Go Trick or Treating with SwimsuitsDirect.com: Five Fun, Flirty Halloween Costumes

Halloween is right around the corner. Sure, you could buy a ready-made costume, but where’s the fun in that? Here are our picks for five fun, flirty and totally original Halloween costumes using just a swimsuit, some props and your own creativity.

1. Funny Bunny

Who doesn’t remember the scene in Legally Blonde when the fabulous Elle Wood showed up at a non-costume party in full Playboy Bunny costume? You can recreate the look with SwimsuitsDirect.com’s Vintage Lingerie Maillot By Anne Cole in pink. Purchase a pair of bunny ears from the dollar store, craft a cotton ball tail, and apply face paint nose and whiskers to put your own twist on this classic cuddly costume.

2. We’re Gonna Hear You Roar

Katy Perry rocked the jungle queen look in the video for “Roar.” Choose from the Animal Attraction Bikini by InMocean, the Animal Kingdom Bikini by InMocean, the Leopard Love Bikini by InMocean, or another one of SwimsuitsDirect.com’s fierce animal print swimsuits to rule an animal kingdom of your own. All you need is a skirt, floral crown, wood staff and a whole lot of swagger to pull this one off.

3. Get Physical

Remember big hair, frosted pink lipstick and sweatbands? While the 80s may have come and gone, the memory of Olivia Newton John sweating it out in her most famous music video remains.You provide: the cut off sweatshirt, leg warmers, sweatband, feathered hair and hot bod. We provide: the Painterly Stripe Shirred Front One Piece By Anne Cole.
Anne Nicolecolorful stripes

Let me hear your Body Talk!

For a different Olivia Newton John-inspired theme, go with good-girl-turned-bad Sandy from Grease. Pair leather pants, your favorite stilettos and the Princess Mesh One Piece By Anne Cole. And don’t forget to practice your big line, “Tell me about it, stud.”

4. Baywatch This

Pamela Anderson became a household name when she bounded and bounced across television screens as the ultimate fantasy girl-cum-lifeguard C.J. Parker. Combine the Lingerie Maillot By Anne Cole in red-hot red, your favorite Uggs, a whistle and life preserver and you’ll be ready to take on earthquakes, sharks, serial killers, nuclear bombs, and even the occasional drowning person. The best way to make an entrance in this costume? Don’t walk….slow motion run, instead.

5. Get Your Twirl On

Every little girl dreams of being a ballerina, but a dark, daring “Black Swan” themed costume takes it to an entirely different level. Dress up our Splice on the Side Asymmetrical One Shoulder Colorblock One Piece by Anne Cole Control with black tulle tutu, pink ankle ribbons, oversized tiara and LOTS of eye makeup.

one pice bandeau

Just Add wings

If you’re feeling like a more havenly flying being, pair SwimsuitsDirect.com’s La Blanca Sheer & Present Danger One Piece Bandeau with angel wings for a look that’s more ethereal than evil.

Your Breast Self-Exam in 3 Simple Steps

Your Breast Self-Exam in 3 Simple Steps

Swim Suits Direct is honored to lend our support to Breast Cancer Awareness month by offering a line of Pink products. To help the cause, 10% of all sales of these products will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Detecting breast cancer early is one of the best defenses against preventing its spread and also making treatment more viable and effective. One of the easiest methods of early detection is regular breast self exams.

Swim Suits Direct empowers women by providing an array of different swimsuits so that every woman can find the perfect suit for her style, preferences and body type. Taking the time to check for the signs of breast cancer is another empowering step that every woman can take for her own health and well-being. Avoiding these risk factors is also key to prevention:

• Smoking

• Obesity

• Being over the age of 50

• You started menstruating at age 12 or sooner

• You gave birth to a child while under age 18

• You never had children

• You didn’t experience menopause until age 55 or older

• You have relatives with a history of cancer

Even with risk factors, early detection plus current forms of treatment can give a much higher chance of recovery. Exercising, eating right and maintaining a healthy weight will also further reduce risk.

Some of the common breast cancer warning signs to watch for include:

• Lumps in the breasts

• Changes in breast skin texture (an enlargement of pores)

• Soreness (not related to menstruation)

• Inverted nipples

• Rash

• Discharge from the nipples

• Changes in breast shape or symmetry

You don’t settle when it comes to fashion, so you should be proactive with your health as well. Take early detection into your own hands anytime with a breast self-exam:

1. In Front of the Mirror

Start by knowing what’s “normal” for you; every woman’s breasts change throughout her menstrual cycle. Use a full-length mirror and stand with hands on hips; slowly raise your arms above your head. Watch to see that your breast size and shape stays the same. Make a note of changes like dimples, redness or wrinkles; do you feel any aches, or is there any swelling? Do your nipples look normal or is there sinking inward or discharge?

2. Palpate While Standing

Raise one hand above your head and feel the corresponding breast with the opposite hand using gentle pressure. Work your fingers upper to lower, examining the whole breast to the underarm area. Repeat with other breast. Feel for any irregularities or noticeable lumps.

3. Palpate While Laying Down

While laying down, use your palm to make circular motions starting near the underarm and moving up to check the whole breast. Look for lumps, discharge or irregularities. Check both breasts thoroughly.

If you find any changes to your breasts, meet with your doctor as soon as possible.

A breast self-exam is one way that all women can take their health into their own hands. If you’re not already doing regular breast self-exams, this October (Breast Cancer Awareness month) is the perfect time to start. Swim Suits Direct is committed to empowering women and supporting Breast Cancer Awareness via our Pink line.

We also offer a gorgeous line of Post-Mastectomy suits for breast cancer survivors.


The Honeymoon’s Just Beginning: Swimsuits for Every Body

We thought it would never happen — George Clooney, arguably Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor, is now married! Gorgeous George, 53 and his bride Amal Alamuddin, 36, a British human rights attorney, married in Venice, Italy, in a star-studded private event. Celebrity guests like Matt Damon, model Cindy Crawford and Vogue editor Anna Wintour were all in attendance.

The bride and groom looked stylish and glamorous as they were driven around the Venice waterways in a motorboat called “Amore,” which means “Love.” Alamuddin wore a fitted black-and-white dress, and Clooney sported a tailored gray suit with a white shirt and sunglasses. They turned the heads of many a tourist riding in gondolas as they sped by.

A Seychelles Resort Honeymoon

What’s next? Why, the honeymoon, of course! It’s a beach honeymoon for George and Amal as they vacation at private resort in the Seychelles, a northern island that is said to be accessible by helicopter only. (Rumor has it that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie recommended it.)

The posh resort has everything you can imagine, with secluded beaches and 5,000 square ft. suites, each complete with its own private plunge pool.

Fortunately, you don’t need a helicopter to get to some of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Planning Your Own Island Honeymoon

The 50th U.S. state of Hawaii is readily accessible by plane, and there are plenty of stunning views and scenic beaches to behold. Some of the favored honeymoon destinations in Hawaii include Wailea on Maui, Princeville on Kauai, Waikiki on Oahu, and Kona on the Big Island. What all of these areas have in common is pristine white sand beaches, sweeping views of the Pacific, and gorgeous beach weather year-round.

What to bring on your honeymoon or beach vacation? Swim suits, of course — lots of them!

The Perfect Swimsuit for Every Body

Don’t worry, there’s a suit for every body type; if you’re slender like Amal Alamuddin, a sexy two piece like our Radio Fiji Sweet Nothing Stringer-tini, the Becca Ritual Bustier in black, or our Vanish Point Halter-Boy by Becca can help to show off your toned, tanned bod. If you want to give the illusion of a curvier look, stripes can make your frame look naturally curvier. Our Zig Zag Mesh One Piece by Anne Cole promotes a more hourglass look with stripes in all the right places.


If you already have an hourglass figure and want to accentuate it, invest in underwire bikini tops or a bold one piece with side insets. With optimal support for your bust, you’ll feel more confident about showing off those curves! Other tips: avoid “boy shorts,” which won’t flatter your frame; instead, consider the Becca Cathedral Flounce-kini or the Anne Cole Twist Bandeau Top and Skirt.


If you simply can’t decide on just one suit, pick up several; the more options you have during your beach honeymoon or vacation, the better. Besides, you deserve it! And with the www.swimsuitsdirect.com no hassle return policy, you can easily return the ones that don’t work out.