What Is A Tankini?

What Is A Tankini?

When you consider the swimsuit styles available, a few things are clear. One-piece suits are back in a big way, and bikinis will always be popular. But there's still one swim style that you may not be so sure about -- the tankini. You may not see many tankinis making their way down the runway during Miami Swim Week, but you're sure to see plenty of them at the beach or pool. With such enduring appeal, what does the tankini have to offer?

What is a tankini?

Until the late 1990's women had two options for swimwear. There was the bikini, favored by women who were comfortable with exposing more skin, or the one-piece, the fallback choice for women who wanted to cover up a little more. But then came Anne Cole and her revolutionary tankini. The new style got its name from the fact that it was a two-piece suit, like a bikini, but the top was a midriff-covering tank top. The new look broke open the styles that were available to women. No longer were you stuck in either the bikini camp or the one-piece camp. Tankinis offered the comfort and coverage of a one-piece, along with the style of a bikini. Suddenly it was a whole new world in swimwear.


No matter what look you're searching for, we think your swimsuit should be stylish, comfortable, and functional. It should fit well through all the important playing you have to do, and you should feel beautiful when wearing it too. Here are a few reasons tankinis are a great choice to meet all these requirements.

  • They cover trouble zones. We all have areas of the body we're a little less comfortable with. Whether it's the way they skim the midsection, or flirty skirted bottoms that offer extra coverage, tankinis are a great choice to play down certain parts. 
  • They provide great support. The versatility of a tankini means they can give you support in unique ways. The tops are available with wide straps and underwires, a blessing for women with larger chests. And a high-waisted bottom is a great way to tuck in a soft stomach.
  • On-and-off is way easier! You know the feeling of struggling out of a damp suit? It can feel a little like a wrestling match, especially if you're trying to go to the bathroom. With a tankini, you have the freedom of slipping off just the bottom.
  • More versatile style. There is a vast selection of styles available in both tops and bottoms. You have the freedom to match the neckline you love with the bottom style you love. 
  • Mix-and-match. Speaking of versatility, it's easy to change up your look with a tankini. A few different tops can give you a wardrobe of looks. Having the option of buying different sizes for top and bottom ensures a perfect fit, too.
  • Tankinis boast better patterns. There is simply no better range of colors and prints out there. You just have to see it to believe it.
  • They look great away from the water. Throw on a skirt or shorts, and your tankini looks good enough to go right to a restaurant. 
  • Female-friendly. Tankinis are forgiving styles for different events in women's lives. They can be more gentle on a mastectomy scar, while simultaneously making it easier to place prosthetics. For the postpartum body, their forgiving midsection allows space while your body changes. Women even report that tankinis make breastfeeding a simpler process pool-side.


There's no reason to take our word for it, though. Take a look at all the options available to you. You may want to start with the queen of the tankini, the Anne Cole line. But we have plenty of other styles to choose from too. Take a look, and see what a tankini can do for you.

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