Oh how wrong they are.

After you have a baby, it can be tough to feel comfortable or confident in a swimsuit. For many women it takes a while for your body to bounce back, and having to step out in public in a skimpy bikini would strike fear into the heart of any woman who haven’t undergone the life altering changes that is having a baby. While working on your beach body you should buy a new swimsuit that flatters your figure.

As a new mom skimpy bathing suits probably won’t be your best choice. But just because you’re looking to cover up a little more, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy (and show off) in some of the latest swimwear trends. We’re breaking down the best swimsuits for new moms that will make them feel confident and sexy this summer. Continue reading

The Top 7 Push Up Swimwear Brands for Summer 2013

Draw attention with a sexy yellow push up bikini.

Draw attention with a sexy yellow push up bikini.

If you want the confidence that goes along with wearing a proven swimsuit style combined with a fresh design, you need a push up swimsuit. To give you an idea of what’s available, here are the top seven brands for this summer:
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Flatter Your Beach Bod with Navy Blue Swimwear

blue pattern bathing suit

What looks better than shades of blue next to a sandy backdrop?

Summer 2013 is fast approaching, which means that beach bod season is just around the corner! You don’t want to be unprepared when the summer months finally roll around, so April is the perfect time to start shopping for women’s swimwear. Many people think that the best way to prepare for long days at the shore is to start doing a bunch of crunches – however, these people are forgetting the power of a flattering swimsuit! A well-made, well-fitted bathing suit is a much better investment than all those exercise videos cluttering up your living room. Taking the time to shop for the perfect swimsuit is a much more enjoyable way to spend an hour or two.

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2013 Sunglasses Trends for Women

Add a bit of class to your looks with these fancy new shades from Seafolly.

Summer is approaching and with it comes the season of sunglasses, swimsuits and tan lines. What better time to break down the hottest summer 2013 sunglasses trends? Whether you love a pop of color or a classic frame, there is a sunglass style that is perfect for you this summer. Snag your favorite sunglasses just in time for the season to start, and savor your summer in style.


Tortoise Shell Frames

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Memorable Swimwear Movie Scenes


These actresses inspire us with their memorable beach fashion!

Scenes with beautiful women in bikinis at the beach are practically a rite of passage for action movies like James Bond or the Charlie’s Angels series. As much as those scenes are directed at a male audience, they’re just so motivating to women too!

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Best & Worst Celebrity Beach Bodies

Summer is fast approaching, meaning we’re going to start seeing magazines littered with pictures of gorgeous bikini-clad celebrities on the beach. We’re jumping the gun a little and breaking down the best and worst celebrity beach bodies of the season, and letting you know how to steal the looks you love from the hottest movie stars around.

  1. Best – Jennifer Lawrence

This actress knows how to look great in swimwear.












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How to Hold a Wonderful Beach Themed Bridal Shower


Celebrate with the bride to be on the beach.

Whether a couple is actually planning to get married at the beach or they simply enjoy spending a lot of time there, a beach themed bridal shower is the perfect way to celebrate their upcoming nuptials. Not only does this theme provide a lot of options for finding the perfect balance between elegant and fun,  it’s also a theme that allows you to let your creativity flow.

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