Easy Summer Hair Tips

Warmer weather means more time in the sun, and the last thing we want to worry about is our hair. You might think your swimsuit is what people notice first about your summer look but in truth it’s actually your hair.  So you want to make sure your hair looks great. But what’s the number one enemy of great hairstyles? Getting wet! And when you’re at the pool or by the beach that’s pretty hard to do so effortless, easy-going and PRETTY is the goal, so here are a few Summer hair trends and tips to try to keep your lush locks looking their best in the heat!

Get a Trim

First things first: head to the salon for a trim. Whether you’re chopping off dead ends, thinning out bulk, or trying out a pixie, getting a trim at the beginning of the season will start your Summer off right.


Hair needs moisture to stay healthy and not feel like straw. Stock up on both a daily leave-in conditioner and a deep-conditioning mask that you can use weekly to repair any heat damage. For a quick at-home smoothing treatment, combine 2 egg yolks + half of a mashed up avocado and leave on hair for 15 minutes. Wash and condition as usual-hair will be super soft! (Yes it works!)

doing your hair for bikini seasonWavy It Out

Speaking of heat, try to limit frying your hair right now. Protecting your hair from UV Rays is hard enough, so blow-drying and flat-ironing it every day might be overkill. Try braiding your hair at night to create beachy waves, or using velcro rollers while in the shower to mimic a loose blowout. If you must have straight hair, visit your stylist for a blowout and ask for tips on how to extend it.

Join the Braid Brigade

Braids are another protective hairstyle to try in the summer. Milkmaid braids are still popular, and one of the easiest styles to wear (next to the ponytail). Part hair in the middle, add styling cream and plait hair. Cross the plaits over your head (mimicking a headband) and pin down with bobby-pins. Voila! This is a sweet look to wear to the beach, but can also be worn in place of an elaborate updo for summer weddings.

Be a Bunhead

If your hair is really long but you don’t feel like messing with it, pull it up into a messy bun. Let a few wisps fall down to keep the look from being severe, or add a thin headband for a little feminine flare. While I wouldn’t recommend this in a traditional office setting, when done right, a high bun can be quite chic-just look at all of the street-style blogs for inspiration!

Seafolly straw cowboy beach hat

Hats are always super cute in the summer.

Do the Pony

When all else fails, slap in some frizz-fighting serum and smooth hair into a pony tail. Fishtail the end or tease it a bit at the crown for a look that’s low maintenance but still high in style.

Hide it in a Hat

That’s right, just hide it. Summer hats are a great way to keep cool in the hot heat of the sun. Apart from protecting your hair and face from UV radiation they also look super cute with pretty much any bathing suit. Go for a hip wide brimmed style like the Coyote Straw Hat by Seafolly.


Follow these tips for sexy summer hair at the beach and out on the town!



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