Bikini Shopping and Modeling Tips for Flattering Photos

Here’s your chance to learn the clever tricks swimwear photographers and models use for their impressive fashion shoots. You too can be attractive from all angles by following these bikini selection and posing tips.

Choosing Separate Pieces
Bathing suits that look appealing on most figures pair these two separates:

Sporty tops: Structured yet comfortable coverage options with foundational lift stay in place and support your breasts during mild to rigorous sand and water activities. Check out Swimsuits Direct’s women’s sporty bikinis for secure tops with higher necklines, underwires, thicker bust line bands, wider straps, wrap-around torso straps, front zippers, racer backs, crisscross back straps, and customizable ties. More ways to identify active styles include longer crop tops and color blocking with contrasting trim. From primary and jewel-tone solids to floral and geometric prints, you’ll find trendy fabrics you’re eager to wear.

Cheeky bottoms: Featuring traditional triangle fronts, cheeky bottoms boast high-cut flip sides that flash outer and under rear curves. Shop Raisins’ women’s bathing suits for these sexy briefs with or without adjustable ties and strappy sides. Fabrics from vibrant floral or geometric motifs to pastel solids make selecting these flirty lower halves even more fun.

For additional athletic styles, browse our women’s active swimwear category. You’ll find fuller coverage options including one-piece bathing suits, swim dresses, tankini tops, rash guards, jackets, hoodies, shorts, skorts, skirts, and pants. Pastel, dark, and vivid colors make solids to floral, stripe, and other patterns popular choices.

Preparing for Perfection
Fabrics: Avoid crazy prints, or you may seem secondary. Pick shades contrasting with your skin over similar tones. Black may be the traditional solid to appear thinner. But any single color will elongate your silhouette. So expand your options to include everything from navy and white neutrals to bright blue and red variations.

Makeup: Accent your smile and eyes with lip color and mascara. Whatever boosts confidence in your beauty will make you glow more than cosmetics. If you can’t spare enough time to tan naturally, apply a body bronzer to feel and look leaner.

Lighting: Pose into the sunlight. If it’s to your side, shadows may be unflattering.

Background: Establish a clear setting without random objects or people in the background distracting from you.

Smiles: Your best facial expressions are authentic reactions that spring from within, so envision a smile-inducing person, place, thing, or event when modeling bikinis.

Posing by Camera Angles
Straight on: Front-facing shots may display your body head to toes. Shape-enhancing sporty tops that combine snug coverage with supportive push-up effects create enviable cleavage. Sucking in your tummy can cause a stiff, fake, and bumpy appearance with your ribcage visible through your skin. You’ll look better exhaling before flexing your abs.

Three-quarter turn: Rotate your body left or right slightly, swinging out one shoulder. Cross one foot over the other ankle. This three-quarter angle elongates your legs while narrowing your hips. Place a hand on the hip pointing outward toward the camera. Without arms dangling by your sides, you’ll appear and feel more natural with sleeker contours.

Profile: Swimsuit bottoms that rest around your hips without squeezing your sides are ideal for profile shots. Pose for sultry silhouettes by curving your body into an S shape. While poking out one hip, tilt your torso the other way. Twist your neck toward your prominent hip’s direction. Put hands on hips or hair.

From behind: Tops with detailed strappy or racer backs help you look hot from this angle. Stick your rear out slightly to show off cheeky bottom cuts.

Side view reclining face up: Lay your back down on the beach. Prop your head, shoulders, and chest up by your elbows. Extend a leg fully, pointing your toes. Bend the other knee to draw up the opposite leg. These adjustments tighten abs and create symmetry.

Lying face down looking up: Sporty bikini tops provide enough coverage for reclining face down. Shooting a 45-degree angle from the side captures your face, cleavage, and rump. Push your bottom out a little to highlight your bottom’s cheeky shape.

Underwater: Almost all bikinis may seem ethereal underwater, but sporty/cheeky combos add functional benefits. Secure fabric enables floating, swimming, diving, and posing without concerns over loose pieces slipping off and drifting away.

Tricks for Buying Plus-Size Swimsuits Online That Fit

Modern fashionistas are becoming experts at ordering bathing suits online that fit effortlessly upon arrival. Knowing your plus-size figure is key. Realizing what flatters your body best is more important than forcing your figure into the latest trends. Confident women select comfortable, complimentary cuts, styles, accents, and fabrics. To join that enviable club, use this Swimsuits Direct cheat sheet.

One-Piece Bathing Beauties
Instead of lumping all plus-size one-piece swimsuits into a single conservative mold, explore their versatile styles’ advantages. Decide which body areas you want to minimize, cover, highlight, or enhance. That determines if you choose raised, ornamental, or lowered fronts or backs. Bandeaus will compress your bust. Modest high-neck looks will confine and conceal your chest. Plunging, V-neck, keyhole, and sweetheart cuts flaunt cleavage. Halters lift your bust. Princess seaming with side splices or piping contrasting against center portions will slim your midsection. So will shirring and hidden tummy control panels.

Materials and accents change the looks of one-piece bathing suits. Fabrics span from slenderizing dark solids to fun pastel and bright shades to showy patterns like romantic florals and clever geometrics. Basic and full-coverage cuts stand out when you go colorful or ornate. Frills including lace and crochet bodices, sheer inserts, flounces, and ruffles draw visual interest to specific locations. To conceal upper thighs, choose longer skirted styles or swim dresses.

Two-Piece Tankini Stunners
If you want to appear appealing yet less revealing, try tankinis for full figures. These flexible tank top and brief sets will hide your belly while separates allow freedom of movement. Bandinis will reduce your bust size, halters create lift, and underwires ensure support. Choose cuts that highlight your form’s strengths. If you have narrow shoulders, strapless bandeaus or widespread straps will look better than halters, which produce tapering effects.

Pick thicker materials for added structure and stability to restrict unwanted jiggling. Tankini swimsuits in darker solids, smaller patterns, and softer motifs will help you look slimmer. But if vivid tones, big prints, or flashy extras draw your eye, going for whatever you love will improve your confidence. To conceal upper thighs, opt for longer tops or swim skirt bottoms.

Daring Bikini Visions
These swimming suits pair two abbreviated pieces. High necklines from solid fabric to lacey, crochet, macramé, strappy, and mesh inserts prevent your bust from escaping in public. Select supportive halter, bandeau, bralette, underwire, or push-up tops to boost up fuller breasts. Adjustable ties and lace-up styles allow you to get just the right tautness for your form’s perfect fit. Decorative flounces extend down to cover your belly partially.

Some plus-size bikini bottoms dip below your navel and sit on your hips. But many women wanting more midriff coverage for modesty reasons choose high-rise briefs. They stay in place during energetic sand or water sports to avoid embarrassing slippage. These feminine-looking pieces help create hourglass curves with a timeless appeal. Former vintage garments have gone modern with sleek lines hiding bumps, princess seeming trimming width, shirring for comfy elasticity, and tummy toners for flattening effects. Embellishments range from cutouts and mesh inserts to strappy shaping and skirted bottoms with dainty ruffles.

Sizing All Silhouettes
Are your upper and lower proportions inconsistent? Then two-piece swimsuits let you pick tops and bottoms separately to get the best cuts, sizes, and fits for each. You can even mix and match harmonizing or contrasting colors, patterns, and/or designers to customize unique tankini and bikini sets that express your fashion flair while conforming to your contours perfectly.

When viewing individual offerings’ descriptions, click on “See Size Chart” to bring up that designer’s typical measurements by sizes. Some provide extra fitting tips to eliminate guesswork. Anne Cole Plus also explains how to measure four key body areas. Becca ETC’s 0-3X options list practical details including equivalent plus sizes like 16-18 and corresponding cup sizes. If you’re still not sure which you need, ask customer service for assistance.

Shipping and Return Policies
Swimsuits Direct ships orders quickly all over the world in just one or two days. If your purchase fails to meet your satisfaction for any reason, you’ll appreciate our lenient, no-hassle return policy. You may exchange your swimwear or obtain a full refund minus the shipping fee. Protective panty liners must be intact on all unaltered items you send back within 30 days to receive reimbursements.

Stay On-Trend With Fashionable 2016 Swimwear

Over the years, swimwear has progressed from prudish protection to fashion statements that expose skin in stylish and attractive ways. New and revived beachwear tricks balance functionality with sex appeal every year. In 2016, designers are featuring a fun assortment of creative approaches to show off your figure in and around water. Today’s multitude of possibilities means everyone is sure to find delightful options for various occasions.

Balconette Tops
Structured tops ensure much greater support than flimsy triangles. Combining flattering styling and comfort, they eliminate sagging and slipping concerns. Women’s swimsuit trends 2016 will make famous include balconette tops like this floral bikini with highlighted seams. Designers also pair reinforced upper halves with high-waisted lower pieces to create retro looks.
If you prefer more coverage than bikinis and greater freedom than one-piece looks, try tankinis. They feature tank-style swimsuit tops over regular bottoms. Tailored to hide your midriff area, they show less skin. Separate sections aren’t as confining as some single-piece designs. Browse Swimsuit Direct’s strapless, ruched, fringed, skirted, and many other tankini swimsuits in popular colors and patterns from subdued to vivacious.

Moroccan Looks
Mix textiles and colors to reflect Morocco’s vivid geometric tiles and rugs. Hot combinations include fuchsia stretch terrycloth, blue honeycomb-textured spandex, oranges with yellows, and reds with pinks. This woman’s blue and white one-piece stunner represents print swimsuit trends replicating treasured Moroccan decor.

Ethnic-inspired Incan and South African swimsuits declare boldness in radiant colors and exotic patterns. Tropical and island prints in cheerful shades set the mood for active fun or lazy lounging.

“Baywatch” Cuts
Remember the 1980’s basic high-cut bathing suits of “Baywatch” fame? They’re back! Look for smooth maillot updates going from lifeguard red to intense neons, metallic sheens, and awning stripes.

Strapless Maillots
Retro looks are the rage this year with one-piece suits getting flashback makeovers. A major trend for maillots is going strapless. Wrapping belts around waists glamorizes timeless floral patterns.

Halter Necks
Anyone who likes halter shirts or dresses will love one-piece or two-piece swimsuit versions in assorted colors and patterns. Necklines vary with high ones being ideal for women who prefer not to accentuate cleavage.

Super Deep Backs
Some swimsuit backs feature cuts so deep, they expose lower-back cleavage. While this daring reveal may not be everyone’s thing, celebs are flaunting this sexy spectacle in red-carpet fashions. Wearing a cover-up until you can stay in waist-deep water may help you adjust to this deep-dipped style gradually.

Sporty Chic
The athleisure trend is holding its focus on functional comfort — even for swimming. Add bright color blocking, and surfing suits become chic. Designed for easy movement, active options resembling sports bras are confident ways to avoid embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions.

Preppy Nautical Styles
Traditional patriotic and primary tones are enduring mainstays. Clean, classic swimwear featuring solids, color blocks, and thick stripes in various combinations exude yacht-club prestige. Decorative details like zippers, buttons, ties, and bows salute celebrated nautical traditions.

Colors and patterns are maturing into sophisticated looks. Gemstones influenced rubies and emeralds that are replacing brighter shades. Coupling premium fabrics with sleek fits and tasteful coverage in one-piece styles shows that swim fashions have grown up with class.
Creative Cutouts
One-piece swimsuits with cutouts like monokinis are clever ways to conceal more zones than bikinis. Extra material or strings connect upper and lower areas across mid-sections, enhancing silhouettes. Side cutouts tend to follow and flatter the female body’s natural curves, mimicking hourglass contours. Edgier options remove unexpected asymmetrical shapes. The bonus of not shifting while diving means you can’t lose your bottom piece accidently.

Mix and Match
Two new bikinis will double your fashion options. Choose complementary colors and patterns so you can mix tops and bottoms into different combinations. Then hit the beach four weekends in a row in a unique look every time.

Disco Crochet
Designers are crossing flower children with disco divas to conceive crochet swimsuits in psychedelic colors with nostalgic vibes. Reminisce with see-through panels, vibrant rickrack trim, and embroidered edging.

Lovely Lingerie
Emerging from candlelit bedrooms to sunlit pools, lingerie adornments are claiming public notice. Swiss dots, sheer panels, scallops, and lace borders are trending. Lining attractively placed keyholes with translucent or filigree fabrics creates sexy looks that aren’t too skimpy. You’ll feel feminine in soft, sweet pastels that convey romance.

6 Healthy Snacks You Can Take Anywhere

One of the biggest challenges you may encounter when on a diet is eating healthy while on the go. Here are six healthy snacks you can take anywhere in your beach bag.

Bite Size Fruits and Veggies

Carrots, celery sticks, apple slices, and grapes make great snack size foods that you can take and eat anywhere. Throw some ranch, hummus or your favorite your low-fat yogurt on the side for some extra flavor.

Protein Bars

Protein bars are great snacks to eat if you are pressed for time but are starving. Protein takes longer for your body to digest and can make you feel full longer. Protein bars are available in many different flavors.

Tortilla Wrap Sandwiches

You can make your favorite sandwiches healthier by using tortilla wraps instead of bread. Place a slice of turkey or chicken on top of a whole wheat tortilla. Next add some cheese and a thin layer of avocado or hummus. Roll the tortilla up and place it into a small baggie to enjoy later or slice it into little pinwheels to make it a fun and convenient finger food.

Cheese Sticks

If you need some protein to curb your appetite and give you a boost of energy, you can’t go wrong with cheese sticks. You can find them already packaged as sticks and cubes. Or you can buy your cheese in blocks and cut them up yourself.


Edamame is one veggie that makes a great snack for anyone who is on the go because it is packed full of iron, omega 3-fatty acids and protein. Steam your edamame in advance and store them in the refrigerator for up to three days. When you’re ready to go, simply sprinkle them with a little salt or your favorite spice. Place them into a baggie to enjoy while you’re out and about.


Peanuts, cashews, almonds and sunflower seeds are nuts that are full of protein, magnesium, and other nutrients. They don’t require any preparation. You can purchase them in bulk or as individual serving sizes so you can eat them whenever you feel the urge.
Don’t let your healthy eating habits stress you out when you are on the go. Think outside of the box and you‘ll be able to come up with plenty more healthy snack ideas that you can enjoy at any time.

5 D-Cup Bathing Suits Under $80

In a perfect world, any sized woman could walk into a store and find clothing that fits her. If you’re a D-cup, however, this isn’t always reality. That becomes more apparent as summer approaches, because regardless of your dress size it is nearly impossible to find D-cup bathing suits that fit properly.

Now you can achieve a comfortable, tailored look with one- or two-piece women's swimsuits. Swimwear designed for the large-busted woman adds to a relaxed summertime wardrobe, making it ideal for experiencing a variety of outdoor fun without compromising fit, fashion or style. 

Affordable, Sexy Swimwear

It can be a complicated job to find an affordable swimsuit that provides coverage and support without compromising on style. Swimwear based on bra sizes enables you to find bikini tops or one-piece swimsuits that are designed to fit you flawlessly. Feel confident with the slimming fit that each D-cup bathing suit provides. A few of our favorite styles under $80 include:

  1. This D-cup wrap one-piece swimdress with molded cups provides underwire support in and out of the water.
  2. A two-tone bikini with halter top and side tie bottom is sure to make a splash at the next pool party.
  3. When you want moderate coverage with a fun curve, consider a stylish Tankini that looks and feels tailor-made.
  4. Don’t skimp on fashion with wave flounce halter-top with adjustable bikini bottom.
  5. For a drop-dead look, try this drop shelf bandeau bikini with removable cups, adjustable straps and American-style bottom.

Now you can enjoy sandy beaches or just relax poolside in a bra-sized swimsuit. Discover D-cup bathing suits in a variety of prints, styles and colors that are specially designed to make a chic fashion statement this summer. Look confident and fashionable while staying cool and comfy with a stunning one- or two-piece swimsuit that is fitted by your bra size. Create your individual and unique look by browsing through our abundant collection of bra sized bathing suits, including D-cup swimwear, from

11 Plus Size Bathing Suits Under $50

Finding a bathing suit for any size can be a challenging task, but it is especially daunting for those who weigh a little more. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of styles for all body types and it is possible to find plus size bathing suits to feel confident in without breaking the bank.

1. Solids Tankini

This classic two-piece comes in solid colors, which can create a slimming look. Because the top and bottom are sold separately, it is easier to find the correct size for those who may be more top or bottom heavy. This style offers a scoop neck.

2. Solids Tankini in Deep Cobalt

This solid two piece suit adds more definition in the chest area and adds a pop of color.

3. Impressionist Tankini

The top has a v-neck and many colors to give it an artistic look. The bottoms are purple and compliment the colorful top.

4. Animal Kingdom Tankini

This two piece suit with a higher scoop neck is perfect for the animal lover and for someone who wants to be a little more adventurous.

5. Lush Blossom Tankini

This floral top with adjustable side ties adds a pretty touch, and the v-scooped neck is flattering.

6. Bouquet Breeze Tankini

This suit consists of another colorful top with thicker front straps, similar to a tank top.

7. Ethnic Swirl Bandeaukini

This cute two piece suit consists of a colorful top and solid high waist skirt.

8. Daisy Days Tankini

Another two piece that features a skirt, the top is imprinted with daisies and has an empire waist.

9. Binded Tankini

This flattering style is a halter top and offers a pop of red color around the chest area.

10. Marina Stripe Tankini

The top consists of diagonal stripes in different colors, and the bottom is a shirred adjustable swim skirt.

11. Pleat Front Bandeau A-Line

This unique suit consists of molded cups and a pleated A-line top, perfect for stomach coverage.

The Hottest Seafolly Swimwear of 2014

Sexy Seafolly Swimwear

Seafolly Swimwear is known for their chic designs that will make you look and most of all feel sexy

One of the most popular swimwear and beachwear companies in the world, Australian brand Seafolly Swimwear is a go-to when you’re looking to stay ahead of the style curve during swimsuit season. Offering some of the hottest trends (think bold prints, bright colors and modern cuts), when you’re in need of highly fashionable swim apparel and accessories, they are definitely the beachwear line to rock with.

Their collections mix seamlessly together, so you can easily mix and match your colors and patterns to be anything but boring on the beach. Swimsuit season is about having fun, showing off your best features and taking your style to the max, so take a peek at some of hottest  Seafolly swimsuits of 2014. Continue reading

Bikinis for 40 year old women and beyond

Helen Mirren in a Bikini

Helen Mirren is 69 years old. She’s still wearing a bikini. What’s your excuse?

Recently we did a post on swimwear for women over 40. But we received a bunch of requests specifically for bikinis for mature women who are 40+. We were happy to comply.

How old is too old to wear a bikini? Well according to one study on older women and bikinis from the Daily Mail the answer is 47 years old. Now let’s say you just turned forty. You’ve still got seven good years of wearing a bikini. So no worries there.

But we say that 47 years being the cutoff age for wearing a bikini is total poppycock (yes we think having a set age for when you should stop wearing a bikini is so absurd we used a word like poppycock to describe it.)  Look at this picture of Helen Mirren in a bikini. She looks great doesn’t she? She’s a woman well over 60 and she’s not worried about being to old for a bikini. Age is really just a state of mind.

“But Helen Mirren is a celebrity,” you’re probably saying,  “she has lots of money to be able to look so good in her 60’s.” This is true but not the point. We’re trying to say it’s very silly to limit yourself from one of swimwear fashion’s most beloved styles just because you’re over 40 or over 50 or even over 60 years old. The fact of the matter is if you’re a 40 plus year old woman with a bikini body then wear a bikini! Continue reading

Swimsuits for under $20

Cheap Bathing suits

We have a huge selection of bikinis and bathing suits under $20. Discover some of the hottest discount swimsuits you can find online. Like This striped InMocean Bikini for only $12.00

There are some things like four leaf clovers, winning the lottery and having the first bathing suit you try on fit perfectly, that are so incredibly uncommon. Among those rarities is finding quality fashionable women’s bathing suits for under twenty dollars. But as unbelievable as it sounds, we at have done just that. In fact we’ve got about 160 chic well-made swimsuits for less than $20. We’re not talking cheap women’s bathing suit or cheap swimsuits. We mean quality really low priced women’s swimwear.

Saving money is important to every lady’s swimwear shopper. It’s not hard to spend over $150 on two or even one swimsuit. But whether you’re over 40 years old or wearing juniors bikinis the goal is always to spend less on swimsuits for the summer.

So we wanted to share with you a few of those swimsuits for under twenty dollars to help you save on women’s swimwear. Continue reading

It’s not too late to shop for women’s swimwear.

Summers always seem to fly by. And even though we’re almost in August, there’s loads more opportunities to strut your stuff in a new fashionable bikini or one piece swimsuit. Make time for a beach trip, spend the afternoon lounging around by the pool, play hookie just to lay outside under the sun and work on your tan, and you can always book a Labor Day Weekend vacation. A month is plenty of time to go swimsuit shopping online. And find yourself the perfect swimwear outfit.

Of course one of the best parts of being an online swimsuit shop is that it’s never too late to buy women’s swimwear.

So check out this list of the 10 hottest bathing suits for women. Continue reading