5 Amazing Indoor Pools That Your Entire Family Will Enjoy

hotel_icon_has_indoor_pool_115731There are some homes throughout the US with truly incredible indoor pools. For example, a $3.5 million home in Three Lakes, Wisconsin has an indoor swimming pool where after slipping into your favorite tankini skirt you can enjoy a 24×80 foot indoor lap pool complete with its own fireplace, vaulted ceilings and kitchen. Or a $7 million home in Park City, Utah has a pool that’s part of its indoor entertainment selection, which also includes a sports bar with four TVs, golf simulator and pizza oven. Continue reading

Synchronized Swimming

20100729101012Originally known as water ballet, the sport commonly referred to as synchronized swimming can be described as an athletic combination of swimming, dance and gymnastics – all performed in water. It can provide an excellent workout for cardiovascular and muscular strength and fitness. Water ballet was first displayed as a show put on at the World Exhibition in Chicago in 1934 but it wasn’t until the late Olympic swimmer turned actress, Esther Williams made an appearance on film performing water ballet that popularity for the sport grew. Her swim costumes set fashion trends as her popularity grew, the classic look is one that many swimsuit manufacturers such as Cole of California emulate today. Continue reading

How to Have an Amazing Experience on Kauai


Try this excellent destination in Hawaii.

A successful and truly memorable trip to Kauai, Hawaii starts with packing the right items. Since the island has a very laid-back style, you don’t have to worry about tons of formal clothes. Even if you want to go to some nice restaurants, polo shirts with khakis are great for men, while nice sundresses are the perfect choice for women. Continue reading

Oahu, Hawaii Combines Modern Luxury with Timeless Beauty


From great food to fun surfing, Hawaii has it all!

Because Oahu offers incredible outdoor activities during the day and a vibrant nightlife once the sun goes down, you’re going to want to pack your cute Becca swimwear and some sultry dresses for going out. Regardless of the time of day, you can always find something delicious to eat, and wonderful sites to see! Continue reading

Fun Aquatic Careers


Go swimming for a living.

Does the aquatic life call your name? Are you happiest near a body or pool of water? Then you’ll want to investigate the many fun aquatic careers that exist today. Being around water is soothing and calming to many people, so it comes as no surprise that water related careers are a viable option for employment. Continue reading

Why Swimming is the Best Possible Workout


Swim to improve your health and body shape!

What do you think of when you think about getting a good workout?  Do you envision running on a treadmill?  Maybe sweating and straining while lifting heavy weights?  Is your idea of getting the best possible workout pushing your body to the point of probable injury?  If you’ve said “yes” to any of these questions, you might want to consider swimming. Swimming is not an activity that most people think of when they are considering an exercise regime. For most, swimming is something relaxing that you do to cool off on a hot day.  However, if you are really serious about working your entire body, swimming is the best workout around. No pool in your back yard? No problem.  Many areas have public pools that are open year round and there are even hotel chains that allow an individual to purchase a pool membership, so inclement weather is never a reason to miss a workout. Continue reading

Swimsuits for Halloween – Take 2!


Find the right costume for Halloween!

With Halloween just a couple of weeks away, now is the time to start finalizing your 2013 Halloween costume. Even if you hadn’t given it any thought yet, you still have time to put together a great costume – with things you already own! Using your swimwear pieces to create your Halloween ensemble makes for a killer costume, and saves you money in the process. If you’re looking at your swimsuits and are stumped, don’t worry – read these swimsuit Halloween costume ideas for some inspiration. Not only are you already certain that your swimsuit is flattering, but swimwear is comfortable and easy to clean as well – what more could you want out of a Halloween costume?

Continue reading

Diana Nyad Swims 48 Hours Straight

diana-nyad-completes-swimWhen Diana Nyad completed her lifelong dream of swimming from Cuba to Florida on September 2nd, we knew this girl was a star. Repeating the mantra “find a way” throughout her 53-hour swim, it’s obvious this swimmer is very motivated and determined. However, if you thought this 64-year-old was finished pushing herself to the limit, think again. Diana Nyad just demonstrated a second example of an endurance swim by swimming for 48 hours straight in Herald Square earlier this week. Continue reading