Spring Break Locations 2014


Find the perfect spot for your spring break vacation this year.

For many, spring break remains a monumental rite of passage for young adults and college students worldwide. Spring break means parties, beautiful beaches, and exclusive resorts. Top Spring break 2014 locations exist all over the world, but some  of the most popular are of course beachside. Here are some of our favorite picks for Spring Break Locations 2014. Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions 2014


It’s time to decide on those resolutions!

Every year we pledge to do certain things in the upcoming year. Resolutions are a great way in order to make your life more meaningful, healthy or satisfying. Whether pledging to be more healthy, getting more active and taking more time for yourself, choose something that is easy to achieve and will give you the most benefits. Perhaps you want to get fit and wear more swimsuits in 2014 or maybe just want to increase your activity level. Continue reading

Favorite Swimsuit Styles of 2013


This sexy one-piece will draw more attention than a boring old bikini.

As the year comes to a close, let’s reflect on some of the most popular swimsuit styles of the year. With 2014 right around the corner, we can guess what will remain in style, what will leave the runaway and what will be changed and revamped to be the season’s next it piece. Continue reading

Five Reasons Why We Love The Beach


There are endless reasons to love beautiful beaches!

There are a lot of possibilities for individuals who head off on vacation, but the beach is by far a classic example of a place to relax and enjoy the day.

There are always many reasons to enjoy the beach, but most of them include a sexy swimsuit. Read on to find out some of our favorite features of the beach!

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5 Best Beach Exercises


Get your feet wet and your body working with these beach exercises!

If you enjoy heading to the beach, but also want to keep fit, there are a couple of things that you can do in order to achieve both. This often means getting active in the water or going for a run in the sun, but these are not the only options available in terms of exercise on the beach. You will be surprised to find that there are a few very easy exercises that can done while on the sand. Turn your vacation into a workout session with the following exercise plans. Many of them are perfect if you are wearing one piece swimsuits as they are the most comfortable while maintaining coverage. Continue reading

Ibiza Plus Size Swimwear

photoshoot-2-19-13-2319Are you a plus size woman looking for the perfect swimsuit? You’re in luck. At Swimsuits Direct, our plus size swimwear fashions are designed specifically with the curvaceous woman in mind. Our stylish designs will work wonders on your figure. Here are few of our popular plus size swimwear styles for women: Continue reading

Cute Swimwear Styles Under $20


Find great swimsuits for a sweet price!

best time of the year to shop for swimsuits might be during the off-season. When swimwear is discounted and manufacturers want to move last year’s looks. But you don’t have to wait until swimming season is over to get a good looking bathing suit for next year. Continue reading

Tips For Staying In Swimsuit Shape Over the Holidays


Getting in shape is worth it no matter what it takes!

There are many fashionable swimsuit styles in 2013 to choose from. You have sensational women’s beachwear swimsuit styles for all body types, such as the Goddess Boyleg Maillot by Seafolly and many other brands. Let’s be honest ladies, there is nothing better than feeling confident while wearing a swimsuit. In order to obtain that level of confidence, you must look and feel your best – regardless of size. Continue reading

Plus Size Swimwear 2014

Plus Size Swimwear 2014

Read our tips on how to shop for plus size swimwear!

Wherever you stand on the issue of what constitutes a “plus-size” woman, the fact remains that women of all shapes and sizes want to look good. Fit and toned model Leah Kelley recently  posted a photograph of herself in a swimsuit on Twitter, with a caption that said she’s happy to be considered “plus-size”. Many who saw the picture argued that she looks as thin and in shape as “regular” models, giving support to the notion that the fashion industry actually considers anyone larger than a size 4 as plus size. This tendency for the industry to lump a large group of women into one size label might make searching for haute couture designs difficult for the not-so-supermodel/average woman. Continue reading