How to De-Stress From a Busy Lifestyle

If you feel overwhelmed thinking that you don’t have enough time in the day, you are not alone. Over 50 percent of Americans feel stressed out on a daily basis. Issues at work, personal finances, lack of sleep and a hectic family schedule are all factors that contribute to mounting levels of stress. You may wonder how to de-stress in a world filled with constant activity.

Tips for Relaxing

Being surrounding by innovation and technology makes it hard to relax. When you find you’ve had enough and want to decompress, a great place to start by going on a walk. Take a break and just let your mind wander. Other tips for unwinding include:

  • Exercise. Any form of exercise, from yoga to swimming and bicycle riding, significantly reduces your stress. Experts believe that 30 minutes at a time will help break up your stress, pump up your endorphins, improve your mood and blow off some steam.
  • Eating healthy foods. Many people tend to indulge in foods that add inches to their waistline when they’re stressed. Ditch the diet sodas, candy bars and chips and opt for broccoli, asparagus, avocados, blueberries, almonds, oranges and fish.
  • Sleep. Not getting quality sleep creates raises stress levels. To fall asleep faster, try journaling and cutting out food and all technology for 60 minutes before bed.
  • Read a book. If you really want to escape from the stress of life, reading is an ideal place to start. Concentrating when you read is a form of distraction that can lower your stress more than 65 percent.
  • Be grateful. Research is quite clear that those who have a positive perspective of life experience plenty of benefits that lead to reduced levels of stress. The results of being thankful include being happier, having stronger relationships, better health and lower levels of depression.

It’s okay to recognize that life is physically and emotionally tiring, but that is also a reminder of the importance of slowing down. You’ll be glad you did.