Cleaning Up After a Day at the Beach

Sand in your houseA day spent at the beach in your new bathing suit (from of course) is always so much fun. But on just about every beach there are tons of sand. Great for the beach, not so great in your house.

Cleaning up sand in your home has to be one of the hardest tasks to do in the Summer. It’s not uncommon that you find sand from the beach several days after your trip. It can get everywhere! (The worst is getting sand in your bed.)It sticks to everything and can be a pain to remove, so before you head out for a day of fun in the sun with your friends and family, here are a few tips to help to make sure you and your home remain sand free. Continue reading

The Triangle or Pear Shaped Woman

Pear Body Shape

Swimsuits for  The  Pear / Triangle  Shaped Woman

Rihanna pear shape

Rihanna is a celebrity with a triangle shaped body. Notice how her hips are wider than her shoulders.

Having a triangular shape doesn’t just mean you have the most common body shape of all body shapes for women—it means that you have curves some other women would die for! With narrow shoulders, a smaller bust, and larger hips and thighs, you have a body that translates well—from dresses to swimsuits—and everything in between!

The triangle shape body type is also called the pear shape. Throughout this guide we’ll switch off between the two. But know pear and triangle shaped bodies are exactly the same thing.

Regardless of what your shape is called do you feel anxiety over choosing the perfect women’s swimsuit? Have no fear, because whether you’re 25 or 65, your go-to guide to finding the perfect bathing suit for your triangular shape is right here. Enjoy the journey! Continue reading

The Health Benefits of Swimming for Women Over 65

Old Ladies Swimming

It’s no surprise that for older women, swimming is one of the best forms of exercise. Here’s what you can get out of it.

It’s no secret that swimming is a great form of exercise. It helps build lean muscles, is a great cardiovascular workout, and it burns a crazy amount of calories. It works out your whole body – when you swim, you engage your arms, legs, back, and abdominal muscles, toning all of them at once. In addition, swimming is a whole lot of fun! People of all ages love splashing around at the pool. However, swimming can be particularly beneficial, health wise, to senior citizens. Wondering why? Keep reading to learn about all the swimming health benefits for senior citizens! Continue reading

The Best Swimsuits for Red Hair

Blue Bikini

There are several shades and colors that don’t look good on redheads. But with swimsuits there are plenty of colors to choose from like the royal blue of this bikini from Cole of California.

One reason why being a redhead is awesome is that your red hair is automatically a built in fashion accessory. Now that’s good and bad because it  limits some of the clothing color choices like oranges and yellows which don’t look so good with red hair. But with the right colors that ginger hair can really make an outfit pop. This is especially true when it comes to women’s swimwear.

Now many red heads happen to have lighter skin. And while tan skin is often the goal when you’re wearing a bathing suit, that fair skin has a certain sweetness and elegance that can make you look amazing in your swimsuit. But it all comes down to finding the right bathing suit for red heads with lighter skin.

So what should gingers and red heads look for in a bathing suit for women? Continue reading

Should I Wear A Bikini?

Should I wear a bikini? The age old question swimsuit loving ladies have been asking themselves (well at least since July 5, 1946 when the first bikini was unveiled.) It’s a tough decision for many women. Lots of questions relating to the two piece swimwear arise. Am I too old for a bikini? Am I too fat for a bikini? Are bikinis modest enough for me? Is a bikini too sexy? Is my body right for a bikini? All legitimate questions but frankly they’re all kind of silly questions. Continue reading

SwimTalk with Fashion Photographer Grayson Hoffman

Grayson Hoffman

Miami fashion photographer Grayson Hoffman shares with us his insight into swimwear and fashion photography

Buying women’s swimwear is one of the most frustrating and stressful things for ladies to do. So that’s why we’ve been reaching out to bloggers, photographers, stylists and fashionistas who we like to describe as fashion leaders. And learn from the best and brightest in the business.

This week’s SwimTalk we’ve got Miami fashion photographer Grayson Hoffman of Grayson Hoffman Photography. He is best known for his dramatic use of lighting techniques and advance editing skills to create powerful images. Grayson has worked with a number of different fashion and swimwear companies to create billboards, commercial and advertising campaigns. He works together with his wife Jamie to ensure the very best experience for each client. They enjoy traveling, shooting and being outside.

Continue reading

The Hottest Seafolly Swimwear of 2014

Sexy Seafolly Swimwear

Seafolly Swimwear is known for their chic designs that will make you look and most of all feel sexy

One of the most popular swimwear and beachwear companies in the world, Australian brand Seafolly Swimwear is a go-to when you’re looking to stay ahead of the style curve during swimsuit season. Offering some of the hottest trends (think bold prints, bright colors and modern cuts), when you’re in need of highly fashionable swim apparel and accessories, they are definitely the beachwear line to rock with.

Their collections mix seamlessly together, so you can easily mix and match your colors and patterns to be anything but boring on the beach. Swimsuit season is about having fun, showing off your best features and taking your style to the max, so take a peek at some of hottest  Seafolly swimsuits of 2014. Continue reading

5 best bathing suit posts of the week

There are a tons of fashion blog on the internet. So many of them showcase such amazing inspiring and unique posts about the women’s swimwear they love to wear. It’s hard to find all the top posts from across the web, so we’ve assembled a list of some of our best loved bikini and swimsuit blog posts from the past week by some of our favorite bloggers in the wonderful world of women’s fashion.

After you’ve seen these great swimsuit posts, be sure to check out our huge selection of designer women’s swimwear that you can order online all year round. Continue reading

Bikinis for 40 year old women and beyond

Helen Mirren in a Bikini

Helen Mirren is 69 years old. She’s still wearing a bikini. What’s your excuse?

Recently we did a post on swimwear for women over 40. But we received a bunch of requests specifically for bikinis for mature women who are 40+. We were happy to comply.

How old is too old to wear a bikini? Well according to one study on older women and bikinis from the Daily Mail the answer is 47 years old. Now let’s say you just turned forty. You’ve still got seven good years of wearing a bikini. So no worries there.

But we say that 47 years being the cutoff age for wearing a bikini is total poppycock (yes we think having a set age for when you should stop wearing a bikini is so absurd we used a word like poppycock to describe it.)  Look at this picture of Helen Mirren in a bikini. She looks great doesn’t she? She’s a woman well over 60 and she’s not worried about being to old for a bikini. Age is really just a state of mind.

“But Helen Mirren is a celebrity,” you’re probably saying,  “she has lots of money to be able to look so good in her 60’s.” This is true but not the point. We’re trying to say it’s very silly to limit yourself from one of swimwear fashion’s most beloved styles just because you’re over 40 or over 50 or even over 60 years old. The fact of the matter is if you’re a 40 plus year old woman with a bikini body then wear a bikini! Continue reading

Swimsuits for under $20

Cheap Bathing suits

We have a huge selection of bikinis and bathing suits under $20. Discover some of the hottest discount swimsuits you can find online. Like This striped InMocean Bikini for only $12.00

There are some things like four leaf clovers, winning the lottery and having the first bathing suit you try on fit perfectly, that are so incredibly uncommon. Among those rarities is finding quality fashionable women’s bathing suits for under twenty dollars. But as unbelievable as it sounds, we at have done just that. In fact we’ve got about 160 chic well-made swimsuits for less than $20. We’re not talking cheap women’s bathing suit or cheap swimsuits. We mean quality really low priced women’s swimwear.

Saving money is important to every lady’s swimwear shopper. It’s not hard to spend over $150 on two or even one swimsuit. But whether you’re over 40 years old or wearing juniors bikinis the goal is always to spend less on swimsuits for the summer.

So we wanted to share with you a few of those swimsuits for under twenty dollars to help you save on women’s swimwear. Continue reading