Tour Nature’s Stunning Swimming Holes

Vacation season has arrived. Instead of lazing on sandy beaches among a sea of sweaty bodies, visit America’s stunning natural swimming holes. A myriad of exciting adventures await amidst impeccable scenery. Dive off mesmerizing canyons. Slide down beautiful waterfalls. Explore pure freshwater springs. Marvel at intriguing underwater caves. dc023

To encounter all that and more, check out special sites alphabetically by state.

Where to Go
Alaska — Chitina’s McCarthy Swimming Hole: Hike to this breathtaking swim spot by the Kennicott River. Admire the mountains with majestic glaciers gracing the background.

Arizona — Sedona’s Crescent Moon Ranch: Escape Sedona’s crowds to discover this historic locale east of the Red Rocks campground and south of Slide Rock. Natural formations make the backdrop phenomenal.

Colorado — Crested Butte’s Devil’s Punch Bowl: This spectacular panorama adds an elevated dimension to thrill seekers’ fun. Climb up and leap off towering cliffs into this refreshingly cool water hole.

Florida — Silver Springs’s Juniper Springs: Many generations have flocked to this dipping hole’s oasis-like atmosphere in the Ocala National Forest. Your turn has come to snorkel sparkling waters under shade trees.

Hawaii — Kauai’s Queen’s Bath: Princeville’s seaside offers an inviting tide pool in a picturesque setting. Soaking in turquoise salty water makes the descent from surrounding rocks worth your effort.

Minnesota — Duluth’s The Deeps: Lester River’s impressive fan favorites include the tree-lined stream’s various swimming holes. Cliff diving into The Deeps is a rush for the daring.

Mississippi — Mendenhall’s D’Lo Water Park: Discover this secret paradise’s peaceful wooded park along the Strong River. Soothing dips in calm waters will cool off everyone on hot summer days.

Missouri — Middle Brook’s Johnson’s Shut-Ins: A billion plus years ago, volcanic activity formed igneous rocks around this pool. Mother Nature’s ultimate playground delights swimmers and hikers by pairing enlightening history lessons with enticing environmental wonders.

New Mexico — Santa Rosa’s Blue Hole: Scuba divers can drop down 200 plus feet to explore this artesian spring’s depths and incredible underwater cliffs.

New York — Ithaca’s Robert Treman State Park: An upstate visit to the Finger Lakes wine-making region encourages relaxing at a stream-fed pool while viewing a succession of delicate waterfalls.

North Carolina — Brevard’s Sliding Rock: This all-natural Slip ’n’ Slide promises 60 feet of unique thrills. Riding down the rocky yet oddly smooth ramp is a pain-free blast. Splash into crisp mountain waters at the end.

Oklahoma — Sulphur’s Travertine Creek: Chickasaw National Park hosts this popular swimming destination with cold, clear water running over rock ledges. Hikers will enjoy meandering the creek-side trails.

Pennsylvania — Montrose’s Salt Springs State Park: Amazing cascading waterfalls and green foliage highlight swimming locales such as the Fall Brook Natural Area. Extend your stay at a park campsite to discover scenic trails.

South Carolina — Sunset’s Long Shoals Wayside Park: Venture into Poe Creek State Forest to enjoy this trendy swimming hotspot with locals and tourists. Even on the hottest days, leaping off rock formations into the water is a chilly surprise.

Tennessee — Carter County’s Blue Hole: Take a short hike to gape at four exquisite waterfalls and well-worn rocks flanking this striking swim gem’s teal pool.

Texas — Wimberley’s Jacob’s Well: Much more than a swimming hole, this site boasts elaborate underwater caves. National and local divers jump off the surrounding rocks to explore spectacles 200 plus feet below the surface.

Virginia — Fort Blackmore’s Devil’s Bathtub: Are you brave enough to plunge into this bathtub-shaped attraction? Getting there can be tricky. Hiking experts deem that task extremely challenging but rewarding.

What to Wear
Today’s bathing suit cover ups offer fashionable versatility. They can conceal your bikini-bared body on land, supply barriers to protect your skin from sunshine and other weather conditions, and double as appropriate public attire for popping into shops and restaurants. Like towels, cover ups absorb moisture and provide shielding layers between wearers and seats, rocks, and sand. Some styles are suitable for in-water use, ensuring modesty and sun protection.

To find the right type, decide if you want to obscure just certain body areas or block out your swimsuit completely. Front-opening kimonos allow semi upper coverage. Loose-fitting tunics are sheer or transparent long tops popular for design variety and versatility. Substitutes for regular clothes start with hoodies and shirts covering torsos and sometimes arms. Ponchos vary in lengths with some extending to thighs. For partial to full leg coverage, choose shorts, skirts, or pants. Rompers and dresses hide trunks while concealing legs partly or entirely.

Fun Teen Pool Party Games

Hosting summer pool parties for your teenage friends? Looking stylish is a must for social events. Browse Swimsuits Direct’s vast and versatile New Arrivals section to find the latest cute swimsuits for juniors. Trendy designer details range from flounces to fringe and cutouts to crochet.dc021

Easy party preparations include:
• Set chairs and loungers under shade umbrellas or canopies.
• Decorate common areas with colorful balloons clusters.
• Create a summer music playlist.
• Offer lemonade, bottled water, soft drinks, and virgin strawberry daiquiris.
• Snack on chips and fruit kabobs featuring melon balls, berries, and grapes.
• Grill burgers and hot dogs.
• Serve ice cream bars and popsicles for dessert.
• Supply pool toys for the fun water games below.

Use your imagination to reenact an old-world jousting tournament. Divide everyone into knight/horse pairs. Arm knights (top members) sitting on horses (bottom players’ shoulders) with jousting lances (pool noodles). Two sets face off against each other, battling rivals until winning duos knock opposing knights from their horses or both halves fall.

Raft Attack
Teens climb onto inflated rafts in teams. Then they wrestle to push competing players off into the pool. The crew that manages to keep one final contestant on top of its raft becomes the mighty victor.

Wet T-Shirt Relay
Line two teams along the same side of your pool across from extra-large T-shirts on the decking. Both squads’ initial competitors must swim over to the opposite side, grab the tops, and throw them on quickly before swimming back. Then they remove their shirts, hand them off to the next players who put them on to repeat the relay race. Whichever group runs through all participants first wins.

Sunny Beach Ball Relay
Provide a pair of goofy sunglasses and beach ball per dueling team. Entrants wearing sunglasses take turns swimming across your pool and back with inflated balls underneath them. If glasses fall off or submersed balls pop up, contenders must restart. They hand off sunglasses and beach balls to their replacements after successful rounds. The group finishing first triumphs.

Poker Chip Race
Dump plastic poker chips into your pool. Assign point values by colors. Teams alternate with contestants racing underwater to collect stacks. After the bottom dwellers retrieve all playing pieces, tally up the riches to declare the winning gang. Or guests can dive in pairs to find out who resurfaces with the highest quantity.

dc022Sunken Treasure
Throw colorful plastic necklaces and coins into your pool so everyone can become pirates scavenging the watery depths for sunken treasure. Take turns to discover which merciless matey can recover the most jewels and doubloons in just one breath.

Diving for Eggs
Place plastic trinkets in just a few fillable Easter eggs. Fling them into the pool. Participants dive to retrieve as many as they can. Winners salvage eggs containing prizes.

Greasy Watermelon
Coat a watermelon with a thick petroleum jelly layer. Line up two groups in the water on opposite sides of your pool. Throw the slick melon in between them. Everyone rushes to grab the slippery fruit. All players tapping it on their team’s pool edge earn one point. The first crew scoring 10 wins.

Grape Toss
Space flags, mini cones, or other visible indicators evenly on pool deck surfaces to partition your pool’s length into four-foot sections. Split your group into pitcher/catcher pairs. Thowers stand in shallow water, holding grape bags. Catchers line up with the first guideline. Pitchers lob grapes until one lands in catchers’ mouths without helping hands. Successful catchers move backward one divider for a harder challenge. Whichever team reaches the farthest distance triumphs.

Hot Beach Ball
Everyone forms a big circle in your pool. Toss the ball back and forth. Like the classic Hot Potato game, pretend that it’s too warm to hold onto very long. Play beach-themed music. Stop it at random times, eliminating whoever’s holding the ball. Keep the fun going until you declare the lone survivor the winner.

Inch down a parallel bamboo pole for every round of this classic poolside party game. Balance and flexibility while bending backward are essential. Bodies must clear the height without grazing the bar. Nothing may make contact with the ground except feet. Guests compete to discover who can go the lowest. Enjoy a water version with challengers swimming under a pool noodle without touching it.

Summer Camp Fun for Teenage Girls

While school is out, teen girls can learn valuable life lessons at summer camps — just by enjoying an exciting assortment of social, physical, and mental endeavors. Achieving the following personal benefits during developmental years can extend into positive lasting effects.

Physical Activity
Instead of filling school breaks with sedentary screen time, teens can enjoy invigorating exploits with friends while swimming, boating, hiking, and climbing. Browse Swimsuits Direct’s fashionable designer offerings in popular styles, colors, and prints. Take different types of junior swimsuits to match appropriate coverage amounts to particular activities. dc019

Wear a two-piece swimsuit for tamer sports like swimming and floating leisurely. However, remember that strapless styles and micro string bikinis may not hold up to sporty activity levels.

For kayaking, consider a high-neck tankini to avoid spilling over the top accidentally during energetic paddling. That summer camp swimsuit favorite also conceals the midriff area from sunshine.

Prevent embarrassing upper and lower wardrobe malfunctions by switching to a one-piece suit. Choose one with secure straps for more vigorous athletic endeavors like diving, surfing, and relay races. Take a couple of cover-ups for full coverage. Besides sun protection benefits, this multifunctional piece may replace a dress or shirt.

Kids separate from parents gradually as they age and mature. The time between juvenile and adult stages can be confusing. Being away from home helps teens prepare for the self-sufficiency they’ll need to move away from home. Leaving their families, even temporarily, fosters independence.

Teens can celebrate their independence, along with our nation’s independence, by flaunting patriotic swimsuits while at camp.

Friendship and Teamwork
Camps enrich two important life goals: growing and making new friends. First-time attendees can polish their socializing skills by getting to know fellow campers outside of academic settings. Free from school’s social expectations, relaxing atmospheres help friendships forge easily.

Trust and team-building activities foster collaboration. Interacting with kids of various ages from diverse backgrounds in team-building activities fosters collaboration. Close-knit communities require mutual respect and cooperation. Teens must share cabins and chores, communicate sincerely, and resolve disagreements considerately. Discovering the best ways to work together will enhance participants’ other relationships.

Community activities like singing, talking, playing, and laughing draw everyone together. Living, learning, and sharing in groups, girls develop deep relationships faster. Teens who return to the same locations annually enjoy reconnecting with their special summer companions.

You and your friends can coordinate camp swimwear and still project your individuality by choosing swimsuits in the same pattern, but different cuts. Like this “Birds of a Feather” print in triangle swim top, halter swim top, and one piece.

Whether youths want to engage in specific artistic talents, team or individual sports, or nature adventures, camps offer the expert instruction, facilities, equipment, and time for everyone to enthrall themselves in their favorite interests. Some participants experiment with numerous activities to find new passions or expand existing abilities that could better their futures. Teenagers might discover college majors or fields they want to pursue as adults.

If you think fashion design may be a future career for you, make sure to browse our trending swimsuits, and make it clear you’re at the forefront of fashion.

Unplugging from smartphones, computers, TVs, and video game players encourages youths to concentrate on developing hobbies in creative ways. Boy and Girl Scout camps cover wide-ranging pastimes, topics, and skills. Specialized facilities focus on varied interests like arts and crafts (including singing, dancing, acting, painting, leather crafting, and beadwork), animals (such as horses) and sports (swimming, football, soccer, baseball, volleyball, and more).

Maximize your water fun and comfort by packing two or more bathing suits to have a dry spare when another one is still damp. And for days when you’ll be at having fun in your suit all day, consider cover-ups so that you don’t ruin your time at camp with a killer sunburn.

Too many adolescents’ modern indoor lives are narrow experiences devoid of nature’s wonders. Camp explorations can be enlightening antidotes to that unfortunate scarcity. Outdoor adventures enrich young minds’ perceptions of our world while supporting healthy teenage development.

Reflect the beauty of the nature around your summer camp by wearing colorful nature-inspired patterns, like the florals and patterns from Luli Fama swimsuits.

By removing academic, social, and athletic contests that shape students’ school lives, camps help minors build self-esteem and confidence. Diverse chances to succeed at non-competitive undertakings allow young people to delight in rewarding accomplishments every day. Feel confident and fierce in any of our new arrivals that showcase your personality and unique style.