[caption id="attachment_732" align="alignleft" width="300"]New 2014 R Collection Swimsuits for Juniors Summer will be back before we know it, so get a jump-start on swimsuit shopping![/caption] With the upcoming holidays, it may seem like it's going to be forever until the hot days of summer. However, because the holiday season is always so busy, it ends up going by much faster than everyone expects. After it's over, it won't be long until it's officially warm enough to start enjoying the pool again. If you're ready to start looking for some swimsuits to wear during the upcoming year, be sure to check out plenty of the R Collection 2014 options. To get a better idea of what this collection has to offer, we put together an overview.

The Top 5 Traits of the Latest R Collection Swimsuits

So, what are this year's styles all about? We came up with five different words that we feel best describe the collection:


One of the traits that makes this line of swimsuits stand out is that they're able to look really good without taking themselves too seriously. Playful accents such as fringe casually hanging from a bandeau top ensure that these are the types of suits that you'll never get tired of wearing.


If you love swimsuits but feel that too many collections don't showcase enough colors, you're going to be excited about how vibrant this one is. Not only are these suits not afraid to utilize bright colors, but many of them are able to integrate multiple colors into a single design. Although that can be difficult to do without becoming overwhelming, the R Collection juniors bikinis and other suits in this line have successfully accomplished that goal.


Every woman wants to look great when she steps out in a swimsuit, and because of the detail behind every design, that's exactly how you'll feel when you wear any of these swimsuits. They're flirty without being over the top, so you will enjoy a sense of confidence in any setting where you have your bikini on.


As soon as you put one of these suits on and look in the mirror, you won't be able to resist smiling, thanks to how fresh and playful their designs are.


While there are some solid colors in this collection, the majority of the suits feature patterns. As a result, these they really stand out and make a statement when you wear them.   If you like what you've seen about the 2014 R Collection and want to order a few of these swimsuits for yourself, you'll be happy to know that placing your order online is a breeze. Regardless of how many you order, you can enjoy free shipping. What makes ordering online even more appealing is if for any reason one of the suits doesn't fit the way you want, you can return it for free.