Stop Making These Swimwear Mistakes

Stop Making These Swimwear Mistakes

If you're fantasizing about warm-weather escapes, you're probably envisioning the latest and most adorable swimsuits and cover-ups available today. Before buying new styles, become familiar with typical fit, selection, usage, and care mistakes to avoid. The alternatives below will convince you to change your ways so you can focus on fun and relaxation instead of poorly chosen swimwear at upcoming getaways.

Omitting Fuller Coverage 


Do you stick to bikinis, thinking fuller coverage looks too dowdy, outdated, or conservative? Modern designers create chic and sexy swimming suits that conceal various body areas including midsections. Browse Swimsuits Direct's Lucky Brand bathing suits for women's one-piece and tankini sensations. You'll find alluring low-cut necklines, trendy crisscross backs, and versatile adjustable straps. Choose from beautiful colors and patterns for flattering, fashionable appeal. 

Concealing Too Much 

Has avoiding revealing separates become a habit to cover your muffin top, hip rolls, or cellulite? Quit moaning that you don't fit the perfect-body myth and embrace your womanly shape as naturally attractive. You're likely to be the only person obsessing over your form's perceived flaws. Others care more about you having fun. If you can't dismiss negative thoughts, replace them with positive ones. For example, be happy that your full bust outshines your broad hips. Still hesitant about showing off your figure? Consider these astonishing surprises: Skimpier swimsuits actually slim your overall look. And adjustable straps won't dig into fuller areas. If you're searching for separates, you'll find the cute Lucky Brand bikini of your dreams in our vast assortment of two-piece styles. Go for bikini tops, halters, bandeaus, and briefs with strappy detailing, revealing more skin. Partial coverage options include raised necklines, flounces, and high-waisted bottoms. 

Accepting Discomfort 

Have you put up with uncomfortable cuts? Then ban swimsuits that dig into your skin, elastic that pinches, and inadequate bust support that causes shoulder pain. Those problems indicate that you haven't matched bathing suit silhouettes or sizes to your body type. Swimsuits Direct lets you buy tops and bottoms in different sizes so each will offer a great, comfortable fit. For larger breasts, look for styles with built-in cups that provide the extra support you need. 

Prioritizing Trends 

Are you emphasizing trends over your personal taste and style? You'll feel more at ease wearing properly fitting cuts in shades and prints that boost your self-confidence instead of conforming to current fashion favorites. Swimsuits Direct lets you mix and match tops and bottoms to create looks that represent your unique personality. To get two-in-one solid color and pattern choices in single pieces, go for Lucky Brand's clever reversible options. 

Ignoring Usage

 So you pick swimsuits just for looks without also considering functions? Cute Lucky Brand styles also need to match your physical activity levels and locales. For poolside lounging or coastal sunbathing, revealing bikinis and strapless bandeau tops encourage tanning. When you'll be swimming, playing water or beach sports, running, or dancing, choose substantial options that stay in place while moving. Select more secure, fuller coverage like high-waisted briefs if you plan to dive, swim laps, or surf. Bathing suits expand in water, so order tighter sporty separates to avoid wardrobe malfunctions. With one-piece suits, you never have to worry about your bottoms floating away in overexposed embarrassment. 

Skipping Cover-ups 

Do you wrap beach towels over swimsuits instead of wearing cover-ups? Lucky Brand's fashionable and functional styles provide much more than coverage. While concealing your least favorite body areas, they also bring out assets you want to flaunt. Skirts and pants look so cool, no one will realize you're disguising hip or thigh issues. Slipping rompers, dresses, or jumpsuits over bikinis hides enough skin for sunburn protection and popping into casual eateries and shops without changing clothes. And lightweight flowing fabrics are more comfortable than heavy terrycloth towels. 

Neglecting Bathing Suit Care 

Did you quit rinsing wet bathing suits after swimming? Immersing them in cool to lukewarm water eliminates chlorine or saltwater residue. You may prefer hand washing even machine-washable suits to preserve their stretchiness. Wring them gently to remove excess water. Hang them in your shower or shaded outdoor areas. Avoid all direct heat sources including strong sunlight and electric dryers. They will ruin elasticity and support. Or lay damp pieces on top of flat towels to air dry. Proper care after every use will prolong your Lucky Brand swimwear's life.  

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