Bikini Search Hints for Juniors and Women

Your body doesn’t need to match a certain mold to brandish a bikini. Use the suggestions below to determine which types will fit your size and contours best with suitable support while displaying your unique fashion sense. Then check out Swimsuits Direct’s corresponding options online. Browse Bikini Lab swimwear for junior styles. If you’re looking for women’s versions, explore our other Bikini Lab section with more possibilities sized just for you.dc045

Identify Your Shape
To choose which features you want bikinis to spotlight or downplay, identify your body form from these typical examples:

Hourglass: A narrow waist separates full chest and hips. No tricks are necessary for this enviable shape.

Athletic: This thin frame features small breasts and hips. Play up both upper and lower zones to appear rounder.

Apple: Weight settles in your torso and tummy above slender hips and legs. To create balanced curves, choose tops that reduce your ample bust size and bottoms that enhance your narrow lower region.

Pear: Below your small shoulders and waist, extra weight surrounds your hips, butt, and thighs. Mimic an hourglass figure by selecting tops that embellish your bust line and bottoms that minimize your lower portion.

Choose Tops
Swim tops’ cuts, colors, and fabrics influence how they look on you. Try these resourceful cheats to simulate more flattering illusions:

Enlarge small chest: Triangle, halter, and bandeau tops are ideal for small breasts. Hanky flounces add the impression of volume. So do padding, push-ups, and underwires. Choose light or bright shades or patterns — not dark colors.

Highlight bust area: Classic string bikinis’ triangle tops direct attention to your upper torso. Halter-tops accentuate cleavage while bandeaus promote perkiness.

Support large bust: If your cup size exceeds a C, avoid string bikini and strapless bandeau tops. Sturdier styles in the right size with substantial coverage and support can stop your voluptuous curves from spilling out over upper edges and sides. Go for halters, high necklines, cups with underwires, and wide adjustable shoulder and back straps for lift, proper tightness, and comfort.

Instead of vivid dyes, big busy patterns, and stripes that spark interest, choose dark colors like black.

Select Bottoms
Lower bikini halves affect how your hips and behind look. Consider these tips to reshape that zone visually:

Expand slender hips and butt: Bottoms with string ties, strappy detailing, or ruffles create extra prominence. Light-colored briefs spread narrow proportions.
Emphasize lower areas: Search for bottoms with fashion adornments like string ties, contrasting trim, crochet inserts, frills, and wild patterns.

Shrink broad hips or rump: Find smooth bottoms without embellishments increasing your lower measurements. Wear deep colors instead of vibrant shades, stripes, and busy prints.

Small center sections featuring bright color blocking or bold patterns narrow your width when dark or subdued fabric or mesh fill in the outer portions. Similarly, opt for bottoms with minimal material between longer side ties or straps.

Combine Separate Pieces
Swimsuits Direct offers the convenience of selecting all bikinis as separates. That lets you try out these strategies for putting individual halves together:

Monochromatic color palettes: Use lighter tints to highlight certain body features. Reserve darker shades from the same color family to underplay other regions. For example, a pale apricot top will place the focus on your chest while a slightly more saturated coral bottom will make your hips and backside less noticeable.

Contrasting and coordinating hues and patterns: For dramatic impact, pair contrasting neutrals like lights vs. darks. Or pit either of those extremes against jewel tones such as jade or turquoise. Pick loud designs for whichever half you choose to flaunt and color-coordinated solids on the other you hope to deemphasize. If broad shoulders overshadow your lower portion, go with separates that strike a better balance. Select subtle tops with wide shoulder straps. Add embellished bottoms in bright motifs or fun prints.

Mismatched sizes: Are you still trying to force differences like an undersized bust and generous hips into the same size bikini pieces? Swimsuits Direct has a better way. Order a small top with a medium or even large bottom. Getting the right fit is more important that wearing one size.

Exude Confidence
Cute, well-fitting bikinis will seem unflattering if your posture is sloppy. Stand straight, roll back your shoulders, raise your chin, smile confidently, and you’ll be a stunning bathing beauty.

Feminine One-Piece Swimsuits for Every Figure

Most women wore one-piece swimsuits until skimpier bikinis became popular during the 1960s. In recent years, designers have updated fuller coverage classics with chic modern flairs. So the fan base for these timeless looks extends way beyond serious swimmers, body-conscious females, and sun-averse ladies.

Current one-piece cuts, frills, colors, and patterns can make any teen or woman appear and feel more glamourous. Find physical concerns below that describe you. Review the clever tricks to flatter your form. Then browse Swimsuits Direct online for your ideal prospects.

Compact, Sporty Body
If your slight, active frame lacks curves, skip shapeless styles that will play up your athletic build. Choose sexy cuts including scoop, sweetheart, and V-necks over high necklines and top sections drawing straight lines above your breasts. Bust padding, cups, ruffles, and gathers will mimic rounded contours. Shop Swimsuits Direct for cute one-piece bathing suits with girlie prints like this bright junior design. The floral theme with tassels and crisscross back straps will avoid the dreaded tomboy look. Dainty fabrics such as lace and feminine colors or motifs also lend graceful qualities.

Broad Shoulders
Your upper frame may appear boxy if your shoulders are wideset. To fashion a more desirable overall balance, try solid-colored swimsuits with side panels providing standout features. Contrasting shades or patterns, sheer mesh or lace inserts, strappy detailing, cutouts, or slashes will simulate the desirable hourglass figure. Asymmetrical necklines with straps over just one side will draw attention upward and away — not straight across.

Small Chest
Assorted fashion details help bathing suits enhance small bosoms. Look for upper embellishments like ruffles, shirring, twist-front bandeaus, lacing, contrasting trim, crochet, or bows to suggest fuller breasts. Molded or padded cups will sculpt your profile into rounder curves.

Ample Bust
Support and coverage are key when you have a larger figure. Search for swimsuits in larger cup sizes with underwire and thicker straps for the most flattering and comfortable fits. Forget deep-plunging fronts and flimsy materials without cups and structure. Extra support and higher necklines will help you avoid accidental overexposures.

Back Fat
Thin shoulder and back straps that cause indentations can plump up excess surrounding skin. Go for swimsuits with raised backs and thicker straps to smooth out any fleshy folds.

Round Tummy
One-piece styles offer several ways to conceal your midriff. Look for shirring, ruching, pleats, layered ruffles, blousons, and swim dresses with tummy toners. Plunging necklines lift the focus upward away from your abdomen. To flatten your midsection, choose one-piece swimsuits like this women’s jade sensation with shirring and tummy control panel. The deep V-neck draws eyes higher, favoring your bust over your belly.

Narrow Hips
How can you sculpt a curvier silhouette when you have slim hips? Search for dropped cutouts, sheer lace or mesh inserts, straps, stripes, color blocking, or trim to accentuate your hips conspicuously.

Wide Hips
The secret to downplaying prominent hips is improving the balance with your narrower shoulders. Pick swimsuits that seem to elongate your collarbone. Cap sleeves, ruffled straps slid down on your arms, widespread thick straps, and strapless straight-across necklines will expand that upper area visually.

Flat Behind
Ruching and frills will help your rear emerge in a shapelier form. Vivid colors and bold patterns claim focus, diverting attention from your flat rear. Unlike fuller bottoms, skimpier briefs that expose partial cheeks will bump up your derriere.

Big Booty
High-cut leg openings may be too revealing and uncomfortable if your posterior is on the generous side. That expanse needs more material to avoid unpleasant wedgies and constant tugging to enclose your entire rump, so exclude skimpy cuts. Look for plain bottoms in less conspicuous solid shades without adornments across your backside.

Thick Thighs
High-cut leg openings may be too revealing and uncomfortable if your posterior is on the generous side. That expanse needs more material to avoid unpleasant wedgies and constant tugging to enclose your entire rump, so exclude skimpy cuts. Look for plain bottoms in less conspicuous solid shades without adornments across your backside. 1 piece bathing suits like skirted halters. Beautiful designs offer elegance with the desired extended length. Ruffled or fringed edges ensure feminine charm.

Short Legs
Find high-cut leg openings to elongate your short legs. Achieve the same results with side sections featuring strappy detailing, bands, cutouts, or sheer inserts replacing solid materials. Revealing more skin makes your lower limbs appear longer, boosting the glam factor.

Cover-ups Suit Mexico’s Varied Coastal Attractions

Swimsuit cover-ups have progressed from terrycloth bathrobes to designer garments in delicate fabrics like chiffon and crepe that dry quickly. Just slip into them before and after swimming. But when you take a break from the water and sand, you’ll feel comfortably chic wearing these versatile pieces when sightseeing, shopping, dining, and nightclubbing.

Use the double-duty suggestions below to expand your everyday wardrobe. Then find the perfect vacation spot from Mexico’s top beach destinations. That combination will help you pack lighter for upcoming trips.

Mixing Compatible Separatesdc043
Swimsuits Direct’s cover-ups in bright colors, bold patterns, tropical prints, and ethnic motifs will get you in the mood for adventurous getaways. If you prefer solid shades for day or night, check out our white, blue, and black possibilities. Choose from these multipurpose looks:

Pair carefree plus-size cover-ups like this rainbow mesh tee with shorts and flip-flops for souvenir shopping. Or don more tailored button-down shirts, jeans, and sandals to pop into casual eateries for lunch.

Easy to put on, relaxed wrap-around kimonos go with existing basic pieces. Layer them over crewneck tees and denims. Add comfy sneakers for sightseeing if you plan to examine every artifact leisurely.

For a classy look, slip a plus-size swim cover-up like this sheer black crochet tunic over a camisole or tank top. Boho styling offers an easy-going feeling that suits most tourist sites. Sport bare legs with lace-up flats or capris with espadrilles. Pick a bright clutch to give your outfit a finishing pop. Other tunics feature scoop, lace-up, or V-necks and cold shoulders with or without spaghetti tabs. Sleeve varieties include split, short, and three-quarter length.

These options transition from daywear to evening attire for cocktail parties, dinners, and after-hours’ revelry. Mini bandeau swim dresses are ready to wear with appropriate shoes depending on your chosen setting. Go glam to relish nightlife in plus-size bathing suit cover-ups like this colorful, flowy vision. Add jewelry and heels to jazz up your look. Other style selections include thin to thick straps, bare shoulders with spaghetti tabs, and split short sleeves. Necklines types range from V cuts to scoops, some featuring lace-up fronts.

Exploring Top Destinations
Mexico boasts an exciting array of coastal havens where you can sunbathe on sandy beaches and splash around in white-capped azure waves. Destinations offering clear water and spectacular scenery with desirable amenities and intriguing attractions nearby include:
Acapulco: During the 1950s, A-listers Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra vacationed in glorious Acapulco. Now, international globetrotters savor this western spot’s vast beaches, plentiful water sports, renovated yet reasonably priced hotels, seafood specialties, and live music.

Cabo San Lucas: Hollywood’s elite prized upper-class extravagances in Cabo San Lucas during the 1970s. Today, deluxe resorts and villas on Baja California’s southernmost tip welcome everyone. Indulgences extend from expansive golf courses to scenic strands. Visitors recommend Playa del Amor, the classic Lover’s Beach.

Cancún: Stunning shorelines feature boundless sand bordering sparkling blue water, offering parasailing and jet skiing. Retreat to this southeastern island’s affordable resorts to treasure Cancún’s shops, golf courses, Mayan relics, restaurants, and nightlife.

Cozumel: Powdery sand and turquoise water draw eager tourists to this popular Yucatán Peninsula island for world-class snorkeling and scuba diving. Other Cozumel attractions range from glass-bottom boats to seaside shopping plazas to live music.

Mazatlán: The former escape of movie stars Gary Cooper and John Wayne has become a favorite with everyday sun seekers on budgets. Resorts offer seclusion or picturesque seascapes and golden Pacific strands. Visitor praise Mazatlán’s fish tacos, museums, churches, and theaters.

Playa del Carmen: On the Yucatán Peninsula, a cosmopolitan vibe spreads from glistening sand and surf to beachside lounges. Wander through the public square’s funky vendors. Nearby delights include Euro-chic shops and tantalizing eateries. Ancient ruins and gorgeous landscapes have made Playa del Carmen a global legend.

Puerto Vallarta: This scenic tourist hotspot has retained the cultural charm of a small village. Everything caters to sophisticated guests with elegant efficiency. The waterfront getaway’s upscale hotels invite you to enjoy Puerto Vallarta’s boutiques, beautiful boardwalk, signature cocktails, delectable menu options, and Havana-style nightclubs.

Tulum: Along the east coast, this enchanting jewel tempts both luxury and bargain travelers. Visit the beach and cerulean Caribbean near Tulum’s well-preserved Mayan ruins including the ancient El Castillo temple. Check out amazing natural bioreserves, and venture underground to marvel at water-filled caverns.