Romantic Beach Escape Planning and Packing Guide

If your travel dreams for two revolve around celebrating your engagement, elopement, honeymoon, vow renewal, or anniversary on picturesque beaches, this vacation guide will help you plan for adventure and passion. Consider these inspired ideas for enjoying natural wonders while becoming an even closer couple.

Travel Arrangements
Bargains: Peak and down times vary between destinations, but fall, late winter, and early spring tourism rates are best generally. Airfare and lodging prices drop during off and shoulder seasons. Resorts charge less mid-week when airlines and city hotel raise rates due to business travel. dc014 If driving, a nearby resort may be reasonable Sunday to Thursday with extras like complimentary breakfasts and massages. Cozy inns and charming B&Bs are affordable alternatives that allow indulging in spa days, gourmet dinners, or live performances.

Destinations: Factor your budget, vacation length, and season into destination choices. When splurging, fly somewhere exotic and secluded like Fiji. For a frugal getaway, fly or drive to inexpensive California or Florida accommodations. Select locales by dual priorities. Active resort fun from scuba diving to sailing? Or numerous neighboring eateries? If you’ll visit a spa while he plays golf, get a package deal offering both.

All-inclusive specials: Enchanting resorts in Florida, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Bali, Europe, and Thailand combine all lodgings, meals, activities, and sometimes airfare. You’ll avoid totaling individual costs to stay on budget.

Weekender deals: Lodging packages may include a luxurious suite with pampering amenities like couple’s massages, candlelight dinner, and rose petal turndown service. Even when hotel websites don’t list romance specials, a reservation agent may customize your visit with popular add-ons.
Couple’s cruise: Celebrate your special occasion on a couple’s cruise. Enjoy various destinations, tours, activities, and cuisines. Options range from weekend Caribbean sails to longer Mediterranean journeys.

Packing: Bright, warm climates require sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, and light-colored protective clothing. Take casual outfits and walking shoes for daytime explorations, swimwear, and flirty dresses with comfortable heels for dining and nightlife.

Romantic women’s swimsuits like this black mesh bikini reveal just enough extra skin. Beachwear styles that add flair and appeal to your vacation include this white one-piece mesh swimsuit and this burgundy sheer swimwear. For relaxing hot tub dates, try this black see-thru bikini.

Special Occasions
Engagement: Before planning a distant wedding, basking in your newly engaged glow on a sunny beach will set a honeymooning mood. Unwinding first can ease you through nuptial preparations.

Elopement: Prefer an intimate ceremony to a grand extravaganza? Book a wedding/honeymoon package on a remote island in Europe, Fiji, or Tahiti. Or choose a seaside American resort or inn.

dc015Honeymoon: Visit a tropical island like Bora Bora with scenic backdrops for stunning photo memories. Stateside, explore a delightful East Coast beach community such as Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, or Cape Cod.

Vow renewal: Rejoice in your lasting love by renewing your wedding vows in magical settings across Hawaii, French Polynesia, and Maui. Call any hotel’s concierge for package details if the website doesn’t list such options. For multi-generational traveling parties, pick a resort with fun pursuits for everyone like swimming, tours, shopping, spa, golf, and kids’ games.

Anniversary: Request a special suite for your anniversary celebration so the staff will supply extras from roses to chocolates. When returning to your original honeymoon site, they’re bound to lavish you even more.

Best Couple’s Destinations
Bahamas: Paradise Island’s scenery and activities make it the most famous Bahamas location, but some private isles are ideal for couple’s hideaways. Offering convenient all-inclusive pricing, Kamalame Cay’s limit of 11 guest lodgings ensures seclusion.

Mexico: Fabulous beach resorts feature luxury suites and specials at rates far below other destinations close to America. Mexican retreats provide impressive ocean-view rooms, magnificent sandy shores, delectable gourmet dining, and lavish spa treatments.

Vancouver, Canada: Travel to Granville Island by Aquabus to discover this exciting city’s multicultural influences on beaches, shops, galleries, and restaurants. At Harbour Centre’s Vancouver Lookout Tower, marvel at the cityscape and surrounding mountains.

Hawaii: Year-round resort specials, beaches, palm trees, sun, hula performances, and golf on various islands welcome loving duos. Packages combine car rental, couples’ massages, and show tickets. Hike volcanos, bike craters, surf, or lounge near the beautiful ocean.

Georgia: For sandy beaches, boating, fishing, biking, tennis, and golf, visit Georgia’s Sea Island. Enjoy cocktails and bagpipers on the lodge’s veranda at sunset. Cuddle up in a water-view room amid English country charm.

Go Trick or Treating with Five Fun, Flirty Halloween Costumes

Halloween is right around the corner. Sure, you could buy a ready-made costume, but where’s the fun in that? Here are our picks for five fun, flirty and totally original Halloween costumes using just a swimsuit, some props and your own creativity.

1. Funny Bunny

Who doesn’t remember the scene in Legally Blonde when the fabulous Elle Wood showed up at a non-costume party in full Playboy Bunny costume? You can recreate the look with’s Vintage Lingerie Maillot By Anne Cole in pink. Purchase a pair of bunny ears from the dollar store, craft a cotton ball tail, and apply face paint nose and whiskers to put your own twist on this classic cuddly costume.

2. We’re Gonna Hear You Roar

Katy Perry rocked the jungle queen look in the video for “Roar.” Choose from the Animal Attraction Bikini by InMocean, the Animal Kingdom Bikini by InMocean, the Leopard Love Bikini by InMocean, or another one of’s fierce animal print swimsuits to rule an animal kingdom of your own. All you need is a skirt, floral crown, wood staff and a whole lot of swagger to pull this one off.

3. Get Physical

Remember big hair, frosted pink lipstick and sweatbands? While the 80s may have come and gone, the memory of Olivia Newton John sweating it out in her most famous music video remains.You provide: the cut off sweatshirt, leg warmers, sweatband, feathered hair and hot bod. We provide: the Painterly Stripe Shirred Front One Piece By Anne Cole.
Anne Nicolecolorful stripes

Let me hear your Body Talk!

For a different Olivia Newton John-inspired theme, go with good-girl-turned-bad Sandy from Grease. Pair leather pants, your favorite stilettos and the Princess Mesh One Piece By Anne Cole. And don’t forget to practice your big line, “Tell me about it, stud.”

4. Baywatch This

Pamela Anderson became a household name when she bounded and bounced across television screens as the ultimate fantasy girl-cum-lifeguard C.J. Parker. Combine the Lingerie Maillot By Anne Cole in red-hot red, your favorite Uggs, a whistle and life preserver and you’ll be ready to take on earthquakes, sharks, serial killers, nuclear bombs, and even the occasional drowning person. The best way to make an entrance in this costume? Don’t walk….slow motion run, instead.

5. Get Your Twirl On

Every little girl dreams of being a ballerina, but a dark, daring “Black Swan” themed costume takes it to an entirely different level. Dress up our Splice on the Side Asymmetrical One Shoulder Colorblock One Piece by Anne Cole Control with black tulle tutu, pink ankle ribbons, oversized tiara and LOTS of eye makeup.

one pice bandeau

Just Add wings

If you’re feeling like a more havenly flying being, pair’s La Blanca Sheer & Present Danger One Piece Bandeau with angel wings for a look that’s more ethereal than evil.

5 Best Women’s Swimwear Posts From Around the Web

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50 Fun Things To Do In Your Bathing Suit This Summer

As a fashion forward woman, you probably own more than one adorable bathing suit that you absolutely love to wear. But there are  just never enough opportunities to show off your super cute swimwear or that beach body you’ve been working on all winter. You deserve to get more wear from your swim outfits, so we’ve put together a list of 50 fun things you can do in your swimsuit this summer.

Nothing beats a good book in a bathing suit

Nothing beats a good book in a bathing suit

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Hottest colors of summer

For more than 20 years, Pantone, the global authority on color, has surveyed the designers of New York Fashion Week and beyond to bring you the season’s most important color trends. When Pantone released its Fashion Color Report for Spring 2014, Radiant Orchid, a pretty purple color was the talk of the town. This was the inspiration for Leilani’s Pearl Island Twist-kini.  Although Radiant Orchid is majestic, there were a few other colors that IMO, need to be brought to the forefront. Rooted in nature and the elements, this season’s hottest hues are inspired by blooming flowers, the setting sun, and the lush color-scapes you see when traveling. While we can’t reinvent the color wheel, the colors listed below are must-haves for your wardrobe, your beauty bag, and even your nails!

Cole of California Bandeau

Cole of California Bow Bandeau


Coral is one of the most flattering colors that people can wear during the summer. The rich warm tone stands out beautifully on its own (coral lips anyone?), but it pairs wonderfully with other shocking hues like a dazzling blue or canary yellow. It can easily be toned down with khaki or black as well.

Seafolly Blue Bikini

Shimmer Bandeau by Seafolly

Try out the Cole of California Bow Bandeau and pair it with the Top Off Shoulder Elan Cover-up 

Dazzling Blue

More playful than baby blue, but still as appealing as turquoise, dazzling blue is a vibrant companion to pastels, while elevating neutrals like creamy beige and white. It’s a very bold and sporty tone, so make sure your confidence is at 110% when you wear it. To ease into the trend, try it on your nails first. Try :   Seafolly Shimmer Bandeau  or if you want a touch of color to pair it with the Becca Etc. True Blue See It Through Tankini


Canary Yellow

This tropical hue packs a beautiful punch in both large and small doses. Coupled with navy or white with a splash of red will give it a bit of nautical appeal, but if worn in a print with warmer tones like green, pink, or orange, it has a more exotic feel. Ground it with white to keep it the focal point of your look. Try the Shimmer Mini Tube with Rill by Seafolly  + Raisins Bali Fringe Sunshine Bandeau-kini

Halter top One Piece by Anne Cole

Anne Cole Mesh Halter


Crisp, clean, and serene, white will ALWAYS be a hot hue for Summer. No other shade makes tanned skin look so healthy, and the tone is quite posh on nails as well. Bling it out with tons of gold or silver accessories, or let it serve as a backdrop for a colorful statement necklace. Try the Anne Cole Mesh Halter  and pair it with the classic Anne Cole Boyfriend Shirt .

Two Piece Tankini by Becca

Synergy Bandeau by Becca

Mixed Prints

If you’re excited to wear all of the colors, throw caution to the wind and whip out your mixed prints. They were made for warmer weather, so pick your favorite color palette, and choose soft silhouettes in moveable, breathable fabrics like gauzy knits and silks. Try the Ditsy Floral 3 in 1 Convertible Bandeau by Anne Cole + or the Becca Synergy Tankini.

How to Accessorize Your Swimsuit

Accessorizing your swimsuit is about more than just throwing on a pair of flip-flops and SPF on your nose-it’s about injecting some real STYLE into your look. Whether you’re headed to the beach or will be lounging around the pool having cocktails with your friends, adding some stylish accessories to your look is like putting icing on the cake! Not sure what need? Here’s a quick list on what you need to really get your ‘WOW!’ factor on and look your absolute best on the beach! Continue reading

9 Tips You’ve Probably Never Thought of to Help You Find The Perfect Bathing Suit

Summer is coming up quick! Time to find that new bikini or one piece swimsuit! It’s both exciting and frightening at the same time. We all know picking a swimsuit that fits your body type can make a dramatic difference both in terms of how you look and especially how you feel. There are very few things out there that feel more rewarding than finding that one bathing suit that appears perfect, and few things more demoralizing than buying a bathing suit that looks terrible. All over the internet (even on our own blog) there are plenty of great tips, guides and videos dedicated to finding the right swimwear style for your body type. But we’ve got some new tips you’ve probably never thought of to help you find the absolute perfect bathing suit. Continue reading

Swimsuits & Nail Polish Color Ideas

What nail polish suits your swimwear?

The hottest summer fashion trends are not just your swimwear or your cover ups. They’re on your nails! The right nail polish can completely transform a summer swimwear look from boring to beautiful. We’re going to show you some of the hottest swimsuit trends for the summer, and suggest our favorite nail polish styles to pair them with. Continue reading

Take Your Dog Swimming In NYC

Many dogs love the water!

Many dogs love the water just like we do!

When many people go shopping for sporty tankinis, they’re only thinking about where they’re going to lay out to tan throughout the summer. But if taking your dog swimming is one of the things that pops into your mind while swimsuit shopping, you’re not alone. In fact, there are plenty of passionate pet owners who love taking their dog swimming, and you don’t have to figure out where to go on your own. Instead, you can benefit from the best spots that other dog owners have identified. If you live in New York City, here are four different places you will thoroughly enjoy taking your dog for an afternoon of swimming: Continue reading

Master the Basic Swim Strokes

Swim like you own the water!

Swim like you own the water!

There are many reasons why people want to enhance their swimming skills. Evidently, the doggy paddle will only get you so far. You’re actually better off and safer taking some time to learn the proper techniques in case of an emergency, such as getting caught by a tide. Just a little practice with these helpful tips, you’ll be swimming like you’ve known what you’re doing your whole life!  Once you’ve put your bathing suit on and find a pool to practice in, whether it’s your own or a public pool, decide which stroke you’d like to try first. There are three you can choose from: the freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke.

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