Beat the Winter Blues by Wearing Sizzling Summer Yellow

Artists and advertisers know very well the effects of color on our mood, but it’s a big factor in the fashion world as well. The color yellow in particular is associated with joy, optimism and generally feeling good. It can lift our spirits and simulate the sunshine even when it’s cloudy out.

So why feel blue just because the weather’s turned dreary? Find happiness and beat the winter blahs this year by wearing this bright, warm, cheerful color. You can also amplify the good vibes at the beach or the pool any time of year with these stunning lemon and gold-toned swimsuit selections:

Lemon Zest

Swimwear pioneer Cole of California has been dressing Hollywood starlets forever, and the company draws from its glamorous history to bring contemporary, highly wearable designs with loads of California charm. You’ll turn heads in this zesty yellow number that exudes a playful sensuality. Feel chic and fabulous in the Lemon Zest Bandeau, a suit fit for Hollywood royalty. Stringer bottoms paired with this suit guarantee zesty appeal on the beach or while sipping a drink poolside.


Island Soul

“Go native” and get a bit wild with this classic yellow bikini design with patterns that evoke tribal markings and an island sensibility. This bright yellow bandeau suit has removable, moldable cups in the top and is accented with dark gray patterning that’s sure to grab attention. Whether you’re on a tropical island vacation or lounging poolside at home, this suit sizzles. Loop accents in the bikini top add a bit of intrigue, and the string bikini bottom is sure to make a statement.


Half Moon Solids

This classic cut bikini is a must for your two piece swimsuit connection. Made of breathable nylon/spandex and structured to highlight your bust, this bikini by Raisins is sure to become one of your faves. Pair the top halter piece with string bikini bottoms for maximum sultry impact. Available in classic black as well as bright, citrus yellow.


Lingerie Maillot One Piece by Anne Cole

For a more modest and sophisticated look, the Lingerie Maillot One Piece by Anne Cole is a top-seller with women of all shapes and sizes. Thin, adjustable top straps provide the perfect fit for any figure, and a shelf bra with removable cups guarantee excellent support for every bust size. Moderately cut leg openings offer the perfect amount of coverage as well as a lengthening effect for the legs. This elegant one piece will enhance your curves in a demure yet decidedly feminine way.


The Luxe Tankini

The Luxe Tankini by Inmocean is a stunning suit offering the very best of both worlds; it’s effectively a hybrid of a one and two piece. With delicate accents like a subtle ruffle at the bottom edge of the tank and a tie at the top, it’s undeniably feminine. The casual, smoothing fit of the top as well as the simple brief bottoms will help you look sleek, sporty and sexy in or out of the water.

When the weather changes and the sun hides between the clouds, there’s no need to let it get you down. Plan your wardrobe accordingly and make sure you have plenty of radiant yellow on hand to lift your mood and brighten the day.




Fall Nail Colors You’ve Gotta Try

The days have gotten shorter and the nights longer, which means it’s time to ditch your summery, bright nail polish for something a little more demur or toned down. This fall, the hottest nail colors range from classic shades to more vivid hues. Whether you go for tradition when it comes to your manicure or what something a little more creative, check out these hot fall nail colors.

Deep Burgundy

This fall, if you want a nail color that’s a mix of traditional and bold, a deep burgundy hue is the way to go. A dark burgundy, such as Essie’s Bordeaux, is a little more exciting than a basic red nail while still being somewhat understated. It’s a nail color that’s professional enough for a day at the office and exciting enough for a night out on the town.

Barely There Nude

If you prefer to play it a bit safe when it comes to your nails, go for a nude color. For fall, the operative word when it comes to nude nail polish is “greige” – or a combination of beige and gray. Some nudes also mix in a bit of pink to add a bit more color to the polish.

Try ‘Toasted Sugar” from Tom Ford or “Elizabeth Street” from Nails, Inc. if you want a nude with a hint of pink. To add some greige to your life, try out “DLL” from German nail polish line Uslu Airlines. Or, take things up a notch and go for a dash of sparkle and shine in an otherwise neutral polish by trying out a shade of gold, such as “Game of Chromes” from Sally Hansen.

Dusty Blue

Blue nails might have at one point in time been considered a bit strange. Now, they’re almost as common as red or pink. This fall, blue comes in two styles: dusty and light or deep and dark. If you want to go with a light shade of blue, one that brings to mind images of a somewhat cloudy sky, pick “Blue Orchid” from Deborah Lippman. For a slightly brighter shade of blue, go for Topshop’s “Hanky Panky Blue” or “Light Blue.”

Dark Blue or Purple

Can it be fall without a navy or deep blue color making an appearance on nails? The hottest dark blues of fall 2014 are either nearly black or have a bit of shine. Try “Royal Navy” from Butter London or “La Notte” from Nars for a basic, dark blue, or add a bit of shimmer to your nails with “Deep Shimmering Navy” from Ciatte.

Rich Chocolate

If a deep burgundy or dark blue just doesn’t do it for you, but you still want a warm, rich color on your nails, give a chocolate brown shade a try. Rich, chocolate nails bring to mind images of falling leaves and mugs of hot cocoa. The hue also tends to work on every skin tone, from fair to dark. Shades to try include “Rich Chocolate” from OPI and “Tree Bark Brown” from Mark Jacobs Beauty.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up and try a new shade this fall. If you still need help picking out on of the trendy colors, just take a peek at your wardrobe and choose a shade that coordinates with the colors you ordinarily wear.

These fall nail colors can also match a variety of swimwear available at Swimsuits Direct.


If you have a dark purple nail polish, this Core solids ruffled halter with tie by Cole of California is a perfect match. Be sure to check Swimsuits Direct for your summer outfit.




Essential Hair and Skin Trends for the Fabulous Fall Season

As the weather gets chillier, bigger and better hair and skin trends begin to emerge. Look your best throughout the fall season by incorporating some of these popular trends into your daily beauty ritual.

Hair Trends

Rose Gold Locks

Fall is all about the rose gold locks. This fun and flirty color is the perfect combination of brilliant gold and copper hues. To get this look, ask your stylist to add golden highlights throughout using the balayage technique for natural, sweeping tresses.

Versatile Lob

The lob – a.k.a. the longer version of the bob – was a hit during the summer and continues to be a go-to look for fall. Not only does the lob look great with all facial shapes, it’s also low-maintenance. Keep it straight or add waves for a variety of looks.

Bold Center Part

The classic center part has made a major comeback and has been seen on plenty of runways over the summer. Adopt this simplistic look this fall by making a clean center part, paired with super straight locks or voluminous curls.

Perfect Plaits

Looking to switch up your hairstyle this fall season? Incorporate a variety of looks featuring innovative plaits and braids. Achieve an urban edge with tightly woven cornrows or knotted plaits. Braided buns are an excellent look for semi-formal events.

Short and Sweet

This fall, short hairstyles are all in. For a classic take on short hair, try a sophisticated pixie cut. Allow shorter pieces to fall in the front or stick with side-swept bangs that help to highlight your cheekbones and accentuate the contours of your face.

Ballerina Buns

They’re simple and easy to do yet sophisticated and oh-so-trendy. Ballerina buns can be styled in a wide variety of ways for a new look every day. Achieve a slightly un-done effect with a low bun or play down a dressy outfit with a wet-look bun.

Skin Trends

Matte Finish

Dewy skin is undeniably beautiful, but this look works better in the summer. Opt for a matte finish for the fall and winter seasons. Set your foundation with either a loose translucent powder to keep facial oils at bay or a pressed matte finishing facial power.

Taupe Shadows

Stock your makeup kit with plenty of pale highlighters and a variety of taupe eyeshadows. With careful contouring, shading and illuminating, you can emphasize your face’s natural light and achieve a flawless complexion in neutral shades.

Oil-Based Products

The fall and winter seasons often means dryer, rougher skin. Keep your skin feeling soft and supple by jumping on the oil-based band wagon. From cleansers to serums, these oil-based products can help replenish the skin’s natural moisture to prevent dryness.

Exfoliating Powders

You’ve seen exfoliators in cream, gel, lotion, and mask form – but what about powder? Preserve your summer glow by using an exfoliating powder to keep your skin looking fresh without removing much-needed moisture.

Cleansing Balms

Cleansing balms are no doubt the new “it” product this fall. These balms help to melt away makeup, dirt and oils from your face, leaving your skin feeling fresh and beautiful. They also protect the skin from environmental stress, pollution and free radicals.

With the fall season well underway, you may be wondering what looks are in and what new products to try. Watch for the hair and skin trends mentioned above and be sure to incorporate these fun new trends into your fall beauty routine.

At SwimsuitsDirect, you can find a wide array of trending and hottest style of swimwear for all sizes, just like this Daisy Belted one piece by Anne Cole. Be sure to check us out.


Get Toned for the Holidays with These Fun Ab Moves

Crunches — they’re kind of boring and as it turns out, not as useful as you want them to be for toning and flattening your abs. If you want to whittle your waist in time for the holidays, but can’t bear the thought of doing another crunch, it’s time to try something else. Variety is the spice of life when it comes to exercise, so jazz up your abdominal routine with some or all of these moves.

Standing Side to Sides

If the thought of a flat stomach by New Years makes you want to dance, try this move. Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip distance apart. Bend your arms at the elbow, then lift up your left arm, leaning your upper body over to the right side.

Your right shoulder should move so that it’s just above your left hip. Lean back the other direction, lifting your right arm up and leaning over to the left side. When doing this move, only your upper body should be in motion. Keep everything from your hips down still.

Hip Rotations

Tone your abs and look like a belly dancer with this next move, hip rotations. Place your feet together and stand with your arms over your head. Your elbows and knees should be soft, not locked.

Swirl your hips and your raised arms clockwise, rotating in a complete circle. Repeat eight to 10 times, then switch direction.

Reverse Bridgeand Leg Swing

Get down on the ground (or mat) for a move that will work your tummy, butt and thighs. Sit down on your butt, placing your feet flat on the ground in front of you, with your knees bent. Set your hands flat on the ground behind your hips and butt.

Push down on your hands, lifting your butt off of the mat. Lift your right leg foot up, straightening the leg. Keep your foot a few inches off of the ground. Now comes the fun part: swing your leg out to the right, then swing it back towards your left leg.

Bend the right leg at the knee as you lift your left hand of the ground. Bring your left hand towards your right foot, gently tapping them together. Place your hand back on the mat behind you and extend your leg again. Repeat eight to 10 times, then switch sides.

Weighted Camel

You’ll need a 5 or 10 pound hand weight or dumbbell for this next exercise. Kneel on the floor or mat with your legs parallel to each other and your toes tucked under your feet. Lift your thighs up so that you are standing in a kneel.

Hold the weight in both hands, so that it’s directly in front of your chest and is parallel with the floor. Inhale, then lean back as you exhale. Keep your body straight as you lean. Hold for a few seconds, then inhale and return yourself to an upright position.

Whether you’re jetting off to a sunny location and want to look great in a swimsuit this holiday season or simply want to fit into your jeans after the holidays are over, these abdominal exercises will make you excited about working out. All you need is a few minutes a day to get fantastic, toned abs.

With sexy abs, you can flaunt sexy bikinis when summer comes, just like this Network bikini by Becca.


For more bikini styles, check out Swimsuits Direct.

How to Pack for a Holiday Beach Vacation

Winters can feel unbearably long, and a beach vacation can be just what’s needed to get you through those short days and cold nights. If you’re planning a holiday beach vacation this year, you won’t want to be without these crucial items — starting with swimwear:

Solid Color Bikini

Choose a favorite form-fitting solid color bikini, and you’ll be able to wear it all day long. Bandeau and halter style bikinis can be an ideal choice whether you’ll be snorkeling, diving, or taking long beach walks with your sweetheart. Consider the Half Moon by Raisins, the Berry Solids by Cole Co. or the Marilyn Halter Side Tie by Anne Cole for stylish solid color appeal.


A Sophisticated One-Piece Suit

For those days when you want to be a bit more demure, a chic one-piece is the way to go. Whether you pair it with a wrap or sarong or just enjoy the surf and warm air, having a one-piece on hand means you’re covered no matter what fashion scenario presents itself. Consider the Anne Cole Lingerie Mallot One Piece, the Wrapture One Piece by It Figures or a Color Blast Swim Dress for even more demure coverage.


Animal Print Bikini

You just never know when you’re going to want to get a bit wild, but when you’re ready to unleash your wild side, make sure you have the perfect swimwear to help let that more provocative side of yourself out to play. An Animal Attraction Bikini by Inmotion offers a classic tiger striped look. The Radio Fiji Swim Society suit stuns with snakeskin, or you can mix animal prints along with aqua tones in the Animal Kingdom bikini, also by Inmotion.


Not partial to animal prints? Any print can have the same stunning effect on a tropical beach. Consider the Desert Bloom or the Floral Fusion by the Island Soul brand. The string bikini is one of the hottest swimwear cuts, so you’ll be sure to sizzle on the beach with that style and take your vacation to new levels of hotness.

Beach Accessories

Now that you have all your suits, you’re going to need the perfect accessories to accent them. Be sure and pack a floppy beach hat, some cheap shades as well as your designer pair, flip flops, a sarong, beach coverup, a big, thirsty beach towel, sunscreen, and a large beach bag to carry it all in. Oh, and stay hydrated — bring a refillable water bottle along, too.

Casual Wear

While you’ll probably live in your swim suits as much as you can during your trip, you’ll need casual clothing as well for those outings into town or while exploring inland terrain. Be sure and pack cutoff denim shorts, tank tops, a T-shirt, walking sandals, a sundress, a maxi skirt and light jeans.

Evening Wear

For those nights out on the town, pack an evening dress, mini skirt, chic white shorts, a dressy black tank, short sleeved blouse, dressy sandals, a handbag, and a necklace or two.

The long winters can be tough to handle, but having a holiday vacation to look forward to can make those cold temperatures much easier to bear. When planning a holiday beach vacation, don’t forget to bring along these key items to help make your trip a memorable (and fashionable) experience.