What Does Your Bathing Suit Say About You?

There are few clothing choices quite as personal as a bathing suit. A woman’s choice of swimwear communicates all kinds of things about her personality and tastes. Ever wonder what your favorite pieces of swimwear say about you? You might be surprised to discover just what messages your favorite two piece is saying about you.

Bold and Bright

If you favor bathing suits that make a visual splash then you probably have a bold, outgoing personality. You love to show off your fun-loving side and might even be up for an unplanned adventure. If this sounds like you, take a look at some of our other bold styles, such as:

·       Becca Show And Tell Bandeau

·       Place In the Sun

·       Sweet Sunshine

·       Navajo

Mysterious and Charming

While some people love being at the center of attention, others like shining from the sidelines. Chic, elegant, and a little mysterious, swimwear styles such as Indian Haze and Summer Bloom appeal to people who want to make a statement without saying a word.

Rich metallic tones, detailed bathing suit construction, classic patterns, and solid colors distinguish the swimwear that appeals to this personality type. If you find that your tastes tend towards stately and subtle, you have probably mastered the art of being quietly and effortlessly charming.

Flirty and Fun

Is the beach your favorite recreation destination? Do you love the sun, sand, and surf? If a coastal paradise is your happy place, then you probably have a bathing suit that expresses your love for the water. Fun, flirty bathing suits are your favorite swimwear selections. Ruffles, ruched bottoms, sparkling rhinestone details, and even gold hardware are likely to be common features on your bathing suits. If you want to communicate your fun-loving side, try styles such as Diamond Daze, Seashell or La Blanca.

Something for Every Personality

Our great selection of bathing suits helps you express every side of your unique personality. Try something colorful, mysterious, or flirty this season!

Where To Find Trendy Bathing Suits On Sale

Although the swimsuits you might see in fashion magazines might seem pricey, it’s important for women of all ages to remember that it’s possible to find a stylish swim suit that fits your budget. In fact, there are thousands of swimsuits available for less than $50. The trick is finding great sales. To find bathing suits on sale, follow these helpful tips: 

1.Shop Off-Season

One of the best ways to find a great swimsuit—or any other type of clothing—is to shop off-season. You’ll find some of the best deals in late August and early September, and as long as you choose a timeless style, no one will suspect your swimsuit was from last season. For timeless styles that can last several years, look for nautical styles like this cute nautical bikini.

2.Look For Flattering Fits

When it’s time to hit the beach or the pool, you’ll feel great in a flattering swimsuit. Even if you’re looking for sales, it’s still important to find a swimsuit that flatters your body. If you shop at a reputable swimsuit supplier, you can find high-quality pieces at discounted prices.

When you’re looking for flattering swimsuits, look for pieces that draw attention to your best features while minimizing the not-so-good. Women with curvy figures should look for pieces that accentuate their hourglass waistline, and large-busted women should look for swimsuits that provide lots of upper-body support.

3.Seek High-Quality Materials

Even if you find a great deal on a swimsuit, it won’t pay off in the long run unless it’s made with high-quality materials. Not only will you save this season, but you can continue to wear your swimsuit year after year. You can’t go wrong with SwimsuitsDirect.com, where all of the pieces are made to last.

Thankfully, women don’t have to sacrifice comfort and style for price. There are thousands of swimsuits at affordable prices. When you buy a swimsuit on sale, you can save money and look fabulous at the same time. 

Where To Find Kids Swimwear Under $20

You want the best of everything for your kids, and that includes finding top-quality swimwear that offers both style and function. However, some swimwear pieces can be exorbitantly overpriced, and such high prices can be a deterrent to families contending with restricted budgets.

For those looking for methods of scaling back spending, finding affordable kids swimwear is extremely important to making certain household budgets remain intact. In this case, SwimSuitsDirect.com has just what your family needs. We provide a great selection of kids swimsuits all under $20, which guarantees that every child can find a great suit perfect for some fun in the sun whether poolside or at the beach.

Trendy Tankinis

Tankinis are a good option when seeking a bit more coverage in kids' suits while also retaining the spirit of summer fun. While coverage is increased, that doesn't mean these suits have to offer boring drab style. For instance, this lively tankini features a floral print and jaunty top ruffles which every girl is sure to love. 

Reliable One-Pieces

One-pieces can also offer increased coverage, making them well-suited to younger children. A cute one-piece, such as this animal-inspired suit, provides enhanced sun coverage which can be important for mitigating the affects of long hot days spent in the sun. That way you will rest assured your child remains protected while at play.

Beach-Ready Bikinis

When it comes to two-piece swimsuits, bikinis are where it's at. This adorable daisy bikini is great for girls  with fashion on their mind thanks to its cutesy floral print and pink and white polka dot accents. Available in a wide range of sizes, girls of all ages will be able to enjoy this great bikini all summer long.

Fun and Affordable Suits for Every Girl

When summer rolls around, having a lot of options at your disposal makes finding the perfect swimsuit for your child that much easier. For this reason, SwimSuitsDirect.com  remains dedicated to offering a range of suits that will meet both the fashion and budgetary needs of every family.

Where To Find Cute One Piece Bathing Suits

Even though there are lots of bikinis on the runway, one-piece bathing suits are making a comeback, and they’re the perfect solution for women of all ages. Keep in mind that today’s one-piece swimsuits aren’t your mother’s swimsuits. Whether you’re headed to the beach or the pool, you can turn heads with a one-piece swimsuit that accentuates your best physical attributes.

There are thousands of options for women who are looking for one-piece swimsuits, so it may be a challenge to choose the perfect swimsuit for you. Here are a few tips for finding cute one-piece bathing suits:

1.Choose A Flattering Color Scheme

When you’re searching for any type of clothing, your best bet is to stick with colors that complement your skin tone. Once you know which colors brighten your complexion, you can narrow down the choices.

2.Consider Form And Function

Even though you’re shopping for style, sometimes it’s important to think practically. Thankfully, there are many styles, such as the Seaview Tie Front Halter by Seafolly, that allow you to participate in sports and recreational activities without sacrificing your style. Fortunately, most one-piece styles are ideal for outdoor activities like sand volleyball and badminton.

3.Think Outside The Box

If a traditional one-piece doesn’t flatter your body type, you might want to consider a tankini, such as the Becca Caravan Tankini, or even a swim dress like the Criss Cross Swindress by Suit Yourself. With both of these styles, the fabric minimizes the midsection, giving you a sleek look.

Regardless of the type of swimsuit you choose, it’s also a good idea to check out cover-ups, which complete your look for the beach or pool.

Thanks to the options available at retailers like SwimsuitsDirect.com, the perfect one-piece swimsuit is available to women of all ages. Best of all, these swimsuits are affordable and made to last. 

The Plus-Sized Girl’s Guide to Bathing Suit Tops

For everyone, choosing the most flattering bathing suit top can be a challenge. You want to find a design that shows off your best qualities without accenting problem areas. To make the right choice, you should know a little about your body and what options are available.

What Is Your Body Type?

These are the four main body types:

·       Apple: Larger shoulders, chests and/or stomachs

·       Pear-shaped: Larger In the thighs, legs and lower areas

·       Large bust: Larger in the chest region

·       Small waist: Larger chest and hips in comparison to waist

Apple shaped ladies should focus on prints that draw the eye downward to the legs. Pear shaped women want to use solid bottoms and attention grabbing tops to accent the upper body. If you have a small waist, find designs that cinch at the waist. Those with large busts need dependable support from halters, thick straps or underwire tops.

Choose a Style

Pick a style that suits your body type and your taste:

·       One piece:  Gives great support and patterns can draw attention away from problem areas

·       Blouson: Flatters those with tummy issues because of looseness

·       Tankini: Provides freedom of movement and mix and match options

·       Bandeau: May come with detachable straps and good for those who don’t need much support

Many styles boast underwire, slimming features and stomach control panels. Look for these extra qualities as you shop.

Look for Flattering Features

When you look for bathing suit tops, keep in mind what works best with your beauty. Use bright colors to draw attention and darker hues to deemphasize. V-necks or plunging necklines lengthen the upper body and show off your bust. Ruffles and prints are often slimming and can hide problem areas. Horizontal strips have a widening effect and should be avoided.

Remember, everyone is different and you may have to try a few different styles before you find what works best. However, if you keep trying, you’ll stumble across a wonderful and stylish bathing suit top that looks gorgeous on you. 

21 One-Piece Bathing Suits That Will Show Off Your Fashion Sense

You won’t need a bikini to make a fashion statement. If you have reservations about wearing a bikini, there are other options. Thankfully, swimsuit fashions have evolved over the years, and the one-piece swimsuits you’ll find on SwimsuitsDirect.com will show off your fashion sense and make you look your best. 

Here are 21 of our top one-piece bathing suits to check out:

·      Fantastic Elastics Halter One Piece by Anne Cole

·      Palm Twist Bandeau One Piece by Anne Cole

·      Wrapture One Piece by It Figures

·      A Place in the Sun One Piece by Leilani

·      Sunny Safari Shirred Bandeau One Piece by It Figures

·      Sun Goddess Solids One Piece by R Collection

·      Solids One Piece and Swim Skirt by Anne Cole

·      Painterly Stripe Shirred Front One Piece by Anne Cole

·      Crush Fauxkini by Leilani

·      Color Splash One Piece by Lucky Brand

·      Pique Colorblock Bandeau One Piece by Anne Cole

·      Solid V-Wire One Piece by Anne Cole

·      Cabana Stripe One Piece by Anne Cole

·      Shirred Mesh One Piece by Anne Cole

·      Summer Bloom One Piece by Anne Cole

·      Tribunal Stripes One Piece by It Figures

·      Sunny Safari Sweetheart Tank One Piece by It Figures

·      After Hours Double Wrap One Piece by Suit Yourself

·      Champagne Wishes Underwire One Piece by Suit Yourself

·      Fiji Floral Wrapture One Piece by It Figures

·      Daisy Belted One Piece by Anne Cole

Most of these styles are available in several colors and patterns, so you can choose the color that accentuates your skin tone. Best of all, these styles are flattering; they’re designed to minimize problem areas and enhance your best features.

Regardless of the style you choose, make sure that it makes you feel fabulous. Thanks to the selection of high-quality, stylish swimsuits available at SwimsuitsDirect.com, you can find a one-piece bathing suit that gives you confidence at the beach or pool. 

21 One Piece Bikinis Under $50

What if you could get a great beach or vacation outfit for under $50? You can! Plus, you can choose a one piece bikini design that you absolutely love and will compliment your unique beauty and style.

Tummy Slimming Fashions

Every body is different and every body is beautiful. If you have a little extra in your stomach area, try the Bahama Mama Ruffled Fauxkini, Palm Blouson Bandeau or the Passing Through Blouson One Piece. These swimsuits offer full lower coverage and ruffled midsections.

Fun Summer Designs

If you want your swimsuit to match your fun and adventurous getaway or personality, the Bali Love Divine Fauxkini, Crush Fauxkini and Side Shirred Bandeau give you wonderful patterned designs that belong in the tropics!

Sexy and Flirtatious

If anyone has every told you that a one piece bikini wasn’t sexy, here’s proof they were wrong:

·       Fabulous Fronds Shirred Halter Fauxkini

·       Leilani Calypso Crochet Biarritz One Piece

·       Color Block Tankini

With the right attitude, anything you put on is gorgeous.

Show Off Your Waist

Never be afraid of your curves! The Navajo Elastic Tankini Skirt, Leilani Azure Divine Fauxkini and Animal Luxe Side Shirred Peplum One Piece offer a nice cinch in the waist that’ll compliment an hourglass shape.

Bust Support and Slim Shoulders

Halter-tops draw eyes away from shoulders, which gives a slimming effect. Additionally, the Sweet Escape Tankini, Anne Cole Falling Leaves Halter-kini and Crush Fauxkini are great for bust support.

Bandeau Hybrids

Bandeaus like Bordeaux Bandeau Tankini, Bali Beach One Piece Bandeau and Leilani San Vito Sands Bandini are becoming more popular and many include detachable straps.

Classic and Understated

Do you prefer a classic or even royal look? The Color Blast Shirred Bandeau Tankini, Color Block Bikini and Sun Goddess Solids One Piece can give you that timeless feel that is both fresh and understated.

Don’t let your budget stop you from finding the perfect beachwear for your vacation. With a little digging, you can have a great piece that compliments your body and your natural flair.

21 Awesome Juniors Swimsuits for Under $30

Swimsuits can get ridiculously expensive, but luckily it’s possible to find ones that are both affordable and flattering, as long as you know where to look. SwimSuitsDirect has an awesome selection of juniors swimsuits under $30, so you can get the perfect look without having to break the bank.

Bikinis by Inmocean

For a simple yet elegant bikini, check out the Inmocean Bikini. It comes in several colors, like black, blue, and pink. If you want something other than a halter, you might want to check out the Inmocean Bandeau Bikini with removable straps. This California Waves Sequin-Kini gives you light padding along with really cute embellishments, and it comes in coral, green, white, and black. Embrace retro crochet with this lightweight Inmocean Boho Babe Crochet-Kini. The Inmocean Gumdrop Bandeau-Kini is flirty and fun with just a hint of ruffles, and the Inmocean Lasercut Flounce-Kini features a bikini top that blows gently in the breeze. You can bring out your inner animal with the Inmocean Puma Paradise Bandeau-Kini, the Inmocean Amazon Jungle Bandeau-Kini, the Leopard Love Bikini by Inmocean, or the Animal Kingdom Bikini by Inmocean. The Inmocean Panda Express Bandeau-Kini mimics a cute checkered print that is really made of up adorable pandas. For those who want just a little fringe or a lot, the Inmocean Diva Bandeau-Kini and the Inmocean Glo Fringe-Kini provide just the right amount. Those who like stripes have many cute choices available for under $30, like the Stripe It Bikini, the Salt Water Taffy Bikini, the Samba Stripe Bikini, and the Mayan Beach Bikini, all by Inmocean.


Tankinis are also a popular choice for juniors. SuimSuitsDirect has two different styles under $30. The Lux Tankini by Inmocean comes in blue, pink, and yellow. These tankinis have a lace tie at the top and a slight ruffle at the bottom. The Mystic Plaid Tankini by Inmocean takes plaid to contemporary level with a stylish faux-plaid design on top and a solid black bottom.

One Pieces

The Alice One Piece by Inmocean proves that one pieces don’t have to be boring! This bathing suit acts as a one piece in front and a bikini from behind. The Pretty Lady One Piece by Inmocean has a similar design, but with slightly less side coverage in front.

Choices abound for fashionable juniors swimsuits under $30. Who says fun has to be expensive?

21 Hairstyles to Wear With a New Swimsuit

If you have a new beach outfit and you need to figure out how to wear your hair, don’t panic! Here is a list of trendy hairstyles to try.

1.  Pigtails: Pair pigtails with a fun hat and cute swimsuit for a youthful and adorable look. 

2. Floral Accent: Pick a flower and tuck it behind your ear or weave it into your updo.

3. Ponytail: Don’t underestimate a classic that keeps hair out of your eyes.

4. Bandana: Fold it into a headband or use the bandana to protect your scalp.

5. Double Bands: The double bands add a classic and regal touch to your ensemble.

6. Traditional Braid: Split your hair into three and weave away!

7. The Chic Wrap: Wrap all of your hair into a stylish wrap that compliments your swimming suit.

8. Messy Bun/Topknot: Keep it casual and fun with a down-to-earth bun or topknot.

9. Fish Tail Braids: Pull your hair into this secure and edgy style.

10. Low Bun: Messy or sleek, the low bun can be classic and modern.

11. Beach Waves: What pairs with the beach better than waves?

12. French Braid: This look will survive the ocean’s strongest currents.

13. Small Side Braids: With one look, you can be urban or bohemian chic.

14. Full Side Braid: Weave your fishtail or traditional braid to the side for variety.

15. Snapback or Fitted Hat: Caps are a great casual style for tides and boardwalks.

16. Sporty Braid: If you’re an athletic beachgoer, secure braids with an extra tie on top.

17. Headband: These control fly-aways while allowing for accessorizing.

18. Visor: Want shade without the added head heat? The visor is for you.

19. Cowboy or Straw Hat: Especially if you want to honor rural roots, rock a cowboy or straw hat.

20. Floppy Hat: The floppy hat is as great for brunch as it is for the beach.

21. Bun With Stick or Accessory: Dress up your bun with a patterned stick or accessory.

Grab your hair ties, clips, bobby pins and hairspray. It’s time for a little experimentation! 

11 Women’s Bathing Suit Trends That Died In The 90s

During the 90s, “Baywatch”-style bathing suits for women were “the bomb,” but no one would be caught dead in them today. What other bathing suit styles died with the 90s? Check them out below.

1. Super High-Cut

This goes for any kind of suit in any color or pattern. You’ll know a potential bathing suit is too high cut when the top of the leg reaches your belly button.

2. Vertical stripes

Stripes are still in, but vertical stripes make the wearer look like a delicious lollipop. Check out this adorable Stripe Side Bandeau from SwimSuitsDirect.com

3. Crochet

For a while, designers seemed to want to make everything out of crochet. However, wearing a doily to the ocean doesn’t seem that fun.

4. Neon Color Blocking

Color blocking is in, but neon color blocking? That trend ended with the beloved “Saved by the Bell.”

5. Large Floral

In current fashion, designers understand the appeal of understated floral prints so that the wearer takes center stage.

6. Snake Print

Animal prints are still in, but one animal that doesn’t make the cut these days is that slithery, shimmery snake.

7. Fishnet

This style seemed to want to show off as much of a woman’s body as possible while still making it look like she was fully covered.

8. One-Shoulder

The one-shoulder look was popular for a lot of pieces, including bathing suits. Now, it might look like someone got stuck while getting dressed.

9. Belted

The idea was that a decorative belt was supposed to make a woman’s waist look smaller. Unfortunately, all it did was draw attention to what she was trying to hide.

10. Plaid

Both genders wore plaid shirts like they were going out of style, and beaches were peppered with women and girls wearing plaid bathing suits.

11. Bikini Top Ruffles

Ruffles still work on bathing suits, but in a much subtler way than they did back then. For a great example, check out this cute two-piece from SwimSuitsDirect.com.

The 90s will continue to live on in our hearts, but we’ve said “bu-bye” to these archaic bathing suit trends!