Achieving Your 2017 Fitness Resolutions

If you resolved to boost your physical fitness in 2017, these nutrition and workout tips will help you meet your goals. A balanced program that combines diet, cardio exercises, and strength training will improve your success rate and beach body. You’ll need extra patience and determination to stick to lifestyle changes before weight loss and firmness become obvious. Study participants took an average of 66 days to form new habits. Maintaining your routine that long can restrain your desire to cheat while reducing discouragement.

Diet Plan
Weight loss relies on math. Each gram of the three major nutrient types below provides the listed calorie count:
• Proteins: 4
• Carbohydrates: 4
• Fats: 9

Eat less calories per day than your physical activities burn. Dropping 1 or 2 pounds weekly is best for your health. To lose a pound of fat, work off 3,500 more calories than you ingest in a week. Subtract 500 to 1000 calories from your daily caloric intake, expend that many extra calories, or combine both strategies. Calorie-counting and fitness-tracker apps report calories you consume and expel through exercise.

Record everything you eat and drink daily, using each entry to guide the next day’s consumption level. Filling out your diary honestly will upgrade how you approach revising your diet. Avoiding junk and processed foods lets you enjoy larger quantities of healthy options without weight gain. Eliminating favorites as forbidden is unnecessary. Just relish them in moderation occasionally instead.

Workout Apparel
For water aerobics, cute Swimsuits Direct plus-size bathing suits will inspire you to achieve your New Year’s fitness resolution. Select from trendy tankini, one-piece, and two-piece styles. Stretch fabrics and adjustable straps will help your choices accommodate your transforming figure.

If you prefer workouts like running, treadmills, or weight training, comfortable active swimwear can double as gym clothes. Ordering various fashionable yet functional pieces like tankini or bra tops and hoodies with pants or shorts will encourage you to keep your new year resolutions to look and feel better.

Aquatic Exercises
Pool workouts are non-impact activities offering dual benefits. You’ll sink if you don’t move constantly — doing cardio. Water is around 800 times more dense than air, applying continuous resistance to your muscles — as strength training. Staying level and balanced in water requires exerting all four limbs. That exercises underworked arm muscles while developing your lower back and core’s deep stabilizing muscles.

Doing the butterfly stroke for an hour burns the most calories, ranging from 1,024 calories if you tip the scale at 205 down to 649 calories if you weigh 130 pounds. Next highest is an hour of freestyle swimming. Find your body weight and stroke speed below to determine used calories:

• 205 pounds: 931 calories fast; 651 slow
• 180 pounds: 817 fast; 572 slow
• 155 pounds: 704 fast; 493 slow
• 130 pounds: 590 fast; 413 slow

Apply the fast freestyle numbers above to the breaststroke and slow speed figures to the backstroke. An hour of water aerobics purges 720 calories if you weigh 155 pounds.

Other Cardio Options
Consider the highest burning activities below with approximate calories a 160-pound woman expends per hour:
• Running 8 mph: 861 calories
• Jumping rope: 861
• Tae kwon do: 752
• Stair treadmill: 657
• Jogging 5 mph: 606
• Rollerblading: 548
• High-impact aerobics: 533
• Racquetball: 511
• Backpacking: 511
• Cross-country skiing: 496

Weight Lifting
Skipping strength training is a bad idea because weight-bearing drills are key to improving your figure’s proportions. Using kettlebell, dumbbell, or resistance band exercises, focused strength activities build muscles. Schedule two weekly total-body workouts or devote the first session to your upper half and the second to your lower.

Training Techniques
Interval training: Want to burn more calories while boosting overall fitness? Try the versatile interval training approach. Exert yourself during almost any high-intensity cardio activity like jumping rope for a pre-set time as brief as 30 or 60 seconds. Then rest for roughly the same period before repeating.

Circuit training: Do one exercise and start another immediately without taking a break. Combining cardio and strength movements during circuit training prevents boredom and overwhelmed feelings that could coax you into quitting.

Diversity and Rewards
Repetitive routines can become monotonous, so be adventurous. Trying different healthy eating options, exercises, and workout techniques will increase your motivation and calorie-burning abilities, enhancing your bathing beauty shape. Reward your achievements with anything besides regretful fried and sugary treats. Better choices include new swimwear, vacations, massages, and makeovers.

Choosing Swimsuits to Fit Your Bust Size and Type

Women’s breasts come in diverse forms and proportions. Beyond cup size, various physical features including placement, shape, width, and length affect your bust’s appearance. Identifying your unique bust type will help you choose the most appropriate plus-size swimwear styles for the best fits and looks.

Factors contributing to your chest style may involve:

Genetics: Because genes influence hormones levels, they affect breast characteristics including tissue, density, size, skin, and appearance.

Age: Fibrous structures supporting young breast tissue may weaken over time. Eventually, breast tissue needs added support against gravity. Declining tissue strength makes them sag and droop.

Weight: Depending on tissue density, all breast sizes can enlarge and decrease along with overall body proportions as weight changes.

Breastfeeding: Bosoms that swell during pregnancy and nursing may deflate after weaning. Possible culprits are fluctuating hormones and skin stretched over engorged mammaries that doesn’t contract fully to prior firmness.

East/West Divide
Breasts that point outward and gravitate away from your chest’s center establish an east/west gap. This Becca Etc. tankini with stretch foam cups will smooth over your shape while tying the angled halter straps around your neck will draw in your bust.

Side Set
Fuller busts than the above east/west style that spread outward from your spinal column produce a wide side-set separation. Choose plunging necklines like this Cole of California low-cut cross-strap tankini to hoist up and push in your bust.

Despite a typical breast base at the chest wall, this type is more cone-shaped than round. The conical category may not fill out cup side portions, so they appear too big. This occurs most often in smaller A-C cup sizes. A bandeau bra swimsuit like this one from La Blanca will compress pointed breast tissue for a more natural curve. Push-up styles that lift underneath and press breasts inward from the outer sides will provide fuller looks and cleavage. Avoid unstructured swim tops without shaping.

Bell Shape
Thinner upper breasts round out to fuller curved bottoms in bell shapes. They also have more length than width. This Anne Cole twist-front tankini with cups offers supportive lift while cradling. Skip balconette styles that might allow too much excess to spill out and over your top.

This style resembles the previous bells while being the smaller version. Slimmer above than below, slender busts also have less width than length. Relatively small cups are typical. Slip push-up pads into this halter with plunging neckline from Night and Day to boost your size with lift.

Reduced Projection
Although a standard cup size accommodates your breast base’s circumference, you don’t have enough volume to fill it fully. That reduced projection can cause swim tops to pucker or wrinkle. Choose the correct cup for your under-bust crease. Instead of rigid materials, select flexible fabric like this stretchy halter bandeaukini from Anne Cole to mold smoothly around your curves. Or try bra inserts to spread your breast tissue into empty spaces.

Nearly all women’s breasts vary somewhat in form or shape. But when one is noticeably bigger and the other much smaller, you have asymmetric breasts. Health-related causes include injuries or illnesses during breast development and menopausal hormonal changes that cause uneven expansion. A mismatched set will benefit from a patterned tankini with tiered ruffles, like this one from Kenneth Cole Reaction, to disguise the difference. Or insert a silhouette enhancer to boost just the underdeveloped side for a matching appearance.

Most Versatile Forms
Round: Equally full breast tissue from top to bottom and side to side are round. Luckily for you, designers create the most styles for this coveted form. Since nature or breast implants blessed you with this ideal shape, most swimsuits will fit you perfectly. Cups, structuring, support, and padding aren’t necessary. So you can go for a variety of thin, unlined swimwear styles that offer light coverage.

Teardrops: These rounded mounds are slightly fuller underneath than higher up your chest. Another classic category, teardrops give you ample freedom to select from many popular styles. Full-coverage maillots and supportive swimsuits with wide, comfortable straps will flatter these bottom-heavy breasts.

To find other fabulous fashions for your shape, visit Swimsuits Direct. Check out the Plus Size tab. Shop by swimwear styles from maillots to two pieces and tankinis to halters. Or search by brands, sizes, or prices. You’ll also find accessories including cover-ups, beach bags, sunglasses, and sandals to complete your becoming look.

Body Glove Swimsuits Ready for Action

For decades, the Body Glove brand has been synonymous with surf gear straight from the beaches of Southern California. The company that introduced the first practical wetsuit in the 1950s has gone on to create clothing, swimwear, snorkeling equipment, and even sunglasses for people in the rest of the country as well. The Body Glove swimsuit line is especially versatile, ranging from bikinis to halters to one-pieces so that every beach body has great options for fun in the sun. We’ve gathered a list of some of our favorite Body Glove bathing suits to help you enjoy the line as well.

Beautiful Black

Body Glove’s Vision swimsuit style combines the classic look of basic black fabric with the flexibility in design that works for many women. Whether you plan to lounge on a chair in the sand to work on your tan or jump on a surfboard to ride the waves, Body Glove’s Vision line has an option for you.

For example, those who like a little action with their beach time might try the Fearless High Neck Sporty Crop swimsuit, which offers plenty of support when playing volleyball or Frisbee in the sand. Women seeking quiet time reading a book on a towel might prefer the Baby Love Adjustable Triangle swimsuit for maximum tanning exposure. The halter neck and strappy style of the Alani Halter swimsuit make for a fashion-forward choice that includes a sheer panel above the cups for added intrigue.

The Vision collection also includes an attractive one-piece swimsuit, which features a sexy sheer panel with a deep-V shape in the front and on the back straps. There’s the added bonus of a cross strap in the back to prevent slippage during beach time adventures.

Tropical Delight

Nothing offers a feel for the exotic like a colorful tropical print, and the Body Glove Waikiki collection has nailed it. Jungle flowers and leaves provide a wide color palette for this line, which shares some features of the Vision collection above. The Waikiki Alani Halter swimsuit also features the strappy side design and scoop neck in front. For even more coverage and support, the Elena High Neck Crop swimsuit has a two-way adjustable back made all the prettier by the tropical print of the fabric.

Both the Vision and Waikiki Body Glove collections feature bikini tops with the security of underwire support. The removable soft cups and two-way back straps can give you confidence when riding your wakeboard or unpacking the picnic gear.

Blast of Color

Our favorite Body Glove options, however, come from the Wanderer collection. The colorful fabric shows a blast of tropical hues on a black background. Plus, many of the pieces are reversible with a blue and white geometric pattern on the opposite side as the floral print. The Alani Halter design is available in the Wanderer line, as is the Elena High Neck Crop.

The most dynamic offering in the Body Glove Wanderer collection is the Echo Crop swimsuit, which falls somewhere between a bikini and tankini for length and has a multi-strap back that can certainly turn head on the beach. A close second is the Flare Reversible Triangle swimsuit with its intricate back styling and dual options for fabrics.


The Body Glove swimsuit line includes a number of different bottom options so that you can choose your preferred level of coverage. Some feature flounces, straps, or cutouts to increase their individuality.

The designers at Body Glove have brought the brand a long way since twin brothers Bill and Bob Meistrell first entered the beach scene with their Dive ‘N’ Surf shop. You can take advantage of their innovations and sense of style with any selection from their swimsuit line.

5 of the Most Breathtaking Beaches in the US

From the Atlantic to the Pacific, the US is home to many breathtaking beaches. Visitors on either coast can enjoy warm sands and clear, blue seas. Grab your bathing suit and spend a day at one of the best beaches in the US.

1 Nantucket, Massachusetts

The weathered, white cottages and quaint lighthouses of Nantucket make it seem like something from a fairytale. This former whaling community is now a popular vacation destination for couples seeking a romantic weekend and families taking their children for a day by the sea.

2 Manele Bay, Hawaii

It’s hard to choose a favorite among Hawaii’s many beautiful beaches, but Manele Bay may be the most perfect. This designated marine preserve is home to colorful fish, aquatic plants and even the occasional dolphin. The water is warm and tempting, and many guests enjoy snorkeling and diving for an up-close view of the rich ocean life.

3 Clearwater Beach, Florida

Along the Pinellas Peninsula of Florida’s Gulf Coast, Clearwater Beach boasts warm, blue waters and white, sandy shores. You’re welcome to relax, but there’s plenty to do at this seaside resort. In addition to sunbathing and swimming, the area also offers beach volleyball, fishing, parasailing, and dolphin-watching.

4 Coronado, California

Take a walk along Ocean Boulevard in Coronado and you’ll enjoy views of the beautiful shore to one side and the great houses and glamorous Hotel Del Coronado on the other. Surfers and sand sculptors flock to this beach year round, and in some seasons they are joined by tide poolers and whale watchers. All are welcome, including your canine friends, who can frolic at Dog Beach on the north end.

5 Cape Hatteras National Seashore, North Carolina

There’s no shortage of sand or sea on this 72-mile stretch along North Carolina’s Atlantic Coast, which runs from Nags Head to Ocracoke Island. Vacationers enjoy the high, sandy dunes and the frothy surf that makes for fruitful beach combing. Visit the nation’s tallest lighthouse and enjoy a spectacular view of land and sea.

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A fashion leader is someone who influences the styles of not just their own readers but a person who can have even the smallest impact on how women see themselves and the fashion industry as a whole. At we are always looking to work with and learn from these fashion leaders. So we’re excited to share with you the next installment of our ongoing fashion blogger interview series, SwimTalk.

This week’s fashion and style blogging interviewee is the super fit and super fab Lauryn Evarts, creator of the blog The Skinny Confidential. As described by Lauryn herself, The Skinny Confidential is like an onion, lots of layers. Of course an analogy everyone would prefer is that the blog has layers like a parfait. It’s a wonderful balance of topics like  fashion, fitness, wellness, health, relationships, beauty and everything in between. She’s a very prolific writer as can be seen online & now as a book too.  The book can be found online and in all major bookstores. Buy yourself  a copy here.

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