Celebrate the Bikini’s 70th Fashion Birthday

Seven decades after the first bikini caused a fashion uproar, women of various ages, shapes, and sizes still shop for the newest designs annually. We’ve scoped out the latest pool and beach looks so you can be a modern style icon.dc025

Explore Becca’s Hot 2016 Trends
Bikinis have evolved over time from classic triangles to ethnic, active, and dreamy. Today’s separate pieces come in a fabulous array and combination of fabrics, colors, patterns, and bonus fashion details. For 2016, the Becca women’s swimwear line reflects assorted on-trend favorites including:

Halters: Swimsuit shoppers voted versatile halters the supreme look for this season. With several neck closures creating unique backless styles, everyone can find tops to flatter their body types. If you’re a smaller cup size, try strappy versions. Shapelier women who need more support can go for thicker straps and bottoms. Becca bikinis feature various halters like this blue patterned Boho model. Adjustable lace-up sides showcase string ties with shell embellishments for an authentic feel.

Sporty details: Even if you aren’t athletic, sporty looks are hot. From color blocking to mesh paneling, zippers, racerbacks, and more, swim fashions have embraced athleisure’s practical influences in stylish ways. Becca bathing suits such as this vivid color-blocked number highlight bold, head-turning placements of unexpected dye combos. Underwires support stretchable foam cups for comfort and shape.

Plunging necklines: Choose the sleek, modern plunge bikini when you want to display more cleavage. Smaller breasted women can wear this style without exposing too much. For those with larger bust lines, support is key. Sexy Becca swimsuits like this fuchsia plunging top flaunt curvaceous assets with elegance. The V-wire, stays, and padded cups will keep everything in place. Similarly, high-neck visions with deep vertical front panels use peek-a-boo detailing to attract attention.

Colors and patterns: Soft pastels invoke relaxed femininity. Monochromes and gradients will shine in 2016. You’ll find Becca swim fashions including this intricate macramé halter brandishing yellow, this year’s standout tone. That sunny shade also is making an appearance on cover-ups and sandals. Bright colors are current trends, but standards like black, white, and red remain eternal picks. Classic stripes and exotic tropical prints add distinctive flairs.

Discover More Popular Looks

Search Swimsuits Direct’s offerings, and you’ll also see the following popular options from Becca and many other favored designers:

Crochet: Reclaim cool vibes from the 1970s in textured bikinis with an earthy, hand-woven charm. You’ll feel comfortable yet groovy wearing this naturally breathable handiwork.
Ruffles: These frills go beyond cute additions for little girls to designer innovations for chic women. From gathers that make smaller busts or hips appear fuller to romantic flounces dangling under cups, ruffles are this year’s dainty feminine wonders.

High-neck tops: Instead of focusing on cleavage, choose high necklines that show off your shoulders. Extra fabric provides greater support and coverage than low-cut bikini tops while flattering all forms. The perfect disguise for smaller chests won’t let full busts pop out accidentally.

Raised bikini bottoms: Retro glamour is in again. Topping off at your belly button, this high-rise style displays a fresh take on a vintage look. By centering on your waistline, it transforms all figure types into the enviable hourglass shape of yesterday’s pinup girls.

Marvel at Bikini Swimwear’s Intriguing History
Women have worn two-piece swimwear since the 1930s when Europeans exposed slight midriff slivers. World War II’s U.S. fabric rationing removed unnecessary material, shrinking coverage. A more daring swimsuit made a fashion splash in 1946 when Frenchman Louis Réard’s controversial design shocked the world. The only woman willing to flaunt his teeny bikini was a young exotic dancer. The name’s inspiration came from the Pacific Ocean’s Bikini Atoll, the site of America’s recent nuclear weapon testing.

Réard anticipated cultural and commercial reactions as explosive as the bomb blast. Following the new style’s Paris debut, his model’s 50,000-plus fan mail messages, many from men, praised Réard’s creation. But others considered revealing two-piece sets including bikinis immoral or scandalous, fueling the younger generation’s resolve to bare more skin.

Over time, hit songs and beach movies regaled the bikini’s ongoing popularity. Curvy actresses helped this fashion craze progress from acceptable to a celebrated pop culture phenomenon. Everyday swimmers and sunbathers have sported this look since the mid-1960s. To commemorate such a sensational 70-year history, wear this year’s trending bikinis proudly.

Kenneth Cole Swimsuits Bring the Heat

Designer Kenneth Cole has creating waves since in the 1980s, both in the fashion world and in the social awareness scene. Though his company started out with a shoe design focus, it eventually branched out to include clothing and accessories as well. The pioneering approach he’s brought to fashion carries over to his political activism, where he’s been on the forefront of AIDS awareness efforts and supported charitable organizations for decades.

His swimwear line is called Kenneth Cole Reaction, and it’s chock full of fashionable, versatile designs that flatter all shapes and sizes. The variety of prints and styles available will ensure women can embrace the standout approach Kenneth Cole has established.


While some fashion designers stick mainly to a few basic silhouettes when it comes to swimwear, Kenneth Cole has gone all out. He translates one-piece suits into a romper style with a drawstring waist. He offers bottoms in skirt styles, traditional hipsters, and strappy side-tiers. The one-piece suits in the Kenneth Cole reaction collection are both functional and sexy, flattering and fashionable. Two-piece tops might be barely there triangle style or fuller-coverage bustier types.

Fabric Options

Kenneth Cole has never been one to shy away from bright colors, and his swimsuit creations are no different. The Hot to Trot collection combines blues, purples, and pinks in a tribal design featuring heavy black lines. We love the Women’s Scarves on Deck prints, which offer bandanna-type patterns in blue or pink with black in all the right places.

Fans of all colors will love the Eclectic Adventure collection, which includes shots of all colors in intricate patterns on a white background. The print is one part paisley to one part tropical for a totally eye-catching combination. For those who enjoy things black and white, the Women’s Got the Beat fabric is the best choice for you. Or you might choose a trendy IKAT design or the Moroccan tile-inspired Go for the Gold pattern in all of its blue and purple glory.


The designers at Kenneth Cole clearly understand that women, whether they are on the beach or by the pool, might like to cover up a little bit before going indoors or changing their position in the sand. The Kenneth Cole Reaction line offers several fun options for stylish coverups that correspond well to the different fabrics and prints used in the swimsuits themselves.

Fans of the crochet trend may opt for the Beach Bum Solids dress coverups, which come in a variety of different colors. Or, you could don a tunic-length coverup with lace on the bottom and a V neckline when you need to go inside to restock the punch at your pool party. How about a lace-up version with flattering stripes in white or black?

Our Favorite

With all of the options in the Kenneth Cole Reaction line, it’s difficult to choose a favorite. However, for beauty and versatility, we love the Mumbai the Sea collection of swimwear and coverups. Women can find everything from sexy one-pieces to tankinis to halters. The fabric features a flattering black background with accents in pink, orange, and aqua for a distinctly exotic feel. Some suits have strappy backs while others offer ties at the front that accentuate cleavage. The bottoms tie on the side or feature tabs with a colorful design at the hips. There is nothing not to love in the Mumbai the Sea collection of swimsuits.

Kenneth Cole has infused his Reaction line of bathing suits with a fresh feel and appreciation for the needs of his customers. He offers women fashionable swimwear choices that can ensure they enjoy every moment of their time in the sun with confidence and style.

7 Myths You Shouldn’t Believe About Swimsuits

Swimsuits are one of the items that just about everyone needs—but there are a surprising number of misconceptions out there. Incorrect advice and outdated fashion tips can lead to a lot of trouble when trying to find the right suit for you. Here’s the real truth behind seven of the most common swimsuit myths.

Sporty Girls Need Frills

First of all, there’s a common belief that those with athletic bodies need ruffles, frills, or floral patterns to help them appear more feminine. But really, there’s no need to wear frills if you don’t like them. Just look for curve enhancing seams or cutout panels.

Small Chests Need Padding

Have you ever heard that small-chested women always need padding? This isn’t the case. In fact, women who have flatter chests can get away with a wider variety of necklines and strap configurations that wouldn’t work on other body types.

Big Busts Need One-Pieces

Bikinis can be worn by many different women. Many top pieces are made with extra reinforcement, underwire, or adjustable straps to help provide the necessary support.

Wear Black

It’s a common belief that the only option if you want to look slimmer is to wear black. Other dark colors can help slim your silhouette too, though, and certain patterns can help quite a bit.

Don’t Wear White

Some women avoid white bathing suits like the plague, but the right one can look sleek and stylish. If you’re worried about show-though, pick something that is textured and has a solid nude lining to keep you covered.

Look for Your Clothing Size

Generally speaking, swimsuits are sized smaller than regular clothes because they have a much snugger fit. Look for a size or two smaller than you normally do.

Go Bigger

Some believe that you want a suit that has a bit of wiggle room, but this can lead to uncomfortable slippage and shifting. Pick a suit that stays close to your skin. Here at Swimsuits Direct, we have a wide variety of suits in all shapes and sizes; start looking for your suit today.

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There are a lot of fashion bloggers out there on the web. So many of them put up such amazing and unique posts about the women’s swimwear they love to wear. It’s hard to find all the best ones from across the web, so we’ve assembled a list of some of our best loved bikini and bathing suit blog posts from the past week by some of our favorite bloggers in the wonderful world of women’s fashion. Continue reading