5 Places You Can Wear Athletic Swimwear

When it comes to swimwear, there are as many different styles of suits as there are needs to wear them. While some pieces may be suitable for lounging on the shore or relaxing in a hot tub, there are many instances when you’ll need a tighter, more fitted suit. Here are five of the places that are perfect for athletic swimwear.

Surfing Competitions

The last thing you want to have happen when you’re catching a gnarly wave is for your top to get ripped off and lost in the deep blue sea. Simple tie-back strings on tops and bottoms just won’t cut it when you’re dealing with the force of the ocean. For casual surfing or professional competitions, your best choice is going to be an athletic style top and bottom with more fitted, secure features. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to sacrifice style in order to maintain comfort; there are many new suits that will stay where they are supposed to and look great at the same time.

Beach Volleyball

Another place that is popular for athletic swimwear is a beach volleyball game. Whether you’re just throwing up a net for a quick match with friends or entering a professional competition, you’ll find that the right type of swimsuit can make a big difference in how well you play the game. Constantly needing to adjust your top and bottom will make it difficult to put your best effort into the sport and perform at the highest level you’re capable of. Choosing a sporty outfit will give you peace of mind and allow you to dive, set and spike whenever the need arises.

Diving Matches

Professional and amateur divers alike need to be equipped with the right kinds of suits to handle the twists and turns of the sport. The last thing you want to worry about when you’re launching into a flying squirrel or a somersault is whether or not one of your strings have come undone. Avoid the unnecessary stress and distraction that common types of swimsuits can bring and focus on your form with athletic swimwear. Pieces designed with the active woman in mind stay put with no string ties and tightly fitted sides. Eliminate the need to check your suit during practice or competitions with a customized ensemble that gives necessary support and coverage.

Ocean-side Exercise

There’s nothing more calming and exhilarating at the same time than working out to the background sounds of waves crashing and gulls chirping. People have long run to the seashore to complete meditation as well as physical exertion, making it the perfect place to perform an intense workout while relaxing your nerves and absorbing the serene energy that the ocean provides. Many people don’t want to wear gym clothes to the beach, but normal swimming suits are generally ill-suited to exercise. Solve this problem by suiting up in athletic swimwear to ensure that you can push the limits as far as possible without adding unnecessary discomfort and worry from a typical swimsuit. Combining athletic styles with waterproof fabrics can offer you a comfortable way to work out when you’re building up a sweat by the seashore.

Swim Meets

One of the most common places to see bathing suits designed for active swimmers is at swim meets and practices. You can join a swim team anywhere, whether you live in a land-locked suburb or a shorefront village, since all you need is access to a pool. The best way to perfect your backstroke and front crawl is in a suitable piece of active wear designed specifically for swimmers.
Hit the beach or the pool to try one of these activities in style with the latest designs and cuts in athletic swimwear for women. You’ll have the freedom to move in any way necessary without the worry of uncomfortable swimming suits.

Top 10 Winter Vacation Hot Spots

For people who live regions of the country where snow and grey skies are the norm during winter, a vacation to a tropical clime may be a common daydream. If you’ve decided to take the plunge this year and hit the beach for a wintertime holiday, you’ll need to pack fashionable swimwear in your suitcase. Let’s take a look at some popular sunny destinations that are worthy of an awesome swimsuit.


International travelers have their eyes on Cuba now that travel restrictions have been loosened and the trade embargo lifted. Because development has been limited in the country for decades, there are beaches that still are free of all-inclusive resorts. Stroll gorgeously ramshackle downtown Havana in a bikini top and coverup or sit on the shore and practice your Spanish.


This Caribbean island is awash in beaches where you can flaunt your fashion sense. The country offers dozens of welcoming beaches, all of which are open to the public. Don your activewear swimsuit for snorkeling adventures or bask in the rays wearing your favorite bandeau.


This coming-of-age country boasts luxurious hotels in a truly tropical setting. Visitors are surrounded by rainforests and culture from the moment they arrive. This destination is for the daring, and you’ll need swimwear that’s up to the task. Choose a sturdy maillot that will flatter and function as you pick your own adventure.

Boracay, Phillipines

A tiny piece of paradise in the island nation, Boracay’s beaches look like the pages of a travel-themed wall calendar. Surfing, kitesurfing, and sand-strolling are some of the popular activities on the island’s white sand beaches. There are plenty of upscale resorts in the area, but this gem is still largely undiscovered.


The islands that once hosted the revolutionary science of Charles Darwin now welcomes visitors to its beautiful beaches. Show your appreciation for Darwin’s work by grabbing your floral-print swim dress and learning about the island’s unique set of animal inhabitants.


Reward yourself after the long flight with some time spent lounging in a chair on a warm, sandy beach. The Great Barrier Reef, a number of nearby islands, and interesting creatures all are ready to be explored when you are rested up. The sun’s rays are intense in Australia, so it’s a good reason to choose tankinis that offer a little extra coverage.

Ibiza, Spain

The city known for its nightlife also has plenty to offer during the daytime. Great shorelines, historical buildings, and fine dining await visitors who are willing to leave the beach. When it’s time to party after dusk, throw a maxi-length coverup over your swimsuit and head into the club for some dancing.


If you thought the Galapagos Islands and Australia featured a lot of interesting wildlife and marine creatures, Borneo has them both beat. From native orangutans to reefs rich with coral, there is plenty to see on this island between Australia and Asia. You’ll want to come prepared for any eventuality, so a variety of beachwear should make it into your suitcase.


Travelers don’t even have to leave the country to find top-notch beaches worthy of fabulous swimwear. This Florida hotspot continues to attract visitors with its Latin flare, eye-catching architecture, and hopping nightlife. Be sure to bring along accessories that raise your beach time game and heighten your look.


With a devastating earthquake just five years in its rearview, Haiti still is working on its recovery. But in the meantime, guest can take advantage of beautiful beaches and historical sites for daytime entertainment. If you are one of the many people who like to volunteer during your vacations, there are opportunities to do so here.

If you have your sights set on a winter vacation this year, any of these destinations is a viable candidate for beachside luxury. Don’t forget to pack accordingly!

5 Ways to Wear a Swim Dress

When you’re looking for a little more coverage but still want to maintain a stylish and chic look, a swim dress is the way to go. The flare of the skirt adds more curve and covers up those hard-to-tone areas, giving you the confidence you need to enjoy the beach or the pool. Wearing this type of suit is also a great way to add a personal touch, since there are several unique ways to wear the versatile ensemble. Here are a few of the top ways to wear this trendy style.

1. With a Belt

Belted outfits are not limited to the office anymore; even your swimwear can be enhanced with the addition of a belt around the middle. Obviously, there are certain things you’ll need to keep in mind as you select the perfect accessory for your swimsuit.

  • Make it waterproof: Unless you’re planning on spending all of your time lounging on the shore and never stepping foot in the water, you want to make sure you select belting that is completely waterproof.
  • Match your style: Adding an accessory around your middle is just another way to show off your taste and create an outfit that showcases your personality. You may opt for a sparkly band that screams glitz and glamour or a solid, classic look. Whatever you choose, make sure it matches the rest of your swimming suit’s style.
  • Placement is key: One of the fastest ways to create a cinched mid-section is with the addition of a belt, but there are other ways this accessory can improve your look. A low-placed belt gives off a completely different vibe than one set high on your hips. Try a few different styles to see what creates the exact look you’re going for.

2. With a Tie

One of the most popular things to do with the fabric of your skirt is tie it off to the side of your hip. While that might seem to negate the effect of covering up your thighs, it can actually serve to slim you even further. A slightly larger amount of skin may be visible on the side of your leg, but the asymmetrical lines will create interest while keeping you covered in all the places that matter.

3. With a Ruffle

Those looking for the ultimate in feminine style will want to look into ruffled dress bottoms. These can be placed on the bottom of a skirt or right on the hips, each way giving off a completely different look. This classic addition creates a cute appeal that can be enhanced by the color and texture of your suit’s fabric. For an outfit that’s straight out of the 50s, add a polka-dot ruffled option to your swimwear collection.

4. With Shirring

One thing that a swim dress is best at is covering up those hard-to-tone places that everybody wants to hide. By selecting a suit that also has shirring on the top, you’ll create a slimmer look throughout your entire body. Shirring around the midsection is the best way to hide any stubborn tummy bulges while still looking stylish and chic.

5. With an Empire Waist

While many swim dress options feature a ruffled skirt that hits about mid-hip, you can also find options that flare out from the ribcage, creating an empire waist appearance on the dress. This is not only great at hiding problem areas in your hips, but also drapes over the stomach to hide tummy bulges and love handles. For those looking for ultimate coverage in the lower half of your body, a high-waisted option is the way to go.
As you’re shopping for a new swim dress, keep in mind that there are several different ways to wear them. Find the one that suits your personal style and swimwear needs and you’ll feel confident and free at the beach or by the pool.

One Piece or Two? The Best Suit for You

The selection of a bathing suit can be an annual struggle if you aren’t sure what to purchase or when you don’t have an adequate set of options. Is a one-piece suit or a two-piece a better choice for your body type and summertime activity level? These questions can be difficult and overwhelming to answer. Fortunately, we can help you consider all the factors that can get you homed in on the perfect bathing suit for you.


If you get down to it, there is a huge range of bathing suit styles between the one-piece and two-piece ends of the spectrum. You can have a maillot-style one-piece, which offers pretty full coverage without a lot of frills. Then there are sexier versions of the one-piece, some of which have cutouts or straps that bare more skin. A tankini technically is a two-piece, because the top and bottom are separate garments, but the overall appearance is more like that of a one-piece. Bikinis are definitely two-pieces, but many people change out the bottoms for other choices such as swim skirts, board shorts, or sarongs.


As with any type of gear, the way you plan to use your bathing suit will play a large role in which you select. For example, if you swim for exercise, a one-piece is the obvious choice. If you are planning a vacation during which you intend to do nothing more than lounge in a beach chair, a two-piece will do nicely. Most women, however, are somewhere in the middle of this activity range. They plan to relax most of the time, but they might take a dip in the ocean or pool, or they might want to go snorkeling or try their hand at surfing. If these cases, tankinis or one-pieces look like good options as they allow movement while offering support and coverage.

Body Shape

Although many women may feel as though their body shape is not ideal for a two-piece suit, the rules governing beachwear for women of all sizes are not rigid. Bikinis no longer are the exclusive realm of thin women. Plus, there are plenty of people who choose a one-piece even though they could do well in two. If you will be at the beach with a group of friends, you can rest assured that no one will be scrutinizing your bathing suit expect to tell you how cute it is. The key to pulling off a two-piece bathing suit is to wear it with confidence, no matter what your size. However, if you just feel more comfortable with the coverage of a one-piece, there are many attractive options in that category.


If you decide to go with a two-piece bathing suit but are still a little squeamish about bearing all that skin, there are plenty of attractive coverup options that can take the edge off your worry. Crocheted garments and those with fringe are stylish at the moment, or you could opt for flowy tunic that keeps you cool under the sun’s rays. Long shorts paired with a bandeau top is a trendy, sporty look. Many women cover their legs with a sarong of varying lengths, and the bonus is that the fabric can serve double duty as a towel or shawl. Don’t be afraid to explore accessories to alter the overall appearance of your beach wear.

The decision between a one-piece bathing suit or a two-piece is one that some women face with apprehension. Perhaps, however, a more relaxed approach can help during the process. Think about your needs, your body shape, and your personal style before making a choice and you are unlikely to go wrong.

5 Ways To Go On Vacation When You’re Short On Time

When most people think of a vacation, they look forward to planning a week or two away from home on an exotic island stuck in an eternal summer. However, even if you only have a day or two, you can have a fun vacation that’ll be as good for your soul as it is for your wallet.

Find the Hottest Local Trail

Hiking is a fantastic way to get away from the stress and strain of work and other obligations. You can put buildings and roadways behind you and escape into the wildlife and beautiful landscapes. Before you pack your bags, see if you can find the hottest local trail or a nearby waterfall. Take you’re time as you wander the trails and even take the time to read those historic plaques. Bring along a picnic lunch and pick a beautiful spot for your meal. If you can, grab a family member or close friend to share the day with.

Book a Night at the Local Bed and Breakfast

Every town has a bed and breakfast nearby, so find yours with a quick Internet search. Read the reviews and pick the bed and breakfast that truly looks like a blast. Try to find one located next to great shopping, restaurants or hiking. When you get to the location, pursue the brochures and take a local tour. Many towns have fun haunted tours late at night, wine tastings and historical reenactments. Additionally, ask the desk staff about local hotspots and follow the night wherever it tries to take you.

Take a Drive and Find a New Town

Fill up your gas tank and start driving. You can pick a town before hand or follow your impulses. Either way, get out of your town and see something new. One the most crucial parts of a vacation is simply being away from home, so hop onto a train or into your car and go anywhere. Spend the day getting to know the shops and streets of the next town over. It’s surprising how much can be different after just a few miles. This isn’t a bad date idea either!

Plan a Mini Restaurant Tour

Have you heard of a slew of new restaurants in your area? Have you been meaning to try them all? Well, pick a weekend and try them all. Make reservations and plan your outfits in advance just for the fun of it. Don’t worry about anything else except what you’ll order for your next meal and simply enjoy the flavors. You’ll get the chance to enjoy your city and you may even end up in a new part of town. Between meals, stroll around the local area and see if you can find interesting shops or parks.

Be a Tourist in Your City

Once you move to a city, you probably don’t think about visiting the local historical sites or museums. After all, you’re probably busy trying to find DMV or a cheap place to park. Take a day and do all the things a tourist would do. Get the fried street food and take the fairy ride across the water. See the best your city has to offer and check out all the sights you’ve never seen. You might even find you’ve been missing out on the best bagels in town for years!

With the right attitude, you can plan a fun vacation for yourself in 60 minutes or less. All you have to do is think outside the box and look for the exciting opportunities nearby. Sometimes, trying new things in your home city is all you need to get that refreshing break from the normal hustle and bustle.

Why 2016 Will Be The Best Year For Fashionable Swimsuits

2016 is around the corner and it’s already time to discuss the trends that’ll dominate the summer season. The swimsuits are out and verdicts are in. We’ve got the full line up of cuts, fabrics and designs, so no matter what your style or body type, you’ll be able to find something that perfectly suits your particular brand of beautiful.

Geometric Patterns Are Here to Stay

You may have heard youngsters calling these patterns trippy, but geometric patterns have risen from the underground to become a mainstream staple. You can find these patterns full of vibrant and vivid colors or you can also try a more subtle monochromatic design. From bold to incognito, geometric patterns are going to be everywhere in 2016.

Earth Tones and Neutrals

If you’re really looking to get into the island or rainforest mindset, nude colors and earth tones will give you a fresh bohemian look without being overly rambunctious. These colors work great with darker or bronzed skin tones, and with all the subtle intensity, you probably won’t see too many beach goers rocking this color palette. Stand out without shouting with this unique style.

High Neck, High Cut

You know how certain fashions like to make a comeback a decade or two later? Well, the seventies are back and modern designers are putting their spin on high-neck crop tops for the 2016 swimsuit season. For ladies with full chests, these options will give you plenty of coverage while you enjoy a retro and edgy design. To add an extra layer of cool, try finding one of these suits with a geometric fabric.

Cut Out the Key Hole

Keyhole cut outs help you show a little skin without revealing too much. These clever cutouts can bring just the right amount of edge to a one piece, bikini bottom or crop top. Plus, they add an extra layer of detail and may even come with fashion-friendly metallic ringlets. For an extra spicy one piece, look for a design with keyhole cut outs in the center and an inventive neckline.

Keep It Strappy

Last season, you probably saw a few swimsuits with strappy cut outs that gave a caged look. Well, forget about those tan lines, because strappy and caged is set to make a big splash this summer. If you love leather jackets and rock star boots, you’ll find plenty of these options go perfectly with you’re favorite smoky eye makeup.


The one piece is making quite the fashionable comeback and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. If you’re looking for the balance between a skimpy bikini and a conservative one piece, you’ll have to try these new monokinis. You can cover up where you want and revel where you want. It’s almost like you can tailor the design to accent your body beautifully.

Sporty Fashion

When you watch famous athletes swim in the Olympics, they aren’t wearing fashion swimwear. In fact, they are wearing the equivalent of a sports bra, but believe it or not, Olympic sleek is the current trend. You’ll find these suits to be a bit more minimalistic in design, but they have a simple elegance that makes us believe they could be classics.

Remember, bikini aren’t one size fits all and looking good is all about finding the right style for your unique type of gorgeous. Give these fun designs a shot next time you’re in a dressing room. Find what looks good and makes you feel like you can conquer any sandy stretch of beach. Once you know what works for you, get ready to plan your next beach trip so you can show off your new wardrobe.

What Swimsuit Style Does Your Favorite Celebrity Wear?

Celebrities are often the people to watch for fashion-forward trends and ideas. From how they dress on the red carpet to what they wear for everyday errands, their wardrobes can inspire you to try something different. Swimsuits are no exception. What your favorite celebrities, especially those with a similar body type to yours, wear to the beach or pool can help you find a new look for fun spent in the water and sun. These famous women’s choices are just some examples of stylish swimwear.

1. Taylor Swift

This pop star has embraced the retro trend in her swimsuit choices. She has worn a navy boyleg maillot, which is a very flattering one-piece suit. Others she’s been seen in include 60s-style high-waisted, halter-top bikinis, with one suit being striped and the other polka dot. Although Taylor is thin, both of these styles work on various figures.

2. Lorde

The New Zealand singer is known for her honesty and self-assurance. Now you can know her for her distinct beach wear, too. She’s donned a brightly colored, floral two-piece and a black one-piece with a lace-up back. Experiment with opposite designs, as Lorde does, as you shop for your swimsuit.

3. Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting

This comedic actress knows how to add variety to her swim wardrobe. She’s sported a plain black triangle bikini, showing how simple can still be striking. She’s expressed her flirty side in a very feminine red-and-white striped bandeau bikini. Her ruffle-top two-piece is an example of how to mix and match patterns for a unique look.

3. Lupita Nyong’o

This Oscar winner uses color contrast to highlight her natural beauty. Her swimsuit is a white, bow-like bandeau bikini with scalloped edging for an elegant touch. She’s an example of not being afraid to draw attention to your beautiful self.

4. Sofia Vergara

This Latin lady accentuates her curves in a tropical color-block monokini and see-through, royal purple cover-up skirt. The ensemble nicely reflects her ethnicity and cultural heritage. Her use of monokinis reveals that even one-pieces can be intricate and exciting. The gorgeous cover-up is a reminder to consider complementary accessories when selecting your swimwear.

5. Miranda Lambert

This country singer isn’t just a force on stage. She knows how to make a statement off of it, too. Her chevron bandeau bikini represents her fun and fearless personality. She also made a nod to vintage fashion with her red maillot in one of her music videos. Let your swimsuit reflect your personality, too.

6. Julia Roberts

This pretty woman gravitates toward halter-top bikinis. She shakes things up with different patterns and details on the swimsuits and different cuts on top, such as push-up or triangles. Even if you’re a mom, you can still confidently wear a bikini just like Julia.

7. Helen Mirren

This long-successful actress is proof that age doesn’t have to stop you from being bold on the screen or on the beach. Her bright red choices are eye-catching. She’s worn the brilliant hue in both a simple yet classy one-piece and in a sporty bikini with a white-stripe detail. Be brave and choose a stunning shade you normally wouldn’t.

8. Audrey Hepburn

This fashion icon may no longer be here, but her image lives on. You could find her in any style swimsuit of her day, accompanied with a large sun hat, sunglasses, and other accessories. From head to toe, she looked well put together even by the seaside. You can too when you remember to accessorize.

Find the Right Style for You

These chic women are perfect examples to follow in finding the right swimsuit style, design, and tone for your body. Be adventurous and try something new from Swimsuits Direct so you can walk the shore in confidence.