Picking The Perfect Swimsuit As A Tall Woman

Picking The Perfect Swimsuit As A Tall Woman

Tall women often find that swimsuit shopping brings special challenges. Whether you're struggling with straps that cut into your shoulders or bottoms that creep up, swimwear can be frustrating. The good news is that there are styles that are right for you, no matter your body type. However, the solutions are different for women who get their height from a long torso or those with long legs. Let's take a look at these different swimwear struggles for tall women and some savvy tips to find the perfect suit for you.


Most tall women, even if their legs are proportionately long, have a harder time finding a swimsuit that fits their longer torso. But even women of average height can have trouble with swimsuits if their torso is long. Here are some tips for finding a swimsuit that will fit and balance the look of a long torso.

  • A two-piece suit is a great choice for women with long torsos. They are a flattering look, breaking up the length of the torso to give a more balanced effect, and they eliminate the need to find a perfect match to your torso length.
  • Whether you're happiest in a bikini or prefer a tankini, high waist bottoms are your friend. For bikini wearers, they break up the line of the torso, especially if you opt for the fun mix-and-match trend and choose different bright colors.
  • For you tankini lovers with long torsos, the higher waist will prevent a flash of skin between top and bottom. This fun bottom from Isabella Rose is a great example, and it features a pretty bit of detail.
  • Choose a high cut leg to make your legs appear longer, further balancing the look. This gorgeous ballerina style bottom is a great choice, and it provides tummy-slimming support at the same time.
  • Avoid swim skirts and boy short cut bottoms, because they will make your legs appear shorter and lengthen the line of your torso. 


Women with long legs have much more flexibility in their swimwear choices.

  • If the majority of your height is in your legs, while your torso is a more average length, standard one-piece suits will probably serve you just fine.
  • You have the flexibility to try out styles that may make a woman with more balanced proportions between legs and torso look like her legs are stubby. A high neck style like this dramatic Kenneth Cole one-piece will look beautiful on you, and the tie neck gives you some flexibility in the length.
  • Even long legs can look disproportionate, particularly on thin women, leaving them feeling gangly. If you want to downplay your long legs, choose lower cut bottoms.
  • Boy shorts and swim skirts are both good choices for your body type.
  • Keeping the vertical line of your torso unbroken will make it appear longer, and thereby more balanced with your legs. If you want to wear a bikini, go for colors that are closer to your skin tone.
  • For long-legged tankini fans, a plunging neckline like this pretty floral tankini top from Becca Women's will keep your torso line long. 

Whether you're looking for the perfect suit to enhance your long legs or something comfortable and flattering for a long torso, the right swimsuit will make all the difference. There's no such thing as a body that can't look good in a swimsuit, just swimsuits that aren't the right fit for your body. The perfect one for you will leave you feeling beautiful and confident. As a tall woman you are probably used to standing out in a crowd; now it's your turn to stand out because of your style.

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