The Triangle or Pear Shaped Woman

The Triangle or Pear Shaped Woman

Swimsuits for  The  Pear / Triangle  Shaped Woman

Rihanna is a celebrity with a triangle shaped body. Notice how her hips are wider than her shoulders.Having a triangular shape doesn't just mean you have the most common body shape of all body shapes for women, it means that you have curves some other women would die for! With narrow shoulders, a smaller bust, and larger hips and thighs, you have a body that translates well, from dresses to swimsuits, and everything in between! The triangle shape body type is also called the pear shape. Throughout this guide we'll switch off between the two. But know pear and triangle shaped bodies are exactly the same thing. Regardless of what your shape is called do you feel anxiety over choosing the perfect women's swimsuit? Have no fear, because whether you're 25 or 65, your go-to guide to finding the perfect bathing suit for your triangular shape is right here. Enjoy the journey! The triangle shaped woman knows she wants to minimize her hips and thighs, but they may not always know how to find the right swimsuit to accomplish that.

Whether you're shopping for beachwear or a new outfit for work, your rule of thumb should be the same: choose body balance over anything else. In other words, instead of choosing the hottest style on the runway, pick what's going to balance out your smaller bust with your larger legs and butt. To feel confident in your suit, whether you're sunbathing in your backyard or swimming in the ocean, choose a bikini, tankini or one piece style that has a bold pattern on top, and solid on the bottom. A solid black bottom will minimize your butt, while a padded, bold top will bring attention to your upper body and allow you to feel more confident. If you're feeling a bit insecure about your love handles, choose a haltered ruched style. Here are some more helpful tips to steer you in the right direction: Types of Swimsuits for Women with Triangle Figures 

When choosing a swimsuit for your triangle shaped body, one pieces, tankinis and bikinis all work well. The trick is, choosing a cut that minimizes your hips and thighs and maximizes your bust.  Shop bathing suits with a more decorated top half and simpler bottom halves. This style is a smart choice because it will help you achieve body balance.  This one piece Anne Cole Bathing suit is great for triangle body shapes because the decorative top draw the eye away from your wider hips. 

• Whether it's a bikini, tankini or one piece swimsuit go with a decorative top and a simple bottom
• Don't wear mono-colored simple one piece swimsuits. They may make you look more like a fruit or vegetable then a woman. Simple black one-piece bathing suits are really bad because they make you look like an eggplant.
• Avoid short skirted bottoms and swimdresses especially ones that flare outwards as they appear to expand your hips, thighs and butt making them look bigger. The goal is to balance your hips and shoulders not make them look bigger.
• With longer swim-dresses that go past your mid-thighs the expanding effect is greatly lessened. So they're still a good choice of modest swimwear for women with pear shaped figures. Wraparound dresses look especially flattering.
Choose a modern style swimsuit such as the Bouquet Breeze One Piece by It Figures, or the Beaded Stripe Draped Front One Piece by Anne Cole. Both styles will work to flatter your larger hips and smaller waist.

Show Off Your Upper Body (and Feel Sexier Than Ever!)

This Leilani tankini is a great swimsuit for pear shaped women because of the decorative top with a simple bottom, thin straps and horizontal stripes. For ladies with pear shapes, as we mentioned above when it comes to the top of your bathing suit, shop for swimwear styles that are more decorative to draw attention upwards to balance out your big hips. Triangular shaped women often have smaller breasts. Instead of working against your small bust, work with it!  Swimsuits with cleavage are great at drawing focus. And you don't need DD boobs to balance out your big butt. Push up bikinis and padded swimsuits add a good amount of cleavage to your beach body bringing attention away from your rear. You can also show off what you've got by choosing a bold, printed one pieces and bikinis. Brighter colors accomplish this as well. Look for tops with these styles and features:

• Thin straps will make your shoulders look wider. Wide straps will make them look more narrow. Broader looking shoulder will balance out with your hips.
• Floral Print Swimsuits.
• Horizontal Stripes. They'll make your chest look wider and more voluminous.
• High Contrast Patterns.
• Bandeau Tops. The straight line cuts across your chest broadening it.
• Flounce bikinis add a lot of volume to your bust.

Bathing Suit Bottoms for Pear Shaped Bodies

Again the goal for triangle shaped women is to appear to evenly distribute your body's proportions. The first thing to look for when buying a bathing suit are plain bottoms. For most women with big butts and thighs, string bikinis and high-cut swimsuit bottoms can often be uncomfortable and a can be too revealing. Brazilian bikinis are right out. Buy swimwear bottoms that fit comfortably and offer better coverage. Here are some things to remember when you shop for bathing suit bottoms:

• Darker colors likes blacks, browns and dark blues are especially good.
• Look for bottoms with wide elastic waist bands.
• Buy swimsuits with enough fabric so that you are not constantly picking a wedgie or tugging for more coverage.
• Stay away from short skirted bottoms.
• Be extra sure that your bottoms fit well because the dreaded bathing suit diaper butt, that comes from wearing a bottom that's too big, would make women with triangle shape bodies look especially worse.

Following these tips on what to look for in the lower halves of bathing suits will help draw the eye upwards, to what should be a more decorative or brightly colored top. Thus giving your body a more even and balanced look to it. 

Bigger Butts In Bathing Suits Can Be Better 

There is another school of thought when it comes to swimsuits for pear shaped bodies. And that is to accentuate your booty even more. Celebrities like Niki Minaj and Kim Kardashian. Now this really only looks good for women who have the utmost confidence in their butt. If your butt is round great! Draw even more attention to it in your swimwear with bottoms that stand out. But if your butt is flabbier stick with balancing out your body with the tips above. This post on finding swimsuits for triangle shaped women is the first part of our series of guides for buying the perfect swimwear for your body type. Be sure to check back each week for the next one. Your swimsuit should be as beautiful, unique and expressive as you are.

At, we make it our priority to provide you with an extensive selection of the finest swimsuits available that will suit your particular body type. Buy several, and return the ones you don't want. With a no hassle return policy, we make women's swimsuit shopping easy, enjoyable and fun again! 


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