Top Water Parks Around the World

Doesn't this look like fun!

Doesn’t this look like fun!

Whenever people think summer, the first thing that comes to mind is the beach. Although we all love laying down relaxing in the sun, it can get well, boring.  Water parks are a refreshing way to have fun, catch a thrill, and cool off.  We discovered a list of some of the best water parks in the world.  Before the summer lets out, perhaps you might want to try and plan your final summer vacation around one of these awesome places. Continue reading

3 Cool Ways to End the Summer!

Summer is not over yet, don't waste a minute!

Summer is not over yet, don’t waste a minute!

Let’s face it: even though the summer is ending, it doesn’t mean we are ready for fall.  It’s going to be tough parting ways with the beaches and barbecues that every summer we grow overly attached to, thinking all the fun will never leave us.  We don’t have to miss it just yet! There are still a few solid weekends left before fall creeps in on us, so make the best of them using one (or all) of these awesome ideas before you put your swim suites away!

Give Back To The Community

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Best 5 Fall Vacation Spots

Best 5 Fall Vacation Spots

Enjoy the autumn colors, and take a vacation in the fall!

Summer may be ending, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be a sad event! When the kids begin to return to school and temperatures begin to cool off, many resorts, hotels, and cities will start off special vacation deals to entice people out of their homes. This is the perfect opportunity to squeeze a little more vacation time out of the year. Not to mention, autumn is an absolutely gorgeous season, and many places and regions are even more beautiful during this time of year. If you’re searching for some vacation inspiration, look no further – below is a list of the top 5 fall vacation spots in the United States. Continue reading

This Week in Swimming News

This Week in Swimming News

Check here for a round-up of this week in swimming news!

This past week has been an exciting one when it comes to swimming… however, you don’t have to pour through your newspaper to find the stories! We’ve compiled this week’s most interesting news in the swimming world! Read below for a short synopsis of each article. Continue reading

End of Summer Swimsuit Sales

End of Summer Swimsuit Sales

An end of summer swimsuit sale is a great chance for you to be daring in your fashion choices.

Mid-August is a few days away, which means that temperatures will soon start to cool down and the leaves will begin to change colors. Sadly, the approach of autumn also means that summer will end soon, which means no more days lounging by the pools or soaking up the sunshine at the beach. However, don’t mourn yet! The end of summer also means that there will be plenty of end of season sales to take advantage of. This sales are perfect if you are planning a tropical vacation over the winter holidays, go to school or live someplace warm, or are trying to squeeze a few more beach days out of the summer! Continue reading

Solo Beach Activities

It's always good to get some alone time, so why not spend a day on the beach with yourself?

It’s always good to get some alone time, so why not spend a day on the beach with yourself?

While going to the beach is a great summer activity to do with family or friends, sometimes you need to be alone to truly enjoy the waves. But what is there to do when you’re by yourself on the sandy shore? Here are some ideas you can try: Continue reading

Top Summer Beach Activities

Top Summer Beach Activities

Bring a beach ball is a great way to have fun at the beach!

Beach trips are a staple of summer. There is no better time to enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer – the sand, the sun, and of course, the ocean. To many, the beach is an escape from the stress and craziness of everyday life. However, some may find just lounging all day a little too dull. If you would prefer to relax and unwind in a more active way, this post is for you- below is a list of several beach activities that would be perfect for a summer outing. Not only are activities such as these a great way to have some fun at the beach, but they will also keep kids occupied and out of trouble! Continue reading

Pool Safety Tips

Your water should always be clear and chemically balanced, like the photo shown above.

Your water should always be clear and chemically balanced, like the photo shown above.

In order to beat the heat, many people are running inside to pump the ac or sitting in traffic on the way to the beach.  Is there a happy medium? Yes!  Pools are a relatively private way to stay cool and still get some sun.  However like any outdoor activity, you want to enjoy it as safely as possible.  Here are some basic safety tips to help you enjoy your time at the pool and not in the hospital.