Enjoy Scenic Italian Beaches in Designer Tankinis

Inviting water surrounds Italy, creating a distinctive coastline of picturesque seascapes and peaceful swimming coves. Secluded oceanfront communities will tempt you to enjoy beautiful beaches, welcoming sand, and breathtaking vistas.

Amalfi Coast
The meandering coastal road’s scenic drive boasts stunning views of flowers blossoming on jagged cliffs. Stop at charming seaside villages along the Amalfi Coast. Historic Positano began drawing visitors from ancient Greeks to Roman nobility in bygone eras. Public spots include centralized Spiaggia Grande and remote Fornillo. At Marina Grande Beach, relax on lounge chairs under shade umbrellas on dark sand. Clubs and hotels offer private strands for swimming and sunbathing.

Southern Italy’s rocky and mountainous island of Capri attracts jet setters and starlets. Explore top beaches from the north side’s Bagni di Tiberio to the south side’s Marina di Mulo. You can access most sand and water sites via beach clubs that provide facilities, chairs, and towels for nominal fees. Catch boats at Marina Grande to and from the shore to skip the steep return walk to town.

Italian Riviera
Attractions range from sunny oceanfronts to great hiking. Centrally located Cinque Terre features five small villages hugging coastal cliffs. The enchanting resort town of Monterosso supplies beaches, restaurants famous for pesto-topped pasta, and scenic hotels. Visit the free public beach or rent lounge chairs and shade umbrellas at other spots. To escape crowded areas, hike to Riomaggiore’s rocky shore and farther along the Italian Riviera’s seaside trails.

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Wild beauty makes every moment in the Aegadian Islands dreamy. The tiny Scalo Maestro beach’s gentle angle and calm, clear water draw swimmers and snorkelers. Relish the magical feeling of bathing in a refreshing Mediterranean grotto. Charter boats offer tours featuring hidden Marettimo sea caves.

Costa Smeralda, the Emerald Coast, is the home of stunning blue grottoes and azure waters. Sardinia’s northeast bank is a royal haven featuring a gorgeous 35-mile shoreline. Expensive posh resorts flaunt a regal Mediterranean flair and private strands. Visit Spiaggia del Principe, the Prince’s Beach, where dense shrubbery surrounding the secluded paradise ensures solitude.

Unique getaways feature white or exotic black shores. Mondello Lido’s coastlines are close to the Palermo capital. Eastern Taormina allows fun access to Lido Mazzaro’s best beaches. Climb aboard funiculars, which are cable cars, for quick trips. Feeling adventurous? Ride boats from northeast Milazzo to the Aeolian Islands’ black strand. The Vulcano isle’s Spiaggia Sabbie Nere offers dark-colored volcanic sand, calm water, and nearby hot mud baths. Sicilian seaside eateries, bars, and hotels provide vibrant after-sundown diversions.

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Tremiti Islands
San Domino, San Nicola, and Caprara form an enchanting string of islands, the famous Pearls of the Adriatic Sea. Wild vegetation like orange blossom, fig, myrtle, and pine trees gained San Domino, the most developed and sizeable landmass, the Green Pearl nickname. Sand and rock beaches feature rugged limestone cliffs. No other Tremiti isle offers tourist restaurants and hotels. Catch boat rides from various oceanfront towns like Pescara and Termoli.

Quaint coastal villages and white sandy banks are welcoming. Marvel at Western Maremma’s 100-mile shoreline above the crystal-clear ocean. For water sports from windsurfing to sailing, visit Castiglione della Pescaia. Head south to Monte Argentario’s bays and coves for premier scuba diving. Farther south is Viareggio, Tuscany’s biggest beach resort town. Its thrilling Carnival festival dates back to 1873. Attractions include seafront promenade, art nouveau buildings, endless food, and bustling nightlife.

Strikingly beautiful and golden powdery shores earned Venice its Island of Gold nickname. A 10-minute waterbus ride departs St. Mark’s Square for Lido, a sandbar spanning nearly seven miles in the Venetian Lagoon. Grandly historic Lido hotels charge fees to access the finest beaches and enjoy amenities like elegant cabanas and thatched huts.

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Choose Plus-Size Swimsuits With Curvy Confidence

The secret to looking and feeling confident on the beach is choosing your most ideal plus-size bathing suit styles. Use our tips below to help you create beautiful and fashionable outfits that will have you feeling and looking great.

Consider Your Unique Shape and Body Type
Knowing your body type will help you emphasize your positives and downplay any negatives. Thanks to today’s design variety, anyone can find appropriate swimming suits to accommodate any figure. Always choose styles and shapes that match your contours instead of what’s trendy or looks good on others.

Seek Comfortable Structural Support and Coverage
Set a goal for all plus-size selections to fit properly while providing structure and coverage.

Comfort: The right size swimsuit is necessary for a secure, comfortable fit. Search for wide straps instead of thin ones so they won’t cut into your shoulders. Stretchy fabrics that move with you will feel the best.

Support: Besides being flattering fashion statements, swimsuits should meet your functional support needs. If you’re top heavy, skip strapless bandeaus. Halter-tops do a good job of propping up your breasts, providing sexy cleavage and flashing your shoulders. Styles that tie around your neck and/or back ensure upper lift with easy adjustments to personalize your perfect fit. Structural elements like cups create soft, smooth, and secure looks. Push-up tops and underwires raise your bust line. If you worry that your upper assets could overflow your top accidentally, try high-neck options. Tummy control panels hold you in like shapewear so you seem slimmer instantly. They help flatten your midsection and minimize jiggling for a sleek, polished appearance and feel that will boost your confidence.

Coverage: Choose silhouettes that will contain your curves and avoid unintentional spillovers. Aim for a well-balanced look that flaunts your assets while concealing problem areas.

1. One-piece bathing suits: Revealing excess skin is unnecessary to look attractive. Many women prefer one-piece visions that show off just a hint to entice the imagination. Some styles offset your hidden tummy by displaying extra cleavage. Others bare more of your back. Strategically located sheer inserts or cutouts can make fuller coverage alluring. For active pursuits like swimming and water sports, pick one-piece options with secure straps that will cover and keep your breasts in place. Browse Swimsuits Direct’s one-piece silhouettes for a plus-size swimsuit with the elements you need.

2. Bikinis: Select tops and briefs separately to customize your two-piece look for the perfect overall fit. Decide how much skin you want each piece to display. Top choices include bandeau, bra, bralette, flounce, halter, high-neck, and twisted front styles. Shop online for a fashion-forward plus-size bikini with hipster, high-rise, or skirtini panties. High-waist bottoms avoid random slippages during energetic activities from lap swimming to snorkeling. Cute skirted briefs provide extra thigh coverage.

3. Tankinis: Enjoy the freedom of flirty swimsuits that pair long tops covering your midsection with hipster, high-rise, or skirtini bottoms. These comfortable yet sporty styles suit most full-figured women. Tops that flare out toward hemlines balance narrow hips with generous breasts. Longer tops and skirted bottoms conceal broad thighs. Find your perfect plus-size tankini online.

Embrace Flattering Accents and Colors
Search for swimsuit design elements that draw eyes to your best features and disguise your least favorite ones. Embellishment, pattern, and color placements can make noticeable differences.

Frills: Hunt for bathing suits that position decorations over areas you intend to emphasize. Popular options include cutouts, inserts (macramé, crochet, and lace), flounces, keyholes, ruffles, strappy detailing, bold motifs, and bright shades. Flirty top frills claim attention, detracting interest from thicker lower regions.

Slenderizing design features: Deep V-necks, lace-up fronts, and sheer bodice inserts form vertical lines that add more length than width, so you look leaner. Try horizontal necklines and thick straps to balance out a wider lower half. Gathered shirring in parallel lines creates trimming and smoothing effects over your middle. Side splices feature clever torso color blocking. They position thin, curved patterned sections between dark solid side panels. The illusion of an hourglass figure boasts narrower measurements.

Patterns and colors: Choose swimsuits that arrange accent-free dark shades over regions you hope to hide. If your lower portion is broader than your chest, pair wildly patterned tops with dark, solid bottoms. Reverse the focus by combining plain deep-toned tops with flashy designs. Options include floral, tropical, geometric, and ethnic prints.

Which Bathing Suit Styles Will Conceal Your Tummy?

Who says you need a flat stomach to look confident and attractive in bathing suits? Many females have midsection concerns, so designers are creating a medley of flattering solutions. Various fabrics, supportive elements, shape-enhancing silhouettes, and fashion details will accentuate your assets and downplay problem areas. The amazing results smooth your figure and hide your belly. Keep the clever tricks below in mind while shopping Swimsuits Direct for the most flattering women’s styles.

Fabrics and Foundational Support
Materials: Modern Lycra, Spandex, and Elastane fiber components are stretchy slenderizers that give swimsuits greater contouring and tummy control.

Structural compression: Various hidden foundational elements include structural and functional inserts that can compress and reduce your midriff. Tummy control panels and power mesh liners flatten your belly and trim your waist. Gentle yet firm support creates comfortable fits that conceal extra pounds and inches while evening out any unwanted rolls. Like shapewear undergarments, these secret helpers also accentuate or produce curves.

Leaner and Sleeker Swimsuit Silhouettes
One-piece styles: These full-coverage creations are the classic ways to hide and minimize your stomach. A vast variety of cuts, colors, and patterns makes these traditional options look more chic and contemporary. Swim dresses offer even more modesty, extending beyond your belly to include your hips, rear, and thighs. Browse our one-piece styles for popular discount swimwear choices with and without tummy toners.

Tankinis: Do you wish you could merge bikini flexibility with one-piece coverage to expose less skin in public? Try trendy tankinis. They combine separates with tops hanging down enough to disguise your belly, so they’re ideal bathing suits for women over 50. For concealment and comfort, pick relaxed or flared cuts instead of fitted ones. Styles that float over your middle hide your stomach while not clinging to it. Because Swimsuits Direct allows you to order pieces individually, you can pair your preferred top and bottom options. Choose hipster briefs to cover minimal amounts or skirtinis that also shield your upper thighs.

Bikinis: If you excluded these two-piece looks as stomach suppressors, think again. Retro high-rise briefs boast the design advantage of covering your abdomen in fashionable and feminine ways. Some feature built-in tummy tamers. Shop for bikini swimming suits with high-waist bottoms that give you a smooth, sexy shape.

Slenderizing Design Helpers
Plunging necklines and high-cut legs: Hunt for low-cut swimsuits with bare V-necks, lace-up fronts, lattice detailing, or sheer (macramé, lace, or mesh) inserts. Those components and high-cut legs create extended vertical lines that elongate and trim your frame.

Shirring and ruching: Gathered fabric running in stretchy lines over your midsection controls, firms, and smooths it instantly. Besides camouflaging roundness, shirring and ruching add coverage that feels comfortable while looking stylish and shapely.

Optical illusions: Side splices are two side panels surrounding a narrow center area in a different color or pattern. It gives the impression of a trimmer midriff. Princess seams’ curvaceous vertical lines separate your front into three thin sections. They transform your body into the classic hourglass figure of your dreams.

Revealing sides: Assorted design elements that expose more of your sides feature slender center sections that make your middle seem narrower. Look for strappy sides, monokinis with cutout sides, and sheer lace inserts.

Draped fabric: Loose-fitting one-piece and tankini swimsuits with front details like flyaway flounces are graceful tummy savers. Thanks to sophisticated draping, no one else will know you’re concealing your midsection.

Ruffles and fringe: When these flirty embellishments highlight your shoulders, bust, and/or hips, they take the focus off your abdomen. Go for longer lengths if you also want to obscure your thighs. Tiered ruffles over your midriff hide your contours in elegant fashion statements.

Slimming Colors and Prints
Shades: Darker tones are slenderizing, so choose them over lighter ones. Besides timeless black, search for deep blue, gray, green, maroon, and purple variations.

Patterns: Some prints create optical illusions that make your belly vanish — just like a magic trick. They even out unwelcome rolls and fullness for a polished shape. Busy motifs that go in multiple directions draw gazes to follow pattern outlines, not your contours. They detract from rather than emphasize your tummy, which seems to recede. Vertical themes like stripes produce slimming effects. Darker, thinner designs work the greatest wonders on your figure, extending your stature for a taller, trimmer appearance.