2014 Bikini Season Weather: The Bad News and The Good News


Cole of California Bow Front Tankini

We think we can speak for everyone when we say “Hurry up summer and get here already!” This winter’s polar vortex made for an absolutely miserable frozen time for almost everywhere in the United States. (Go ahead Miami, laugh it up.) April is supposed to be the month where things start to warm up yet on the Northeast we had snow in mid-April! From a beach goer’s perspective, waiting for bikini season has been the worst.

We’re ready to read that book on our kindle by the poolside. We’re ready to feel the warm sand between our toes. We’re ready to show off that new Cole of California Bow Front Tankini we’ve been working so hard to fit into. All we can do at this point is look forward to the approaching summer. But that’s the frustrating thing about swimwear, it’s so dependent on the weather. So we’re taking a look at what the weather is going to look like this summer. And overall we’ve got some bad news and we’ve got some good news. Continue reading

Bikini Lab Has Arrived!

Young? Sexy? Hot? Trendy? Then Bikini Lab is the brand for you. Now you can find great deals and shop for Bikini Lab bikinis and swimwear at SwimsuitsDirect.com. This hip young brand is the latest addition to our fashion-forward bathing suit collection. Continue reading

9 Tips You’ve Probably Never Thought of to Help You Find The Perfect Bathing Suit

Summer is coming up quick! Time to find that new bikini or one piece swimsuit! It’s both exciting and frightening at the same time. We all know picking a swimsuit that fits your body type can make a dramatic difference both in terms of how you look and especially how you feel. There are very few things out there that feel more rewarding than finding that one bathing suit that appears perfect, and few things more demoralizing than buying a bathing suit that looks terrible. All over the internet (even on our own blog) there are plenty of great tips, guides and videos dedicated to finding the right swimwear style for your body type. But we’ve got some new tips you’ve probably never thought of to help you find the absolute perfect bathing suit. Continue reading