How Good is Swimming for Your Health


Swimming can be a great benefit to your health, whether you are young or old.

Swimming is generally seen as a mode of enjoyment, so often people donʼt look at the health benefits as well. The truth of the matter is, swimming is extremely beneficial for your health! Aside from the fact that a perfect-fitting womenʼs swimsuit can make you feel great about yourself, here are a few ways that swimming can promote some major health benefits for your body: Continue reading

Healthy Foods for Swimmers

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Find out what fruits are best for a swimmer’s body.

There are many food options out there. It is clear, though, that some foods are better than others in terms of your long term health. This is true not just for the overall health of your body, but also if you want to look healthy too. Swimming requires a lot of energy, and to keep up with that energy requirement, you need to make healthy food choices. In addition to making sure to keep yourself well-hydrated, there are foods you can eat that can keep your body working at peak condition. Especially when you wear the latest swimwear trends, here are some foods that promote a healthy body for swimmers. Continue reading

Tone Your Legs By Swimming


Simply adding on flippers when you go swimming can intensify your workout.

Everyone wants to have toned and fit legs. Sometimes, however, the effort required to get them can seem daunting. The best way to approach such a situation is to find an exercise that you enjoy doing and stick with it. This way, working out wonʼt seem like a chore for you; you will want to do it and the results youʼll see will be much more rewarding. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise for just this reason: moving about in the water can seem effortless and fun, while really doing wonders for your legs. Bare your legs and flaunt a short cole of california tankini skirt when you follow these swimming exercises. Continue reading

2014 Swimsuits: What to Expect from Becca, Anne Cole, & More


2014 Swimsuits: What to Expect from Becca, Anne Cole, & More

A new year means great new swimwear designs!

It’s that time of year again! Even if the weather is dismal and gray where you are, it’s time to think about swimsuits! You might be taking a holiday vacation, or you might be adding swimwear to your Christmas list. Either way, from halters to bandeaus, from cover-ups to bikinis, we’ve got your styles of swimsuits 2014 covered. Continue reading

Popular Holiday Cruise Destinations


Popular Holiday Cruise Destinations

A river cruise could be the perfect way to spend your Christmas!

Have you considered taking a cruise for Christmas? The holidays aren’t usually the time most people think about going on a cruise, but it can be the ideal time to book one! Not only are the prices lower, but the cruise ships often decorate for the holidays to make the event memorable. What better way to spend time with family? Many cruise-goers choose to travel to warm locations during this time of year in order to escape from the winter weather in their home climate. However, even if you choose to enjoy the more traditional cold winter sights and sounds of Europe for the holidays, you shouldn’t neglect to bring swimwear! Remember, there are usually saunas and spas on board the ship. When shopping for women’s bikinis, 2014 promises to be an incredible year for a wide selection of colors and styles. Continue reading

2014 Swimsuit Styles from It Figures


2014 Swimsuit Styles from It Figures

What could It Figures be planning for 2014?

For more than 15 years, It Figures have been a key player in the one piece swimsuits market, offering control fabrics and flattering cuts for women. They have managed to combine shaping materials and plus-size cuts with fun prints and popular styles, and earning themselves a strong following of women of all ages. As Christmas 2013 approaches, fans may be wondering what new styles It Figures has planned to release for the 2014 season. Continue reading

New 2014 R Collection Swimsuits for Juniors

New 2014 R Collection Swimsuits for Juniors

Summer will be back before we know it, so get a jump-start on swimsuit shopping!

With the upcoming holidays, it may seem like it’s going to be forever until the hot days of summer. However, because the holiday season is always so busy, it ends up going by much faster than everyone expects. After it’s over, it won’t be long until it’s officially warm enough to start enjoying the pool again. Continue reading

Cole of California Plus Size Swimwear 2014


Find a plus size Cole of California swimsuit that fits your body comfortably!

One of the things that makes the Cole of California brand special is that it has plenty of options that look great on any shape. So if you want to look your best and be able to have fun at the beach instead of feeling self-conscious, any of the suits in the Cole of California Plus 2014 collection or 2013 for that matter, will do exactly that for you. Continue reading

Becca Swimwear Styles for 2014

marrakesh_flutter_straps_hipster_1front_tart_1200x1800Bright. Bold. Sexy. When you see what’s in the Becca swimwear 2014 collection for the first time, chances are those are some of the words that will come to mind. If you’ve been working hard to keep your body in shape and plan to stick to your routine until spring arrives, grabbing a few different suits from this collection will be the best way to show off all your hard work! Continue reading

New Anne Cole Swimsuits for 2014

14mo004mult_bAlthough winter is starting to set in, it’s never too late to start thinking about what you’re going to wear when the weather begins heating up and you get to enjoy afternoons by the pool once again. If you’d like to put some summer items on your Christmas list, there are a lot of beautiful new Anne Cole swimsuits for 2014. To get an idea of what’s available, let’s dive into the details of the latest Anne Cole collection: Continue reading