What Swimsuit Style Does Your Favorite Celebrity Wear?

Celebrities are often the people to watch for fashion-forward trends and ideas. From how they dress on the red carpet to what they wear for everyday errands, their wardrobes can inspire you to try something different. Swimsuits are no exception. What your favorite celebrities, especially those with a similar body type to yours, wear to the beach or pool can help you find a new look for fun spent in the water and sun. These famous women’s choices are just some examples of stylish swimwear.

1. Taylor Swift

This pop star has embraced the retro trend in her swimsuit choices. She has worn a navy boyleg maillot, which is a very flattering one-piece suit. Others she’s been seen in include 60s-style high-waisted, halter-top bikinis, with one suit being striped and the other polka dot. Although Taylor is thin, both of these styles work on various figures.

2. Lorde

The New Zealand singer is known for her honesty and self-assurance. Now you can know her for her distinct beach wear, too. She’s donned a brightly colored, floral two-piece and a black one-piece with a lace-up back. Experiment with opposite designs, as Lorde does, as you shop for your swimsuit.

3. Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting

This comedic actress knows how to add variety to her swim wardrobe. She’s sported a plain black triangle bikini, showing how simple can still be striking. She’s expressed her flirty side in a very feminine red-and-white striped bandeau bikini. Her ruffle-top two-piece is an example of how to mix and match patterns for a unique look.

3. Lupita Nyong’o

This Oscar winner uses color contrast to highlight her natural beauty. Her swimsuit is a white, bow-like bandeau bikini with scalloped edging for an elegant touch. She’s an example of not being afraid to draw attention to your beautiful self.

4. Sofia Vergara

This Latin lady accentuates her curves in a tropical color-block monokini and see-through, royal purple cover-up skirt. The ensemble nicely reflects her ethnicity and cultural heritage. Her use of monokinis reveals that even one-pieces can be intricate and exciting. The gorgeous cover-up is a reminder to consider complementary accessories when selecting your swimwear.

5. Miranda Lambert

This country singer isn’t just a force on stage. She knows how to make a statement off of it, too. Her chevron bandeau bikini represents her fun and fearless personality. She also made a nod to vintage fashion with her red maillot in one of her music videos. Let your swimsuit reflect your personality, too.

6. Julia Roberts

This pretty woman gravitates toward halter-top bikinis. She shakes things up with different patterns and details on the swimsuits and different cuts on top, such as push-up or triangles. Even if you’re a mom, you can still confidently wear a bikini just like Julia.

7. Helen Mirren

This long-successful actress is proof that age doesn’t have to stop you from being bold on the screen or on the beach. Her bright red choices are eye-catching. She’s worn the brilliant hue in both a simple yet classy one-piece and in a sporty bikini with a white-stripe detail. Be brave and choose a stunning shade you normally wouldn’t.

8. Audrey Hepburn

This fashion icon may no longer be here, but her image lives on. You could find her in any style swimsuit of her day, accompanied with a large sun hat, sunglasses, and other accessories. From head to toe, she looked well put together even by the seaside. You can too when you remember to accessorize.

Find the Right Style for You

These chic women are perfect examples to follow in finding the right swimsuit style, design, and tone for your body. Be adventurous and try something new from Swimsuits Direct so you can walk the shore in confidence.

Celebrity bathing suit trends

Ready to head to the beach in style and cause your own paparazzi frenzy in the process? Take a few cues from celebrities like Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and the Jessica Alba when you go swimsuit shopping so that you too can show off your stellar style!

Seaview, seafolly bikini

Taylor Swift’s striped bikini looks just like the Seaview Bikini by Seafolly

Retro-Inspired Swimwear

Taylor Swift’s retro-inspired striped bikini is a stylish, yet still practical swimsuit for the girl that likes to get active at the beach but isn’t training for a marathon. Her super cute bikini reminds you of the swimsuit the first barbie wore. The adorable bikini bottoms will keep your bum covered completely, and the molded cup bra-top gives you a little lift while still offering support. Shades and some luscious red lips (because you HAVE to have  red lips when rocking a hot bikini like this) complete the look. Match Taylor Swift’s bikini style with the Seafolly, Seaview Bikini. If you’re inspired by Taylor’s suit but would still feel more comfortable in a one-piece swimsuit, try the Seaview Tie Front Halter Maillot By Seafolly Swimwear.

One piece La Blanca swimwear

Rihanna has no fear of a white swimsuit and you won’t either with this La Blanca one-piece bathing suit


The White One-Piece Bathing Suit

Few celebrities in swimsuits garner as much attention as Rihanna. She was sported a white one-piece on vacation in the South of France in July. And if Rihanna is going to wear a sexy one piece, you know the fashion world is going to to take notice. The subtly striped white one piece swimsuit looks just ravishing on her sexy curvacious body. Replicating this white hot look is easy with either the Anne Cole Lingerie Maillot or La Blanca Swimwear’s Sheer & Present Danger One Piece Bandeau. Either one can help you achieve a similar silhouette.


Leilani Bikini selena Gomez

Selena Gomez in a flashy zebra print bikini. Use this Leilani Bikini to create a similar look

Effortlessly Sexy Bikini

Selena Gomez hit all the right marks when she recently wore a zebra-print bikini to the beach. It showcased her tall, slender and slightly curvy frame without overpowering her. (Animal print in small doses is easier to wear). The LEILANI PEARL ISLAND TWIST-KINI will help you get her look without being an exact copy-cat: the classic print in pretty purple color with twist front bottoms give the suit a little something extra!


Becca Swimsuit

Jessa Alba Looks great in her purple bikini. And you can too with this Becca Swimwear bikini

Classic Halter Top Bikini

Jessica Alba is one of the many celebrities who look great in a bikini. Just about every celebrity rocks the Classic halter top bikini look at some point. The 32-year-old mom of two stunned beach goers in this purple bikini, which she accessorized with a colorful cover-up and straw hat. She certainly enjoyed a fun beach day in Malibu with her family. To get this smoking hot look go with the TANZANIA SOLID PUSH UP BIKINI BY BECCA and a Royal Tunic by Elan Cover Ups. You’ll be sure to look as amazing at the beach as Jessica Alba

R Collection Monokini

Christina Milian making a bold statement with this monokini. Make your own bold statement with a Monokini by R Collection

 Sexy Glam Monokini

Christina Millian’s snake-skin monokini with cutouts was all about showing off the sexy curves on her petite frame. The sexy cutouts show off the hard she’s putting in the gym, and the print adds a glam element to it-if you’re headed to a pool party this suit (with a cute coverup, of course) will really have you in the spotlight. Try the STEADY DRIFTING RIVIERA MONOKINI BY R COLLECTION for a similar silhouette. The ANNE COLE MESH HALTER is a great alternative for someone that wants to give the illusion of cutouts but still be completely covered up.


Which celebrity has your favorite swimsuit style?

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