Women Welcome the One-Piece Swimsuit Revival

Discover women’s top reasons for choosing the timeless one-piece bathing suit. Review this classic, flattering silhouette’s latest trends from plunging necklines to high-cut legs. Then search Swimsuits Direct for a stunning La Blanca one-piece style so you can join this fashion revival.

Top Reasons for Renewed Popularity
Elegance: Any one-piece swimsuit’s long lines look more elegant and sleek than a two-piece set’s separates. Luxurious fabrics in beautiful colors or globally inspired patterns raise the glamor appeal.

Coverage: With just enough extra material, a one-piece vision hides problem midriff, waist, tummy, and back zones that a bikini reveals. That additional coverage and comfort can boost your body image and confidence. Look for styles that disguise challenging areas while flaunting your favorites.

Sporty security: Choose a La Blanca high neckline or sporty Game Set or Technicolor style to keep your assets in place during lively sand and water activities. Then enjoy a comfortable fit without constant adjustments interrupting fun from jogging and volleyball to surfing and snorkeling.

Shaping: Tricks like halter ties, crisscross straps, twisted fronts, bra cups, shirring, side splices, and tummy toners can transform your figure. Anything that shaves off a couple of pounds while reshaping your contours is a welcome surprise. Sunbathe, swim, or surf, knowing you look your confident best.

Unique cuts: Today’s fashion-forward styles reveal more skin in a variety of alluring ways. Material flowing from top to bottom over your midsection enables creative elements like low-cut necklines, lace-up fronts and sides, cutouts, and monokinis.

Sexiness: Extra coverage doesn’t imply that you’re boring, conservative, insecure, old-fashioned, or beyond your prime. Instead, it lets each observer’s imagination fill in the hidden curves it highlights. The right cut like a plunging neckline, accent like strappy details or mesh inserts, color, or artistic pattern can turn you into a hot, chic beach babe.

Vintage reappearance: Over the decades, famous actresses, singers, and supermodels have proven that one-piece swimsuits are sexy. Today, vintage is trendy again. Halter ties always look fashionable. High-cut legs are experiencing a big comeback.

Ageless appeal: The one-piece swimsuit is a fitting choice that covers every age, style, and taste from sporty young ladies to middle-aged moms to sophisticated grandmothers.

Timeless demand: Designers may introduce slight variations and intriguing novelties each season, but the one-piece style is an enduring fashion essential. Every woman should keep this practical, always-appropriate, and timeless look in her wardrobe.

Sun protection: One-piece bathing suits shield your midsection from sun exposure. For greater sunburn protection, look for fuller coverage styles like high necklines and backs.

Wardrobe versatility: A one-piece swimsuit can double as a body suit under shorts, skirts, and pants. That will come in handy if you run from the beach to eateries to shops. So, pick a look you can wear with separates, a little jewelry, and stylish sandals during the day or after dark. It should enhance your curves, self-assurance, and comfort level to end the evening dancing at a coastal party or city club.

Trendiest Elements Available Today
Plunging neckline: Are you daring enough to display your cleavage and show more skin? Then pick a deep V-neckline to create an alluring appearance that turns heads.

Lacing: Other sensual options include lace-up fronts and sides. Flirty glimpses of skin add intrigue.

Strategically placed cutouts: Turn a one-piece swimsuit into an exotic sensation with front or side cutouts. They reveal more skin along with a sultry attitude.

High-cut legs: Pamela Anderson’s famous high-leg “Baywatch” style is enjoying a huge revival. The racy movie reboot is continuing that exaggerated look. This bathing suit outline flatters every shape. Openings cut higher up your hips will elongate and slenderize your legs. Slim women appreciate how this option creates the impression of a fuller bottom. This simple, classic silhouette offers an utterly sleek and cool feel that’s ideal for carefree ladies who want to show off extended legs.

Swimsuit Care
Following chlorine, salt, sun, sand, sweat, and sunscreen exposure, treat your bathing suit’s delicate and stretchy materials to special care. That will help your La Blanca one-piece keep its original shape, elasticity, and color vibrancy, prolonging its life. After each use, hand wash your suit in a mild detergent/cool water mixture immediately. Rinse well. Let it air dry indoors on a hanger or towel — not in sunlight or an electric dryer.

Escape to Exotic South Pacific Islands

For your next travel adventure, envision exotic settings, overflowing with fabulous beaches and distinctively native delights. The South Pacific is home to a scattering of about 30 tiny island nations. Its breathtaking destinations and accommodations cater to all ages. Check out the top islands to visit in the enchanting South Sea region.

Tankini Swimwear
Beach vacations, sand, and water sports call for comfortable bathing suits that allow freedom of movement. Energetic athletic activities require secure coverage to avoid embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. Tankinis satisfy both of those needs fashionably. Browse Swimsuits Direct to choose from various popular styles, colors, and patterns for all shapes and sizes. Our designer collections include:

Women: Cute women’s tankini swimwear offers neckline, strap, hemline length, and bottom coverage variations to match your activity level. Striking tropical or ethnic prints and vivid colors will set the mood for island fun. Wear your versatile top with shorts, skirts, capris, or pants during shopping and dining breaks.

Plus size: Curvy ladies like plus-size tankini swimsuits for combining comfortable flexibility with extra coverage. Busty bodies need structured looks, so pick styles with upper support like cups, underwires, and side stays. All tankinis hide round bellies, but tummy toners or shirring will boost your confidence even more. Swimsuits Direct lets full-figured women mix and match tops and briefs to accommodate personal preferences and measurement variations. Select sleek, dark solids instead of wild embellished patterns in problem areas. To conceal broad hips, rear, and/or upper thighs, order skirted bottoms.

More than 600,000 travelers visit the top South Pacific hot spot annually for unique draws: hundreds of tropical isles. Enjoy Fiji’s white beaches, snorkeling, white-water rafting, golf, and cheerful locals’ traditional dances. Resorts welcome families, weddings, and honeymooners. Taste sensations range from fish and spicy curry to sweet tropical fruits.

Cook Islands
Lightly populated and scattered lands feature international airport greeters who serenade all arrivals and present them with flower leis. This mostly undeveloped South Sea area offers sunbathing on peaceful white beaches with swimming and windsurfing in crystalline depths under blue skies. For mainstream tourism, visit Cook Islands’ Aitutaki or Rarotonga.

Enjoy swimming and surfing in clear blue water along inviting sand. Marvel at humpback whales’ haunting songs in protected bays. A proudly independent island with a unique culture, the Tonga kingdom represents an absolute monarchy, a rarity today. Admire sacred tombs, native crafts, and dance spectacles among relaxed, friendly locals.

“Treasure Island” author Robert Louis Stevenson, a Pacific Island buff, retired in lush, scenically diverse Samoa. Popular among modern-day discerning travelers, Samoa’s isles attract everyone from surfers to anglers to golfers. Glimpses of traditional customs, village hospitality, and delightfully original cuisine will create unforgettable memories.

Couples, honeymooners, and families savor these sun-drenched Pacific isles’ white and black sandy beaches. Scuba divers can view rare marine life in turquoise waters. The friendly residents love welcoming visitors to experience their tribal villages and rural culture. Vanuatu’s cuisine is like other nearby island nations with diners recommending steaks.

New Caledonia
This destination’s Gallic/Pacific blend supplies year-round balmy temperatures, clean white sands, scuba diving, and snorkeling. Sail to remote islands for solitude. Honeymooners find the irresistible French-speaking territory beautiful and romantic. Other New Caledonia treats include fine dining and elegant shopping. Tourists prefer June-October trips.

French Polynesia
Crystal waters, palm trees, flourishing forests, volcanoes, and luxurious accommodations will bring your tropical fantasies to life. Couples and honeymooners favor overwater bungalows and fine wines while everyone appreciates French Polynesia’s amazing sights and European menus. To sample local flavors, visit buffets offering barbecued suckling pig.

Solomon Islands
Relish stunning and unique atolls, blue seas, and gorgeous orchids? Check out the Solomon Islands. Adventurers can swim with dolphins, snorkel or dive to view plentiful sea life, canoe on rivers winding through lush jungles, and marvel at active volcanoes. The Solomon Islands’ ancient and mysterious Melanesian culture and rustic beauty exude an otherworldly atmosphere.

Niue Island
Tiny Niue is the ultimate chill-out zone for relaxing in unspoiled splendor at private swimming coves. Hikers, snorkelers, and scuba divers can explore spectacular limestone caves. Daring folks enjoy swimming with humpback whales May-October. Also try deep-sea fishing or golf. Instead of touristy developments, you’ll find small hotels, guesthouses, and cottages.

Today’s Versatile Swimwear Solves Plus-Size Dilemmas

Full-figured women can quit choosing between adequate coverage, sufficient support, and fashionable styles when they dress for pools, lakes, and beaches. Today’s swimwear combines everything your curvier shape requires with the trendiest cuts and frills you crave in flattering silhouettes. Select the best one- or two-piece options for your body that show just enough skin in all the right places. Then shop Swimsuits Direct for your ideal plus-size bathing suit.

Various silhouettes and accents offer coverage choices. High necklines conceal and contain breasts. Flirty flounces spread across your chest to hide your upper arms. To obscure your midsection, go for a one-piece or tankini style. Swim dresses that extend lower to disguise ample hips, rears, and thighs will boost your confidence while looking glamorous. High-waist bottoms and skirted briefs reveal less skin than more conventional cuts.

Structure, support, and high performance can look beautiful and stylish. Push-up cups, shelf bras, underwires, princess seaming, shirring, and tummy toners will help transform your shape into the ideal silhouette. If you have a full chest, avoid strapless bandeaus when searching for the perfect plus-size bathing suit. Bustier and halter bra tops raise and define ample breasts without flattening them. Halter-tops with ties offer lift, support, sexy cleavage, and personalized adjustments. Try sweetheart necklines or bralettes to keep your bust firmly in place and enhance your contours. Wider shoulder straps uphold a buxom figure comfortably. Stretchy fabrics provide flexible fits that maximize curves while minimizing bulges.

One-Piece Bathing Suits
The one-piece swimsuit revival features styles that are just as fun and sexy as bikinis with extra fabric, structure, and comfort. These classic silhouettes complement all body types. If you enjoy sporty activities, choose a fuller coverage option to avoid revealing too much accidentally. Consider a longer skirted one-piece, plus-size bathing suit or swim dress with attached bottoms. Wider straps will sit on your shoulders without digging in painfully while raising your bust. To transform your look from simple to spectacular, try flounces, keyholes, plunging necklines, lace-up fronts, low backs, or sheer inserts.

These modest yet trendy two-piece swimsuits feature separate panties, which allow freer movement. The clean lines on shirred, body-hugging styles look, and feel sporty. Looser, flared, and tiered ruffle tankini tops offer softer, relaxed silhouettes that conceal bigger waists and tummies. Feminine empire fashions flatter everyone while longer possibilities hide broader hips. Some even dip low enough to disguise thick upper thighs. Need more coverage in that area? Add cute skirted briefs. If you’re wider from the waist down than above it, choose smooth, solid-colored bottoms instead of frilly or patterned ones for a sleeker appearance.

Flashing a bikini that reveals your midsection can be scary for plus-size women, but it’s also surprisingly liberating. Today’s designers are creating supportive yet beautiful separate pieces that flatter full-figured ladies’ uniquely rounder profiles. So order anything you love that you’ll feel amazing wearing.

Flounce tops: The extra fabric dangling below these styles covers your midriff partially. For even more thrills, choose options with decorative laser-cut accents.

High-waist briefs: Women of all shapes and sizes are embracing this trendy yet functional look. Add a retro glam feel to your bikini style, and you’ll stand out like a 1960’s beach babe. Beyond the freedom separate pieces provide, mixing and matching tops with high-rise bottoms ensures extra coverage. Cutouts add slightly daring flairs.

Skirted bottoms: Try these cute options to conceal a thick lower region.

Solid Colors
Classic black: This sophisticated color flatters curvy contours. Other posh tones on the dark end of the spectrum range from deep blues to maroons.

Bright hues: Vibrant neon shades like hot pinks and corals convey fun and hint that your personality is a little wild.

Forget whatever you’ve heard about full-figured women needing to avoid patterns. Flaunt these popular designs with confidence instead:

Tropical prints: Even if an island getaway is just a dream, wearing a tropical print bathing suit will transport you there.

Flower power: Adorable floral patterns are trendy and feminine. Switching up a two-piece look is easy. Just substitute a solid-colored upper or lower half to tone down excess blooms.

Ethnic designs: For an international flair, go for distinctive tribal motifs that reflect various cultures.

Ethnic designs: For an international flair, go for distinctive tribal motifs that reflect various cultures.

Modern Swimsuit Cuts Create Unique Tan Lines

Are you ready to break free from basic bathing suit contours that provide standard tan lines? Then consider unconventional styles with scalloped edges, fringe, cutouts, strappy detailing, and shoulder variations. Women of all shapes and sizes will enjoy flaunting these eccentric swimsuit cuts. Sun-smart ladies use fake tanning methods and bronzers, so sunbathing in minimal yet traditional swimsuits is no longer necessary to darken pale skin.

Tanning Suggestions
Women have discovered two ways to approach the alternative swim silhouette dilemma. Adventurous types are embracing the bizarre tan lines they form. Since today’s fashion trends proclaim individuality proudly, looking different can be a plus. Are you daring enough to display wildly imaginative skin imprints like body art? Low-cut tops will flash fascinating shapes in contrasting skin shades without needing statement necklaces to create drama. On the reverse side, back-revealing halter-tops will show off intricate two-toned designs.

But if you’d rather avoid obvious tan lines, limit sun exposure. Always apply a high-SPF sunscreen for pool, lake, and beach outdoor activities. When you’re out of the water, lounge on chairs or beach towels under shading umbrellas in oversized sunhats and cover-ups. Those efforts will conceal quirky-shaped bathing suits.

Selection Tips
All standout styles you choose must look impeccable. So select cuts that flatter your figure. Getting an ideal fit in the right size is key to avoid too-tight silhouettes with multiple straps pinching your skin. Shop Swimsuits Direct for newly arrived designer women’s swimwear. Or browse the latest plus-size bathing suits for equally creative possibilities. Popular two-piece options pair triangle bikini, bandeau, bralette, halter, tankini, and high-neck tops with hipster, high-waist, and skirted bottoms. Or pick from one-piece versions including maillots, swim dresses, deep-cut Vs, and high necklines. This year’s trendy colors range from nude to berry to neon.

Embellished Edges
Feminine accents like dainty scalloped edges, lettuce trims, smocked frills, and zigzag borders will play up your natural womanly curves. These fascinations transform otherwise basic swimsuits into elegant yet flirty styles. When these special extras highlight or enhance your neckline and more, they’ll turn heads wherever you swim. Add shorts and/or shoes with similar fancy elements for coordinated looks that make striking fashion statements.

Fringe and Tassels
Do you want to unleash your exotic fantasies? Then try bikini or tankini tops featuring fringe hanging over your midsection with bottoms brandishing tassel side ties. You’ll get a little more coverage with the fun of flaunting ethnic-inspired designer details. These tribal influences add texture and depth to any beach look.

Cutouts and Inserts
Even though cutouts have been trendy for some time, they’re becoming more modern, extreme, and intense. Strategically placed keyholes, thin slits, and larger bare sections reveal upper, side, and lower areas. Extra glimpses of skin are flattering for many body types. Maybe you like this overall look but feel more comfortable exposing less of your figure, or you want to avoid unexpected tan line shapes. Then consider sheer-lined cutouts. Various inserted materials like mesh, lace, crochet, and macramé fill-in designer gaps. The resulting feminine see-through appeal offers better sun protection in more modest options.

Strappy Detailing
Multiple straps are assuming prominent positions across chests, tummies, backs, and sides. Interesting configurations encompass parallel, angled, and crisscross. Also hot this year are lace-up styles, resembling sexy retro corsets.

One-Shoulder Styles
Inspired by single-strap dresses’ glamour and popularity, one-shoulder swimsuits make your appearance asymmetrical and edgy. These sleek and sexy bathing suits are sure to draw attention. Pair them with capri pants and wedge sandals to slink in style from beaches to bistros or bars.

Off-the-Shoulder Looks
Trendy summer shirts, dresses, and now swimsuits are displaying off-the-shoulder modifications that look and feel cool. Sleeve styles range from cap, suspended, and flounce to ruffled, sheer net, and strappy. Extra cascading fabric hides large or jiggly arms. Choose options with just one upper color or print rather than an assortment, which can appear too busy. These versatile and chic pieces can replace changing into blouses. During swim breaks, don shorts or skirts to grab lunch or go shopping.

Before and after swimming, slip Swimsuits Direct cover-ups over your artsy bathing suits for sun protection. Styles include dresses, tunics, caftans, ponchos, kimonos, shirts, rompers, and hoodies. Create fashionable combos by picking colors or patterns that match or contrast with the swimsuits you’re concealing.

Bikini Shopping and Modeling Tips for Flattering Photos

Here’s your chance to learn the clever tricks swimwear photographers and models use for their impressive fashion shoots. You too can be attractive from all angles by following these bikini selection and posing tips.

Choosing Separate Pieces
Bathing suits that look appealing on most figures pair these two separates:

Sporty tops: Structured yet comfortable coverage options with foundational lift stay in place and support your breasts during mild to rigorous sand and water activities. Check out Swimsuits Direct’s women’s sporty bikinis for secure tops with higher necklines, underwires, thicker bust line bands, wider straps, wrap-around torso straps, front zippers, racer backs, crisscross back straps, and customizable ties. More ways to identify active styles include longer crop tops and color blocking with contrasting trim. From primary and jewel-tone solids to floral and geometric prints, you’ll find trendy fabrics you’re eager to wear.

Cheeky bottoms: Featuring traditional triangle fronts, cheeky bottoms boast high-cut flip sides that flash outer and under rear curves. Shop Raisins’ women’s bathing suits for these sexy briefs with or without adjustable ties and strappy sides. Fabrics from vibrant floral or geometric motifs to pastel solids make selecting these flirty lower halves even more fun.

For additional athletic styles, browse our women’s active swimwear category. You’ll find fuller coverage options including one-piece bathing suits, swim dresses, tankini tops, rash guards, jackets, hoodies, shorts, skorts, skirts, and pants. Pastel, dark, and vivid colors make solids to floral, stripe, and other patterns popular choices.

Preparing for Perfection
Fabrics: Avoid crazy prints, or you may seem secondary. Pick shades contrasting with your skin over similar tones. Black may be the traditional solid to appear thinner. But any single color will elongate your silhouette. So expand your options to include everything from navy and white neutrals to bright blue and red variations.

Makeup: Accent your smile and eyes with lip color and mascara. Whatever boosts confidence in your beauty will make you glow more than cosmetics. If you can’t spare enough time to tan naturally, apply a body bronzer to feel and look leaner.

Lighting: Pose into the sunlight. If it’s to your side, shadows may be unflattering.

Background: Establish a clear setting without random objects or people in the background distracting from you.

Smiles: Your best facial expressions are authentic reactions that spring from within, so envision a smile-inducing person, place, thing, or event when modeling bikinis.

Posing by Camera Angles
Straight on: Front-facing shots may display your body head to toes. Shape-enhancing sporty tops that combine snug coverage with supportive push-up effects create enviable cleavage. Sucking in your tummy can cause a stiff, fake, and bumpy appearance with your ribcage visible through your skin. You’ll look better exhaling before flexing your abs.

Three-quarter turn: Rotate your body left or right slightly, swinging out one shoulder. Cross one foot over the other ankle. This three-quarter angle elongates your legs while narrowing your hips. Place a hand on the hip pointing outward toward the camera. Without arms dangling by your sides, you’ll appear and feel more natural with sleeker contours.

Profile: Swimsuit bottoms that rest around your hips without squeezing your sides are ideal for profile shots. Pose for sultry silhouettes by curving your body into an S shape. While poking out one hip, tilt your torso the other way. Twist your neck toward your prominent hip’s direction. Put hands on hips or hair.

From behind: Tops with detailed strappy or racer backs help you look hot from this angle. Stick your rear out slightly to show off cheeky bottom cuts.

Side view reclining face up: Lay your back down on the beach. Prop your head, shoulders, and chest up by your elbows. Extend a leg fully, pointing your toes. Bend the other knee to draw up the opposite leg. These adjustments tighten abs and create symmetry.

Lying face down looking up: Sporty bikini tops provide enough coverage for reclining face down. Shooting a 45-degree angle from the side captures your face, cleavage, and rump. Push your bottom out a little to highlight your bottom’s cheeky shape.

Underwater: Almost all bikinis may seem ethereal underwater, but sporty/cheeky combos add functional benefits. Secure fabric enables floating, swimming, diving, and posing without concerns over loose pieces slipping off and drifting away.

Eclectic Looks Create a Swim Fashion Frenzy

Modern fashionistas are embracing the diverse creations distinguishing this summer’s coolest beachwear. Pick your favorite trends below from Swimsuits Direct’s irresistible 2017 collection.

Feminine Whimsy
Frilly accents like flounces and ruffles in lacey or textured fabrics take inspiration from lingerie and bohemian looks. Flaunt flirty impressions in two-piece swimming suits with flounce tops. Gathers infuse even traditionally masculine colors and patterns with girlie glamor. Shades range from bridal whites and soft pastels to dark neutrals and pretty to fun prints. Designers pair these playful tops with hipster, cheeky, and high-waist bottoms featuring adjustable side ties, strappy detailing, crochet inserts, and contrasting edging.

Want more whimsically feminine options? Imagine honeymoons meeting yacht parties by bringing bedroom attire to beaches. Becca’s one-piece silhouettes with sheer lace inserts in many solid colors provide fuller coverage with alluring flairs. Their sweet peek-a-boo effects look delicately suggestive. Other romantic embellishments include crochet, embroidery, scalloped edges, off-shoulder styling, and lace-up details exposing fronts, midriffs, and sides.

High Necklines
Bikinis, tankinis, and one-piece bathing suits with high necklines come in tame to racy styles. Some women prefer full upper coverage for modesty reasons while busty ladies like extra support and fabric to prevent accidental spillovers. But other options boast clever cleavage-revealing tricks through keyholes, sheer crochet or mesh overlays, strappy detailing, and lace-up or lattice fronts. See-through deep plunges make partial concealment surprisingly sexy.

Festival Inspirations
Music festivalgoers around the world have developed unique boho looks that are causing big splashes on beaches too. Swimsuit fabrics feature pastel to vivid tie-dyes, florals, and tropical designs. Flaunt festival wear accents like straps befitting Grecian goddesses, cold shoulders, sheer crochet and macramé, lace-up tops and bottoms, and tassels.

Natural Instincts
Tribal beat looks display a rich color palette of wine, deep rose, blush, and berry hues from cranberry to blueberry. Other options are natural tones like browns and neutrals from pale sands to medium khakis. Silhouettes consist of minimal triangle bikinis to basic maillots. Find global shades for women’s bathing suits in our new arrivals’ section. For bolder shapes, choose among popular ethnic prints sprinkled across our 2017 one- and two-piece lineup. Search for Leilani’s Siesta and Becca’s Inspired themes that evoke cultural influences through textile designs.

Cheeky Briefs
A hybrid version of traditional bikini bottoms and thongs is growing in popularity. What could have been scandalous decades ago is a trendy option for independent women. A little extra cheek exposure allows enough rear coverage plus the bonus of irresistible sex appeal boosting your confidence.

Fuller Bottoms
If you prefer more instead of less fabric down south, replace string-tie triangles, high-cut legs, and partially bared cheeks with fuller high-waist bottoms. Flashing excess skin isn’t necessary to appear hot. These sleek timeless briefs’ silhouettes look flattering when shapely fits accentuate your curves. Besides recreating vintage California girl vibes, sporty coverage means surfers and beach volleyball players can avoid dreaded tugs and slippages. Faintly masculine yet effortlessly sexy, these athletic summer takes on the tomboy and menswear trends empower women to look retro chic without showing off everything.

Minimal Luxe
Always-popular one-piece bathing suits in basic black prevail again for 2017. But that slimming dark solid doesn’t make all styles look plain. Try our black one-piece swimsuits with lace-up fronts and sides, strappy detailing, deep-V necklines, V-wires, keyholes, cutouts, mesh and crochet inserts, lace appliques, shirring, ruching, contrasting trim and stitching, cap sleeves, and high-cut legs.

Broad Stripes
Nautical and patriotic prints remain enduring treasures. Standout color-blocking-style stripes mix any combination of water-inspired hues, American flag shades, and black. But all alternating tones and widths claim universal appeal.

Today’s cover-ups ensure more than just sun protection. Slip into cute pieces in various styles to conceal any figure insecurities. Swimsuit trends carry over into cover-ups. Look for crochet and lace fabrics. Favorite embellishments include lace-up fronts, sheer inserts, ruffles, fringe, tassels, pom poms, and scalloped trims. Cold- and off-shoulder cuts are hot this summer. Popular fashions are tunics, caftans, shirts, kimonos, rompers, vests, ponchos, jackets, hoodies, rash guards, jumpers, dresses, shorts, skirts, pants, and jumpsuits. Pair white, pastel, wine, berry, neutral, or black shades with harmonizing or contrasting bathing suit colors or prints. Wear patterns over solids or match motifs like romantic florals, tropical greenery, retro tie-dyes and paisleys, ethnic geometrics, and assorted stripes.

Secret Waterfalls Make Vacations Magical

So you’re eager to view breathtaking scenery without crowds? Instead of visiting packed sites like Niagara Falls, marvel at tranquil hidden delights around the world. Some are tricky to reach, but that adds to the adventure of uncovering secluded vacation gems. Before enjoying refreshing private dips among nature’s beauty, shop Swimsuits Direct for various silhouettes and sizes from popular designers.

Arizona: Grand Canyon’s Havasu Falls
This picturesque waterfall cascades 100 feet down mighty red cliffs into the gleaming turquoise pool below. To find the Grand Canyon’s remote Havasu Falls 1.5 miles from the Supai Indian reservation, take a 10-mile hike, ride a rented pack mule, or hire a charter helicopter. Then soak in the pristine water’s constant 72-degree temperature among gorgeous surroundings.

Feel fabulous wearing elegant to playful La Blanca women’s swimsuits. Tops include triangle bikinis, bandeaus, halters, tankinis, underwires, and high necklines. One-piece stunners feature flirty elements like plunging necklines, ruffles, mesh inserts, and strappy accents. Go bold in vibrant shades, color blocking, island florals, geometric designs, or animal prints. Light to dark monochromatic fabrics look classic.

Ecuador: Mashpi Cloud Forest’s 19 Falls
At least 19 chutes make Ecuador’s misty rainforest a special place to observe. Three hours northwest of Quito, these majestic wonders embellish an already verdant countryside. Discover why the Magnolia waterfall is a natural hot tub. An eco-resort offers daily hikes to some of these magnificent spectacles.

Hawaii: Kauai’s Jurassic Falls
Manawaiopuna Falls is the official name for this Hawaiian landmark. But the Jurassic Falls nickname comes from Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster dinosaur movie that made it famous. This site was inaccessible, hidden deep in Kauai’s interior, until recently. Now Island Helicopters fly visitors to the falls’ base. After a brief trek, relish impressive views of its 400-foot plunge.

Indonesia: Bali’s Sekumpul Waterfalls
InterContinental Bali Resort’s “In the Know” insider’s listing features many undiscovered waterfalls surrounding it. The concierge pairs tourists with excursions and guides fitting their interests and physical abilities. Some cascades are visible via breezy nature walks while others require rigorous hikes.

Explore our Seafolly collection for classic to fashion-forward women’s bathing suits. One- and two-piece looks sport cold shoulders, halters, high necklines, deep Vs, strappy or lattice detailing, triangles, bralettes, bandeaus, and bustiers. Delicate accents like ruffles, lettuce trim, and fringe add feminine flair. Materials range from dark to vivid solids and color blocking. Prints include stripes, tropicals, florals, and geometrics.

Indonesia: Sumba Island’s Secret Falls
Locating these obscure waterfalls involves visiting Sumba Island’s highly praised Nihiwatu resort. A 45-minute drive along the south shore through Wanukaka Valley leads to a 90-minute trek to the falls. The water, surrounded by 984-foot-tall bluffs, hurtles into an inviting blue lagoon. Swimmers and brave cliff jumpers enjoy the peaceful setting.

Mongolia: Ovorkhangai, Orkhon Valley’s Orkhon Waterfalls
Horseback rides through Mongolia’s steppes don’t seem ideal for waterfall sightings, especially in winter. But that’s when this icy wonderland boasts amazing views of Orkhon Falls’ 20 feet of frozen water. Join Nomadic Expeditions’ Adventure Mongolia guided outings to catch this and other astounding cold-weather rarities.

Norway: Tysfjorden’s Hellemobotn Falls
Most waterfalls gain fame for their towering heights. But in a far north Scandinavian birch woodland, Hellemobotn Falls is distinctive for flowing almost horizontally. Lindblad Expedition guides used to admire this unusual surge from afar. Since last summer, their Norway’s Fjords and Arctic Svalbard tour takes guests along steep trails to the miraculous source.

Search Becca ETC plus-size swimsuits and cover-ups for feminine looks in one- and two-piece visions. Try Swimsuits Direct’s halters, plunging necklines, tankinis, and bralettes. Embellishments include ruffles, lace appliques, sheer inserts, and lace-up fronts. Choose from fabrics in dark to bright solids and florals, geometrics, and dazzling ripple effects.

Peru: Machu Picchu’s Two Waterfalls
The area surrounding mysterious Machu Picchu boasts two obscure waterfalls. In Aguas Calientes, a trail on Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel’s property ends by a nameless surge. Join guided meditative walks at twilight to glimpse pre-Inca petroglyphs. Another long, guided hike to remote Mandor Falls features jaybirds and parrots.

Thailand: Koh Kood’s Picnic Waterfall
Luxury resort Soneva Kiri on Koh Kood island offers the ultimate nighttime date: dining near a small waterfall’s base. Request that the concierge arrange a romantic destination dinner for two. The tropical cascade’s white ripples and misty spray will set a magical mood without drenching your tasty Thai cuisine.

Backyard Pool Party Hostess Guide

Any pool bash you host for relatives and friends will be better if you follow these preparation tips. Establish an entertaining party theme to set your gathering’s mood and guide your invitation, decoration, music, and refreshment choices. Letting your unique décor inspire your Swimsuits Direct purchases will help you celebrate summer in style. Search our two-piece swimsuits for looks from bikinis to tankinis. If you prefer one-piece bathing suits, you’ll find silhouettes from bandeaus to swim dresses.

Fun Themes
Flamingo: Decorate with these lovely feathered creatures to add bursts of pink throughout your outdoor surroundings. Adorn your pool with floats featuring these graceful birds. Pink flamingo yard ornaments will look festive. Develop a music playlist of romantic oldies. Guests can enjoy refreshing raspberry lemonade or strawberry margaritas with plastic flamingo swizzle sticks. In the heat, serve light fare like salads with color-coordinated radishes. Watermelon and strawberries make pretty desserts.

Encourage guests to dress in pastel to bright shades, pinkish ideally. You’ll find a range of rosy variations in Swimsuits Direct’s vast solid and print collection. Other complementary tones will fit into your sweet color scheme. Plunging tops and high-cut bottoms will let you strut and pose like flamingos with long necks and legs. If you prefer fuller coverage, anything cute and girly will do.

Las Vegas: Transform your backyard into the famous pool party locale of Las Vegas. Use a playing-card-themed color palette of white, red, and black. Hints of green and gold can symbolize winnings. Boost the realistic Sin City feel with poker chip and dice decorations. Vintage Frank Sinatra songs will create the perfect tone. Set up a bar and gaming tables so guests can enjoy martinis or traditional highballs during poker.

Everyone will relish wearing your casino colors. Shop Swimsuits Direct for white, red, and black solid and patterned bathing suits. Or embrace your inner showgirl by flaunting sexy styles with feminine yet glitzy nightclub touches like flounces, ruffles, fringe, or push-up cups.

Tropical: Turn your outdoor space into a tropical paradise with Caribbean and/or Hawaiian elements like inflatable palm trees. Toss colorful blow-up parrots, tropical fish, and floats in your pool. Reggae music will get everyone in the party mood. Embellish tables with begonia, dahlia, or hibiscus floral displays. A tiki bar is the ideal place to pour legendary island drinks including piña coladas, passionfruit mojitos, and rum punch. Serve jerk chicken, spicy shrimp, and/or pineapple pork chops.

Casual shirts and bathing suits with colorful tropical prints are always in style, so most people should be able to match their attire to this popular theme. For something new, shop Swimsuits Direct for floral and leafy patterns in bright hues to earth tones. Anything with a summer getaway flair that motivates island hopping to rediscover nature will be fitting.

Beach: Bring a coastal feel into your backyard with sand, beach balls, blow-up palm trees, lounge chairs, and beach-style signage. Using a color scheme of blue and sandy shades and cranking up the Beach Boys will create a laidback vibe. Decorate tables with typical finds like seashells, starfish, and pearls. Serve beverages like blue Hawaiians, ocean breezes, and beachcombers from a rustic beach bar or cabana. Expanding your seafood menu with other basics will please everyone.

Suggest that guests sport blue and green variations to evoke ocean waves. Swimsuits Direct is overflowing with water-inspired shades and motifs. Some prints give the illusion of shimmering seas. Or you may prefer timeless nautical looks with stripes or color blocking. Baywatch-style maillots offer even more possibilities. Imitate a swimwear model by changing into a new favorite every hour.

Basic Necessities
• Match pool rafts, goggles, and floating drink coolers to your theme’s colors and decorations.
• Set up a sunscreen and towel station near the water.
• Provide a changing tent and outdoor shower.
• Broaden the above beverage selections with beer, wine, soft drinks, and water.
• Spread out multiple hydration and food stations for easy navigation.
• Establish eating areas with tables and comfortable chairs.
• Illuminate nighttime events with tiki torches, paper lanterns, or twinkle lights around your socializing zone’s perimeter.

Party Favors
Take-home novelties can combine functionality and future use with fun. Flip-flops or sunglasses with designs complementing your theme are welcome party favors. Attach personalized nametags matching your decor. Or let guests select their own parting gifts.

Leading Southern Islands for 2017 Escapes

Discover which beautiful American islands are ideal for relaxing sand and water getaways. Southern Living readers chose their top accessible destinations with comfortable accommodations for carefree 2017 vacations. Stock up on Swimsuits Direct women’s or plus-size styles from popular designers to wear at your favorite locales.

North Carolina’s Outer Banks
A sandy coastal sliver offers 120 miles of family-friendly towns. Snag an Outer Banks (OBX) rental house to swim, explore islands and shipwreck dives, catch shrimp and crab from fishing boats, build sandcastles, and collect seashells. Travel State 12 south to quiet beaches, quaint stores, and Oracoke’s unspoiled shores with bike rentals. Spot free-roaming Spanish mustang herds, legendary 16th-century shipwreck survivors, on OBX’s northern end in Corolla or by four-wheeler access to Carova. Visit the Wright Brothers National Memorial, marking their famous flight’s location. Kitty Hawk Kites lets you replicate it in a 1902 reproduction glider.

Browse the Anne Cole women’s line for maillots, basic one-piece swimsuits with tank-style scoop necklines and over-the-shoulder straps. Dating back to the 1920s, these traditional, stretchy body-hugging looks resemble ballet leotards. Updates include sheer side splices, shirring, and moderate to high leg cuts. Pair pastel to dark solids and patterns with matching or contrasting caftan, tunic, jumper, shirt, skirt, and pant cover-ups.

Georgia’s St. Simons
Picture long inviting beaches and moss dripping off oak trees around historic architecture. Such charms lure tourists needing breaks from hectic city life to this easygoing community. Gorgeous sunrises and sunsets reinforce St. Simons’ Golden Isles nickname, thanks to early explorers pursuing glittering treasures.

Florida Keys
Take a scenic Overseas Highway road trip to tick numerous fantasies off your travel bucket list. Waters surrounding the Florida Keys display an incredible sunlit turquoise shade that wows guests. Notable attractions include sandy beaches, scuba diving, coral reefs, fishing, sky diving, nature preserves, landmarks, and museums.

South Carolina’s Hilton Head
Families enjoy Hilton Head’s upscale vacation community hugging South Carolina’s coast. This boot-shaped haven with safe white sandy beaches and walkable sites borders Bluffton. Water activities range from jet skis and boating to charter fishing and dolphin watching. Sporty types frequent the surprising 324 tennis courts and 24 championship golf courses.

One-piece Anne Cole Plus beach looks offer deep to colorful confident coverage. Plus-size swimwear choices include V-necks, bandeaus, high necklines, and halters. Add visual interest with figure-enhancing accents like shirring, princess seaming, sheer splices, and contrasting side inserts. Mesh shirt, tunic, and swim dress cover-ups offer fashionable sun protection.

Virginia’s Chincoteague
The flawless beauty of Virginia’s sole resort island promises serene getaways. Swim, boat, fish, bike, or hike. To glimpse the famous Chincoteague Wild Ponies, visit nearby Assateague Island.

South Carolina’s Kiawah
Get ready for amazing ocean and river views. The Kiawah River separates this pristine isle’s sandy strip from St. Johns Island. Only Kiawah Beachwalker Park allows public access to its beach. Indulge in an upscale resort stay.

Georgia’s Jekyll
A former upper-class private retreat is now a popular state park. At the one-time Jekyll Island Club turned hotel, relish sprawling unspoiled beaches, meandering marshlands, and towering oaks.

For sexy women’s two-piece bathing suits, shop Swimsuits Direct’s Becca line. Halter, bralette, triangle, wrap, and cross-back tops feature sheer inserts, high necklines, ruffles, V-wires, underwires, fancy trim, and strappy detailing. Bottom styles span from hipster to high waistlines with strappy sides, tabs, ties, sheer inserts, shirring, and decorative edging. Add coordinating or complementary dress, romper, tunic, kimono, poncho, or pant cover-ups. All looks feature multihued solids and prints.

Florida’s Sanibel
Tranquil waters and ample seashells draw visitors. Due to its east-west location in southern Florida, shells wash up from the gulf onto Sanibel Island’s white beaches, especially following storms.

Texas’ Galveston
Classic architecture and fresh seafood rival inviting beaches and warm water as Galveston’s preferred temptations. Tour world-renowned grand mansions representing Victorian extravagance.

Georgia’s Tybee
Just a half-hour drive from beloved Savannah, enjoy long peaceful oceanfront and river beaches, swimming, surfing, kayaking, fishing, and biking. Laidback Tybee Island’s sightseeing delights include the lighthouse and forts.

Becca ETC’s plus-size tankinis in light to deep solids and patterns flatter fuller figures. Upper options include halters, adjustable ties, cross backs, ruffles, flounces, keyholes, and sheer inserts. Bottom choices range from hipster to high-waist briefs to skirted styles with ornamental extras like shirring, ruffles, and rickrack edging. Also look chic in tunic and poncho cover-ups.