[caption id="attachment_916" align="alignleft" width="236"]A sexy swimsuit with a comfortable fit! A sexy swimsuit with a comfortable fit![/caption] Swimdresses are traditional women's swimwear pieces that have a flared skirt and are designed for casual swimmers. A women's swimdress looks similar to a mini-dress and is great for someone looking to wear a more conservative swimsuit.  Women of all body types enjoy wearing swimdresses with a multitude of colors and patterns to choose from. Often considered an all-in-one swimwear solution, this suit works great for those who enjoy lounging in the sun with a book, playing water sports or simply swimming.

Types of Swimdresses

Finding swimdresses in 2014 is simple since they are the most comfortable swimsuit options available. Their figure-flattering and chic swimsuit styles work well to smooth and flatten the waist and middle. They often have a panel that starts just below a woman's bust line and ends at her upper hip line. This panel minimizes the look of one's stomach, bottom and  in some cases thighs. Most have soft molded cups in the bra section that provide both support and comfort. If you're looking to visually slim your waist or break up the torso, choose a printed swimdress such as the Garden State Peasant Swimdress. With its Tummy Thinner Technology, this swimdress has a higher spandex content of 30% to provide more control. It is easy to slide on and smoothes the body with a rich, buttery feel to the skin.  This swimsuit dries quickly and is lightweight despite its added coverage. For those looking for a sleeker, sophisticated look, opt for a monochromatic color such as royal blue, fuchsia, white or black. An It Figures Wrapture swimdress offers adjustable straps that make customizing easy for each woman and her unique shape. Its wrap cut minimizes the middle, creates the look of a more defined waist and is comfortable to move around in all day long. It has a secure bust panel that supports and lifts without feeling too confined. Want to stand out from the crowd? Opt for a unique design such as the Ethnic Spot Swimdress. This suit combined black, white and grey for a classic yet bold choice that will turn heads. This lightweight drape-like jersey knit never feels heavy when it is wet, which is great for those in and out of the water with their kids. Its Tummy Thinner technology never looks like a girdle, but instead comfortably complements the body and its shape. Ultimately swimdresses are a traditional swimwear option that is a must-have for any woman of any age and with any body type who enjoys being in the sun without baring it all. Let's face it, there's sometimes we just want to lounge and read without exposing a lot of skin to the sun's harmful rays. Swimdresses not only allow you to feel comfortable, but also to wear something that looks and feels great without trying too hard. Spend less time getting dressed and more time enjoying the warm weather. Fashion Directories Clothing Directory Findelio Swimwear Directory Diroo