Cute New Swim Styles for the Little Fashionista

The beach or the pool is certainly an exciting way for little tots to have fun and soak up the sun. Little fashionistas know that looking good in a swimsuit is a must, so here are some swimwear ideas for the little ladies looking to rock the beach or pool in high-quality, stylish pieces.


Swimsuits with ruffles no doubt add a little bit of chic style into any look. This holds true for these swimsuit pieces that feature pretty ruffles that will make any little fashionista truly stylish. Ruffled swimsuits are fun and quirky, perfect for channeling all that energy and confident vibe.

Check out this Raisins Girls One Fish, Two Fish Be Free Bikini Set 4-6x, with a wide ruffle at the top and a thinner ruffle band at the bottom that goes all around as well. The added ruffle accents at the straps look whimsical, perfect for a budding fashionista’s style expression.


Animal Prints

Animal prints no doubt add a bit of spice into your little girl’s look. This type of swimsuit gives off a vibrant aura that hints at a fun personality.

This animal-printed Rainbow Safari One Piece By Breaking Waves comes in a refreshing orange hue highlighted by subtle yellow and pink that further accents its vibrant design. The added ruffles at the top also add more style. This piece is perfect for a functional swimsuit that lets your kid move around freely.


Polka Dots

Polka dots add a vintage signature to any swimsuit. Classic yet still very fashionable, polka dot swimsuits are understated and chic.

For a simple yet classical look, let your little girl wear this Beach Dot Tankini by Breaking Waves.


Glittery Prints

Swimwear that shines with every move is in. Featuring innovative and stylish prints, swimsuits with glittery prints are attractive and fun.

For a true fashion statement for your little one, choose this Super Star Tankini by Breaking Waves that shimmers with subtle style. Emblazoned with cute designs and words, this two-piece swimsuit is perfect for swimming and playing.


Floral Pieces

Flower patterns are no doubt the perfect ingredient for a dreamy, vibrant effect. This type of style is perfect for channeling the ultimate girly style.

This Raisins Girls Be Free 7-16 Bikini has a fun flounce top and a ribbon at the bottom that creates a wistful aura, perfect for young fashionistas out there wanting the perfect sweet look at the beach or pool.


Colorful Lines

Simple, clean lines offset with vibrant colors in swimsuits no doubt make for a unique fashion statement.

For a colorful, refreshing look, choose this Hello Love Beach Day Set by Raisins Girls for your little girl. It has warm colors and a flounce style at the lower top that looks absolutely fun.



Rashguards have been featured in swimsuit runways and are predicted to be big this year. Originally worn by surfers looking for more protection against the sun, rashguards have since made their way into the mainstream swimwear line. These are perfect for your active little girl who can’t get enough of all the fun at the beach or pool.

This Pineapple Princess Rashguard by Raisins Girls comes in a delightful pink and looks simple yet chic. Its wide fit lets your little girl move around freely for more fun activities beneath the sun.


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From the Red Carpet to the Beach: Ultra-Stylish Hair Trends for You

To look your best at the beach or pool, make sure to groom those locks into perfection. But where do you get fashionable inspiration for trendy style? From the realm of Hollywood of course! Check out these stylish hairstyles celebrities have been rocking on the red carpet lately and find out how to incorporate them into your beach or poolside look.

Parted in the middle

At the Golden Globes red carpet, there were a profusion of bobs and bombshell waves, but one noticeable trend was the middle parting. Eye-catching for its simplicity and stylish vibe, the parted-in-the-middle look was complimented by many celebrities with a tightly pulled back low bun, braid or chignon. Perhaps this style was inspired by fashion pundit Jenna Lyons’ well-known look, now sported by countless stars.

Here, Kate Hudson can be seen having opted to keep her hair away from her face to emphasize this absolutely stunning dress. Anna Kendrick’s whimsical dress already gave off a fairytale vibe, so her hair was worn in this simple, understated style. Check out Taylor Schilling’s slick hairdo, which she paired with strong brows and bold-colored lips to offset her bright red dress.


To achieve this ultra-stylish look for your beach or pool getaway, here’s a simple step-by-step 5-part process:

FIRST, apply some oil onto your damp hair, making sure that the product you’re using is only organic and has been used before on your hair, to achieve a silky smooth effect.

SECOND, blow your hair out using a round brush, then use a flat iron to tame those locks, spraying each section with some good hairspray. This will make your hair straight with a fresh, bouncy look.

THIRD, do the middle parting and brush your strands into a tight, low ponytail, as seen here on Anna Kendrick.


FOURTH, put some curl on your ponytail with a curling iron, brush it out after cooling off, then take a small part and braid it. Twist the rest into a bun, pin in place, and wrap the braid around the bun using a few bobby pins to secure it.

FIFTH AND LAST, finish the look with some hairspray for a completely polished look.
It’s easy and stylish as that, a must-try for the beach and pool to match your swimsuit.

The hottest hair color is in: ecaille

Gracing the fine ‘dos of Hollywood’s A-list crowd, the newest obsession of 2015 is the color ecaille, which is named after the French word for tortoiseshell, featuring golden highlights accentuated by darker, richer caramel tones. Ecaille has warm browns, honeys, and ambers, just like a tortoiseshell comb.

New mom Blake Lively was seen rocking this ‘do on the red carpet, joining the ranks of other stars who have chosen this color for their hair, including Khloe Kardashian and Jessica Alba.


To incorporate this look, let your colorist focus on a few bolder pieces that frame your face in the front, offset by softer, lighter painted pieces all around.

Other hair color trends making their way into chic style this year are platinum hair, deeper reds and richer tones of auburn. Platinum hair has recently been seen on such celebrities as Justin Bieber and January Jones. Reds and auburn have also been seen on Emma Stone, Scarlett Johansson and the ever-alluring Christina Hendricks.

These stylish trends are truly great additions to your look at the beach or pool especially when paired with such fashionable swimsuits such as this vibrant La Blanca Serengeti Ots Sweetheart Mio.


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Necklines….High Neck and Flounce Styles are the Key Trends in 2015

A hot new trend is in town for swimsuits in 2015. This year, it will be all about necklines – beautiful high neck styles and flounce designs for a purely sophisticated look. Featuring beautifully crafted high neck and chest designs, this type of style is just what you need for a perfect getaway at the beach or pool. From crocheted pieces to sheer selections, high neck and flounce styles are definitely a must-try for this year. Swimsuits Direct has the best high quality and design for these styles.

High Neck Styles

The higher the neckline is of the swimsuit, the better. This is because high neck styles give you more support and more cover, allowing you to move more freely without any fear of slips or malfunction. This style also looks extra sporty in addition to its chic quality.

There are many options for a high-neck style, featuring crocheted designs and sheer materials, lacy details and multiple straps for an edgy style. Check out this Luli Fama Diamantes De Coral Crochet Sheer Bandeau from Swimsuits Direct, featuring a vintage-like style that channels the subtle power of the modern woman. This crocheted piece also has a sheer design that results in a truly alluring effect.


If you want a truly sexy appeal, try on the Multi Strings Underwire Push-Up Bandeau from Luli Fama Amanecer. This bikini gives you the right amount of support while giving you a really edgy look with its multi-strap design. Its attractive colorful design is also playfully stylish and flirty. It is truly the bikini for a fresh, youthful vibe.


For a classic, Grecian-style look, choose the Bikini Lab Crochet That Funky Music High Neck Halter. Its elaborately crocheted neck is reminiscent of the classical styles of Ancient Greece, giving you an effortless, vintage yet refreshingly modern look. Its soft color also offsets its subtle, feminine style.


For a truly classic vintage approach to swimwear, choose the La Blanca Pretty Revealing High-Neck Ots Mio, featuring a sheer waist and neckline that reveals just enough to make you look stylishly modest. You’ll never go wrong with simple white, so for a timelessly elegant look, wear this piece.


Flounce Styles

Flounce styles for swimwear add more volume while looking absolutely girly and fun. This type of style also gives ample coverage around the chest area. For the ultimate unique fashion expression, wear a flounce bikini at the beach or pool. Flounce swimsuits are playful without being too sheer around the neck and chest area. This style also looks extra appealing for its unique design.

This Becca Etc Cozumel Flounce bikini has a beautiful design and a triangular flounce style that looks appealing for its feminine grace. Its patterned design is perfect for a unique style expression.


For a simpler style with a solid color, go for a La Blanca Core Solid Ruffle Bandeau 1pc. Featuring a ruffled style that goes around the chest area and back, this one-piece swimsuit looks vintage and stylish.


For a boho chic look, wear a Raisins So Sweet Bali Fringe Bandeau. This bikini has a soft color that emphasizes its elaborately styled ruffles. It’s fun, quirky and unique – a real must-try style for the beach or pool.


For a cool, ocean vibe, choose the Jessica Simpson Diamond Daze Flounce Bra swimsuit. Its marine blue design reflects the beauty of the waters, perfect for channeling your inner sea goddess.


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