Best Swimsuit Color for Skin Tone

When picking a swimsuit you want a flattering fit and a style that will stand up to beach or poolside play. But another key to finding the swimsuit of your dreams is the color. What color will work with your skin tone to bring your swimwear look to the next level? There is a whole rainbow of choices available, which can be a bit overwhelming. Let's take a look at some guidelines for each skin color, to help you pick the one that will help you glow.



This is the palest skin tone. This skin tone tends to flush when you get hot or stay in the sun too long. It's a good idea to avoid red shades, to downplay ruddiness in your skin. People with porcelain skin often avoid dark colors, fearing the contrast will make their skin look even paler, but lighter colors can make people with porcelain skin look washed out. Don't be afraid to celebrate your delicate skin tone; deep jewel tones are stunning against it. 


This one-piece from Anne Cole features softly sexy details and a rich sapphire shade that is gorgeous against porcelain skin.


A deep teal tankini is a flattering choice for ivory tone skin. This tankini from Catalina has a high neckline to emphasize an hourglass shape. Green tones are gorgeous on redheads in particular. If you prefer a green with a little less drama, this Leilani one-piece is a gentler emerald shade.

For a stunning look, this deep plum one-piece from Gottex has drama for days. The bandeau top and shirring provide flattering support, and the retro shape gives pin-up glamour. 


Just a subtle shade darker than porcelain skin, fair skin is able to stand the sun a little more. For women with fair skin, they're less likely to flush quite as much, which gives them a little more freedom to wear warm red tones. White and yellow can wash out fair skin or leave it looking sallow.

This one-piece suit from Cole of California pairs a rich burgundy color with ultra-feminine details such as a crocheted off the shoulder flounce and subtle ruffles around the legs.

In a dusky emerald green shade, this one-piece from Raisins has a deep neckline with sexy lacing, along with fluttery ruffles over the arms.


People with golden skin might start off nearly as pale as those with fair skin, but a little sun exposure (or self-tanner) brings out a warm golden glow. When their skin is at its lightest, the recommendations for fair skin apply, but as their tone changes to a more golden hue, their color options shift subtly.

Olive green is an unexpectedly flattering shade for golden skin, as with this sophisticated tankini from Anne Cole. Delicate ties at the legs and a twist-front bandeau top keep the look feminine.

Shades of blue, from a clear, deep blue to a frosty, light aqua are stunning against golden tan skin. 


Bright colors are gorgeous against olive skin. Shades that will make others look sallow will pop against your rich tawny shade. You can play around with intense shades that lighter skin tones can't carry off.

Bright orange is made for olive skin. You can rock this twist-front tankini from Anne Cole, and the bold shade will look eye-catching and fun.

The sexy drama of this red monokini, also by Anne Cole, will look fresh and bright on olive skin.

For a bright, fresh look, try the mosaic print of this fun tankini from Gottex


Deep brown skin tones are beautiful on the beach, and you can play them up with the contrast of light colors. Pale yellow is particularly flattering. Metallic shades shimmer against dark skin.

This classic maillot from Anne Cole in buttery yellow will glow against warm-toned dark skin. For a more flirty yellow swimsuit, try this bikini from California Sunshine, with a feminine floral print. 

Not everyone can wear white swimwear, but this delicate off the shoulder one-piece from Cole of California will look elegant and fresh against dark skin. 

For gorgeous glamour, this shimmering deep salmon suit by Soluna has a subtle gleam to play up the sexy, strappy look. 

For every skin tone, there is a color that will give you that confident glow. As you choose the perfect swimsuit just for you, play around to find a color that you love and will love you back. The right swimwear should be fun and beautiful too.

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