7 Bathing Suit Blunders Women Must Stop Doing

7 Bathing Suit Blunders Women Must Stop Doing

Learn The Seven Swimsuit Slip-ups To Avoid This Summer

Every woman should be confident enough to wear a swimsuit in public. It's just a matter of buying the right swimwear for your body. But you'll want to make sure you avoid these embarrassing beach fashion faux pas if you don't want to get the wrong kind of attention in your bathing suit. 

1) Get Rid Of It. Don't Keep Wearing That Worn Out Bathing Suit 

Holding onto that favorite t-shirt no matter how worn it looks is fine because you typically don't wear it in public. Bathing suits on the other hand are on display. That old swimsuit you've been keeping is not going to help you look good at the beach. If anything it will make you look even worse. If you're like just about every women out there you probably haven't been following our how to guide on cleaning your swimsuit. As such there's a good chance that old one piece from a few years ago isn't in the best shape. The colors are probably faded from sun exposure and repeated trips to the washing machine (you shouldn't do this with a swimsuit). The fabric is likely worn and stretched out making it look all saggy! Do yourself a favor and buy a new bathing suit.

2) Are You A Ten Year Old Girl? No? Then Don't Wear Girl's Swimsuit Styles.

Super girly patterns and Disney Princesses are really adorable for swimwear; Girl's swimwear. As a grown woman you should be wearing swimsuits that reflect that. No trippy colored animal prints, no neon patterns, no girl's bathing suits.

This goes for teenage styles as well. Unless you've got an ageless body like Demi Moore, (even she can't really pull them off) don't be wearing a tiny bikini made for teenagers. It really will just look like you're trying too hard to stay young. Instead shop for classy women's swimwear brands like Anne Cole or La Blanca. They've got plenty of styles that will help you feel youthful without making you look out of place.

3) Weird, Gaudy and Inappropriate Fashions

Bikinis and swimsuits attract a good deal of attention; it's part of the point of them. So there's no need to wear something over the top to stand out. But these overly designed and embellished swimsuit styles are all over magazines and ads. And they look great there because they need to stand out to get attention for a swimwear brand. But this leads to lots of women walking about in some embarrassingly gaudy outfits. Stay far away from swimsuit styles like:

  • Swim apparel with bling, lots of bling. You'll see suits like this in all the magazines but over the top sequins, chains or gold embellishments can come across as gaudy and trashy. Plus they're often uncomfortable for laying on the beach or by the pool
  • Bikinis and bathing suits with too lots of pointless straps Dozens of straps are distracting. Not to mention the horrible tan lines you'll get.
  • Costume-themed two-pieces like painted animal faces, tutus or ones with cartoon characters (see above about not wearing childish swimsuits)
  • Distractingly ugly, outdated or overly youthful prints. Wearing ironic is not a fashion style.
  • Bizarre designs and jutting accents that look like you stepped off a fashion runway.

When Your Breasts Are Falling Out Your Bathing Suit Top Is Too Small 

Say No to Bikini Stuffing 

If you're a woman with larger breasts that's great. When it comes to looking good in a swimsuit, it's understandable that you might want to highlight them as a part of your outfit. However, squeezing them into a top that's two sizes too small in an attempt to show more cleavage will make them look off and deformed and you'll likely look kind of trashy. The saying about having too much of a good thing definitely applies here. Some small patches of fabric aren't going to support your ample bussoms let alone cover it to a respectable degree. There's a pretty good chance your "girls" will make a surprise guest appearance. If you're planning on swimming or doing any sort of water activities, an overly skimpy swimsuit top potentially could result in a major wardrobe malfunction. Boob spillage is a major no-no. Go with swimwear that offers adequate coverage, with good support the kind that will keep the "girls" in their place. Remember you're wearing a swimsuit, not sexy lingerie.  This may be an exaggerated case but make sure your bottoms fit right.

5) Bottoms That Don't Fit Your Bum

No butts about it (pun intended), it's downright unsettling to go to the beach and see that woman with the oversized backside or even normal-sized butts prancing around the beach in a Brazilian or string bikini. No matter the size of your tush, your bathing suit shouldn't be X-rated (see rule 11 of The Ten Commandments of Women's Swimsuits). Even if you've got a great butt, it doesn't mean everybody by the shore wants to see all of it. Of course, you also want to avoid the opposite problem, which is excessive coverage. If your swimwear bottoms are too large or too loose, you might get the dreaded saggy diaper effect or find yourself always adjusting wedgies, which can be equally unladylike. Poor-fitting bottoms are an easily avoidable bathing suit mistakes. These tips should help you avoid bikini bottom blunders when shopping for swimwear:  

  • If you find yourself on a website with a selection of practically nonexistent bikini bottoms, go to a different women's swimwear site. Thongs are for the bedroom, not family beaches and community pools.
  • Shop for swimwear bottoms that cover the important areas and fits snugly but not too tightly. A bottom that's too small will be uncomfortable and give you a very unappealing muffin top.
  • If you've got larger hips, go with a bottom with adjustable ties, that can accommodate your shape.
  • If you have a more boyish shape, look for swimsuits with ruffles or boy shorts as your go-to styles. These wider styles work great at giving the illusion of curves.
  • For the pear-shaped ladies, stick to simple, dark-colored bottoms to create a more evenly balanced look.

Really the only way to know for sure if the bikini bottoms fit the right way is to try them on. Take an objective look at yourself in a mirror at home as dressing room mirrors can often be positioned to make you look better than you do. If you wouldn't negatively judge a stranger for wearing them, you've likely found a bathing suit bottom that fits.

6) Cover-Ups that Don't Cover Up 

Women wear cover-ups for a number of reasons. For some, it's the convenience of having something to throw on quickly. Many want to protect their skin from the sun's harsh rays after swimming. Some women wear them to be more appropriately dressed when going into a restaurant after a day at the beach. Others depend on their cover-ups to hide flaws with their body they don't want to flaunt. Regardless of the reason for wearing this versatile piece of swimwear don't miss the point of a cover-up by wearing one that doesn't really cover anything up. Super lacy, holey or see-through cover-ups essentially defeat the purpose of wearing one and look better suited for a rave. Now, you don't need to don a big old ugly t-shirt as a cover-up either, as that never looks even remotely fashionable. There are plenty of cute, trendy cover-ups for sale, perfect for the beach and the street, which do their job of covering up your other swimwear.

Leaving Nothing To The Imagination Is Probably The Worst Beachwear Faux Pas. You're not out to give the general public a peep show. So why not keep it classy? Nobody needs to see your whole butt, or most of your breasts. Tops that barely cover the nipples or bottoms consisting of a few centimeters of triangular fabric belong at a strip club not in public. This also goes for bikinis that look like sexy lingerie. A general rule of thumb is that if it looks like a bra or panties treat it that way and just wear it under your clothes. Ten times out of ten a classy two-piece or even one-piece swimsuit that offers more coverage and more support will look better on you then a skimpy little number. You'll feel much more confident and the way you carry yourself is more important for looking good than the swimsuit you're wearing.   Take a few moments and ask yourself if you are, in fact committing any one of these swimsuit slip-ups. It's pretty easy to tell if you're breaking one of this swimwear faux pas. Take a good long honest look in the mirror and decide if you do look right in that maillot or bikini or whatever swimsuit you're wearing. But don't be too harsh on yourself. It's ok that you don't look like a super model, even they don't look that good without Photoshop. Remember, a woman's bathing suit should accentuate and compliment her positive characteristics and hide her negative ones, not distract with the kind of attention reserved for erotic dancers. Stick to swimsuits that are classy, tasteful and most of all suits your personal sense of style. How many of these swimsuit fashion faux pas have you made in the past? Any bathing suit blunders you would add to the list? Leave us a comment below. Check out these great swimwear styles and more when you shop for women's bathing suits at SwimsuitsDirect.com 

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