Go All-Out Classic this Summer with these Swimwear Styles

This summer, there are a variety of styles you can choose to channel – the highly popular animal prints, strappy bikinis, sporty ensembles and more. But for the modern woman looking for an ultra-sophisticated look, nothing beats classic swimwear staples.


Check out these classic swim essentials and explore the timeless and elegant Hollywood queen or pin-up girl look.

What could be more Americana classic than this Inmocean Classic Star Bandeau Top? With this ensemble’s classic stars and stripes design, flounce top and tie side pant, you’ll get the complete, classic American sweetheart look. This swim get-up is the perfect style for women looking to imbibe an effortlessly elegant look at the beach or pool.


For a modest and classical look at your beach or pool trip, try on the La Blanca Plus Sweetheart Skirted Mio, the perfect one-piece swimsuit for complete coverage and support. The royal blue color of this swim piece is perfect for a regal and elegant look. With its adjustable straps, foam cups and tummy toner, you’ll have great freedom of movement while looking your absolute best.


This Profile By Gottex Cote D’azure Tankini is a nod to pin-up girls of the past, complete with its halter style and its emphasis on the lovely neckline. Its blue and white design and color block sides add to its subtle, elegant look. Wear it with its matching basic full pant that offsets the overall simple yet classically feminine style of this ensemble.


For more classic look options, round out your swimwear choice with an elegant and understated cover-up, just like this La Blanca Las Palmas Cocoon Kimono. This sophisticated cover-up comes in a minimalistic black and white design that will let you emphasize your swimwear while giving you the right amount of cover. Loose and graceful, this kimono is the perfect accent to your classic summer look.


Swimsuits Direct has tons more options awaiting you when it comes to the season’s latest swimwear styles. Check us out at www.swimsuitsdirect.com and find the perfect swim attire for your next beach or pool trip this summer. Have a blast and soak up the sun this season with your Swimsuits Direct swimwear.

Five Swimwear Essentials for the Chic Bohemian Look

Bohemian fashion, now making rounds as ‘boho-chic’, is characterised by influences from the 1960s and 1970s hippie styles. Its signature accents include relaxed, flowing clothes characterised by an element of laid-back, effortless style.


Bohemian is definitely a timeless style that still resonates in popularity these days. Now, you can channel your inner boho-chic persona and bring this fashion style into your pool or beach trip. Check out these swimwear ideas you can have to look your absolute best on your trip.


Comfortable, loose clothing is an essential element of bohemian fashion. Loose blouses, long dresses, flared skirts – these represent the classic bohemian touch. To achieve this look, get thisBecca Festival Fringe Cover Up, which lets you look chic while giving you much cover and room to move.

Maxi pants and dresses is something which bohemian fashion advocates. With this La Blanca Catalonia Strapless Jumpsuit, you can look laid-back yet absolutely elegant. This jumpsuit has a beautiful design that is a classic bohemian detail, perfect for channeling the boho-chic look.


Beautiful patterns are a bohemian fashion must. ThisRomper Cover Up By Elan exhibits just that with its elaborate dark pattern design that beautifully offsets its loose, relaxed fit. It’s perfect for women looking for a breathable cover-up that does its thing while giving off a comfortable feel.

Subtle designs and a unique patterned detail is what make thisBikini Lab Purr Mix A Lot High Neck a bohemian fashion girl’s dream. With its distinctive high neck fit and minimal yet intricate accents, this bikini ensemble is just perfect for looking fashionably cool at the beach or pool.


Bring out your inner festival goddess with thisElan Paris Off The Shoulder Dress, which perfectly embodies the beautiful patterns that the bohemian look is known for. The off-the-shoulder style of this top gives you a subtle, alluring appeal while giving you absolute comfort under the sun.


No matter what your swimwear fashion sense is, you’ll find the perfect pieces just for you here at Swimsuits Direct. Check us out atswimsuitsdirect.com for more stylish swimsuit options and other essentials for your beach or pool trip.

All About Sunscreen: The Sun Protection You Need

With the summer sun bearing down on you, it’s necessary to take extra precautions and protect yourself against the sun’s harmful effects, which means that you have to prioritize your sunscreen. But what do you really know about sunscreen? We give you the rundown here to help you keep in mind the most important know-how about your best buddy when it comes to protecting yourself from the sun.


Knowing what’s in your sunscreen

Ever headed down to the drugstore or supermarket and seen sunscreen products with amazing promises when it comes to sun protection? Think again. Some of these products may contain unrealistic assurances that could only lead to more harmful effects for you. It’s best to check what’s in your sunscreen and do a bit more research to recheck the facts.

Don’t rely on captivating marketing when choosing your sunscreen. You do not want to end up with the wrong formula that can only bring you more bad than good. Avoid risky products by not going for sunscreen that has not been completely backed by scientific data.


Knowing your UVBs and UVAs

Two types of harmful rays are produced by the sun: long wave ultraviolet A or UVA and shortwave ultraviolet B or UVB. What you should keep in mind is, UVA is the type of ray that causes skin aging, while UVB is the ray that causes those painful sunburns. Either way, getting too much exposure from both can result in long-lasting damage to the skin.

A high number on an ingredient on your sunscreen does not necessarily mean it offers the most protection. A lot of sunscreen products claim to have a huge amount of UVB protection, promising that you’ll have all the protection you need against painful, itchy and peeling sunburn. This is a definite must, but what a lot of products won’t let you know is the amount of UVA protection they have, which may tend to be low. This is an important concern you should have when it comes to sunscreen, as UVA rays can cause skin cancers and wrinkles.


Don’t rely on sunscreen alone

Sunscreen is never enough if you want to really protect your skin from the sun, especially when you’re at the beach or pool, where you’ll be exposed for a much longer period. Even when you’re done dipping in the waters and are just exploring or lounging by the shore or poolside, your skin is still very much vulnerable.

Fortunately, there are a variety of fashionable accessories that can help you shield your skin further. These include cover-ups – such as a tunic, kimono or a sarong – and other items such as a wide, floppy hat to cover your face and ears.

These are just some of the sun protection tips you should keep in mind for your trip. When it all goes down to it, you’re the one who knows your body best, so be sure to watch out for the red flags that tell you you’ve had enough of the sun.

Get ready for a great summer trip with Swimsuits Direct. Don’t forget to pack your essentials, especially your sunscreen and your fab swimsuit, plus a chic cover-up for extra sun protection, just like this Becca Tulum Cover Up.


Swimwear Styles for the 2015 Summer Season

Ah, summer – the glorious time of the year when everyone seems to be heading down to the beach for hours of pure relaxation. Summer is a time to look forward to golden tanned skin, endless sunshine, cool waters, and just all-around fun. It is also a season where everyone makes an effort to look exceptionally good, especially when it comes to wearing the latest fashions in swimwear.
For this year, swimsuits have just become edgier and more stylishly modern, with hints of classical inspirations here and there as well. Check out the best trends you should definitely try out for summer this year and get ready for your beach or pool vacation.

Strappy swimwear

Straps have become absolutely fashionable this year for swimwear. This Luli Fama Playa Verano Multi Cross Strap Bra Top is just the perfect example of this style. This top has a seamless trim for a sportier look, with multi string straps and a crossed style at the back, as well as removable padding.


This stylish top is paired with the strappy Brazilian ruched back bottom, which features a multi string, Brazilian cut bikini bottom with a flirty scrunch at the rear and a wavy trim finish for a flirty fit. This also comes with a seamless trim that does not allow for the bottom to fall or sag.

Sporty bralettes

For women looking for great support and much coverage, the Becca Twist and Turns Open Back Bralette with its hipster bottom is the perfect swimwear ensemble. The bralette top has a sporty look and features removable halter cups. Its Hipster bottom has a stylish shirred back for modern style.


Ethnic prints

Ethnic prints are always in. With this Becca Festival V-Top Halter, you’ll have the perfect funky style for the beach or pool. This halter top comes with good support, including removable soft cups and a macramé design. It comes with a stylish reversible bottom for a modern look.


Pin-up, high waist look

For a more classic approach this summer, the trend continues to include the timelessly elegant pin-up girl look, with a high waist bottom that pays tribute to bygone eras. To channel this style, get this Bikini Lab Smock This Way Side Smocked Bandeau with its high waist pant for the perfect sophisticated beach or pool look.


Crochet bikinis

Looking for a more unique style for your vacation? Then get in on the crochet swimwear trend that’s been overtaking beaches and pools. The Becca Ritual White One Piece is the perfect piece for you. It’s a uniquely styled one-piece crochet high neck that comes with removable bandeau cups and lettuce edge details. It also has a drop shelf support, side stays and x-back straps for the complete modern look.


When it comes to your beach or pool trip, it’s important to look your absolute best. Swimsuits Direct is here to make sure that you achieve just that. Check out more unique and stylish swimwear options just for you at swimsuitsdirect.com.