Swimsuits & Nail Polish Color Ideas

What nail polish suits your swimwear? The hottest summer fashion trends are not just your swimwear or your cover ups. They're on your nails! The right nail polish can completely transform a summer swimwear look from boring to beautiful. We're going to show you some of the hottest swimsuit trends for the summer, and suggest our favorite nail polish styles to pair them with.


black and white monokini swimsuit can be modern, boho, simple and sexy – all at the same time! With a swimsuit like this, you don't want to go too complicated with your nails. If you're going for the boho look, paint some small red flowers on your nails but keep the rest simple. If you want to be simple and sexy, go with a solid red nail so you don't overwhelm the pattern in your swimsuit. Make sure to use plenty of topcoat so your nails don't chip on the beach.


This simple black ruffle bikini by Radio Fiji is perfect for the modern girl with a classic influence. For your nails, an updated French manicure will be the ultimate accessory. To achieve this manicure at home, paint your entire nail light pink. Let that dry and add a top coat. Use painters tape or scotch tape to create a clean line on your nail, and use a light grey nail polish to give it a unique touch.


This funky one piece is so cool you'll probably find yourself wearing it every time you hit the beach. Sexy swimwear doesn't have to be revealing, and this is a perfect example. To make a statement, recreate the pattern of the swimsuit on your nails using similar colors. First, paint your nails using coral polish. Then, using a thin brush, paint black lines over the coral to recreate the lace-up effect on your swimsuit.


This ombre blue suit is perfect for the summer. Mimicking the blues of the ocean, this swimsuit doesn't need many accessories to look perfect. Make your suit pop even more by recreating the ombre effect using your nails. All you have to do is get five similar shades of blue and sort them from light to dark. Then, paint each of your nails a different color, again moving from dark to light.


This black and white handkerchief suit is so effortless; people will assume you live at the beach. Don't over-complicate your nails when you wear a style like this. A bright white, simple nail color is the perfect way to make this swimsuit pop. These swimsuits for women are all gorgeous in their own right, but when you pair them with awesome, colorful nail designs, you'll create a style sensation this summer no matter where you go.
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