Swimsuits for Halloween

Celebrate Halloween in style!

Halloween is approaching! Candy, costumes and fun with friends all come hand-in-hand with this time of year. Many people spend their Halloween night at different bars and clubs, having a good time with the people they are closest with. This is always exciting because you get to spend time with your friends while dressed up in some extraordinary outfits. Continue reading

Maternity Swimwear

Maternity swimsuits allow mothers to enjoy the beach in comfort.

There are many wonderful things that come with having a baby, but being pregnant can definitely pose a challenge, especially to your beach body. Don’t let pregnancy scare you away from the beach! Your growing body is beautiful and you should not be afraid to show it off. Here are some tips to help you select the perfect maternity swimwear so you can don a cute swimsuit in maternity sizes. Continue reading

Cruise Season 2014: Best Destinations

Cruise Season 2014: Best Destinations

Cruise season 2014 is fast approaching!

Great value, multiple locations, fun for the entire family, and lots of extremely enjoyable activities are just a few of the many reasons that taking a cruise is such a rewarding experience. Whether you’ve already been on several cruises or want to go on one for the first time, it’s never too early to start planning for this type of trip. Why is it so useful to start planning early? Not only will it ensure that you’ll be able to go exactly where you want, but it will give you an opportunity to watch for the best deal, and then snap it up when it becomes available. Continue reading

Fall Swim Lessons for Kids

Fall Swim Lessons for Kids

Swimming lessons are a great way to make sure that kids stay active and healthy.

Just because you put your Becca bikinis away until next summer doesn’t mean that your kids have to wait seven or more months to enjoy swimming. If you’re looking for a great way for your kids to burn off the extra energy they’ll accumulate while sitting in class all day, indoor fall swim lessons may be the perfect solution. Continue reading

Take Your Dog Swimming In NYC

Many dogs love the water!

Many dogs love the water just like we do!

When many people go shopping for sporty tankinis, they’re only thinking about where they’re going to lay out to tan throughout the summer. But if taking your dog swimming is one of the things that pops into your mind while swimsuit shopping, you’re not alone. In fact, there are plenty of passionate pet owners who love taking their dog swimming, and you don’t have to figure out where to go on your own. Instead, you can benefit from the best spots that other dog owners have identified. If you live in New York City, here are four different places you will thoroughly enjoy taking your dog for an afternoon of swimming: Continue reading

Crazy Fun Ways to Use Your Favorite Swimwear in Winter

Crazy Fun Ways to Use Your Favorite Swimwear in Winter

Just because summer is ending doesn’t mean that the fun has to!

As you start to feel a chill in the air, you may be thinking your swimsuit needs to get packed away for the season since there aren’t any pool parties or day trips to the beach on the calendar. But before you say goodbye to your bikinis, tankinis, and cover ups, think again. With a little ingenuity, you can transform your swimwear into outerwear. With a few fun tricks, undergarments are no longer needed, and the material will hide any signs of perspiration. This season’s tankinis were so fashionable this season that it will be tough for anyone to tell that you are wearing a swimsuit. Since guys have shorts of varying lengths for their swimwear, they typically can’t get away with it. However, ladies can take flaunt the beautiful designs of this summer’s swimwear all year-round. Continue reading

Swimsuit Swap

It's time to change up your fashion. So throw a party!

It’s time to change up your fashion. So throw a party!

Looking to update your wardrobe and save money in the process? Try hosting a swap party! There are many benefits to swapping clothes with friends – you have trusted allies there to tell you right away if something looks flattering or if it is not the best look for you. Maybe you bought into a swimwear trend that doesn’t work for you now or you don’t fit that size swimsuit anymore – it is time to give your lightly used clothing a new home, get some new items for yourself and save some money in the process. Continue reading

Safe Swimming Tips For Ocean Goers


Have a safe and fun day at the beach!

Every year, a tremendous amount of people visit the coast for a summer swim in one of the many beautiful oceans our plentiful planet has to offer. For a seasonal vacation goer, it’s a joyous opportunity to relax and enjoy the earth’s natural beauty. But make no mistake, the ocean is not the same as a swimming pool. The ocean is vast and deep, filled with various wild life and tides that are no match for a gentle swimming pool’s tranquil surface. In order for you and your family to fully enjoy the ocean environment and have a safe visit to the beach, we’ve gathered some great tips to keep your family safe and secure while out in the ocean. Continue reading

Under the Sea Swim Party (Birthday with an indoor pool)


Pool parties are great even in fall!

Birthdays that fall during the post summer months, when school is in session or even during winter’s chill need not be boring. Quite the opposite! Consider hosting an under the sea swim party for your little ones and their friends. Many gyms, Boys and Girls Clubs, or YMCA clubs have pools that can be rented for a block of time that would suit the length of a small child’s party. Kids love splashing around, they can screech and yell away from the rest of the grown-ups (a bonus for any of those in attendance who aren’t used to that) and they provide great fun while being an active and healthy party idea. Continue reading