Modern Swimsuit Cuts Create Unique Tan Lines

Are you ready to break free from basic bathing suit contours that provide standard tan lines? Then consider unconventional styles with scalloped edges, fringe, cutouts, strappy detailing, and shoulder variations. Women of all shapes and sizes will enjoy flaunting these eccentric swimsuit cuts. Sun-smart ladies use fake tanning methods and bronzers, so sunbathing in minimal yet traditional swimsuits is no longer necessary to darken pale skin.

Tanning Suggestions
Women have discovered two ways to approach the alternative swim silhouette dilemma. Adventurous types are embracing the bizarre tan lines they form. Since today’s fashion trends proclaim individuality proudly, looking different can be a plus. Are you daring enough to display wildly imaginative skin imprints like body art? Low-cut tops will flash fascinating shapes in contrasting skin shades without needing statement necklaces to create drama. On the reverse side, back-revealing halter-tops will show off intricate two-toned designs.

But if you’d rather avoid obvious tan lines, limit sun exposure. Always apply a high-SPF sunscreen for pool, lake, and beach outdoor activities. When you’re out of the water, lounge on chairs or beach towels under shading umbrellas in oversized sunhats and cover-ups. Those efforts will conceal quirky-shaped bathing suits.

Selection Tips
All standout styles you choose must look impeccable. So select cuts that flatter your figure. Getting an ideal fit in the right size is key to avoid too-tight silhouettes with multiple straps pinching your skin. Shop Swimsuits Direct for newly arrived designer women’s swimwear. Or browse the latest plus-size bathing suits for equally creative possibilities. Popular two-piece options pair triangle bikini, bandeau, bralette, halter, tankini, and high-neck tops with hipster, high-waist, and skirted bottoms. Or pick from one-piece versions including maillots, swim dresses, deep-cut Vs, and high necklines. This year’s trendy colors range from nude to berry to neon.

Embellished Edges
Feminine accents like dainty scalloped edges, lettuce trims, smocked frills, and zigzag borders will play up your natural womanly curves. These fascinations transform otherwise basic swimsuits into elegant yet flirty styles. When these special extras highlight or enhance your neckline and more, they’ll turn heads wherever you swim. Add shorts and/or shoes with similar fancy elements for coordinated looks that make striking fashion statements.

Fringe and Tassels
Do you want to unleash your exotic fantasies? Then try bikini or tankini tops featuring fringe hanging over your midsection with bottoms brandishing tassel side ties. You’ll get a little more coverage with the fun of flaunting ethnic-inspired designer details. These tribal influences add texture and depth to any beach look.

Cutouts and Inserts
Even though cutouts have been trendy for some time, they’re becoming more modern, extreme, and intense. Strategically placed keyholes, thin slits, and larger bare sections reveal upper, side, and lower areas. Extra glimpses of skin are flattering for many body types. Maybe you like this overall look but feel more comfortable exposing less of your figure, or you want to avoid unexpected tan line shapes. Then consider sheer-lined cutouts. Various inserted materials like mesh, lace, crochet, and macramé fill-in designer gaps. The resulting feminine see-through appeal offers better sun protection in more modest options.

Strappy Detailing
Multiple straps are assuming prominent positions across chests, tummies, backs, and sides. Interesting configurations encompass parallel, angled, and crisscross. Also hot this year are lace-up styles, resembling sexy retro corsets.

One-Shoulder Styles
Inspired by single-strap dresses’ glamour and popularity, one-shoulder swimsuits make your appearance asymmetrical and edgy. These sleek and sexy bathing suits are sure to draw attention. Pair them with capri pants and wedge sandals to slink in style from beaches to bistros or bars.

Off-the-Shoulder Looks
Trendy summer shirts, dresses, and now swimsuits are displaying off-the-shoulder modifications that look and feel cool. Sleeve styles range from cap, suspended, and flounce to ruffled, sheer net, and strappy. Extra cascading fabric hides large or jiggly arms. Choose options with just one upper color or print rather than an assortment, which can appear too busy. These versatile and chic pieces can replace changing into blouses. During swim breaks, don shorts or skirts to grab lunch or go shopping.

Before and after swimming, slip Swimsuits Direct cover-ups over your artsy bathing suits for sun protection. Styles include dresses, tunics, caftans, ponchos, kimonos, shirts, rompers, and hoodies. Create fashionable combos by picking colors or patterns that match or contrast with the swimsuits you’re concealing.

Eclectic Looks Create a Swim Fashion Frenzy

Modern fashionistas are embracing the diverse creations distinguishing this summer’s coolest beachwear. Pick your favorite trends below from Swimsuits Direct’s irresistible 2017 collection.

Feminine Whimsy
Frilly accents like flounces and ruffles in lacey or textured fabrics take inspiration from lingerie and bohemian looks. Flaunt flirty impressions in two-piece swimming suits with flounce tops. Gathers infuse even traditionally masculine colors and patterns with girlie glamor. Shades range from bridal whites and soft pastels to dark neutrals and pretty to fun prints. Designers pair these playful tops with hipster, cheeky, and high-waist bottoms featuring adjustable side ties, strappy detailing, crochet inserts, and contrasting edging.

Want more whimsically feminine options? Imagine honeymoons meeting yacht parties by bringing bedroom attire to beaches. Becca’s one-piece silhouettes with sheer lace inserts in many solid colors provide fuller coverage with alluring flairs. Their sweet peek-a-boo effects look delicately suggestive. Other romantic embellishments include crochet, embroidery, scalloped edges, off-shoulder styling, and lace-up details exposing fronts, midriffs, and sides.

High Necklines
Bikinis, tankinis, and one-piece bathing suits with high necklines come in tame to racy styles. Some women prefer full upper coverage for modesty reasons while busty ladies like extra support and fabric to prevent accidental spillovers. But other options boast clever cleavage-revealing tricks through keyholes, sheer crochet or mesh overlays, strappy detailing, and lace-up or lattice fronts. See-through deep plunges make partial concealment surprisingly sexy.

Festival Inspirations
Music festivalgoers around the world have developed unique boho looks that are causing big splashes on beaches too. Swimsuit fabrics feature pastel to vivid tie-dyes, florals, and tropical designs. Flaunt festival wear accents like straps befitting Grecian goddesses, cold shoulders, sheer crochet and macramé, lace-up tops and bottoms, and tassels.

Natural Instincts
Tribal beat looks display a rich color palette of wine, deep rose, blush, and berry hues from cranberry to blueberry. Other options are natural tones like browns and neutrals from pale sands to medium khakis. Silhouettes consist of minimal triangle bikinis to basic maillots. Find global shades for women’s bathing suits in our new arrivals’ section. For bolder shapes, choose among popular ethnic prints sprinkled across our 2017 one- and two-piece lineup. Search for Leilani’s Siesta and Becca’s Inspired themes that evoke cultural influences through textile designs.

Cheeky Briefs
A hybrid version of traditional bikini bottoms and thongs is growing in popularity. What could have been scandalous decades ago is a trendy option for independent women. A little extra cheek exposure allows enough rear coverage plus the bonus of irresistible sex appeal boosting your confidence.

Fuller Bottoms
If you prefer more instead of less fabric down south, replace string-tie triangles, high-cut legs, and partially bared cheeks with fuller high-waist bottoms. Flashing excess skin isn’t necessary to appear hot. These sleek timeless briefs’ silhouettes look flattering when shapely fits accentuate your curves. Besides recreating vintage California girl vibes, sporty coverage means surfers and beach volleyball players can avoid dreaded tugs and slippages. Faintly masculine yet effortlessly sexy, these athletic summer takes on the tomboy and menswear trends empower women to look retro chic without showing off everything.

Minimal Luxe
Always-popular one-piece bathing suits in basic black prevail again for 2017. But that slimming dark solid doesn’t make all styles look plain. Try our black one-piece swimsuits with lace-up fronts and sides, strappy detailing, deep-V necklines, V-wires, keyholes, cutouts, mesh and crochet inserts, lace appliques, shirring, ruching, contrasting trim and stitching, cap sleeves, and high-cut legs.

Broad Stripes
Nautical and patriotic prints remain enduring treasures. Standout color-blocking-style stripes mix any combination of water-inspired hues, American flag shades, and black. But all alternating tones and widths claim universal appeal.

Today’s cover-ups ensure more than just sun protection. Slip into cute pieces in various styles to conceal any figure insecurities. Swimsuit trends carry over into cover-ups. Look for crochet and lace fabrics. Favorite embellishments include lace-up fronts, sheer inserts, ruffles, fringe, tassels, pom poms, and scalloped trims. Cold- and off-shoulder cuts are hot this summer. Popular fashions are tunics, caftans, shirts, kimonos, rompers, vests, ponchos, jackets, hoodies, rash guards, jumpers, dresses, shorts, skirts, pants, and jumpsuits. Pair white, pastel, wine, berry, neutral, or black shades with harmonizing or contrasting bathing suit colors or prints. Wear patterns over solids or match motifs like romantic florals, tropical greenery, retro tie-dyes and paisleys, ethnic geometrics, and assorted stripes.

Why Women Love Vintage Swimwear Styles

If you aren’t super confident about baring your figure on the beach, you’ll love the retro swimwear comeback. Vintage styles for all shapes and sizes provide extra coverage while rejuvenating classic glamour girl looks. A new wave of cuts and fabrics can help you hide any physical flaws. Check out the best features of Swimsuits Direct’s one-piece bathing suits, maillots, swim dresses, and high-waist bottoms.

Throwback Advantages
Maximum coverage: Women of all sizes have body issues. Skinnier women want to add weight and contours. Heavier ladies hope to shed those excesses. Luckily, tasteful cuts go beyond concealing all or most of your midriff to hugging your waist and hips properly. That combination flatters thin to thick shapes subtly.

Age neutral: Busy women and mothers may not have time to prioritize fitness. Extra post-pregnancy pounds make wearing swimsuits with confidence tricky for some moms. From young to mature, all females can feel attractive in these enduring styles that disguise tummies.

One-Piece Bathing Suits
Dating back to the 18th century, women have worn one-piece swimsuits. They’re still popular standbys for showing off feminine curves today. Low-dipping necklines and cutouts can make fuller coverage appear just as hot as bikinis. Plunging necklines draw attention downward to your waist, your figure’s narrowest section, for welcome slimming effects. Side cutouts and mesh inserts can lengthen and trim your torso and legs.

Browse Swimsuits Direct for one-piece bathing suits that bring back yesteryear’s glory. Consider Anne Cole’s shirred bandeaus with halter straps to give your bust a nice lift. Seafolly’s looks go from deep-V necklines to cute boy legs. The latter’s hemlines extend just enough to conceal troublesome thighs.

“Baywatch,” the 1989-2001 hit TV series, made traditional lifeguard maillots trendy among real-life beachgoers. It was responsible for sales of red-hot, one-piece bathing suits reaching the one million mark. To recreate the basic water rescue vibe, go for retro Anne Cole maillots. Or choose from Swimsuits Direct’s embellished styles featuring flirty accents like cutouts, sheer inserts, and ruffles.

Swim Dresses
Skirted one-piece bathing suits provide added coverage for a common problem area, the upper thighs. From extended lengths to loose-fitting overhangs to ruffled hems, Swimsuits Direct swim dresses will help you embody the modern-day version of a vintage Hollywood starlet.

High-Waist Bottoms
Unlike fit athletes and supermodels, your abs might not be toned and flat. Some bikini styles keep shrinking. But you want more fabric instead of less? No problem. You’ll be glad to rediscover traditional high-waist bottoms. While sculpting your form into the enviable hourglass illusion, their control-top quality is increasing these retro briefs’ popularity.

Swimsuits Direct lets you buy two-piece bathing suit upper and lower halves separately. So mix and match designers, sizes, cuts, colors, and patterns. Look through our offerings for high-waist bottoms and boy shorts. Besides covering your belly, they hold it in and smooth your hips. To reveal a little skin, pick styles with sheer inserts or cutouts. Or try strappy or lace-up sides. Pair vintage briefs with tops like La Blanca’s halters or bandeaus to accentuate your bust.

Fabric, Patterns, Colors, and Adornments
Materials: You’ll be grateful that today’s throwback swimming suits have eliminated the heavy, scratchy textiles of former times. Instead, soft and stretchy fabrics, ruching, shirring, and internal tummy toners will help support ample breasts and minimize a fuller midsection and rear.

Even though designers have made comfy fabric changes, they’ve retained memorable prints and frills including:

Stripes: Choose swimsuits with alternating white and bold stripes that mimic classic beach towels. Any combination of red, white, and blue creates an old-school nautical or patriotic flair.

Florals: Nothing depicts the gentle gender better than lovely floral patterns. Wearing petite petals or big blossoms, you’ll look and feel your girly best.

Polka dots: Dainty white circles on backgrounds in contrasting shades evoke earlier, simpler days. For timeless appeal, pick polka dots.

Gingham: A cheerful motif that’s all the rage again is gingham. Its sweet white and color checks are reminiscent of carefree summer picnics.

Embellishments: Lace, crochet, macramé, fringe, flounces, ruffles, and bows enhance smaller busts and hips. As those ornamental elements give you a shapelier silhouette, they also feminize simple cuts and prints.

Fashion accessories: Complete your nostalgic look with pin-up girl accessories like a big hat, oversized sunglasses, red lipstick, a pretty parasol, and high heels.

Bikini Search Hints for Juniors and Women

Your body doesn’t need to match a certain mold to brandish a bikini. Use the suggestions below to determine which types will fit your size and contours best with suitable support while displaying your unique fashion sense. Then check out Swimsuits Direct’s corresponding options online. Browse Bikini Lab swimwear for junior styles. If you’re looking for women’s versions, explore our other Bikini Lab section with more possibilities sized just for you.dc045

Identify Your Shape
To choose which features you want bikinis to spotlight or downplay, identify your body form from these typical examples:

Hourglass: A narrow waist separates full chest and hips. No tricks are necessary for this enviable shape.

Athletic: This thin frame features small breasts and hips. Play up both upper and lower zones to appear rounder.

Apple: Weight settles in your torso and tummy above slender hips and legs. To create balanced curves, choose tops that reduce your ample bust size and bottoms that enhance your narrow lower region.

Pear: Below your small shoulders and waist, extra weight surrounds your hips, butt, and thighs. Mimic an hourglass figure by selecting tops that embellish your bust line and bottoms that minimize your lower portion.

Choose Tops
Swim tops’ cuts, colors, and fabrics influence how they look on you. Try these resourceful cheats to simulate more flattering illusions:

Enlarge small chest: Triangle, halter, and bandeau tops are ideal for small breasts. Hanky flounces add the impression of volume. So do padding, push-ups, and underwires. Choose light or bright shades or patterns — not dark colors.

Highlight bust area: Classic string bikinis’ triangle tops direct attention to your upper torso. Halter-tops accentuate cleavage while bandeaus promote perkiness.

Support large bust: If your cup size exceeds a C, avoid string bikini and strapless bandeau tops. Sturdier styles in the right size with substantial coverage and support can stop your voluptuous curves from spilling out over upper edges and sides. Go for halters, high necklines, cups with underwires, and wide adjustable shoulder and back straps for lift, proper tightness, and comfort.

Instead of vivid dyes, big busy patterns, and stripes that spark interest, choose dark colors like black.

Select Bottoms
Lower bikini halves affect how your hips and behind look. Consider these tips to reshape that zone visually:

Expand slender hips and butt: Bottoms with string ties, strappy detailing, or ruffles create extra prominence. Light-colored briefs spread narrow proportions.
Emphasize lower areas: Search for bottoms with fashion adornments like string ties, contrasting trim, crochet inserts, frills, and wild patterns.

Shrink broad hips or rump: Find smooth bottoms without embellishments increasing your lower measurements. Wear deep colors instead of vibrant shades, stripes, and busy prints.

Small center sections featuring bright color blocking or bold patterns narrow your width when dark or subdued fabric or mesh fill in the outer portions. Similarly, opt for bottoms with minimal material between longer side ties or straps.

Combine Separate Pieces
Swimsuits Direct offers the convenience of selecting all bikinis as separates. That lets you try out these strategies for putting individual halves together:

Monochromatic color palettes: Use lighter tints to highlight certain body features. Reserve darker shades from the same color family to underplay other regions. For example, a pale apricot top will place the focus on your chest while a slightly more saturated coral bottom will make your hips and backside less noticeable.

Contrasting and coordinating hues and patterns: For dramatic impact, pair contrasting neutrals like lights vs. darks. Or pit either of those extremes against jewel tones such as jade or turquoise. Pick loud designs for whichever half you choose to flaunt and color-coordinated solids on the other you hope to deemphasize. If broad shoulders overshadow your lower portion, go with separates that strike a better balance. Select subtle tops with wide shoulder straps. Add embellished bottoms in bright motifs or fun prints.

Mismatched sizes: Are you still trying to force differences like an undersized bust and generous hips into the same size bikini pieces? Swimsuits Direct has a better way. Order a small top with a medium or even large bottom. Getting the right fit is more important that wearing one size.

Exude Confidence
Cute, well-fitting bikinis will seem unflattering if your posture is sloppy. Stand straight, roll back your shoulders, raise your chin, smile confidently, and you’ll be a stunning bathing beauty.

Feminine One-Piece Swimsuits for Every Figure

Most women wore one-piece swimsuits until skimpier bikinis became popular during the 1960s. In recent years, designers have updated fuller coverage classics with chic modern flairs. So the fan base for these timeless looks extends way beyond serious swimmers, body-conscious females, and sun-averse ladies.

Current one-piece cuts, frills, colors, and patterns can make any teen or woman appear and feel more glamourous. Find physical concerns below that describe you. Review the clever tricks to flatter your form. Then browse Swimsuits Direct online for your ideal prospects.

Compact, Sporty Body
If your slight, active frame lacks curves, skip shapeless styles that will play up your athletic build. Choose sexy cuts including scoop, sweetheart, and V-necks over high necklines and top sections drawing straight lines above your breasts. Bust padding, cups, ruffles, and gathers will mimic rounded contours. Shop Swimsuits Direct for cute one-piece bathing suits with girlie prints like this bright junior design. The floral theme with tassels and crisscross back straps will avoid the dreaded tomboy look. Dainty fabrics such as lace and feminine colors or motifs also lend graceful qualities.

Broad Shoulders
Your upper frame may appear boxy if your shoulders are wideset. To fashion a more desirable overall balance, try solid-colored swimsuits with side panels providing standout features. Contrasting shades or patterns, sheer mesh or lace inserts, strappy detailing, cutouts, or slashes will simulate the desirable hourglass figure. Asymmetrical necklines with straps over just one side will draw attention upward and away — not straight across.

Small Chest
Assorted fashion details help bathing suits enhance small bosoms. Look for upper embellishments like ruffles, shirring, twist-front bandeaus, lacing, contrasting trim, crochet, or bows to suggest fuller breasts. Molded or padded cups will sculpt your profile into rounder curves.

Ample Bust
Support and coverage are key when you have a larger figure. Search for swimsuits in larger cup sizes with underwire and thicker straps for the most flattering and comfortable fits. Forget deep-plunging fronts and flimsy materials without cups and structure. Extra support and higher necklines will help you avoid accidental overexposures.

Back Fat
Thin shoulder and back straps that cause indentations can plump up excess surrounding skin. Go for swimsuits with raised backs and thicker straps to smooth out any fleshy folds.

Round Tummy
One-piece styles offer several ways to conceal your midriff. Look for shirring, ruching, pleats, layered ruffles, blousons, and swim dresses with tummy toners. Plunging necklines lift the focus upward away from your abdomen. To flatten your midsection, choose one-piece swimsuits like this women’s jade sensation with shirring and tummy control panel. The deep V-neck draws eyes higher, favoring your bust over your belly.

Narrow Hips
How can you sculpt a curvier silhouette when you have slim hips? Search for dropped cutouts, sheer lace or mesh inserts, straps, stripes, color blocking, or trim to accentuate your hips conspicuously.

Wide Hips
The secret to downplaying prominent hips is improving the balance with your narrower shoulders. Pick swimsuits that seem to elongate your collarbone. Cap sleeves, ruffled straps slid down on your arms, widespread thick straps, and strapless straight-across necklines will expand that upper area visually.

Flat Behind
Ruching and frills will help your rear emerge in a shapelier form. Vivid colors and bold patterns claim focus, diverting attention from your flat rear. Unlike fuller bottoms, skimpier briefs that expose partial cheeks will bump up your derriere.

Big Booty
High-cut leg openings may be too revealing and uncomfortable if your posterior is on the generous side. That expanse needs more material to avoid unpleasant wedgies and constant tugging to enclose your entire rump, so exclude skimpy cuts. Look for plain bottoms in less conspicuous solid shades without adornments across your backside.

Thick Thighs
High-cut leg openings may be too revealing and uncomfortable if your posterior is on the generous side. That expanse needs more material to avoid unpleasant wedgies and constant tugging to enclose your entire rump, so exclude skimpy cuts. Look for plain bottoms in less conspicuous solid shades without adornments across your backside. 1 piece bathing suits like skirted halters. Beautiful designs offer elegance with the desired extended length. Ruffled or fringed edges ensure feminine charm.

Short Legs
Find high-cut leg openings to elongate your short legs. Achieve the same results with side sections featuring strappy detailing, bands, cutouts, or sheer inserts replacing solid materials. Revealing more skin makes your lower limbs appear longer, boosting the glam factor.

Unveiling Updated Beachwear Trends for 2017

The fashion focus for 2017 swimwear combines the last season’s most popular looks with fresh innovations. Discover how designers are enriching sophisticated simplicity by replicating a longing for yesteryear with a modern twist. Then check out our plus-size shopping tips. Whatever you choose, your best accessory is a confident attitude!dc041

Cut, Style, and Detail Elements
Beach romance: Delicate embellishments celebrate femininity with elegant neck and back details. Traditional beach-to-boudoir frills like ruffles, crochet, ruching, and bell sleeves add visual charm to solid-colored bathing suits. Laser-cut flounces enhance edges with filigreed grace.

Sheer mesh filling in various shaped cutouts creates enticing forms and contours. White lacy styles convey dainty bridal and irresistible honeymoon lingerie appeal. Shop Swimsuits Direct for cute plus-size swimsuits like this enchanting chambray blue beauty with an intricate lace appliqué that exudes romance.

Vintage Boho: Flowing, carefree comfort depicts this laid-back retro trend. Alluring handcrafted details like embroidery, crochet, macramé, braiding, tassels, and fringe are softening swimwear. Gypsy, peasant, hippie, festival chic, and Bohemian touches are ever popular for one- and two-piece bathing suits and top, tunic, and dress cover-ups. Nature-inspired ornamentations include wooden beads, cowrie shells, stones, and feathers.

Sexy straps: Lace-up lingerie styling on one-piece looks, separates, and cover-ups extends into another year to sensationalize seductive swimwear. Instead of settling for safe silhouettes, women are rocking more revealing swim fashions with flirty lattice- and bondage-style strap work. Decorative strips across necklines, midriff sides, low backs, and bikini bottoms intensify drama.

Punk uprising: An offshoot of the strappy bondage trend above, the mid-1970s punk counterculture is responsible for this edgy, rebellious look. The latest swimwear’s solid black and neutral color blocks brandish metal spikes, zippers, and chains as key accents representing personal freedom, defiance, and strength. Wearers display confidence in their daring appearances.

Sporty luxe: Activewear’s impact on mainstream fashions is making constantly evolving sporty looks versatile mainstays. Beyond color blocking, rash guards, and mesh basics, designers are combining sport technology, innovative intelligent textiles, and contemporary styling. Crossovers from swimwear to everyday attire include one-piece creations becoming body suits and rash guards substituting for sun-protective streetwear. For energetic activities, consider cute plus-size bathing suits like this athleisure sailing style in dark marine blue.

Beach-to-street styles: Fashionistas crave stylish and practical swimwear for year-round use. Women can transition new adaptable styles into streetwear. Beach-to-gym/bar/boudoir, festival chic, and sporty luxe bathing suits and cover-ups highlight classic yet multifunctional silhouettes. Slipping skirts or pants over one-piece swimsuits is gaining favor. So is pairing halter and crop swim tops with shorts and jeans.
Raised-neck tops: This 2016 breakout trend isn’t slowing. Designers are introducing high-neck tanks and crop tops with various cuts, fabrics, and modern decorative detailing.

High-rise legs: Bottom leg openings slashed extra high on sexy one- and two-piece swimsuits elongate and flatter shapely legs. Fashion inspirations from the late 1980s into the early ‘90s influence stylish lines and materials.

Swimsuit Selection Pointers
Use these tips to find plus-size bathing suits offering style, support, becoming fits, and comfort in typical areas of concern:

Bust: To minimize your bust, try high-neck bathing suits that draw attention upward toward your face. Built-in support bras or molded cups with underwire or elastic bands boost up ample breast tissue. Bustiers with those extras maintain their shape while lower-torso positioning keeps your chest in place.

Wide, sturdy halter straps allow variable-tie tautness around your neck. Unlike back fasteners, you can tighten or loosen ties for optimal reinforcement and comfort. Want more versatility? Consider convertible and removable bands that offer some combination of straight over-your-shoulders, halter, racer-back, cross-back, and strapless looks. If you choose sewn-in straps, make sure they’re adjustable. Then just raise or lower them depending on your breasts shape. For extra support that avoids side-boob overflow, pick straps that are thicker at cups’ outer edges.

Midriff: Tummy control panels will minimize your midsection. High-rise bottoms concealing your belly are slimming. Side sections in prominent colors or patterns create slenderizing effects, sculpting an hourglass-figure illusion. Narrow vertical stripes trim and lengthen rounded apple shapes. Sash and belt accents make cinched-in waists look smaller.

Hips and thighs: Emphasize your upper half while detracting from your lower one. Flashy neck detailing like ruffles and swim shorts that rest low on your hips pull eyes upward. For separate pieces, choose wilder and brighter tops to overpower plainer and darker bottoms.

Introducing 2017 Swimwear Colors and Patterns

Designers are releasing their refreshing 2017-swimwear collections, so everyone’s eager to see the latest fabric choices. Discover the brighter, bolder, more experimental fashion options below that women will be wearing from pools to beaches. Then browse the newest Anne Cole line at Swimsuits Direct for those upcoming trends.

One-piece looks consist of maillots, tanks, and bandeaus. Two-piece sensations include halters, tankinis, and bandeaukinis with mid-rise, hipster, and high-rise bottoms and swim skirts. Pair your favorites with cover-ups to feel stylish as you relish every carefree moment in the sun and water.

Key Themes
Vintage: Luxurious nostalgic looks revisit simpler times. Classical elegance with Victorian undertones echo the bygone era of British tradition, opulence, and structure. Dating back to the 1800s, this vintage trend highlights beauty, status, and extravagance. dc037

It tells a romantic tale with lavish lace and trims adorning ultra-feminine visions. Ruching flatters curves and adds interest while forming graceful, affluent appearances. Representative tints include white, taupe, rose, pink, merlot, lavender, and steel blue.

Bourgeoise: Emphasizing womanly refinement, a lighthearted charm will balance this sophisticated, mature, and sensible yet sexy style. High-society French pool and garden parties inspire Bourgeoise’s relaxed mood. An elegant yet ironic pop touch is reminiscent of the 1960s-‘90s. Shades include grape juice, brick dust, cendre blue, bud green, buff orange,, and limelight.

Flamboyant: Yearning for spontaneity in standardized fashions is just one of many Southern hemisphere treats. Its cultural energy and spirit motivate a flamboyant trend combining happy, lively, lush, exuberant, and generous fabrics, colors, and patterns. Natives’ original art, treasured handmade wares, and creative recycling have renewed interest in ancestral techniques that craft primitive graphics and grander florals in rich tones. Intensities include pirate black, blue Danube, shady glade (dark green), greenery, nectarine, lantana (pink), acacia (yellow), and magenta.

Impression: When mental and physical wellnesses align, a serene outlook encourages a modern active existence. The impression sensibility features swintimates, novel underwear/sportswear hybrids, in water-saturated colors. It explores how pure essential forms and human senses interact with material textures’ biological natures. Hues reflect the sea’s iridescent surface during light/shadow interplay. Dyes include Easter egg (periwinkle blue), acacia (yellow), blue glow, amparo blue, star white, citadel (gray), India ink (black), and silver.

Survivalist: Exploring the ocean’s mysterious depths offers opportunities to survive and reinvent yourself. After a rough journey from diving into intense waters to rising above them in gloomy anguish, you land on a futuristic isle. Aquatic-infused survivalist’s artificial yet fancy ambiance combines forward-thinking dimensions with military aesthetics. Tones include zephyr blue, pirate black, silver, legion blue, smoke pine, anemone (maroon), sand, and formula one (red).

Standout Shades
Finding colors to flatter your silhouette and skin tone will be fun with 2017’s rainbow of options. Nature and beach influences give us that evoke pleasure, happiness, and comfort from the 1950’s days of innocence. Verdant greens, watery blues, and sunny yellows depict scenic beauty. Anne Cole swimwear features women’s one-piece styles showcasing emerging bold tinges like Sunkist orange, flamingo pink, blue lagoon, Pacific blue, and Tahoe teal. Those cheerful, uplifting bursts inspire leisurely delights.

Earth tones express panoramic finery from the jungle to the oasis. Fresh shades include neutral olives and clays along with burnt siennas, coppers, corals, and cool blues. Patriotic palettes honor maritime traditions with peeks into seafaring days of old. Rich jewel tones like amethyst, aquamarine, and emerald green are surfacing like shimmering gems floating up from sunken treasure chests. Sexy colors and eye-popping neon brights flaunt unrestrained wildness, highlighting womanly curves with extra flair.

Adventurous Prints
Swimwear designers are updating basic black and navy with prominent shapes and energetic patterns. Trending looks include tropical schemes with lush trees and leaves, animal prints, geometrics, chevron stripes, tie-dyes, and ethnic influences. Anne Cole swimsuits like this tankini make dramatic style statements by brandishing multihued oversized graphics. Navy and white stripes give nautical creations a timeless appeal.

Bohemian spectacles include border, paisley, bandana, and scarf prints. For a charming vintage vibe, go for the boldness of loud retro designs or the sophisticated simplicity of pastel floral themes. Create an edgy feeling by mixing various fabrics and motifs. Striped trim provides contrasts to solid colors. Innovative pairings offset dark masculine blues and grays with soft, subtle feminine pastels. Browse Swimsuits Direct’s 2017 offerings for distinctive patterns that represent your signature beach look best.

Flaunt Your Curves in Plus-Size Swimsuits

Stunning bathing suits that match your frame inspire confidence, making any pool party, beach outing, or vacation more enjoyable. Instead of choosing bulky plus-size styles in dark solid colors to conceal your flaws, pick sexy and vibrant visions that highlight your curves. Use these tips to guide your selection for the most flattering fit and look.

Basic Decisions
Body type: First, you must understand your figure. Stand in front of a full-length mirror. Examine your body from various angles. Don’t worry, everyone finds this cringe-worthy task challenging. Even supermodels nitpick over some unfavorable areas.
Don’t focus on embarrassing spots. Pinpoint positives like a full bust or shapely legs that enhance your silhouette. Embracing your form will simplify deciding which assets to flaunt proudly and which imperfections to underplay.

Simple yet fashionable styles: One-piece swimsuits are must-have basics that provide becoming coverage for plus-size women. Carefully chosen cuts have the power to minimize, maximize, elongate, add curves, and support specific body areas.

Two-piece tankinis are great ways to obscure your midriff. Well-structured, supportive styles with built-in cups and control panels will hold your tummy in place while loose-fitting options will disguise it. Longer tops brushing over wide hips have a diminishing effect. If you’re eager to rock a bikini, a top with a flounce dangling almost to your navel and high-waisted bottoms provide better coverage.

Quality fabrics: Good material construction separates firming and slimming support from frumpy, bumpy, and saggy looks. Leave limp crochet and flimsy string bikinis to women wearing smaller sizes. Your fuller shape needs more substantial, resilient, and supportive textiles.

Super-stretchy fabrics provide tummy control. Spandex can help flatten your midsection with girdle-type restraint. Skip wispy materials that became even thinner and see-through when wet, exposing flaws, dimples, and scars.

Comfortable fits: Feeling relaxed and comfortable in swimwear is paramount. Instead of fretting over your flaws, choose styles for your profile — not whatever’s trending. A good fit that prevents unexpected reveals will increase your leisure-time enjoyment.

Swimsuit usage: Select designs that match your activity level. For brisk swimming and rigorous water sports, consider one-piece bathing suits. When taking small children to a beach, count on repeated squatting.

A two-piece style with a high-waisted bottom will improve your comfort while avoiding embarrassing slippages. Opt for secure straps over ties that little ones might undo, exposing too much publically. You may prefer smaller bikinis for lazy lounging and tanning days.

Slenderizing colors: Most women turn to basic black to diminish their roundness. But that intensity can appear too harsh against pale complexions. So try other dark shades like gray, navy, brown, burgundy, and deep purple to shrink your frame instantly.

Slimming and Trimming Tricks
Accentuate your positives and conceal any negatives by following these tips:
• V-neck swimsuits’ slenderizing effects extend from your face to your waist.
• Cups with underwires or elastic accommodate and support full bust lines comfortably.
• For heavy breasts, thick adjustable straps are more secure than thin string ties without causing irritating indentations.
• High-cut armholes stop front and back bulges from popping out of the sides. dc036
• Princess seaming that follows your womanly shape will simulate an hourglass figure.
• Creative waistline accents like color strips, belts, inserts, and fringe will define a slimmer visual separation between upper and lower halves.
• Wearing lighter shades or busier patterns on upper body areas with darker solids below will emphasize your waistline and downplay thicker hips.
• Side shirring and higher leg cuts will trim your contours.
• Swim skirts take the focus off generous midriffs and thighs.
• Enhancing your chest will pull attention upward away from a broad waist, hips, or bottom. Choose molded or padded cups and top accents like bows, frills, deep V or embellished necklines, bright tones, horizontal stripes, or bold patterns.
• To conceal stretch marks on broad lower areas, try swim skirts or dresses.

Flattering Your Shape
Browse Swimsuits Direct’s new arrivals section until you spot an ideal plus-size bathing suit to flatter your unique shape. It might be a cute one-piece number in a vivid or dark color with ruffle, flounce, or crochet details.

Or pick from striped, geometric, floral, animal, and ethnic prints. For a two-piece look, choose a bikini, halter, or tankini top with a hipster or high-waisted brief. Want more extended coverage? Select a swim skirt with classic or sarong styling, ruching, shirring, or tiered ruffles. Then go out and flaunt your feminine curves!

Active Swimwear Pointers for Sporty Women

Need swimsuits to outlast your favorite sports? For rigorous endeavors like diving, paddle boarding, surfing, and beach volleyball, women are turning to athleisure looks. They’re even making style statements beyond the water’s edge in trendy visions rivaling yoga and sports attire.
Millennials who fuse casual clothes with everything from active to tailored garments are spearheading this apparel evolution. It’s blurring the traditional lines separating ready-to-wear, activewear, and swimwear. The exciting results are driving original shapes and fabrics while expanding acceptable bathing suit and cover-up destinations.

Discover which functional yet fashionable cuts and materials offer secure fits during energetic fun.

Athleisure Styles
Obviously, swimsuits must perform on sand and in water. But like fitness gear, they now also need to be functional in indoor gyms, on outdoor trails, and other gathering places. So current designs are helping women on the move avoid accidental overexposures and discomfort from bunched-up padding and chaffing. Consider these pointers when choosing sporty pieces from today’s rapidly growing active swimwear category:

Tops: Pick upper halves with adjustable straps so you can customize a tight, secure fit while maintaining neck and shoulder comfort. If you prefer bikinis, look for sports-bra construction with built-in cups and support. Skip styles with straps that can slip down onto your arms. Racerback or crisscrossed straps between shoulder blades keep tops in place.

Tankinis provide midriff coverage and prevent heavy waves and spirited lunges from forcing skimpy bikini tops to pop up above your breasts. Pass up halters that tie around your neck since they might come undone and float or blow away. To maximize comfort, avoid decorative hardware and knots that could cause irritation during repetitive movements. Surfers may prefer rash-guard tops with or without sleeves.

Bottoms: High-waisted briefs echo popular retro styling from the 1950s and ‘60s. Contemporary surfer shapes revive memories of classically curvaceous beach bunnies. Raised up to your navel, they have better chances of staying put during overexertion than tiny triangles. For a more modern appeal, choose boy shorts or swim skirts. Even bikini bottoms can be budge proof when springy fabric or elastic trim fits snuggly.

One-piece swimsuits: For the most boisterous play, try more modest styles with sewn-in straps or strapless bandeaus. Forget the embarrassment of losing separate pieces while enjoying enthusiastic adventures.

Cover-ups: Shirts, jackets, dresses, shorts, and pants can conceal matching but too-revealing swimsuits in many public locations.

Trending Textiles
Current looks mix practical utility and fashionable comfort with personal taste for an organic feel. Search for these textile elements:
Fabrics and extras: Durable and flexible material possibilities encompass Spandex, elastic, Neoprene, mesh, rash guards, piqué (a soft basket weave), ribbed fabrics, and zippers. Stretchy high-performance fibers that snap back into place with sturdy elasticity have the recovery power to ensure snug fits from upper back straps to bottom waistbands and leg openings.

Bi-directional stretchiness offers easy movement, long-term fit retention, and comfort to survive the ongoing pressures of intense workouts. Figure-embracing materials providing firm compression and control generate massaging and slimming effects along with refreshing coolness — even in motion.

Colors and patterns: Clashing shades, solids, color blocking, inserts, contrasting trim, bold geometric shapes, and flashy mixed prints connect nostalgic retro and daring futuristic looks. Popular dyes range from cotton-candy pastels and snow-cone hues to water-inspired blues and fresh-picked greens with black and navy as dark neutrals. Swim tops and bottoms that feature different textures, tones, and/or patterns resemble athleisure wear. This trend is ideal if you need to buy mismatched sizes, allowing you to combine coordinating or contrasting separates.

Multifunctional looks: Consumers are gravitating toward pieces they can use in various ways. Layering versatile bikinis under tank tops and dresses is helping those beach favorites gain momentum on land as fashion hybrids. Functional separates like high-neck halter-tops, rash guards, and even surf leggings have ladies appearing stylish while exercising and picking up groceries.

Shopping Online
Women’s growing focus on fitness, mind/body strength, overall well-being, and healthy lifestyles is shifting swimwear from a seasonal industry to a year-round phenomenon. So donning beachwear when working out, running errands, and socializing publically is reaching universal acceptance. Check out Swimsuits Direct’s active swimwear for styles and fabrics that match the selection tips above. Order two- and one-piece bathing suits along with cover-ups ranging from shirts, jackets, hoodies, and dresses to pants of different lengths. Then dare to wear them proudly almost anywhere!

Celebrate the Bikini’s 70th Fashion Birthday

Seven decades after the first bikini caused a fashion uproar, women of various ages, shapes, and sizes still shop for the newest designs annually. We’ve scoped out the latest pool and beach looks so you can be a modern style icon.dc025

Explore Becca’s Hot 2016 Trends
Bikinis have evolved over time from classic triangles to ethnic, active, and dreamy. Today’s separate pieces come in a fabulous array and combination of fabrics, colors, patterns, and bonus fashion details. For 2016, the Becca women’s swimwear line reflects assorted on-trend favorites including:

Halters: Swimsuit shoppers voted versatile halters the supreme look for this season. With several neck closures creating unique backless styles, everyone can find tops to flatter their body types. If you’re a smaller cup size, try strappy versions. Shapelier women who need more support can go for thicker straps and bottoms. Becca bikinis feature various halters like this blue patterned Boho model. Adjustable lace-up sides showcase string ties with shell embellishments for an authentic feel.

Sporty details: Even if you aren’t athletic, sporty looks are hot. From color blocking to mesh paneling, zippers, racerbacks, and more, swim fashions have embraced athleisure’s practical influences in stylish ways. Becca bathing suits such as this vivid color-blocked number highlight bold, head-turning placements of unexpected dye combos. Underwires support stretchable foam cups for comfort and shape.

Plunging necklines: Choose the sleek, modern plunge bikini when you want to display more cleavage. Smaller breasted women can wear this style without exposing too much. For those with larger bust lines, support is key. Sexy Becca swimsuits like this fuchsia plunging top flaunt curvaceous assets with elegance. The V-wire, stays, and padded cups will keep everything in place. Similarly, high-neck visions with deep vertical front panels use peek-a-boo detailing to attract attention.

Colors and patterns: Soft pastels invoke relaxed femininity. Monochromes and gradients will shine in 2016. You’ll find Becca swim fashions including this intricate macramé halter brandishing yellow, this year’s standout tone. That sunny shade also is making an appearance on cover-ups and sandals. Bright colors are current trends, but standards like black, white, and red remain eternal picks. Classic stripes and exotic tropical prints add distinctive flairs.

Discover More Popular Looks

Search Swimsuits Direct’s offerings, and you’ll also see the following popular options from Becca and many other favored designers:

Crochet: Reclaim cool vibes from the 1970s in textured bikinis with an earthy, hand-woven charm. You’ll feel comfortable yet groovy wearing this naturally breathable handiwork.
Ruffles: These frills go beyond cute additions for little girls to designer innovations for chic women. From gathers that make smaller busts or hips appear fuller to romantic flounces dangling under cups, ruffles are this year’s dainty feminine wonders.

High-neck tops: Instead of focusing on cleavage, choose high necklines that show off your shoulders. Extra fabric provides greater support and coverage than low-cut bikini tops while flattering all forms. The perfect disguise for smaller chests won’t let full busts pop out accidentally.

Raised bikini bottoms: Retro glamour is in again. Topping off at your belly button, this high-rise style displays a fresh take on a vintage look. By centering on your waistline, it transforms all figure types into the enviable hourglass shape of yesterday’s pinup girls.

Marvel at Bikini Swimwear’s Intriguing History
Women have worn two-piece swimwear since the 1930s when Europeans exposed slight midriff slivers. World War II’s U.S. fabric rationing removed unnecessary material, shrinking coverage. A more daring swimsuit made a fashion splash in 1946 when Frenchman Louis Réard’s controversial design shocked the world. The only woman willing to flaunt his teeny bikini was a young exotic dancer. The name’s inspiration came from the Pacific Ocean’s Bikini Atoll, the site of America’s recent nuclear weapon testing.

Réard anticipated cultural and commercial reactions as explosive as the bomb blast. Following the new style’s Paris debut, his model’s 50,000-plus fan mail messages, many from men, praised Réard’s creation. But others considered revealing two-piece sets including bikinis immoral or scandalous, fueling the younger generation’s resolve to bare more skin.

Over time, hit songs and beach movies regaled the bikini’s ongoing popularity. Curvy actresses helped this fashion craze progress from acceptable to a celebrated pop culture phenomenon. Everyday swimmers and sunbathers have sported this look since the mid-1960s. To commemorate such a sensational 70-year history, wear this year’s trending bikinis proudly.