[caption id="attachment_736" align="alignleft" width="300"]2014 Swimsuit Styles from It Figures What could It Figures be planning for 2014?[/caption] For more than 15 years, It Figures have been a key player in the one piece swimsuits market, offering control fabrics and flattering cuts for women. They have managed to combine shaping materials and plus-size cuts with fun prints and popular styles, and earning themselves a strong following of women of all ages. As Christmas 2013 approaches, fans may be wondering what new styles It Figures has planned to release for the 2014 season. It Figures has remained strangely quiet about the new 2014 releases. They have not provided any new styles to stores yet, and there is has been no information on their website, blog, or Facebook page for a few months. This is unusual, considering the robust health of the swimsuit market, and the timing: late autumn is when women's 2014 swimwear usually hits stores. Given how incredibly popular the brand is, there doesn't seem to be any danger that the new styles won't be released, but it does leave some fans wondering. What might be included in the 2014 release, if we had to guess? One item we're sure to see a lot of and that's always popular with It Figures is one-piece swimwear. The one-piece is the best option for tummy control, and that's exactly what a majority of It Figures customers have asked for in the past. Whether you add straps or go strapless, cut the sides in high or cover the hips, the one-piece swimsuit allows for the control fabric to slenderize problem areas. So, I'd bet on a number of one-piece options. It Figures always uses a number of beautiful broken prints in their collection. These prints are not only gorgeous to look at, but attract the eye and break up the lines of the body, disguising any bulges or lumps that might otherwise appear. My guess is we'll see more of these prints in 2014. One trend that was wildly popular in 2013 and shows no signs of slowing down in 2014 is the crisscross or wrap trend. Straps, wraps, bodices, you name it – pieces of fabric are pulled across the body for a wonderfully smoothing and lengthening effect. I love this trend and predict that we'll see more of it in It Figures 2014. If you're blessed with curves, there's no better item in swimwear than the swim skirt or swim dress. It Figures have used these in the past few years and they were extremely popular, especially in tankini styles. I predict we'll see more swim skirts, maybe more in prints rather than plain dark solids. I'd also love to see It Figures come out with more cover-ups and work some more texture into their line. I know it's frustrating for loyal customers not to have their favorite brand be available for purchase yet, especially with the holidays approaching. I'm sure It Figures swimsuits for 2014 are on the way, and we'll be delighted when we see them! This time of year is a great time to purchase women's swimwear for yourself or as a gift. We'll give them a few more weeks.