Indoor Workouts for the Winter

Winter is a tough time for some when it comes to keeping up their fitness regime. It’s a time that keeps people stuck indoors, which consequently makes them feel lazy and sleepy, feeling the need to just snuggle down to bed. To keep your body fit, here are some fresh new ideas you can incorporate for your fitness game in winter.

Mix those martial arts

Move those muscles and get into some martial arts. Mix these tactical movements and combine them with high-intensity training, resulting in a quality bodyweight exercise routine you can perform indoors. Check out some martial arts videos and get creative, incorporating those moves with some proper exercise mechanisms.

Try out spin class

Riding out in the cold on your bike may not be the best idea this winter season, so if you’re looking for an alternative, try out spin class. This involves intense cycling sessions done indoors, burning up hundreds of calories while helping to keep your bones strong. Interval cycling routines also help to keep your thighs, calves, butt and core strong.

Get your dance moves on

Check out some videos online that are about dance-based workouts such as ballet exercises, zumba, or any other popular dance-style routines.  Dance workouts are a good way of keeping up your shape, while also letting you get into some funky dance moves. Dance exercises are fun and engaging, popular due to their entertaining quality. This option is sure to shake off your laziness and get you to move it in no time.

Keep calm and do yoga

Yoga is widely believed to be a stress reducer, helping keep away anxiety and fatigue while improving your body’s strength and flexibility through its innovative poses. Ideal for indoor exercise, this calming technique lets you keep your nerves relaxed and your body toned. A lot of yoga styles and techniques are available for you, and there’s no shortage of instructions and videos on the subject, so be sure to check that out.

Jump and go trampoline-crazy

Trampolines may be a popular activity for kids, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it, too. This bouncy activity is also becoming one of the latest fitness crazes around. This is because trampolines are not only fun, they can also help you get some cardio moves on. Check out some trampoline exercise videos online. However, if you don’t have a high-ceilinged area indoors for trampoline exercise, then try out for a trampoline class.

Play some dodge ball

Dodge ball is a fun gym class game, especially when done with friends. Aside from this, dodge ball is also a good cardio workout, letting you move about as you duck and avoid your opponent’s strikes. After a rigorous game of dodge ball with your friends, you’ll feel sorer than what you expect for all the calories you just burned.

Swim some laps

While you may have hung up your swimming essentials for the next time the sun peeks through, swimming doesn’t necessarily have to be put off for the duration of the winter. Head on out to your gym or community center to swim some laps, guaranteed to let you exercise for a longer period without excessive strain on the muscles.

This also helps you improve your breathing, your mood and your physique. This is the perfect way to prepare for your next beach or pool trip, especially when you’re planning to rock a beautiful swimsuit, such as this Cole of California Hawaiian Summer Tab Front Bandeau Bra.


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Best Destinations for Spring Break and What to Pack

Spring break is a period of unstoppable fun for many and with all that free time, you don’t want to miss out on what the best destinations could bring. Think about the best spring break beaches and you on your beautiful swimsuit. It’s the perfect vacation to unwind and soak up the sun.

But with all the fun you’ll be having, what do you need to remember when packing for that glorious vacation? Here’s a list of the best spring break destinations and what you need to pack to be ready for all those bursts of fun.

Cancun, Mexico

Still an undisputed top spring break destination, Cancun becomes the temporary home of countless college kids once spring break comes rolling in. The place offers affordable lodging, winding expanses of sandy beaches and irresistible night parties. The city has a laid-back, cool attitude when it comes to late night parties, making it a wildly popular destination for many. Remember to travel with your group, keep your money safe with you, and leave other valuables at home.

South Beach, Florida

For those wanting to prowl the best clubs in the United States, there’s no better place to do it than South Beach, Florida, the land of proper Florida glamour. All the people in here are known to dress in style, especially at the beach, so it might not be so tourist-chic. Lounging at the beach is the perfect start to the day, then party down at Lincoln Boulevard once the night sets in. Miami Beach is perfect for a more relaxed environment, with Florida Keys just to the south.

South Padre Island, Texas

To enjoy a sunny beach that stretches for hundreds of miles, head on over to South Padre Island, right at the tip of Texas. The place has an easygoing beach town vibe, offering a wide variety of water sports. Some of the attractive perks of this vacation destination are concerts, contests and good food that come in cheap and in plenty.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta in Mexico is popular for outdoor-loving individuals with its concealed coves and stretches of sand. Those on a tight budget could also enjoy the many happy hour specials offered after dark, including Puerto Vallarta’s collection of bars, assorted clubs and parties at the beach. This destination still maintains a small-town atmosphere, with its sophisticated and efficient dining choices and hotel options.

The Bahamas

The white sands of the Bahamas are famous the world over for those seeking the sun. The lush scenery at Lucayan National Park and the shops at the Port Lucaya Marketplace are also top attractions for those in their spring break. Affordable accommodations are available for budget travelers as well. Scuba diving destinations are perfect for those looking for an adventure.

What to Pack

Spring break is guaranteed to be fun if you go with your friends for that dream vacation in one of these destinations, but how do you pack? Here are some tips on how to pack the right way.

Bring a beach bag with the following items: sunscreen, conditioner, beach towel, and some toiletries that would include toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, facial wash, lotion, Q-tips, perfume, soap, mouthwash and some essentials like medicine for headaches. For looking extra Spring Break-stylish, bring your swimsuit, flip flops, shopping attire such as a casual dress or t-shirt and shorts, and other types of clothes for dining, clubbing, and just plain relaxing.

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Vibrant Swimwear Options for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and love is in the air. It’s the special time of the year when you get to celebrate all that is good about love, and if you’re planning on a trip for this romantic day, then make it a day in which you can look great at the beach or pool. Check out these stylish options from Swimsuits Direct for your Valentine’s Day swimwear get-up.

This Anne Cole Color Blast Lingerie Maillot comes in a beautiful, vibrant red color in a simple, clean style. This swimsuit is perfect for women looking for casual sophistication with a lot of class and style. This one-piece maillot is simple and modest yet still alluring in tis body-shaping capabilities for a snug fit, perfect for showcasing those feminine curves. This classic piece showcases the right style for a sophisticated Valentine’s Day vacation.



Youthful and sweet, the Red White and Blue Bikini by Becca is the perfect girly accent to any beach or poolside look. With its cute ruffled skirt and plunging neckline, this bikini epitomizes a young, flirty vibe, perfect for a fun Valentine’s Day holiday. Its vibrant red color gives the right amount of eye-catching pop that further emphasizes your fun-loving personality. Sweet and stylish, this ensemble gives just the right amount of refreshing style for the beach or pool.


The Radio Fiji Sweet Nothing Slide Bikini is the perfect combination of simplicity and funky style. With its printed, macramé pant and simple, sweet top, this bikini is truly a wonderful combination of sass and sweet style. With its unique fusion, you are sure to shine and stand out with a trendy design. This bikini is perfect for a cool, laid-back Valentine’s Day break at the beach or pool.


For a modest, understated style, wear the Crush Fauxkini by Leilani with its brilliant pop of color and beautifully printed halter-style top. The classic design of this fauxkini is a tribute to the classic pinup girl look, perfect for a classy getaway with your loved one for Valentine’s Day. This swimsuit gives you a lot of support and cover, letting you move about in style and comfort.


For a deep red color, go for the Core Solids Ruffled Halter With Tie by Cole Of California, with its alluring ruffle detail and beautiful neckline, complete with a keyhole side tie bikini bottom. This bikini ensemble is perfect for a romantic getaway on Valentine’s Day with your special someone. It evokes a sense of sexy elegance, perfect for Heart’s Day.


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