Top 5 Swimsuit Trends to Watch Out for in 2015

The swimwear runway has long since wrapped up in Miami, featuring the hottest trends and styles from various designers who introduced the style forecast for the coming year. Check out this guide for choosing the trendiest styles for swimwear and find out what’s stylish for 2015.

Bralettes/ Crop Tops

Sporty-looking bralettes and crop tops are just the fashionable way to go for women who want to be athletic with a stylish swimsuit that gives lots of support. Simple yet very trendy, these swimsuits are akin to sports bras in the nature of the support they give. With this type of swimsuit, there is a lot of room for being more active on the beach or at the pool. Look effortless and laid-back with a bralette or crop top-style swimsuit, just like this chicBikini Lab I Got Bows Push Up Bralette.



It is undeniable that cutouts have been a fashion phenomenon in the industry. From red carpets to runways, this type of style has been given the spotlight. And no wonder, for this style truly gives you a daring, fierce appearance that reflects modern beauty. Many different types of designs and versions of cutout swimwear have been seen on runways, predicted to be a top trend for 2015. Effortlessly alluring and sexy, cutout swimwear gives women more confidence with a little bit of skin without giving away too much. Check out this divineSun Goddess Solids One Piece by R Collection.


High-waist swimsuits

High-waist swimsuits have been attributed to the eternally and classically beautiful pin-up girls of the 50s and 60s. This type of style is still considered very trendy, seen on many celebrities who readily embrace a vintage flair. For a refreshingly vintage, effortlessly sophisticated look, wear a high-waist swimsuit that gives you an air of refinement. Check out this classic yet innovativeTribal Hardware Tank by It Figures, featuring a high-waist style.


Animal or Ethnic design/ printed swimwear

Animal or ethnic prints have constantly appeared in different types of clothing, bags, purses and shoes. It is undeniable that printed designs, most notably animal skin and ethnic patterns, have never really gone out of style in the fashion world. This type of style is predicted to make waves in swimwear, giving off an aura of exuberance and ferocity. Women who opt for this type of swimwear embrace their wild side and concordance with nature, just like thisAnimal Kingdom Bikini by Inmocean.


Fringe bikinis

Fringe bikinis truly have an added flair. They look really good on you when you move and are considered very attractive on many women with different body types. They also look fun and perky with a touch of a classical sense. Perfect for those looking for a unique style, fringe bikinis are truly fabulous and stylishly in. Check out this fun, floralBali Fringe Starstruck Bandeaukini by Raisins.

No matter what type of bikini you may be in to, the important thing is that you feel confident and comfortable with your beach look. Look for the right kind of bikini that goes well with your body type and don’t be afraid to let your personality, whether playful and fun or a bit more formal, show through.


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Swimsuit Trends Celebrities Love

Celebrities are pictured outside of films and other entertainment avenues doing just about anything. From walking in the streets to having dinner, or as many people like to see, swimming or sun tanning at the beach, celebs have been rocking the coolest trends and looks. Check out these celebrities rocking the hottest swimwear trends and styles.

Pumped Up Prints

Prints are in! Bringing a vibrant vibe to any woman’s appearance, printed swimsuits are no doubt very fun and perky at the beach. This style is perfect for soaking up the sun and having lots of fun in and out of the water. Check out Rihanna’s two-colored printed ensemble. Copy this chic style with theInmocean Panda Express Bandeau-Kini.

3 44492PCN_Rihanna

Quirky Ruffles

Ruffles are indeed very feminine. Ruffled swimsuits have a youthful quality to them, making you look like you are someone who knows how to have fun. This type of style is flirty and altogether girly but at the same time gives you a fun, laid-back look as well. Katy Perry knows how to rock those ruffles with this femininely pink number, similar to thisRadio Fiji Pyramids Flounce-Kini.

44492PCN_Rihanna  44492PCN_Rihanna

Surfer-Cool Rash Guard

Rash guards are usually worn by surfers and are made of durable material, such as spandex and nylon. This type of swimwear gives a lot of protection against the sun while giving you much freedom for movement. It is also very trendy at the moment. Lea Michele looks positively brilliant in this rash guard piece. Copy this look with aBikini Lab Baby I Was Born Tie Dye Rash Guard.


Classic Polka Dot Vintage

Many celebrities seem to favor the vintage look when it comes to swimwear. And who can blame them? Polka dot vintage pieces are beautiful and classically alluring, making people think about the chic eras of the eternally pretty pin-up girls of the 50s and 60s. Taylor Swift is ever a fan of this trend, pictured here in this polka dot two-piece bathing suit. Copy this style with aCole Of California Dot Halter-Kini.


Elegant Black Ensemble

This is one trend that has never truly lost its spark. Many types of black swimwear have appeared over the years, featuring many different designs and styles that are innovative, setting off the classic aura of this kind of swimsuit. Blake Lively looks classically glamorous with this simple black swimsuit, which looks exactly like theHalf Moon Solids Bikini By Raisins.


Simply Bright Swimsuits

Mono-colored swimsuits never fail, especially if you’re wearing one that has a bright splash of color, making you look absolutely vibrant. Brightly-colored bathing suits are perfect if you’re planning to get a deep tan. This type of swimwear further emphasizes your glorious bronze skin and makes you look effervescent. Miranda Kerr looks stunning off the runway with this chic, bright pink combination. Copy her look with aColor Blast Twisted Bandeaukini By Anne Cole.

44492PCN_Rihanna 44492PCN_Rihanna

Which celebrity swimsuit style do you want to rock at the beach or pool? Check for the hottest styles and trends in swimwear.


Tips for Having Healthy Hair and Skin at the Beach or Pool

Swimming is a very popular activity for people of all ages. It’s relaxing, fun and refreshing. But there’s no doubt that too much exposure to the elements in the water and the environment while swimming can have negative effects on your hair and skin.


Chlorine is a necessary part of pools – it keeps people from getting infected with invisible germs and nasty bacteria like E. coli. Unfortunately, it also strips your hair and skin of natural oils and makes them dry. Salt in the beach water does that, too. Plus, both swimming places leave you exposed for a much longer time to the harsh rays of the sun, which adds to all the dehydration.

Read on about what regimen you need to maintain to keep yourself healthy on the beach or pool so you can have more fun without worrying about hair or skin damage.

Before you take a dip

For your hair: Wet your hair by showering with fresh water to keep your locks hydrated and less prone to absorb chlorine and salt. Hair products help a lot, too. Try putting on a certain amount of oil and silicone-based hair products to keep your hair from being parched.

For your skin: The sun can be extremely damaging for your skin, so take extra protection while you’re at the beach or pool. Moisturizing lotions and sunblock products are a good way of keeping your skin hydrated and healthy. In addition to keeping you from being sunburned, this measure could also prevent future skin diseases related to ultraviolet.

After swimming

For your hair: Gently comb out the tangles in your hair and wash again with fresh water to rehydrate your scalp and your strands. Cleanse your hair by lathering on some specialty shampoo or conditioner. To keep the smell out of your hair, use a product that has a long-lasting fragrance. You don’t want to reek of the beach or pool when you’re long out of it!

For your skin: Long activity within the water may cause you to have irritated skin. To strip the harmful elements out of your skin, wash with lots of soap or body wash and fresh water. Apply lotion afterwards as well to moisturize your skin. Lastly, load up on deodorant to avoid odor.

Don’t forget to take good care of your swimwear as well

Swimming in the water not only affects your hair and skin, it also affects your swimwear, causing it to fade, start to shed, or even to change color. There are specialty detergents for washing your suit to keep it in good shape, or you can opt for more natural remedies like a few tablespoons of vinegar. To keep your swimwear from smelling, you can soak it in fresh water while you shower. After all, you don’t want to walk around with a wet suit that smells of chlorine or salt.

Keeping your hair and skin healthy when you go swimming is necessary to prevent costly damages in the future. Remember to keep your chic swimwear protected as well – you don’t want it to get damaged when you plan to use it for more fun in the water.

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