Top Global Swimming Spots for Your Next Adventure

The world’s best swimming locales range from Australia to Texas. Before visiting these spectacular spots, search Swimsuits Direct for stylish one- and two-piece women’s silhouettes. Our Anne Cole swimsuits go from revealing strapless bandeau bikinis to fuller coverage swim dresses. Choose from various light, bright, and dark shades. Or go for designs like dainty to huge florals, tiny to bold stripes, or minimal to eye-catching color blocking.

Australia’s Andrew ‘Boy’ Charlton (ABC) Pool
Find this heated saltwater pool on Woolloomooloo Bay’s shoreline in Sydney. It gets its name from Andrew “Boy” Charlton, an Australian swimming prodigy who was a multiple Olympic medalist in the 1920s. From the tranquil eight-lane pool and poolside eatery, you can take in Sydney Harbour’s impressive panoramic beauty. Tour the nearby Royal Botanic Gardens for an incredible floral treat.

Austria’s Lake Faakersee
For superior water quality, visit Lake Faakersee on the Austrian/Slovenian border. You’ll enjoy the country’s cleanest lake with the most drinkable water. Swim and sunbathe on various beaches dotting the shoreline. Marvel at the majestic mountains and trees surrounding the stunning aquamarine water. If you want to bare your midsection, pair trendy Anne Cole bandeau, bralette, triangle, halter, or high-neck tops with hipster, mid-rise, high-waist, or skirted bottoms.

France’s Lake Annecy
Underground hot springs heat this popular swimming location among the grand Alps between Geneva and Lyon. Sizable Lake Annecy boasts many public beaches that promise exciting adventures from boating on clear teal water to cliff jumping. Some spots are free year-round while others charge during summers.

Germany’s Walchensee Lake
This Bavarian wonder south of Munich stands out among the numerous lakes in southern Germany’s Alps. Walchensee offers swimming, a south-shore gravel beach, sunbathing, glorious mountain views, and a secret island. Natural minerals give the area’s clearest and purest lake an exquisite turquoise hue.

Ireland’s The 40 Foot
South of Dublin in Sandycove, this former bathing spot for nude men only now welcomes daredevils of both genders wearing swimsuits. Due to constantly chilly temperatures, most visitors get in and out quickly. Submersion in The 40 Foot is an exhilarating yet extremely cold experience. Tankinis are two-piece silhouettes that combine flexible movement with midsection coverage. Check out our Anne Cole line’s bandeau, off-the-shoulder, high-neck, elongated triangle, and underwire tops with hipster to high-waist briefs, skirted bottoms, or sarong skirts.

Mexico’s Kil
Ik Kil Archeological Park in the northern Yucatán Peninsula’s Tinúm features a gorgeous cenote or limestone sinkhole. Vines and small waterfalls stretch from this tropical setting’s opening down to the water level roughly 85 feet beneath ground level. The Kil well extends another 130 feet deep. With the sky above you, take the carved stairway to reach the swimming platform.

New York’s Lake Waccabuc
Northern Westchester County’s historic site offers thrilling 50-foot cliff jumps off Castle Rock. A 19th century legend still draws visitors. Old Bet, a circus elephant, died from a winter chill in the 1800s. Her handlers moved the three-ton pachyderm from the frozen ground onto iced-over Lake Waccabuc. Ever since it thawed, Old Bet’s ancient bones have been resting on the lakebed. If you prefer one-piece bathing suits, try Anne Cole’s plunging-neckline, low-cut, bandeau, bralette, high-neck, maillot, and swim dress styles

Scotland’s Western Baths Club
Dating back to 1876, this ornamental Victorian-era club in Hillhead, Glasgow, is a peaceful haven for swimmers and leisure lovers. Favorite features at the Western Baths include nostalgic trapeze bars and exercise rings hanging over the indoor pool, therapeutic Turkish baths, and two saunas.

Slovenia’s Lake Bled
Like all of Slovenia, the popular Ljubljana capital city and massive Lake Bled boast beautiful picture-postcard landscapes. Relish freshwater swimming and various watersports. Hike around the dazzling blue water or farther up to an elaborate medieval castle. For quieter freshwater swimming, travel 30 minutes to Lake Bohinj.

Texas’ Deep Eddy and Barton Springs Pools
The Austin capitol hosts the state’s oldest 1936 pool and bathhouse. Natural springs feed the chlorine-free Deep Eddy Pool. Year-round water temperatures stay cool at 65 to 75 degrees. Sunbathers can enjoy grassy areas. Early settler William Barton named three-acre Barton Springs for his daughters in 1837. With depths reaching 18 feet, the Edwards Aquifer feeding the pool keeps it averaging 68 to 70 degrees constantly. Relax on the grass slope. Visit the Splash! educational exhibit to discover the site’s biology and history.

Eclectic Looks Create a Swim Fashion Frenzy

Modern fashionistas are embracing the diverse creations distinguishing this summer’s coolest beachwear. Pick your favorite trends below from Swimsuits Direct’s irresistible 2017 collection.

Feminine Whimsy
Frilly accents like flounces and ruffles in lacey or textured fabrics take inspiration from lingerie and bohemian looks. Flaunt flirty impressions in two-piece swimming suits with flounce tops. Gathers infuse even traditionally masculine colors and patterns with girlie glamor. Shades range from bridal whites and soft pastels to dark neutrals and pretty to fun prints. Designers pair these playful tops with hipster, cheeky, and high-waist bottoms featuring adjustable side ties, strappy detailing, crochet inserts, and contrasting edging.

Want more whimsically feminine options? Imagine honeymoons meeting yacht parties by bringing bedroom attire to beaches. Becca’s one-piece silhouettes with sheer lace inserts in many solid colors provide fuller coverage with alluring flairs. Their sweet peek-a-boo effects look delicately suggestive. Other romantic embellishments include crochet, embroidery, scalloped edges, off-shoulder styling, and lace-up details exposing fronts, midriffs, and sides.

High Necklines
Bikinis, tankinis, and one-piece bathing suits with high necklines come in tame to racy styles. Some women prefer full upper coverage for modesty reasons while busty ladies like extra support and fabric to prevent accidental spillovers. But other options boast clever cleavage-revealing tricks through keyholes, sheer crochet or mesh overlays, strappy detailing, and lace-up or lattice fronts. See-through deep plunges make partial concealment surprisingly sexy.

Festival Inspirations
Music festivalgoers around the world have developed unique boho looks that are causing big splashes on beaches too. Swimsuit fabrics feature pastel to vivid tie-dyes, florals, and tropical designs. Flaunt festival wear accents like straps befitting Grecian goddesses, cold shoulders, sheer crochet and macramé, lace-up tops and bottoms, and tassels.

Natural Instincts
Tribal beat looks display a rich color palette of wine, deep rose, blush, and berry hues from cranberry to blueberry. Other options are natural tones like browns and neutrals from pale sands to medium khakis. Silhouettes consist of minimal triangle bikinis to basic maillots. Find global shades for women’s bathing suits in our new arrivals’ section. For bolder shapes, choose among popular ethnic prints sprinkled across our 2017 one- and two-piece lineup. Search for Leilani’s Siesta and Becca’s Inspired themes that evoke cultural influences through textile designs.

Cheeky Briefs
A hybrid version of traditional bikini bottoms and thongs is growing in popularity. What could have been scandalous decades ago is a trendy option for independent women. A little extra cheek exposure allows enough rear coverage plus the bonus of irresistible sex appeal boosting your confidence.

Fuller Bottoms
If you prefer more instead of less fabric down south, replace string-tie triangles, high-cut legs, and partially bared cheeks with fuller high-waist bottoms. Flashing excess skin isn’t necessary to appear hot. These sleek timeless briefs’ silhouettes look flattering when shapely fits accentuate your curves. Besides recreating vintage California girl vibes, sporty coverage means surfers and beach volleyball players can avoid dreaded tugs and slippages. Faintly masculine yet effortlessly sexy, these athletic summer takes on the tomboy and menswear trends empower women to look retro chic without showing off everything.

Minimal Luxe
Always-popular one-piece bathing suits in basic black prevail again for 2017. But that slimming dark solid doesn’t make all styles look plain. Try our black one-piece swimsuits with lace-up fronts and sides, strappy detailing, deep-V necklines, V-wires, keyholes, cutouts, mesh and crochet inserts, lace appliques, shirring, ruching, contrasting trim and stitching, cap sleeves, and high-cut legs.

Broad Stripes
Nautical and patriotic prints remain enduring treasures. Standout color-blocking-style stripes mix any combination of water-inspired hues, American flag shades, and black. But all alternating tones and widths claim universal appeal.

Today’s cover-ups ensure more than just sun protection. Slip into cute pieces in various styles to conceal any figure insecurities. Swimsuit trends carry over into cover-ups. Look for crochet and lace fabrics. Favorite embellishments include lace-up fronts, sheer inserts, ruffles, fringe, tassels, pom poms, and scalloped trims. Cold- and off-shoulder cuts are hot this summer. Popular fashions are tunics, caftans, shirts, kimonos, rompers, vests, ponchos, jackets, hoodies, rash guards, jumpers, dresses, shorts, skirts, pants, and jumpsuits. Pair white, pastel, wine, berry, neutral, or black shades with harmonizing or contrasting bathing suit colors or prints. Wear patterns over solids or match motifs like romantic florals, tropical greenery, retro tie-dyes and paisleys, ethnic geometrics, and assorted stripes.

Feminine One-Piece Swimsuits for Every Figure

Most women wore one-piece swimsuits until skimpier bikinis became popular during the 1960s. In recent years, designers have updated fuller coverage classics with chic modern flairs. So the fan base for these timeless looks extends way beyond serious swimmers, body-conscious females, and sun-averse ladies.

Current one-piece cuts, frills, colors, and patterns can make any teen or woman appear and feel more glamourous. Find physical concerns below that describe you. Review the clever tricks to flatter your form. Then browse Swimsuits Direct online for your ideal prospects.

Compact, Sporty Body
If your slight, active frame lacks curves, skip shapeless styles that will play up your athletic build. Choose sexy cuts including scoop, sweetheart, and V-necks over high necklines and top sections drawing straight lines above your breasts. Bust padding, cups, ruffles, and gathers will mimic rounded contours. Shop Swimsuits Direct for cute one-piece bathing suits with girlie prints like this bright junior design. The floral theme with tassels and crisscross back straps will avoid the dreaded tomboy look. Dainty fabrics such as lace and feminine colors or motifs also lend graceful qualities.

Broad Shoulders
Your upper frame may appear boxy if your shoulders are wideset. To fashion a more desirable overall balance, try solid-colored swimsuits with side panels providing standout features. Contrasting shades or patterns, sheer mesh or lace inserts, strappy detailing, cutouts, or slashes will simulate the desirable hourglass figure. Asymmetrical necklines with straps over just one side will draw attention upward and away — not straight across.

Small Chest
Assorted fashion details help bathing suits enhance small bosoms. Look for upper embellishments like ruffles, shirring, twist-front bandeaus, lacing, contrasting trim, crochet, or bows to suggest fuller breasts. Molded or padded cups will sculpt your profile into rounder curves.

Ample Bust
Support and coverage are key when you have a larger figure. Search for swimsuits in larger cup sizes with underwire and thicker straps for the most flattering and comfortable fits. Forget deep-plunging fronts and flimsy materials without cups and structure. Extra support and higher necklines will help you avoid accidental overexposures.

Back Fat
Thin shoulder and back straps that cause indentations can plump up excess surrounding skin. Go for swimsuits with raised backs and thicker straps to smooth out any fleshy folds.

Round Tummy
One-piece styles offer several ways to conceal your midriff. Look for shirring, ruching, pleats, layered ruffles, blousons, and swim dresses with tummy toners. Plunging necklines lift the focus upward away from your abdomen. To flatten your midsection, choose one-piece swimsuits like this women’s jade sensation with shirring and tummy control panel. The deep V-neck draws eyes higher, favoring your bust over your belly.

Narrow Hips
How can you sculpt a curvier silhouette when you have slim hips? Search for dropped cutouts, sheer lace or mesh inserts, straps, stripes, color blocking, or trim to accentuate your hips conspicuously.

Wide Hips
The secret to downplaying prominent hips is improving the balance with your narrower shoulders. Pick swimsuits that seem to elongate your collarbone. Cap sleeves, ruffled straps slid down on your arms, widespread thick straps, and strapless straight-across necklines will expand that upper area visually.

Flat Behind
Ruching and frills will help your rear emerge in a shapelier form. Vivid colors and bold patterns claim focus, diverting attention from your flat rear. Unlike fuller bottoms, skimpier briefs that expose partial cheeks will bump up your derriere.

Big Booty
High-cut leg openings may be too revealing and uncomfortable if your posterior is on the generous side. That expanse needs more material to avoid unpleasant wedgies and constant tugging to enclose your entire rump, so exclude skimpy cuts. Look for plain bottoms in less conspicuous solid shades without adornments across your backside.

Thick Thighs
High-cut leg openings may be too revealing and uncomfortable if your posterior is on the generous side. That expanse needs more material to avoid unpleasant wedgies and constant tugging to enclose your entire rump, so exclude skimpy cuts. Look for plain bottoms in less conspicuous solid shades without adornments across your backside. 1 piece bathing suits like skirted halters. Beautiful designs offer elegance with the desired extended length. Ruffled or fringed edges ensure feminine charm.

Short Legs
Find high-cut leg openings to elongate your short legs. Achieve the same results with side sections featuring strappy detailing, bands, cutouts, or sheer inserts replacing solid materials. Revealing more skin makes your lower limbs appear longer, boosting the glam factor.

Cover-ups Suit Mexico’s Varied Coastal Attractions

Swimsuit cover-ups have progressed from terrycloth bathrobes to designer garments in delicate fabrics like chiffon and crepe that dry quickly. Just slip into them before and after swimming. But when you take a break from the water and sand, you’ll feel comfortably chic wearing these versatile pieces when sightseeing, shopping, dining, and nightclubbing.

Use the double-duty suggestions below to expand your everyday wardrobe. Then find the perfect vacation spot from Mexico’s top beach destinations. That combination will help you pack lighter for upcoming trips.

Mixing Compatible Separatesdc043
Swimsuits Direct’s cover-ups in bright colors, bold patterns, tropical prints, and ethnic motifs will get you in the mood for adventurous getaways. If you prefer solid shades for day or night, check out our white, blue, and black possibilities. Choose from these multipurpose looks:

Pair carefree plus-size cover-ups like this rainbow mesh tee with shorts and flip-flops for souvenir shopping. Or don more tailored button-down shirts, jeans, and sandals to pop into casual eateries for lunch.

Easy to put on, relaxed wrap-around kimonos go with existing basic pieces. Layer them over crewneck tees and denims. Add comfy sneakers for sightseeing if you plan to examine every artifact leisurely.

For a classy look, slip a plus-size swim cover-up like this sheer black crochet tunic over a camisole or tank top. Boho styling offers an easy-going feeling that suits most tourist sites. Sport bare legs with lace-up flats or capris with espadrilles. Pick a bright clutch to give your outfit a finishing pop. Other tunics feature scoop, lace-up, or V-necks and cold shoulders with or without spaghetti tabs. Sleeve varieties include split, short, and three-quarter length.

These options transition from daywear to evening attire for cocktail parties, dinners, and after-hours’ revelry. Mini bandeau swim dresses are ready to wear with appropriate shoes depending on your chosen setting. Go glam to relish nightlife in plus-size bathing suit cover-ups like this colorful, flowy vision. Add jewelry and heels to jazz up your look. Other style selections include thin to thick straps, bare shoulders with spaghetti tabs, and split short sleeves. Necklines types range from V cuts to scoops, some featuring lace-up fronts.

Exploring Top Destinations
Mexico boasts an exciting array of coastal havens where you can sunbathe on sandy beaches and splash around in white-capped azure waves. Destinations offering clear water and spectacular scenery with desirable amenities and intriguing attractions nearby include:
Acapulco: During the 1950s, A-listers Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra vacationed in glorious Acapulco. Now, international globetrotters savor this western spot’s vast beaches, plentiful water sports, renovated yet reasonably priced hotels, seafood specialties, and live music.

Cabo San Lucas: Hollywood’s elite prized upper-class extravagances in Cabo San Lucas during the 1970s. Today, deluxe resorts and villas on Baja California’s southernmost tip welcome everyone. Indulgences extend from expansive golf courses to scenic strands. Visitors recommend Playa del Amor, the classic Lover’s Beach.

Cancún: Stunning shorelines feature boundless sand bordering sparkling blue water, offering parasailing and jet skiing. Retreat to this southeastern island’s affordable resorts to treasure Cancún’s shops, golf courses, Mayan relics, restaurants, and nightlife.

Cozumel: Powdery sand and turquoise water draw eager tourists to this popular Yucatán Peninsula island for world-class snorkeling and scuba diving. Other Cozumel attractions range from glass-bottom boats to seaside shopping plazas to live music.

Mazatlán: The former escape of movie stars Gary Cooper and John Wayne has become a favorite with everyday sun seekers on budgets. Resorts offer seclusion or picturesque seascapes and golden Pacific strands. Visitor praise Mazatlán’s fish tacos, museums, churches, and theaters.

Playa del Carmen: On the Yucatán Peninsula, a cosmopolitan vibe spreads from glistening sand and surf to beachside lounges. Wander through the public square’s funky vendors. Nearby delights include Euro-chic shops and tantalizing eateries. Ancient ruins and gorgeous landscapes have made Playa del Carmen a global legend.

Puerto Vallarta: This scenic tourist hotspot has retained the cultural charm of a small village. Everything caters to sophisticated guests with elegant efficiency. The waterfront getaway’s upscale hotels invite you to enjoy Puerto Vallarta’s boutiques, beautiful boardwalk, signature cocktails, delectable menu options, and Havana-style nightclubs.

Tulum: Along the east coast, this enchanting jewel tempts both luxury and bargain travelers. Visit the beach and cerulean Caribbean near Tulum’s well-preserved Mayan ruins including the ancient El Castillo temple. Check out amazing natural bioreserves, and venture underground to marvel at water-filled caverns.

Bandeau Bikini Shopping Guide for Juniors

The versatile two-piece bandeau look pairs a chest band top with any style bikini bottom. Traditional stretchy tube-top versions without over-the-shoulder straps help you avoid tan lines. Others feature removable straps, so they can hide under tank and halter-tops easily and double as crop tops. This year’s trending colors run the spectrum from pastels like pink, coral, and baby blue to corresponding brights gleaming in fuchsia, orange, and aqua. Popular patterns range from classic florals and stripes to ethnic prints. dc027

Most juniors think certain styles suit particular shapes. Go easy on yourself and emphasize impeccable fits rather than your specific frame’s flaws. That will direct your efforts toward enhancing your figure with the right support and coverage. Just highlight your greatest assets while minimizing any trouble spots. Use the body-positive tips below to choose appropriate, fashionable, and flattering options that will help you look your best at pool and beach parties.

Petite Sizes
General guidelines: Low support and coverage are ideal for short, tiny silhouettes. Lucky petite girls can get away with sporting skimpier bandeaus. Structured tops with subtly padded cups expand volume by forming contours and boosting bust lines. Raised elements such as feminine frills, bows, and trims fill out smaller chests for curvier looks. For petites with boyish or athletic frames, additional intricate hip details like side ties and decorative accent beads create illusions of rounder shapes. Adornments complement narrower figures without excess bulk.

Pretty pastel fringe: At Swimwsuits Direct, Bandeau bathing suits juniors love include this blue number with removable straps. Flirty, knotted fringe moves with you to magnify your front. A strappy macramé formation replaces a traditional fabric back with dramatic thrills. The matching bikini bottom’s ruched sides and dangling button add dimension and flair to the soft, sleek feel.

Even Proportions
Fashion tips: Look for medium support and coverage if you’re evenly proportioned. That makes you fortunate enough to flaunt many swimwear styles. Hidden reinforcements in bandeau bikini tops emphasize modest silhouettes’ upper appeal. Low-rise bottoms accentuate enviable small waistlines and flat stomachs. Charming lower details like ties, straps, bows, and scalloped edging will drive attention down so below-waist curves receive equal notice.

Exotic tropical spectacle: Select bandeau bikini tops for juniors like this multicolored push-up underwire style with boned lining to enhance your natural contours while providing structure. That support will help cups stay put, even if you detach the removable halter strap. The Brazilian-cut bottom features discrete coverage with multistring front detailing and a flirty scrunched rear. The back’s seamless wavy trim prevents sagging fabric for a secure yet sexy fit.

Larger Busts
Search advice: Full upper support and coverage are essential for more ample breasts. Underwire bandeaus provide optimal lift as molded cups balance shapes better. Some styles with flattening effects help diminish too-prominent chests. Straps will keep your top in place.
Your goal is minimalizing focus on your bust and drawing attention downward below your waist. To highlight your lower body, lean toward classic-fitting bottoms with eye-catching elements like vibrant tones and patterns, mesh inserts, ruffles or multi-strap side detailing that heighten visual interest.

Modern patriotic pride: Suitable bandeau swim tops for juniors include this underwire with push-up cups that takes its inspiration from the American flag. Adjustable neck and side ties let you secure Old Glory’s stars and stripes twisted front and color-coordinated chevron or star-spangled bikini bottom for a perfect fit everywhere.

Bigger Bottoms
Shopping suggestions: Maximum lower support and average coverage will minimize generous derrieres. Attract more attention to your chest than your hips with padded push-up cups that create cleavage. Patterned bandeau tops displaying decorative embellishments like flounces, revealing keyhole cutouts and lace-up fronts, or center ties draw eyes upward. However, wearing larger briefs with excess material to hide bigger bottoms is a universal myth. That will accentuate your backside instead of disguising it, so choose nice fits over greater camouflage.

Numerous designer options: Browse Swimwsuits Direct’s junior line by bandeau style for two-piece visions offering bottoms with wraparound or crossover ties, fold-over hip bands, or wide borders. Those extras complement lower areas by supporting tummy regions. Classic-cut briefs matching your rump’s natural crease will flatter your shape. When included tops boast designer trimmings that claim focus, you’ve found fitting winners. Swimsuits Direct’s fast shipping and lenient 30-day, no-hassle return policy ensure shopping satisfaction.

Enjoy Water Sports at U.S. National Parks

Join the National Park Service’s 2016 centennial celebration to explore stunning scenery and intriguing underwater treasures. Swimsuits Direct makes packing easy by recommending plus-size swim fashions for travelers going scuba diving and snorkeling at four historic locales along inland and island shores. dc010

Ideal Swimsuits
Scuba diving: Choose scuba swimwear styles to go under wetsuits carefully. Skip strapless, loose-fitting, string-tie, and embellished options. You may pull off a strapless top accidentally while removing scuba gear. Any unrestricted fabric that shifts, wrinkles, or bunches up beneath your protective outerwear might cause chaffing. Strings can jam zippers. Wetsuits may compress knotted, metal, beaded, or wooden detailing into your skin, causing discomfort.

Select plainer swimwear over fancier ones. Diving gear will slide right over this one-piece patterned swimsuit, thanks to its sleek, body-hugging fit. This one-piece sweetheart body smoother is another close-fitting version that’s free from potentially bothersome adornments.

Snorkeling: Vivid and neon colors in the red, orange, and yellow families will increase visibility and safety. When water sports don’t require wetsuits, you can brandish decorative beachwear with extra frills that scuba gear can’t accommodate. To avoid sunburns while snorkeling, skip bikinis that bare your midriff. Longer skirt, short, skort, and swimdress styles can shield your tender upper thighs from excess sun exposure.

Two vivid coral styles, a tie-strap tankini with medallion buckle and a ruffled tankini with swimskirt, are bold fashion statements that satisfy the above criteria. If you burn easily, also wear this vibrant floral cover-up that protects multiple areas like your shoulders, chest, back, arms, and thighs.

1. Wisconsin: Apostle Islands National Lakeshore
Ideal vacation season: Summer Adventures await along Lake Superior’s 12-mile coastline with 21 interspersed isles. The Wall, a popular scuba diving site on Stockton Island’s southwest side, features sandstone ledges submerged 100 feet under water. Explore legendary and mystifying shipwrecks dating back a century or more. Visit park headquarters to apply for a free required diving permits.

Adventures await along Lake Superior’s 12-mile coastline with 21 interspersed isles. The Wall, a popular scuba diving site on Stockton Island’s southwest side, features sandstone ledges submerged 100 feet under water. Explore legendary and mystifying shipwrecks dating back a century or more. Visit park headquarters to apply for a free required diving permits.

Centuries of waves, ice, and wind have carved passageways and arches into enchanting sea caves’ sandstone. View those formations in summer by boat. Starting in June 2016, Apostle Island Cruises will launch daily trips from nearby Bayfield. Or join a mainland guided tour by kayak.

2. California: Channel Islands National Park
Prime tourist time: Fall Nicknamed the North American Galapagos for its rare wildlife, this Southern California coastal chain of five islands is accessible by ferryboats departing from Oxnard and Ventura harbors. Or charter a flight in Camarillo. Increased visibility and water temperatures hitting 70 degrees make fall the perfect season for diving and snorkeling. Whale watching is best in summer, but humpbacks might be visible through October.

Anacapa, the mainland’s closest island, boasts natural bridges including the famed 40-foot Arch Rock along with cliffs and caves. Hike up Inspiration Point to marvel at incredible vistas. At Santa Cruz, visit Scorpion Beach’s 1800s ranch. Then climb up Cavern Point to its impressive coastal overlook. Lastly, pop into Scorpion Anchorage for amazing snorkeling.

3. Florida: Dry Tortugas National Park dc011
Ultimate getaway schedule: Winter Water covers 99 percent of this 100-square-mile recreational area, offering a mesmerizing abundance of colorful coral and marine life. Reach seven remote islands in the gulf 70 miles off Key West by seaplane or boat. Winter’s reduced rainfall, milder temperatures, and lowered humidity are favorable for water sports, fishing, kayaking, and hiking.

Ample diving and snorkeling sites suit all levels. Laminated underwater maps provide guidance through buried treasures like fascinating shipwrecks, protected reefs, and a moat’s remaining wall. “Tortuga” means “turtle” in Spanish, so you’re sure to spot namesake leatherbacks, loggerheads, and hawksbills. Immerse yourself in the past at Garden Key’s Fort Jefferson, an authentic and imposing Civil War prison.

4. Florida: Biscayne National Park
Best visiting period: Winter Close to Miami’s bustling downtown, this 172,000-acre park lies underwater peacefully. Four marinas provide boat access. Sail to the Maritime Heritage Trail to find a lighthouse and six shipwrecks that are prime diving and snorkeling spots. Enjoy guided excursions via canoes, kayaks, or private charters. Boca Chita, the most frequented key, features a 1930s ornamental lighthouse with observation deck allowing vast city skyline and ocean views.

A boat trip to Biscayne Bay’s Stiltsville shacks will uncover Prohibition-era tales of banned alcohol and gambling. Although hurricanes demolished many original houses, you can admire the seven enduring ones from your vessel. The park issues required permits to tour structures.

Choosing Swimsuits to Fit Your Bust Size and Type

Women’s breasts come in diverse forms and proportions. Beyond cup size, various physical features including placement, shape, width, and length affect your bust’s appearance. Identifying your unique bust type will help you choose the most appropriate plus-size swimwear styles for the best fits and looks.

Factors contributing to your chest style may involve:

Genetics: Because genes influence hormones levels, they affect breast characteristics including tissue, density, size, skin, and appearance.

Age: Fibrous structures supporting young breast tissue may weaken over time. Eventually, breast tissue needs added support against gravity. Declining tissue strength makes them sag and droop.

Weight: Depending on tissue density, all breast sizes can enlarge and decrease along with overall body proportions as weight changes.

Breastfeeding: Bosoms that swell during pregnancy and nursing may deflate after weaning. Possible culprits are fluctuating hormones and skin stretched over engorged mammaries that doesn’t contract fully to prior firmness.

East/West Divide
Breasts that point outward and gravitate away from your chest’s center establish an east/west gap. This Becca Etc. tankini with stretch foam cups will smooth over your shape while tying the angled halter straps around your neck will draw in your bust.

Side Set
Fuller busts than the above east/west style that spread outward from your spinal column produce a wide side-set separation. Choose plunging necklines like this Cole of California low-cut cross-strap tankini to hoist up and push in your bust.

Despite a typical breast base at the chest wall, this type is more cone-shaped than round. The conical category may not fill out cup side portions, so they appear too big. This occurs most often in smaller A-C cup sizes. A bandeau bra swimsuit like this one from La Blanca will compress pointed breast tissue for a more natural curve. Push-up styles that lift underneath and press breasts inward from the outer sides will provide fuller looks and cleavage. Avoid unstructured swim tops without shaping.

Bell Shape
Thinner upper breasts round out to fuller curved bottoms in bell shapes. They also have more length than width. This Anne Cole twist-front tankini with cups offers supportive lift while cradling. Skip balconette styles that might allow too much excess to spill out and over your top.

This style resembles the previous bells while being the smaller version. Slimmer above than below, slender busts also have less width than length. Relatively small cups are typical. Slip push-up pads into this halter with plunging neckline from Night and Day to boost your size with lift.

Reduced Projection
Although a standard cup size accommodates your breast base’s circumference, you don’t have enough volume to fill it fully. That reduced projection can cause swim tops to pucker or wrinkle. Choose the correct cup for your under-bust crease. Instead of rigid materials, select flexible fabric like this stretchy halter bandeaukini from Anne Cole to mold smoothly around your curves. Or try bra inserts to spread your breast tissue into empty spaces.

Nearly all women’s breasts vary somewhat in form or shape. But when one is noticeably bigger and the other much smaller, you have asymmetric breasts. Health-related causes include injuries or illnesses during breast development and menopausal hormonal changes that cause uneven expansion. A mismatched set will benefit from a patterned tankini with tiered ruffles, like this one from Kenneth Cole Reaction, to disguise the difference. Or insert a silhouette enhancer to boost just the underdeveloped side for a matching appearance.

Most Versatile Forms
Round: Equally full breast tissue from top to bottom and side to side are round. Luckily for you, designers create the most styles for this coveted form. Since nature or breast implants blessed you with this ideal shape, most swimsuits will fit you perfectly. Cups, structuring, support, and padding aren’t necessary. So you can go for a variety of thin, unlined swimwear styles that offer light coverage.

Teardrops: These rounded mounds are slightly fuller underneath than higher up your chest. Another classic category, teardrops give you ample freedom to select from many popular styles. Full-coverage maillots and supportive swimsuits with wide, comfortable straps will flatter these bottom-heavy breasts.

To find other fabulous fashions for your shape, visit Swimsuits Direct. Check out the Plus Size tab. Shop by swimwear styles from maillots to two pieces and tankinis to halters. Or search by brands, sizes, or prices. You’ll also find accessories including cover-ups, beach bags, sunglasses, and sandals to complete your becoming look.

How Much Time Should You Really Spend in the Sun?

Counter to most reports, exposure to the sun is not all bad. There are some good reasons for soaking up some rays, such as helping regulate your internal clock, adjusting your mood and positively affect your health. However, too much sun is harmful, increasing the risks of skin cancer for anyone spending extended periods of time outside without wearing sunscreen or covering up. So if you are outside for extended periods, don’t forget to put on the sunscreen when you’re putting on your swimsuit.

Safe Sun Exposure Recommendations

While a little bit of exposure to the sun is enjoyable, overexposure to the sun's ultraviolet (UV) radiation can result in a painful sunburn. This can lead to dangerous health problems, including premature skin aging, cataracts, immune system suppression, and skin cancer. Children are especially at risk. So how much time should you spend in the sun? Following are some safe sun exposure recommendations for experiencing the outdoors without exposing yourself to harm:

  • Try not to burn. Sunburns significantly raise the lifetime risks of skin cancer.
  • Skip tanning beds and sun tanning. UV radiation from the sun and tanning beds cause wrinkling and skin cancer.
  • Wear protective clothing. Wear long-sleeved shirts, pants, a wide-brimmed hat, and sunglasses.
  • Apply sunscreen generously. Apply one ounce of sunscreen with a 30 Sun Protection Factor (SPF) or higher to your skin before going outside. Reapply even on cloudy days every two hours, and after sweating or swimming.
  • Use extra caution near water and sand. Water and sand reflect the sun's damaging rays, which can increase your chance of sunburns.
  • Stake out the shade. Look for shade as much as possible, and don't forget that the harmful UV rays from the sun are the most potent between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

It is critical to shield children and young adults from overexposure to the sun. Avoid exposure for babies less than six months old, and dress infants in brimmed hats, lightweight long pants and long-sleeved shirts.

8 Inspiring Coco Chanel Quotes

Coco Chanel is famous for her timeless and simplistic designs, including the iconic little black dress and Chanel No 5 perfume. This iconic French fashion designer had plenty to say about life. Here are eight inspirational Coco Chanel quotes.

  1. “If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing.” Chanel's mother died and her father sent her to a convent as a child. She was born into a life of poverty, so she had to do all she could to grow her wings.
  2. “My life didn’t please me, so I created my life.” Chanel proved that regardless of where you come from in life, you always have the chance to improve your destiny.
  3. “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”  To be invaluable you must create your path by forging ahead and always being open to new ideas.
  4. “How many cares one loses when one decides not to be something but to be someone.” When you are true to yourself, you live life on purpose and are no longer just a part of the crowd.
  5. “Since everything is in our heads, we had better not lose them.” Chanel rarely lost her cool even though she faced her fair share of trials and failures.
  6. “A woman has the age she deserves.” Chanel was correct that we have the age we deserve, and we have earned the age we have. If you are happy, your natural radiance will shine through, and age won’t matter.
  7. “Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.” If you continue to do the same thing that is unsuccessful, don't expect different results. Move on, change or try another approach, because there always is another way.
  8. “Look for the woman in the dress. If there is no woman, there is no dress.” A beautiful woman is not the one wearing the most elaborate or expensive dress. She is the one who makes the dress work for her.

6 Easy Ways to Get the Best Tan

While pale white skin was once considered beautiful, it’s quite the opposite now. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend hours in the sun to get a beautiful bronze. Here are six easy ways to get your tan on before slipping into a gorgeous new bathing suit.

  1. Get a Spray Tan

Usually administered at a salon, this is a quick and easy option. You can get the look in one shot, although experts recommend having it done in up to three trips to avoid getting darker than you planned.

  1. Use Tanning Lotion

Lotions, foams and oils are sold over-the-counter and can be applied easily at home. Look for one that has a green pigment so that your skin doesn’t appear orange. Follow the instructions for the best results, including:

  • Exfoliating the skin beforehand
  • Spreading the substance evenly for an even skin tone
  • Applying it daily until you have the desired color

  1. Try a Tanning Bed

If you prefer getting a tan the old fashioned way, using UV rays, you can speed up the process with a tanning bed.  This may increase your chance of getting skin cancer, but if you need one quickly it works well.

  1. Lay in the Sun

Lay out when the sun is highest so you will be in direct sunlight, between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., for maximum exposure. Use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 to prevent burning.

  1. Use Natural Oils

If you already have a base tan but are looking to make it darker, natural oils can help. Try products you have around the house such as coconut, olive or sunflower oils.

  1. Rotate

For even coverage, roll over occasionally if you are lying down. Generally, plan to rotate a quarter turn every half hour. Then use a moisturizer to rehydrate your skin.

There are several ways to get a quick and natural looking tan without ever stepping out into the sun. If you have the time, natural UV rays work well. With all methods, be sure to make it even for the best look.