Trouble With Misleading Dressing Rooms At Stores A.K.A. The Fitting Room Trap

Rack of swimsuits

The rows of women’s swimwear on the racks in stores can make it harder to find just what you’re looking for.

You walk into a store like Macy’s, Anne Taylor, Old Navy,  Anthropologie or pretty much any large chain clothing store. With some struggle you stride past a gorgeous blue dress. You’re there for one thing and one thing only: A new bathing suit. They can be some of the most stressful apparel to shop for because they reveal so much more skin than usual and show the details of your womanly physique.

But you’re ready to do the swimsuit shopping, so you make your way to the women’s swimwear section. There are three, maybe four metal racks with rows of one-pieces, bikinis, halter tops, bandeaus, two piece swimsuits, swimdresses and what seems like every other kind of lady’s swimwear imaginable.

Fitting room swimsuit

While sometimes you do look as good as you think, when trying on a swimsuit, Beware! Fitting rooms can be deceiving

You spot a gorgeous black and pink one-piece bathing suit on a hanger. Of course… they don’t have your size. You put it back on the rack disappointed but still determined. You pull down 5 or 6 bathing suits in what you’re pretty sure is your size each with different patterns and prints. With high hopes you make your way to the fitting room.

You model each swimsuit for yourself in the mirror probably finding one or two pieces that look better than the others and you’ll think “Wow I love these bathing suits. I look better in them than I thought I could, I better hurry up and buy these two.” So you put your street clothes back on, and head to the register to pay. You take your suits home, try them on again but those same swimsuits that looked so good on you in the store just an hour or two ago suddenly don’t give you the same feeling of confidence you had in the dressing room.

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SwimTalk with Kayley Anne of Sidewalk Ready

Interview about women's swimwear

Kayley Anne: An Incredible Fashion Blogger for Sidewalk Ready

A fashion leader is someone who influences the styles of not just their followers and readers but one who can have even the smallest influence on the fashion industry as a whole. At we are always looking to work with and learn from these fashion leaders. That’s why we’re doing  our ongoing fashion blogger interview series called SwimTalk.

Our fashion and style blogging interview of the week is none other than Kayley Anne creator of the fabulous blog Sidewalk Ready. Throughout the archives of Sidewalk Ready, you’ll find hundreds of affordable outfits suitable for everyday women. Her style is modern and very chic. And thanks to her background in photography her images are gorgeous. It’s easy to see how much inspiration she gives her readers just by browsing through their comments on her outfits.

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Tips on how to get the best tan

Getting a even natural looking tan can do wonders for your swimwear confidence

Unless you’ve been blessed with clear, alabaster skin, 9 times out of 10 you look better with a tan. While there will always be a debate on how healthy tanning really is, it’s hard to deny the positive beauty effects that come along with having one: legs look leaner and more toned, and you can wear less makeup because skin looks radiant (which is always a plus in the heat). If you like the look of a tan but have a hard time achieving one, no worries: gone are the days where you have to slather on baby oil and burn by the pool all day (which isn’t safe nor sexy). In addition to getting a tan the old-fashioned way, there are so many easy alternatives to try for that warm, healthy glow:

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Safety at the Beach

Beach Dangers

The beach can be full of fun but it can also be full of dangers


A day at the beach should be fun, relaxing, but above all else it should be SAFE. We always remember to fill our beach bag with essentials like a good book, goggles, and sand castle building supplies, but how often do we remember to brush up on water safety? Before you pack your bags to head out for a day in the water, read on for a few safety tips to ensure you and your friends and family enjoy the day without any problems! Continue reading

The Must Have White Hot Swimwear Styles This Summer

White One Piece Bathing Suit

Shirred Mesh One Piece by Anne Cole


Ready for a white-hot summer? Before you head out in your basic black bikini, take a walk on the wild side and test the waters in a bold white swimsuit, a “classic” trend that will never go out of style. Whether you keep it classically cool in a one piece or get more daring in a two piece bikini, there are so many swimsuit options to choose from when trying out this trend.

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7 Bathing Suit Blunders Women Must Stop Doing

Learn The Seven Swimsuit Slip-ups To Avoid This Summer

Every woman should be confident enough to wear a swimsuit in public. It’s just a matter of buying the right swimwear for your body. But you’ll want to make sure you avoid these embarrassing beach fashion faux pas if you don’t want to get the wrong kind of attention in your bathing suit. Continue reading

SwimTalk with Alicia Gibbs


Great swimwear tips from Jersey fashion blogger Alicia Gibbs of Chicha Fashion

Today’s edition of SwimTalk is an interview with spunky New Jersey fashion blogger Alicia Gibbsis. She’s a true budget fashionista, who’s crazy about style on a budget, affordable fashion and always on the lookout for the next great deal. She dresses with a very chic yet accessible sense of style. She’s the founder of the NJ Latina Bloggers and Metropolitan Latina Collective. And if that’s not all she’s also an amazing mother and loving wife.  Her daughter Naliya seems to have the same affinity for fashion. Check out her hip fashion blog called Chica Fashion for your own outfit inspiration.

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Sexy In A One Piece Bathing Suits, These Aren’t Your Mother’s Swimsuits

Anne Cole Control one piece

It’s incredible how amazing a women’s one piece swimsuit can make you look.

Most women have the impression that the only sexy swimsuit style is the bikini. They’ve been ingrained by magazines to think that if they want to look hot they need a bikini. But let’s face it ladies, showing more skin isn’t the only way to look seductively sexy in a bathing suit. Sometimes leaving something to the imagination can look even more flattering than bearing it all in a bikini. When you pick the right one, a one piece swimsuit or a maillot can turn heads and make your look hotter than the sand at the beach. There are several one piece swimsuit designs styles and features to search for when you shop that will help you look amazingly super sexy.

Halter top One Piece by Anne Cole

Accentuate your curves in a one piece with a “V” design that slenderizes and compliments your figure

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Shopping for Pre-Teen Swimwear

bathing suits for pre-teens

Pre-teens don’t want to look like little girls, their bathing suits shouldn’t either

Just like their stylish older sisters and moms, pre-teens want to look cute and fashionable when they head out to the pool this Summer. While they aren’t little girls anymore, they aren’t quite ready for women’s sizes, so sometimes it can be hard to shop for swimsuit that are both practical and have a little personality without being over the top or too mature for their age. Not to mention, with so many different types of swimsuits to choose from, narrowing it down can be a little daunting (sound familiar?).  But don’t fret: whether she is in a tomboy stage or is super duper girlie, we have a few style and shopping tips to keep in mind that’ll make shopping for a day at the pool or water park a piece of cake! Continue reading

SwimTalk with Miami Fashion Blogger Martha Dominguez

Our interview with top Miami fashion blogger Martha Dominguez

Our interview with top Miami fashion blogger Martha Dominguez

A fashion leader is someone who influences the fashion of others. This can be as simple as providing a follower with outfit inspiration to as big as changing the fashion industry itself. That’s why at we are always looking to work with and learn from these fashion leaders. So we’ve started our ongoing interview series SwimTalk.

Today’s interviewee is the very colorful Martha Dominguez. Her Miami based fashion blog, Princess Martha, gives great fashion advice to women of all types. She has a very fun and easygoing style that mirrors her own personality. Martha brings a unique Latin flair to her outfits and is definitely one of the top fashion bloggers to follow.


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