Unveiling Updated Beachwear Trends for 2017

The fashion focus for 2017 swimwear combines the last season’s most popular looks with fresh innovations. Discover how designers are enriching sophisticated simplicity by replicating a longing for yesteryear with a modern twist. Then check out our plus-size shopping tips. Whatever you choose, your best accessory is a confident attitude!dc041

Cut, Style, and Detail Elements
Beach romance: Delicate embellishments celebrate femininity with elegant neck and back details. Traditional beach-to-boudoir frills like ruffles, crochet, ruching, and bell sleeves add visual charm to solid-colored bathing suits. Laser-cut flounces enhance edges with filigreed grace.

Sheer mesh filling in various shaped cutouts creates enticing forms and contours. White lacy styles convey dainty bridal and irresistible honeymoon lingerie appeal. Shop Swimsuits Direct for cute plus-size swimsuits like this enchanting chambray blue beauty with an intricate lace appliqué that exudes romance.

Vintage Boho: Flowing, carefree comfort depicts this laid-back retro trend. Alluring handcrafted details like embroidery, crochet, macramé, braiding, tassels, and fringe are softening swimwear. Gypsy, peasant, hippie, festival chic, and Bohemian touches are ever popular for one- and two-piece bathing suits and top, tunic, and dress cover-ups. Nature-inspired ornamentations include wooden beads, cowrie shells, stones, and feathers.

Sexy straps: Lace-up lingerie styling on one-piece looks, separates, and cover-ups extends into another year to sensationalize seductive swimwear. Instead of settling for safe silhouettes, women are rocking more revealing swim fashions with flirty lattice- and bondage-style strap work. Decorative strips across necklines, midriff sides, low backs, and bikini bottoms intensify drama.

Punk uprising: An offshoot of the strappy bondage trend above, the mid-1970s punk counterculture is responsible for this edgy, rebellious look. The latest swimwear’s solid black and neutral color blocks brandish metal spikes, zippers, and chains as key accents representing personal freedom, defiance, and strength. Wearers display confidence in their daring appearances.

Sporty luxe: Activewear’s impact on mainstream fashions is making constantly evolving sporty looks versatile mainstays. Beyond color blocking, rash guards, and mesh basics, designers are combining sport technology, innovative intelligent textiles, and contemporary styling. Crossovers from swimwear to everyday attire include one-piece creations becoming body suits and rash guards substituting for sun-protective streetwear. For energetic activities, consider cute plus-size bathing suits like this athleisure sailing style in dark marine blue.

Beach-to-street styles: Fashionistas crave stylish and practical swimwear for year-round use. Women can transition new adaptable styles into streetwear. Beach-to-gym/bar/boudoir, festival chic, and sporty luxe bathing suits and cover-ups highlight classic yet multifunctional silhouettes. Slipping skirts or pants over one-piece swimsuits is gaining favor. So is pairing halter and crop swim tops with shorts and jeans.
Raised-neck tops: This 2016 breakout trend isn’t slowing. Designers are introducing high-neck tanks and crop tops with various cuts, fabrics, and modern decorative detailing.

High-rise legs: Bottom leg openings slashed extra high on sexy one- and two-piece swimsuits elongate and flatter shapely legs. Fashion inspirations from the late 1980s into the early ‘90s influence stylish lines and materials.

Swimsuit Selection Pointers
Use these tips to find plus-size bathing suits offering style, support, becoming fits, and comfort in typical areas of concern:

Bust: To minimize your bust, try high-neck bathing suits that draw attention upward toward your face. Built-in support bras or molded cups with underwire or elastic bands boost up ample breast tissue. Bustiers with those extras maintain their shape while lower-torso positioning keeps your chest in place.

Wide, sturdy halter straps allow variable-tie tautness around your neck. Unlike back fasteners, you can tighten or loosen ties for optimal reinforcement and comfort. Want more versatility? Consider convertible and removable bands that offer some combination of straight over-your-shoulders, halter, racer-back, cross-back, and strapless looks. If you choose sewn-in straps, make sure they’re adjustable. Then just raise or lower them depending on your breasts shape. For extra support that avoids side-boob overflow, pick straps that are thicker at cups’ outer edges.

Midriff: Tummy control panels will minimize your midsection. High-rise bottoms concealing your belly are slimming. Side sections in prominent colors or patterns create slenderizing effects, sculpting an hourglass-figure illusion. Narrow vertical stripes trim and lengthen rounded apple shapes. Sash and belt accents make cinched-in waists look smaller.

Hips and thighs: Emphasize your upper half while detracting from your lower one. Flashy neck detailing like ruffles and swim shorts that rest low on your hips pull eyes upward. For separate pieces, choose wilder and brighter tops to overpower plainer and darker bottoms.

9 Exotic Snorkeling Adventures Around the World

Snorkeling offers amazing freedom to observe marine life’s vibrant and mysterious splendors. Discover the greatest features of nine thrilling destinations all over the globe. Then select the rugged coastline, shallow lagoon, or uninhabited island for your upcoming dream vacation.

Dress for Comfort
Pack multiple swimwear options so you can start every adventure in something clean and dry. Check out Swimsuit Direct’s plus-size bathing suit lines. Consider full-coverage one-piece versions that stay put while exposing less skin to aquatic and weather elements.
For greater protection from chafing and sunburn, choose from our popular rash-guard styles. They stop salt water, sweat, and sand from causing bothersome irritations. Lightweight athletic shirts feature stretchy polyester or nylon materials with extra wicking ability.

Bottom cuts include bikini, hipster, and shorts. Various sleeve, torso, and bottom lengths accommodate different personal needs and concealment preferences.

Once you’re properly outfitted, pick one of the following destinations for maximum fun.

Belize’s Hol Chan Marine Reserve
The Mayan name for “Little Channel” describes this natural split on the ocean floor off Ambergris Caye’s coast. Explore multiple habitats. Mangrove roots lining the shore nurture fish, brittle stars, and anemones. The massive reef’s sizable elkhorn coral provides an ideal environment for the Hol Chan Reserve’s lobster population. Nurse sharks gather with stingrays in a deeper sea alley.

Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands
Tour numerous bays to spot fascinating wildlife underwater and on this site’s archipelagos or scattered isles. Discover Isabela Island’s Tagus Cove between volcanic craters and Pinnacle Rock Cove with its stunning formation tilting dramatically toward the ocean. This special locale offers views of Galapagos penguins, marine iguanas, nurse sharks, and five ray species. Fearless residents like curious green turtles and sea lion pups tend to investigate snorkelers.

Florida’s Devil’s Den
Ancient fossils and artifacts date this dry prehistoric cave back in time to the Ice Age. World travelers snorkel this natural wonder’s caverns, crevices, and clear spring amid fish and turtles 60 feet below ground. The Devil’s Den name stems from its underground water source’s constant 72-degree temperature spouting steam blasts from the cave’s opening on chilly winter nights.

Grenada’s Sculpture Park
Since environmental damage weakened Molinere Bay’s delicate coral, innovative regenerators placed sculptures to delight guests. Take a boat ride 10 minutes from the coastline to enjoy a guided tour. Local students cast concrete figures with enthralling faces representing Grenada’s cultural legends. Snorkel around them to notice coral taking over gradually in bright yellows and pinks.

Indonesia’s Komodo Island
More snorkelers frequent this site than Komodo dragon fans. Jungle vegetation and sandy beaches dot this national park’s untouched coastline. Cruise past intriguing strands and caves on a lavish schooner to hidden lagoons.

At shallow reefs, watch turtles drift calmly over coral as clown fish zip through anemones. Venture deeper to catch manta rays gliding through water, awaiting prey. Upon spotting small fish and plankton, they somersault toward targets rapidly with wide-open mouths.

Japan’s Kabira Bay
Visit Ishigaki island with Mount Omoto looming across the vista to enjoy glass-bottom boats in this low-water wading area. Even experienced snorkelers may relish Kabira Bay’s amazing offshore reefs best with guides. After a boat ride, swim past coral walls and the sea floor’s sudden drop-off for an exhilarating rush. Dual aquatic environments contain irabucha as shallow dwellers and manta rays as deeper inhabitants. Disturbances transform blowfish into spiky balls instantly.

Mozambique’s Bazaruto Archipelago
A two-mile reef runs alongside five white-sand islands off Mozambique’s southern Indian Ocean coast. Over 100 vibrant coral types and 2000-plus tropical fish species earned “the Aquarium” nickname. You might spot endangered dugongs, unusual and ginormous creatures from the manatee family. The shallow water’s clear visibility and gentle current make Bazaruto Archipelago an easy-going snorkeling paradise.

The Philippines’ El Nido
This Pacific Ocean haven, centered in a coral triangle, hosts a marine ecosystem among the world’s most biodiverse. A jungle and limestone cliffs frame El Nido’s scattered islands. Impeccable coral represents 6000-plus species. Snorkel off beaches or uninhabited lagoons or isles to catch vivid fish, five turtle species, and whale sharks darting around coral. Electric-blue ribbon eel seem to dance in the tide.

South Africa’s Aliwal Shoal
Formerly a fossilized sand dune, this reef with mesmerizing shipwrecks, caves, and ledges got its name from the stranded Aliwal ship’s 1849 remains. Snorkel among gray nurse sharks or raggies cruising the shoal. Coral shrouds neon moray eels and speckled potato bass. Humpback whales’ enchanting deep-water songs transmit miraculously to shallower swimming sites.

Introducing 2017 Swimwear Colors and Patterns

Designers are releasing their refreshing 2017-swimwear collections, so everyone’s eager to see the latest fabric choices. Discover the brighter, bolder, more experimental fashion options below that women will be wearing from pools to beaches. Then browse the newest Anne Cole line at Swimsuits Direct for those upcoming trends.

One-piece looks consist of maillots, tanks, and bandeaus. Two-piece sensations include halters, tankinis, and bandeaukinis with mid-rise, hipster, and high-rise bottoms and swim skirts. Pair your favorites with cover-ups to feel stylish as you relish every carefree moment in the sun and water.

Key Themes
Vintage: Luxurious nostalgic looks revisit simpler times. Classical elegance with Victorian undertones echo the bygone era of British tradition, opulence, and structure. Dating back to the 1800s, this vintage trend highlights beauty, status, and extravagance. dc037

It tells a romantic tale with lavish lace and trims adorning ultra-feminine visions. Ruching flatters curves and adds interest while forming graceful, affluent appearances. Representative tints include white, taupe, rose, pink, merlot, lavender, and steel blue.

Bourgeoise: Emphasizing womanly refinement, a lighthearted charm will balance this sophisticated, mature, and sensible yet sexy style. High-society French pool and garden parties inspire Bourgeoise’s relaxed mood. An elegant yet ironic pop touch is reminiscent of the 1960s-‘90s. Shades include grape juice, brick dust, cendre blue, bud green, buff orange, orange.com, and limelight.

Flamboyant: Yearning for spontaneity in standardized fashions is just one of many Southern hemisphere treats. Its cultural energy and spirit motivate a flamboyant trend combining happy, lively, lush, exuberant, and generous fabrics, colors, and patterns. Natives’ original art, treasured handmade wares, and creative recycling have renewed interest in ancestral techniques that craft primitive graphics and grander florals in rich tones. Intensities include pirate black, blue Danube, shady glade (dark green), greenery, nectarine, lantana (pink), acacia (yellow), and magenta.

Impression: When mental and physical wellnesses align, a serene outlook encourages a modern active existence. The impression sensibility features swintimates, novel underwear/sportswear hybrids, in water-saturated colors. It explores how pure essential forms and human senses interact with material textures’ biological natures. Hues reflect the sea’s iridescent surface during light/shadow interplay. Dyes include Easter egg (periwinkle blue), acacia (yellow), blue glow, amparo blue, star white, citadel (gray), India ink (black), and silver.

Survivalist: Exploring the ocean’s mysterious depths offers opportunities to survive and reinvent yourself. After a rough journey from diving into intense waters to rising above them in gloomy anguish, you land on a futuristic isle. Aquatic-infused survivalist’s artificial yet fancy ambiance combines forward-thinking dimensions with military aesthetics. Tones include zephyr blue, pirate black, silver, legion blue, smoke pine, anemone (maroon), sand, and formula one (red).

Standout Shades
Finding colors to flatter your silhouette and skin tone will be fun with 2017’s rainbow of options. Nature and beach influences give us that evoke pleasure, happiness, and comfort from the 1950’s days of innocence. Verdant greens, watery blues, and sunny yellows depict scenic beauty. Anne Cole swimwear features women’s one-piece styles showcasing emerging bold tinges like Sunkist orange, flamingo pink, blue lagoon, Pacific blue, and Tahoe teal. Those cheerful, uplifting bursts inspire leisurely delights.

Earth tones express panoramic finery from the jungle to the oasis. Fresh shades include neutral olives and clays along with burnt siennas, coppers, corals, and cool blues. Patriotic palettes honor maritime traditions with peeks into seafaring days of old. Rich jewel tones like amethyst, aquamarine, and emerald green are surfacing like shimmering gems floating up from sunken treasure chests. Sexy colors and eye-popping neon brights flaunt unrestrained wildness, highlighting womanly curves with extra flair.

Adventurous Prints
Swimwear designers are updating basic black and navy with prominent shapes and energetic patterns. Trending looks include tropical schemes with lush trees and leaves, animal prints, geometrics, chevron stripes, tie-dyes, and ethnic influences. Anne Cole swimsuits like this tankini make dramatic style statements by brandishing multihued oversized graphics. Navy and white stripes give nautical creations a timeless appeal.

Bohemian spectacles include border, paisley, bandana, and scarf prints. For a charming vintage vibe, go for the boldness of loud retro designs or the sophisticated simplicity of pastel floral themes. Create an edgy feeling by mixing various fabrics and motifs. Striped trim provides contrasts to solid colors. Innovative pairings offset dark masculine blues and grays with soft, subtle feminine pastels. Browse Swimsuits Direct’s 2017 offerings for distinctive patterns that represent your signature beach look best.