I'm sure this is not news to any women over 40 but as we get older our bodies don't keep their 22 year old physique. As we get older it seems harder and harder to find a swimsuit you feel confident in. Trust us when we say it's not you. You still can look just as good (if not better) as a twenty-something, you just need to pick the right swimwear. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="162"]Anne Cole Maillot One Piece. The Top Swimsuit for 40+ Women Anne Cole Maillot One Piece.
40% Off[/caption] The swimsuits you wore in your teens and twenties just aren't classy enough anymore for women of refined sophistication. You need a swimsuit that reflects your chic elegance and mature beauty. So we've put together a list of the best swimsuits for women over 40. These suits look so amazing that you shouldn't be surprised if your teenage daughter asks to borrow them. The Number One Best Swimsuit for Women over 40 To say this maillot is a classic would be an understatement. This timeless one piece bathing suit is our number one best seller for a reason. It's simple yet sophisticated. This Anne Cole swimsuit highlights your womanly curves and shows just the right amount of skin to provide a certain sex appeal for its wearer. The universality of this bathing suit makes it the swimwear version of the little black dress. When it comes to swimwear for women over 40 it's hard to beat this sultry yet refined swim piece. Lingerie Maillot One Piece by Anne Cole [caption id="attachment_2211" align="alignleft" width="166"] Goddess Boyleg by Seafolly
30% Off[/caption] A Bathing Suit That Hides Your Thighs and Still Looks Fabulous Boyleg bathing suits aren't for boys. They're a classy retro look that is a great modest swimwear choice for moms and women 40 plus who want to cover a little bit more of their upper legs. Seafolly Swimwear is a brand desired by many women for their subtle yet beautiful details. This adorable one piece swimsuit exemplifies the Seafolly brand with its luxurious twisted sweetheart top. A ruched panel around your midsection minimizes troubled spots. And of course the boy leg bottoms flatter even the most unflattering of thighs. Goddess Boyleg by Seafolly [caption id="attachment_1101" align="alignright" width="151"] Criss Cross Shirred Halter by Anne Cole Control
Save 50%[/caption] The Swimsuit That's Built to Make You Look Sexy If there's one thing you want from your bathing suit, it's for it to make you look good.  The Anne Cole Control line does just that. Mesh fabric on the interior of the suits keeps your curves beautiful and smooth. No more unsightly side bulges. This blue beauty delights the discriminating fashion palette of the 40+ crowd with a chic elegant look and a comfortable fit that's pure flattery. Expect to get a lot of extra attention in this Anne Cole Control bathing suit that's sure to make your man say ‘WOW!' Criss Cross Shirred Halter by Anne Cole Control [caption id="attachment_1102" align="alignleft" width="169"] Leilani Paradise Beach Tank
40% Off[/caption] Floral Fun in a One Piece Not all women have a body like a Demi Moore by the time they hit 50. (Hell most 20 year olds don't have a body like Demi Moore.) That's why Leilani came out with this fun one piece swimsuit for those sun loving ladies who don't feel the need to look like Demi Moore. The engaging floral patterns distract from the tummy area making you look thinner.  This full one piece is a great swimsuit for moms because it allows for full range of play without worrying about anything… falling out. Leilani Paradise Beach Tank [caption id="" align="alignright" width="141"]The Bikini for the Hot Mom Fantastic Elastic Banded Triangle and Skirt by Anne Cole
50% Off[/caption] The Hot Mom Bikini Who says women over 40 can't wear bikinis? You've dieted; you've exercised all to get your body ready for the trip to the shore. Why not show it off? This flirty skirt balances a voluptuous top that completes a sophisticated modest look while showing off your more toned midsection.  The swim skirt style smooths over thighs and hips while directing attention to the torso, face and legs. The support and comfort of the suit makes this is a great two piece for those hot mamas taking their kids to the beach. Fantastic Elastic Banded Triangle and Skirt by Anne Cole [caption id="attachment_2213" align="alignleft" width="151"] Brushstrokes Shirred Side Bandeau by Suit Yourself
50% off[/caption] Tankinis; The Unofficial Swimsuit for Moms Tankinis get the best of both worlds. They have the comfort and ease of a bikini with the coverage and flattery of a one piece swimsuit, with a style all their own. Two piece swimsuits are the choice for thousands of women over 40 because of their stylish modesty and ability to mask troubled areas. You'll love this stylish tankini by Suit Yourself. The flowy tankini feel masks imperfections around your waist and hides your tummy. The shirred sides flatter your feminine form accentuating and smoothing  your curves. The halter top lengthens your neck while providing support for you bust. While the high waisted bikini bottoms feature a tummy thinner and also help shape your tush. Brushstrokes Shirred Side Bandeau by Suit Yourself [caption id="" align="alignright" width="138"]Sheer Cover Up T-Back Maxi by Elan T-Back Maxi by Elan
30% off[/caption] The Goddess Cover Up It's not all about the bathing suit. A good cover up can help too providing sophistication and elegance that twenty-something-year-olds won't figure out until they're older. This flowy dress by Elan looks oh so chic. The long sheer bottom gives an illusion of added height.  It goes great with any type of swim wear and is sure to make you feel, well like a goddess. Be sexy and stylish after the beach or pool in a new cover up. Coral T-Back Maxi Dress Cover Up by Elan [caption id="attachment_1098" align="alignleft" width="138"] Garden State UW Halterkini by It Figures
40% Off[/caption] Curvy Confidence in a Two Piece This two piece halter top tankini by It Figures is perfect for curvier women. Black is slimming and combined with the Tummy Thinner® technology this bathing suit gives its wearer a lot of confidence in her curves. The halter top style draws the eye upward elongating the wearer's neck.  While the high waist bottoms help shape your bottom. Garden State UW Halterkini by It Figures [caption id="attachment_1099" align="alignright" width="138"] H Back Swim Dress One Piece by It Figures Plus
50% Off[/caption] The Plus Size Babe at the Beach It's a fact, women come in all different shapes and sizes. Some in larger sizes. But should they not look good or feel confident like their thinner counterparts? Of course not! At SwimsuitsDirect.com we feel very strongly that every woman should feel amazing in her swim apparel. This one piece swim dress by It Figures is just what the fashion doctor ordered.  The elaborate floral print distracts from troubled areas and the silhouette of this swim dress helps define your full figure's curves making your tummy and thighs appear thinner. H Back Swim Dress One Piece by It Figures Plus   A few tips to leave you with If you want to look your thinnest, stay away from anything that cuts across your body. This includes zebra stripes, tiger stripes, army stripes...no matter how cute and trendy, they're unflattering. As you get older it's a good idea to get a new swimsuit every year or two to ensure that you will always look your best. Shop online for your next swimsuit at SwimsuitsDirect.com and get Free Shipping and Free Returns. It takes away some of the pressure and intimidation from shopping in a store allowing you the freedom to pick out what's best for you.