21 Hairstyles to Wear With a New Swimsuit

21 Hairstyles to Wear With a New Swimsuit

If you have a new beach outfit and you need to figure out how to wear your hair, don’t panic! Here is a list of trendy hairstyles to try.


1.  Pigtails: Pair pigtails with a fun hat and cute swimsuit for a youthful and adorable look. 


2. Floral Accent: Pick a flower and tuck it behind your ear or weave it into your updo.


3. Ponytail: Don’t underestimate a classic that keeps hair out of your eyes.


4. Bandana: Fold it into a headband or use the bandana to protect your scalp.


5. Double Bands: The double bands add a classic and regal touch to your ensemble.


6. Traditional Braid: Split your hair into three and weave away!


7. The Chic Wrap: Wrap all of your hair into a stylish wrap that compliments your swimming suit.


8. Messy Bun/Topknot: Keep it casual and fun with a down-to-earth bun or topknot.


9. Fish Tail Braids: Pull your hair into this secure and edgy style.


10. Low Bun: Messy or sleek, the low bun can be classic and modern.


11. Beach Waves: What pairs with the beach better than waves?


12. French Braid: This look will survive the ocean’s strongest currents.


13. Small Side Braids: With one look, you can be urban or bohemian chic.


14. Full Side Braid: Weave your fishtail or traditional braid to the side for variety.


15. Snapback or Fitted Hat: Caps are a great casual style for tides and boardwalks.


16. Sporty Braid: If you’re an athletic beachgoer, secure braids with an extra tie on top.


17. Headband: These control fly-aways while allowing for accessorizing.


18. Visor: Want shade without the added head heat? The visor is for you.


19. Cowboy or Straw Hat: Especially if you want to honor rural roots, rock a cowboy or straw hat.


20. Floppy Hat: The floppy hat is as great for brunch as it is for the beach.


21. Bun With Stick or Accessory: Dress up your bun with a patterned stick or accessory.


Grab your hair ties, clips, bobby pins and hairspray. It’s time for a little experimentation! 

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