Best Reasons to Indulge in a Girlfriends’ Cruise

Where can you combine sunbathing, swimming, spa treatments, casino games, exotic locales, cultural immersion, shopping, fabulous food, gossip, entertaining activities, and glittering nightlife? On a girlfriends’ cruise. Whether your group is single ladies seeking carefree fun, a bridal party throwing a tropical bachelorette sendoff, moms needing breaks from families, career women hoping to unwind, or old friends reconnecting, your getaway promises many advantages.

Socializing in Person
You may interact with your gal pals via smartphone texts, social media, and emails at all hours, making true face time rare. Even occasional get-togethers for drinks or dinner fly by quickly before everyone returns to separate lives and responsibilities. So reserving longer quality time for a group cruise can be a refreshing treat. Distancing yourselves from mobile devices and social circles back home will help traveling companions reconnect on deeper, personal levels.

Packing Without Embarrassment
Cruising with fellow fashionistas can be a freeing experience if your family doesn’t relish your extra luggage. Girlfriends who wear similar apparel or shoe sizes can extend their wardrobe choices. Forgot a sun hat or wrap for your formal? Borrow a spare. Everything from Wild Hawaiian shirts to neon sequined dresses is fair game among cronies who encourage each other or poke fun playfully.

Swimwear is a must for the ship’s pools and sandy beaches at port stops. Plus size? No problem with Swimsuits Direct’s flattering selection. Choose a plus-size tankini with an intricate pattern that reflects exotic destinations like this multihued design. Other plus-size tankini swimsuits such as this solid purple twist-front style feature skirted bottoms for even more coverage. Plus-size tankini tops like this vibrant blue/green animal print will put you in an adventurous mood. For more options from layered ruffles to lacey fabrics, browse our full line of plus-size tankini bathing suits.

Reliving Overnight Camps
From practicing swim strokes to mastering crafts, adult cruise activities resemble those from summer youth camps. Swap log cabins for staterooms, forests for waves, and campfires for roulette tables because childhood intentions remain. Channel your younger self. Summon simpler times. Take exciting risks. Confess secret crushes during late-night girl talk. Relive whatever made sleepaway camp fun.

Savoring Diverse Options
Vacation planning can be challenging when groups combine various personalities and interests — except on a cruise. Spending every moment together isn’t necessary. Onboard activities suit many unique tastes. Want to relax? Enjoy spa days, yoga, or the serene adult-only area’s gourmet treats and premium wines. Creative women can paint pottery. Active types may climb rock walls or take dance classes. Extroverts can join bridge or casino table games. Then catch up other over dinner.

Indulging Without Guilt
Travelling with a man who doesn’t share your desire to splurge on trips can be a downer. He might cringe at your expensive mani/pedi bills or native souvenirs you couldn’t resist. But women know when treating yourself feels right, high prices shouldn’t prohibit vacation delights. Friends will help you see that you’re worth a little indulgence on your special getaway.

Enjoying Schedule Freedom
Except for early morning port arrivals and excursions, cruise liners shun curfews. So have another cocktail during guilt-free late nights. You aren’t driving. Responsibilities may dictate behaviors on land, but you’re open to all kinds of amusements at sea. Casual lunches may linger into happy hour. A single bottle of champagne can become two. Oversleep until noon for a change. While forgetting about designated drivers and wakeup alarms, drinking responsibly will enable unforgettable fun.

Encouraging Thrilling Firsts
Sometimes, girlfriends must push each other into discovering new, exciting interests. So share your knowledge and experience. If someone is overly shy, guide her into approaching a handsome stranger. Scared of heights? Sympathizing with your hesitation, a fearless friend will help you feel safe zip-lining. Your traveling companions may be instigators, partners, and cheerleaders. Even after all the daring exploits and extra calories, they’ll keep your voyage’s secrets private.

Unwinding and Recharging
Women who save their vacation days for family trips deserve time off from their daily grind together. Old chums offer perspectives on your hectic life that may be hard to realize internally. Taking a break from loved ones can help you return rejuvenated to appreciate their virtues more than their annoying habits. If the chance to cruise off with your girlfriends arises, it’s likely to be a rewarding, regenerating, and memorable adventure.

Stay On-Trend With Fashionable 2016 Swimwear

Over the years, swimwear has progressed from prudish protection to fashion statements that expose skin in stylish and attractive ways. New and revived beachwear tricks balance functionality with sex appeal every year. In 2016, designers are featuring a fun assortment of creative approaches to show off your figure in and around water. Today’s multitude of possibilities means everyone is sure to find delightful options for various occasions.

Balconette Tops
Structured tops ensure much greater support than flimsy triangles. Combining flattering styling and comfort, they eliminate sagging and slipping concerns. Women’s swimsuit trends 2016 will make famous include balconette tops like this floral bikini with highlighted seams. Designers also pair reinforced upper halves with high-waisted lower pieces to create retro looks.
If you prefer more coverage than bikinis and greater freedom than one-piece looks, try tankinis. They feature tank-style swimsuit tops over regular bottoms. Tailored to hide your midriff area, they show less skin. Separate sections aren’t as confining as some single-piece designs. Browse Swimsuit Direct’s strapless, ruched, fringed, skirted, and many other tankini swimsuits in popular colors and patterns from subdued to vivacious.

Moroccan Looks
Mix textiles and colors to reflect Morocco’s vivid geometric tiles and rugs. Hot combinations include fuchsia stretch terrycloth, blue honeycomb-textured spandex, oranges with yellows, and reds with pinks. This woman’s blue and white one-piece stunner represents print swimsuit trends replicating treasured Moroccan decor.

Ethnic-inspired Incan and South African swimsuits declare boldness in radiant colors and exotic patterns. Tropical and island prints in cheerful shades set the mood for active fun or lazy lounging.

“Baywatch” Cuts
Remember the 1980’s basic high-cut bathing suits of “Baywatch” fame? They’re back! Look for smooth maillot updates going from lifeguard red to intense neons, metallic sheens, and awning stripes.

Strapless Maillots
Retro looks are the rage this year with one-piece suits getting flashback makeovers. A major trend for maillots is going strapless. Wrapping belts around waists glamorizes timeless floral patterns.

Halter Necks
Anyone who likes halter shirts or dresses will love one-piece or two-piece swimsuit versions in assorted colors and patterns. Necklines vary with high ones being ideal for women who prefer not to accentuate cleavage.

Super Deep Backs
Some swimsuit backs feature cuts so deep, they expose lower-back cleavage. While this daring reveal may not be everyone’s thing, celebs are flaunting this sexy spectacle in red-carpet fashions. Wearing a cover-up until you can stay in waist-deep water may help you adjust to this deep-dipped style gradually.

Sporty Chic
The athleisure trend is holding its focus on functional comfort — even for swimming. Add bright color blocking, and surfing suits become chic. Designed for easy movement, active options resembling sports bras are confident ways to avoid embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions.

Preppy Nautical Styles
Traditional patriotic and primary tones are enduring mainstays. Clean, classic swimwear featuring solids, color blocks, and thick stripes in various combinations exude yacht-club prestige. Decorative details like zippers, buttons, ties, and bows salute celebrated nautical traditions.

Colors and patterns are maturing into sophisticated looks. Gemstones influenced rubies and emeralds that are replacing brighter shades. Coupling premium fabrics with sleek fits and tasteful coverage in one-piece styles shows that swim fashions have grown up with class.
Creative Cutouts
One-piece swimsuits with cutouts like monokinis are clever ways to conceal more zones than bikinis. Extra material or strings connect upper and lower areas across mid-sections, enhancing silhouettes. Side cutouts tend to follow and flatter the female body’s natural curves, mimicking hourglass contours. Edgier options remove unexpected asymmetrical shapes. The bonus of not shifting while diving means you can’t lose your bottom piece accidently.

Mix and Match
Two new bikinis will double your fashion options. Choose complementary colors and patterns so you can mix tops and bottoms into different combinations. Then hit the beach four weekends in a row in a unique look every time.

Disco Crochet
Designers are crossing flower children with disco divas to conceive crochet swimsuits in psychedelic colors with nostalgic vibes. Reminisce with see-through panels, vibrant rickrack trim, and embroidered edging.

Lovely Lingerie
Emerging from candlelit bedrooms to sunlit pools, lingerie adornments are claiming public notice. Swiss dots, sheer panels, scallops, and lace borders are trending. Lining attractively placed keyholes with translucent or filigree fabrics creates sexy looks that aren’t too skimpy. You’ll feel feminine in soft, sweet pastels that convey romance.

Romantic Beach Escape Planning and Packing Guide

If your travel dreams for two revolve around celebrating your engagement, elopement, honeymoon, vow renewal, or anniversary on picturesque beaches, this vacation guide will help you plan for adventure and passion. Consider these inspired ideas for enjoying natural wonders while becoming an even closer couple.

Travel Arrangements
Bargains: Peak and down times vary between destinations, but fall, late winter, and early spring tourism rates are best generally. Airfare and lodging prices drop during off and shoulder seasons. Resorts charge less mid-week when airlines and city hotel raise rates due to business travel. dc014 If driving, a nearby resort may be reasonable Sunday to Thursday with extras like complimentary breakfasts and massages. Cozy inns and charming B&Bs are affordable alternatives that allow indulging in spa days, gourmet dinners, or live performances.

Destinations: Factor your budget, vacation length, and season into destination choices. When splurging, fly somewhere exotic and secluded like Fiji. For a frugal getaway, fly or drive to inexpensive California or Florida accommodations. Select locales by dual priorities. Active resort fun from scuba diving to sailing? Or numerous neighboring eateries? If you’ll visit a spa while he plays golf, get a package deal offering both.

All-inclusive specials: Enchanting resorts in Florida, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Bali, Europe, and Thailand combine all lodgings, meals, activities, and sometimes airfare. You’ll avoid totaling individual costs to stay on budget.

Weekender deals: Lodging packages may include a luxurious suite with pampering amenities like couple’s massages, candlelight dinner, and rose petal turndown service. Even when hotel websites don’t list romance specials, a reservation agent may customize your visit with popular add-ons.
Couple’s cruise: Celebrate your special occasion on a couple’s cruise. Enjoy various destinations, tours, activities, and cuisines. Options range from weekend Caribbean sails to longer Mediterranean journeys.

Packing: Bright, warm climates require sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, and light-colored protective clothing. Take casual outfits and walking shoes for daytime explorations, swimwear, and flirty dresses with comfortable heels for dining and nightlife.

Romantic women’s swimsuits like this black mesh bikini reveal just enough extra skin. Beachwear styles that add flair and appeal to your vacation include this white one-piece mesh swimsuit and this burgundy sheer swimwear. For relaxing hot tub dates, try this black see-thru bikini.

Special Occasions
Engagement: Before planning a distant wedding, basking in your newly engaged glow on a sunny beach will set a honeymooning mood. Unwinding first can ease you through nuptial preparations.

Elopement: Prefer an intimate ceremony to a grand extravaganza? Book a wedding/honeymoon package on a remote island in Europe, Fiji, or Tahiti. Or choose a seaside American resort or inn.

dc015Honeymoon: Visit a tropical island like Bora Bora with scenic backdrops for stunning photo memories. Stateside, explore a delightful East Coast beach community such as Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, or Cape Cod.

Vow renewal: Rejoice in your lasting love by renewing your wedding vows in magical settings across Hawaii, French Polynesia, and Maui. Call any hotel’s concierge for package details if the website doesn’t list such options. For multi-generational traveling parties, pick a resort with fun pursuits for everyone like swimming, tours, shopping, spa, golf, and kids’ games.

Anniversary: Request a special suite for your anniversary celebration so the staff will supply extras from roses to chocolates. When returning to your original honeymoon site, they’re bound to lavish you even more.

Best Couple’s Destinations
Bahamas: Paradise Island’s scenery and activities make it the most famous Bahamas location, but some private isles are ideal for couple’s hideaways. Offering convenient all-inclusive pricing, Kamalame Cay’s limit of 11 guest lodgings ensures seclusion.

Mexico: Fabulous beach resorts feature luxury suites and specials at rates far below other destinations close to America. Mexican retreats provide impressive ocean-view rooms, magnificent sandy shores, delectable gourmet dining, and lavish spa treatments.

Vancouver, Canada: Travel to Granville Island by Aquabus to discover this exciting city’s multicultural influences on beaches, shops, galleries, and restaurants. At Harbour Centre’s Vancouver Lookout Tower, marvel at the cityscape and surrounding mountains.

Hawaii: Year-round resort specials, beaches, palm trees, sun, hula performances, and golf on various islands welcome loving duos. Packages combine car rental, couples’ massages, and show tickets. Hike volcanos, bike craters, surf, or lounge near the beautiful ocean.

Georgia: For sandy beaches, boating, fishing, biking, tennis, and golf, visit Georgia’s Sea Island. Enjoy cocktails and bagpipers on the lodge’s veranda at sunset. Cuddle up in a water-view room amid English country charm.