How to Prepare for Your Pool or Beach Vacation

When it comes to the perfect relaxation getaway, the beckoning, sun-kissed cool waters of the sea or the pool are what come to mind. A beach or pool trip no doubt entails hours of great fun, but it is one that needs lots of preparation to make sure that you are ready for anything.


There are certain things you must follow in order to make sure that your trip would not go awry. Check out this checklist for a great vacation and follow the things you must keep in mind for your trip.


Knowing about the water area

You need to observe some safety nets to ensure that you and your family get the right kind of fun. This would include rechecking if there is a lifeguard on duty, knowing about pool access, the condition of water currents, and checking to see if there are sea creatures such as jellyfishes or stingrays.

Keep yourself cool

The sun can be brutally hot on your beach or pool trip, causing such problems as dehydration, heat exhaustion or sunburn. Because of this, you need to make sure that you bring plenty of water to cool off after a swim. Make sure that you’ve had enough food throughout the trip as well. Most importantly, you need lots of sunblock to ward off those harmful UV rays from the sun and to avoid painful sunburn.

Eat healthy food

A variety of food and drinks may be available at the beach or pool you’re heading to, but healthy snacks can be a little hard to come by. Plus, prices may not be so friendly, so it’s always best to pack a few sandwiches and fresh fruits to consume on your stay.

Fruits are indeed a great way to cool down and keep yourself hydrated. Nutritious and home-made snacks are always better options than some of the deep-fried offerings by the beach or pool.

Take extra precautions for your sun protection

More and more cases of skin problems have been seen lately due to prolonged exposure to the sun. This is why doctors strongly advise taking extra precautions to protect against the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. Protect your skin by applying sunscreen that has an SPF (sun protection factor) of 30. Check if the product has a physical blocker, such as titanium or zinc oxide, as these are highly beneficial.

It is also advisable to reapply sunscreen every 90 minutes. If the product is not water-resistant, then it’s advisable to reapply the sunscreen right after going for a swim. Wearing wide-brimmed hats and protective clothing is also recommended, even after sunscreen has already been applied. The general rule is, the less continuous exposure you have to the sun, the better.

Take other extra measures

Packing a few extra medications for first aid purposes can’t hurt. This should include meds for headaches and kits for minor cuts, plus allergy medication, if there is any. Be sure to keep these in handy so that you won’t lose it when the need arises.


Pack accordingly

Make sure you have everything you need packed and ready to go. This should include, among other things, your towel, beauty and hygiene essentials, your flip flops, your change of clothes and of course, your fashionable bathing suit. For stylish swimwear, check out Swimsuits Direct, where you can choose your own ultra-chic swimsuit, just like thisBecca Festival V-Top Halter.


Your Perfect Weekend Escape Outfit

For the perfect getaway at the beach or pool, you need to look perfect from head to toe. Some of the essentials you need are your awesome swimsuit, a beautiful cover-up and a pair of dark sunglasses. So pack your swimsuit, shades, and cover-up and head on out for your fun trip beneath the sun.

Mixing and matching different parts of an outfit for a get-up at the beach or pool is just one of the many exciting aspects of preparing for your getaway. Swimsuits Direct has put together the perfect getaway look for you. Check out this wonderful ensemble for a complete fashionable escapade.

The La Blanca Solid Intuition Tunic is the perfect, understated cover-up for a simple, elegant look that embodies pure sophistication. Its solid black color, peek-a-boo design down the middle and sheer material are perfect accents for a classy fashion expression. This fashion piece is made of 100% cotton for the ultimate comfort. Its lightweight quality has the perfect features: sheer crochet detail at the center and at the sleeves that will give you a sultry look.


For a unique swimsuit fashion statement, wear a La Blanca Henna Paisley Bandeau Flyaway 1pc, with its design of neutral colors and beautiful patterns. Made of nylon and elastane, this stylish piece is built for comfort and great fashion expression. Its fine patterned style will look great underneath the La Blanca cover-up, giving you a very effortlessly stylish look.


To complete your ultra-sophisticated look, pair up your tunic and swimsuit with this Amelia Sunglasses by Seafolly. This pair of sunglasses gives off a vintage Hollywood glamour vibe with a modern twist. This item is perfect for a casual look that speaks to your graceful sense of style. Perfect for protecting you from the harsh glare of the sun as well as giving you a very stylish look, this pair of sunglasses is just the right factor to complete your look.


With these fashion items, you now have an easy, cool outfit for the beach or pool. Grab a wide sun hat and a cute tote bag and you’re ready to go. Don’t forget to pack up other essentials such as your ever-important sunscreen and some water and food for when you get hungry.

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Cool Down at the Beach with these Fab Flounce Styles

Flounce style swimsuits are popular for women with small busts. The flounce top design of this type of swimwear helps add more volume to the chest while making the wearer look absolutely chic and feminine. This spring, cool down at the beach with a flounce type swimsuit and let all your worries fade away. Check out our selections and choose the type that best fits your sense of style.


The Becca Chandelier Flounce is the perfect two-piece swimwear for those who want strong support with a design edge. This ensemble features a flounce top with a unique strappy cross back and tie back style. Made of nylon and spandex, this swimwear is a must-have for stylish women everywhere who can’t resist a unique print.


For an inverted triangle flounce design, get the Jessica Simpson Totem Flounce Bandeau. This ensemble has a top that translates to sheer chic style that makes you look absolutely fresh and fun. Its subtly vibrant print adds to the wonderful blend of renewed style and a youthful vibe. Rejuvenate your look with this swim selection and get ready to look cool and vivacious.


Nothing beats vintage cool combined with modern allure, which is exactly what this Radio Fiji Farrah Flounce Flounce-Kini embodies. With its high low pant and flounce ruffle top, this swimwear has the right balance of nostalgic and contemporary styles. It comes in a classic black color that translates to complete elegance, making this item a real go-to swimwear for women looking for the perfect modern vintage style.


Just when you thought a swimwear couldn’t get more girly and fun, here comes Raisins California Love Flounce Bra. With its vibrant yet classically appealing print and flirty V-shaped flounce design, this swimwear bra will make you look like you are ready to have loads of fun at the beach or pool. Its Sweet Pea pant has a side tie design that adds to the overall look of feminine allure, perfect for looking chic at your swim vacation.


For a refreshing pop of color, get this Raisins Bali Moon Shayla Bandeau, with its wide flounce style that features classic patterns and a strappy back detail. Its vibrant blue color looks tranquil yet energetic as well. Perfect for a youthful vibe, this bandeau has a matching stringer or Miami pant that contributes to an overall classically lively look.


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Amp Up Your Spring Swim Fashion


This spring, let your beach goddess show with fashion that makes heads turn. All you need is a little inspiration to exhibit your unique style and look ultra-chic at your swim getaway.  Swimsuits Direct is here to give you that style idea, so check out our fashion principles for this spring season and have fun molding your own spring look.

Nothing says spring like a cute poncho that gives you an effortlessly elegant look at the beach or pool. ThisLucky Brand Lace It Up Poncho does just that for you, with its unique crochet detail and subtly sexy look that culminates in shoulder cut outs and a laced v-shaped neck style. This poncho will let you showcase your stylish bikini without revealing too much or putting up much fuss. With its loose shape and breathy material, you’re sure to have fun exploring other beach or poolside attractions or simply enjoy playing some sports.


Of course, no swim look is ever complete without flip flops that are as comfortable as they are fashionable. Grab a pair of thisHavaianas Slim Sandal and get absolute quality with its comfy feel. Choose the color that best speaks to your fashion personality, from candy colors such as yellow, pink and mint green to cool and bold hues, you’ll have tons of options to choose from.


Finally, the most crucial aspect of your beach or pool look is your swimsuit. With so many styles to choose from, you are sure to have fun looking for the perfect one for you. Check out thisSeafolly Block Party Slide Triangle, which has the right amount of zest and vibrant aura to get you through your relaxing swim day. Get into the spring feel with a pop of color and make your season’s vacation extra memorable with this color block ensemble that balances elegance with just the right amount of flirty look.


To make your fashionable look last throughout the day, load up on your SPFs and make sure to drink lots of water and eat just right to keep yourself hydrated and to keep the hunger away. To protect yourself further, bring along a stylish wide-brim hat and snap on your fave sunglasses to keep the sun’s glare away. You wouldn’t want to miss out on all the fun by getting your energy levels low when everyone’s just gearing up for more activities.


Make sure you have your swim essentials with you in a convenient beach bag, including your towel, hair and skin products, and of course your set of fresh clothes for changing. A day at the beach or pool is fun, but you wouldn’t want to bring the smells or impurities with you when you head home.

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