Swimsuits for Many Mother/Daughter Sizes and Shapes

Eager for a fun party? Invite mothers and daughters to model the latest swimwear at a poolside fashion show. Swimsuits Direct takes the challenge out of finding varieties to fit and flatter diverse sizes and shapes.
Perfect hourglass forms can wear most styles including tiny string bikinis. But others need to accentuate their best assets and balance any mismatched proportions to achieve the most becoming looks. So we’ve rounded up figure-favoring tips with corresponding plus-size, women’s, and junior options to help moms and teenage girls feel confident while striking their coolest poses.

Everyone wanting to appear shorter than their towering height must skip vertical lines. Horizontal color bands, however, will shrink lanky limbs into more petite illusions. Avoid high-cut legs that lengthen long statures even further. Low-rise boyshorts or normal-cut bottoms with tankinis or bikini tops can help compress tall frames. This horizontal striped bandeaukini with boyshorts will diminish plus-size women’s height. Finish that look with flat shoes like these color-coordinated blue flip-flop sandals. Other sporty footwear options include sneakers and boat shoes.

This inverted triangle shape features wider shoulders and fuller bust over smaller hips. Playing down the ample torso and highlighting lower curves or legs are key. Higher necklines with generous coverage, slight if any plunges, and no padding minimize prominent chests best. One-piece styles with plainer upper halves and fancier skirted bottoms expand hips and round out backsides. A raised neck and hip flounce help this plus-size one-piece swimsuit with shirred peplum draw focus away from the bust.

For two-piece options, tops with wider straps transform broad shoulders to seem narrower. Boyshorts in light colors or patterns including horizontal stripes and polka dots produce curvier hips. Belt, ruffle, or tie detailing in the waist/hip zone pull attention downward. Creating the impression of a fuller lower section yields a more balanced overall outline.

Bigger hips than shoulders and breasts characterize the classic triangular form. Try tankinis that add upper-body dimension with boyshorts for extra backside coverage to hide pronounced rears. Choose designs and colors that even out and complement this shape. A patterned top with a dark, solid bottom will create upward interest and minimize the lower portion. This women’s floral tankini with black boyshorts is a perfect example of those principles.

Deep V necklines, prints, sequins, or ruffles make upper areas more noticeable. Strapless, bandeau, tank, and racerback tops broaden shoulders. Underwires and/or padded cups that create fullness and enhance cleavage will emphasize the bustline, instead of the lower region, while equaling out all proportions. High-rise leg cuts offset low-body curves and stretch length to squeeze width.

Bikinis with conspicuous ornamental details like flounced edging, layered ruffles, gathered trim, raised decorations, or embellished ties augment curves on thin bodies. Volume-boosting ruffles, lettuce edging, and beaded ties exemplify those style elements in this women’s fun and frilly yellow bikini.

For smaller busts, look for one- and two-piece suits with triangle tops. Gathered waists can add feminine touches while softening contours. Horizontal stripes will trick the eyes into seeing stunning hourglass figures instead of excessively skinny frames.
Multiple gimmicks can help diminutive females appear taller. Upright — not sideways lines — promise elongating effects. Choose styles like this junior vertical striped two-piece swimsuit with that favorable pattern. Eyes looking up at chest adornments like bows, frills, beads, or fancy metal details won’t notice short limbs. Monokinis and tankinis with high-cut sides between hips and waists will lengthen legs and overall frames. Skip swimwear with skirts and boyshorts that condense petite statures further. Wear heeled sandals to enhance height even more.

Monokinis reveal surprising curves on thick-waisted females with athletic rectangular figures. This junior black crochet monokini features side cutouts that slim down midriffs for leaner looks. One-piece options with belts, ruching that pinches in waists, and strategically placed slashes or cutouts are alternative possibilities to add contours. Trapeze-style, flared-out tankinis disguise larger mid-sections.

Detailed and lightly shaded two-piece swimsuits widen busts and hips for curvier, more feminine silhouettes. To create longer torso lines and emphasize breasts, pair embellished tops featuring flirty ruffles or bows with solid-color bottoms. Strapless styles and plunging necklines turn chests instead of waists into focal points. For small breasts, extras like underwires, push-ups, or padding may be helpful. Side-tie bikini bottoms round out flat rumps nicely.

Enjoy Water Sports at U.S. National Parks

Join the National Park Service’s 2016 centennial celebration to explore stunning scenery and intriguing underwater treasures. Swimsuits Direct makes packing easy by recommending plus-size swim fashions for travelers going scuba diving and snorkeling at four historic locales along inland and island shores. dc010

Ideal Swimsuits
Scuba diving: Choose scuba swimwear styles to go under wetsuits carefully. Skip strapless, loose-fitting, string-tie, and embellished options. You may pull off a strapless top accidentally while removing scuba gear. Any unrestricted fabric that shifts, wrinkles, or bunches up beneath your protective outerwear might cause chaffing. Strings can jam zippers. Wetsuits may compress knotted, metal, beaded, or wooden detailing into your skin, causing discomfort.

Select plainer swimwear over fancier ones. Diving gear will slide right over this one-piece patterned swimsuit, thanks to its sleek, body-hugging fit. This one-piece sweetheart body smoother is another close-fitting version that’s free from potentially bothersome adornments.

Snorkeling: Vivid and neon colors in the red, orange, and yellow families will increase visibility and safety. When water sports don’t require wetsuits, you can brandish decorative beachwear with extra frills that scuba gear can’t accommodate. To avoid sunburns while snorkeling, skip bikinis that bare your midriff. Longer skirt, short, skort, and swimdress styles can shield your tender upper thighs from excess sun exposure.

Two vivid coral styles, a tie-strap tankini with medallion buckle and a ruffled tankini with swimskirt, are bold fashion statements that satisfy the above criteria. If you burn easily, also wear this vibrant floral cover-up that protects multiple areas like your shoulders, chest, back, arms, and thighs.

1. Wisconsin: Apostle Islands National Lakeshore
Ideal vacation season: Summer Adventures await along Lake Superior’s 12-mile coastline with 21 interspersed isles. The Wall, a popular scuba diving site on Stockton Island’s southwest side, features sandstone ledges submerged 100 feet under water. Explore legendary and mystifying shipwrecks dating back a century or more. Visit park headquarters to apply for a free required diving permits.

Adventures await along Lake Superior’s 12-mile coastline with 21 interspersed isles. The Wall, a popular scuba diving site on Stockton Island’s southwest side, features sandstone ledges submerged 100 feet under water. Explore legendary and mystifying shipwrecks dating back a century or more. Visit park headquarters to apply for a free required diving permits.

Centuries of waves, ice, and wind have carved passageways and arches into enchanting sea caves’ sandstone. View those formations in summer by boat. Starting in June 2016, Apostle Island Cruises will launch daily trips from nearby Bayfield. Or join a mainland guided tour by kayak.

2. California: Channel Islands National Park
Prime tourist time: Fall Nicknamed the North American Galapagos for its rare wildlife, this Southern California coastal chain of five islands is accessible by ferryboats departing from Oxnard and Ventura harbors. Or charter a flight in Camarillo. Increased visibility and water temperatures hitting 70 degrees make fall the perfect season for diving and snorkeling. Whale watching is best in summer, but humpbacks might be visible through October.

Anacapa, the mainland’s closest island, boasts natural bridges including the famed 40-foot Arch Rock along with cliffs and caves. Hike up Inspiration Point to marvel at incredible vistas. At Santa Cruz, visit Scorpion Beach’s 1800s ranch. Then climb up Cavern Point to its impressive coastal overlook. Lastly, pop into Scorpion Anchorage for amazing snorkeling.

3. Florida: Dry Tortugas National Park dc011
Ultimate getaway schedule: Winter Water covers 99 percent of this 100-square-mile recreational area, offering a mesmerizing abundance of colorful coral and marine life. Reach seven remote islands in the gulf 70 miles off Key West by seaplane or boat. Winter’s reduced rainfall, milder temperatures, and lowered humidity are favorable for water sports, fishing, kayaking, and hiking.

Ample diving and snorkeling sites suit all levels. Laminated underwater maps provide guidance through buried treasures like fascinating shipwrecks, protected reefs, and a moat’s remaining wall. “Tortuga” means “turtle” in Spanish, so you’re sure to spot namesake leatherbacks, loggerheads, and hawksbills. Immerse yourself in the past at Garden Key’s Fort Jefferson, an authentic and imposing Civil War prison.

4. Florida: Biscayne National Park
Best visiting period: Winter Close to Miami’s bustling downtown, this 172,000-acre park lies underwater peacefully. Four marinas provide boat access. Sail to the Maritime Heritage Trail to find a lighthouse and six shipwrecks that are prime diving and snorkeling spots. Enjoy guided excursions via canoes, kayaks, or private charters. Boca Chita, the most frequented key, features a 1930s ornamental lighthouse with observation deck allowing vast city skyline and ocean views.

A boat trip to Biscayne Bay’s Stiltsville shacks will uncover Prohibition-era tales of banned alcohol and gambling. Although hurricanes demolished many original houses, you can admire the seven enduring ones from your vessel. The park issues required permits to tour structures.

Picking and Pairing Trendy Swimsuit Colors and Prints

Favored shades for 2016 range from pretty pastel and faded hues to bold and hot colors. Trending patterns take inspiration from traditional to daring themes. Pairing mismatched tops and bottoms is the latest rage. So much fashion diversity allows all plus-size women to choose Swimsuits Direct styles that satisfy their unique preferences from subdued class to innovative chic.


Lighter Hues
Want to show off a fabulous tan? Select a nude-colored, white, or muted swimsuit to contrast with bronzed skin. The timeless beauty of sparkling white remains an eternal favorite. This pale pink ruffled bandeau tankini is an elegant nod to pastel femininity. Other soft tints are light lavender, tranquil blue, and minty green. Faded corals and burgundies also are on trend this year.

Brighter Shades
Many women think dark swimsuits look the most becoming. Not so. When revealing extra skin, choose flattering colors. Complement auburn hair, for example, with striking aqua or green. Strong, bold, bright intensities run from electric blue to turquoise. Representing precious gemstones, emerald, ruby, and sapphire bring glamor and sophistication to the seashore. Sporty chic styles’ vivid color blocks deserve great receptions.

Hot pink is turning up passions for seasonal indulgences. Strike a confident pose in this fuchsia shirred tankini, brandishing a vibrancy that’s sure to evoke compliments. Warm up beaches with blazing hot and neon bursts of sunny orange, yellow, and golden tones. Some designers are mingling them in various shades with unusual transitions to celebrate summertime’s long-awaited arrival. For poolside pizzazz, showcase metallic bronze, gold, or silver sheens.

Fun Patterns
Print swimsuits are flooding beach catwalks. Classic looks boast polka dot, floral, nautical, and tropical motifs. This flowery one-piece bandeau will set the mood for your next island getaway. Or be adventurous in edgier styles displaying animal, military, ethnic, abstract, and geometric patterns. Cool, energizing shapes with quirky color splashes turns beachwear into artwork. Some chevron patterns like this one-piece zigzagged halter make your torso seem longer and leaner.

Straps and bands are weaving intricate designs with skin peeking through those alluring details in unexpected neutral shades. Options span from conservative to wild. A shy minimalist might choose a bandeau top featuring a solid front and laced-up back. But if you’re more audacious, make a brazen entrance with crisscrosses from neckline to hips.

dc009Mixing Pieces
Swim tops and bottoms with different appearances emerged from fashion novelties to summer 2015 trends. This year strengthens that combo style’s popularity. It’s the ideal solution for women with disproportionate body shapes. Just choose the best individual size for each unique-looking piece. These guidelines will help you mix and match separate halves to show off your personal style:

Combine two solids in related hues: Pick a dominant shade for your top to draw attention upward. Maybe single out similar variations from one color family like cobalt blue and teal. Perhaps select analogous dyes that are color wheel adjacent like this scarlet red bandeau top and high-rise amethyst purple bottom. Or make a bold choice with opposite yet complementary tones. A vivid orange top and cornflower blue bottom will pop on sunny afternoons.

Wear two different patterns: This daring option requires careful selection. Pair a vibrant print with a subtle pattern. They should share one or more common colors. For example, match a red, plum, white, and black abstract top with a white and black striped bottom. With just neutral tones on the second piece, this dual-motif combination won’t appear too busy.

Blend print and solid halves: Choose a patterned piece first. Repeat one featured hue as the other half’s solid. The decorative fabric will be the most noticeable, so wear it on the body area that’s your better asset. If your bust is enviable, for example, pair a multi-tinted top with a single-colored bottom. Harmonize a violet, topaz, and emerald polka dot upper with any matching jewel tone below. To create your own jungle-themed mix-and-match look, team this animal print bandeau top with this black high-rise shirred bottom.

Coordinate merged cuts: Two-piece swimwear comes in a wide assortment of styles. But intermingling certain halves can create unbecoming fashion statements. Wearing a tankini top with boy shorts when both are long will produce an outdated impression resembling conservative Victorian-era bathing suits. A tankini top and bikini bottom or a halter top and boy shorts will look better.