Why Its Easier To Buy Swimsuits for Women Over 40

Why Its Easier To Buy Swimsuits for Women Over 40

Shopping for women's swimwear when you're over 40 is so much easier then shopping for swimsuits for ladies under 25.

Shopping for women's swimsuits can be really hard. Especially for women in their 40's and over, who often feel that the deck is stacked against them. They feel there's no swimwear out there for them, that their bodies aren't good enough to wear a bathing suit, that they're stuck with a boring old one piece that their 75 year old mother would wear. It can feel like buying a new bathing suit for a woman like you is harder than for a girl in her teens and twenties. But when you take a step back you'll realize there are a number of pretty logical reasons why it's easier to shop bathing suits for women over 40 years old. What's not an advantage of finding a bathing suit when you're over 40 The "I'm older so I don't have to care anymore about how I look in a swimsuit' attitude"

Not worrying what others think about your swimwear choices is great for your confidence and self esteem and that's half of looking your best in a bathing suit. But not when you don't care what you think about yourself. Now, every woman can look good in a bathing suit. It's just a matter of finding the right one. But if you don't put in the effort of finding the right swimsuit you're setting yourself up to look frumpy, old and just dreadful in your beach wear. Being over 40 is no excuse to abandon the desire to look and feel your best in your swimwear. Not having the body of a 20 year old co-ed can be a challenge when it comes to swimsuit shopping but the challenge can be part of the fun. Throwing in the beach towel when you hit the big Four-O is not an option.

One of the best parts of growing older is all the experience and knowledge you gain about swimwear fashion and about your self. Making it so much easier to find the best swimsuits for yourself.

So why is it easier to shop for swimwear for women over 40? Experience knowing what fits and what looks good

One of the greatest things about searching for bathing suits for women in their 40's, is their decades of knowledge you've garnered on style and fashion. You've been able to try on more styles, more prints and more types of women's swimwear than someone half your age. So you know what looks good on you and what doesn't.

But a lady over 40 like yourself should every so often go back and try some styles that might actually work on you now unlike before since your body has likely changed since the last time you've tried it on. Less choice is a good thing While it may seem counter-intuitive for swimsuit shopping, having less choices is actually better. One problem many beach loving babes run into when shopping for ladies swimwear is that there are so many different styles, choices, patterns, colors, cuts, coverage, prices, embellishments, sizes and types of swimsuits for women. It can make it take so much longer and be really overwhelming when it comes to finding the perfect swimsuit for yourself. Right off the bat you can eliminate thong and Brazilian style bikini bottoms as no women over 40 should be wearing in public, (well really no woman in general should wear bathing suit bottoms that skimpy in public.) Bikinis and monokinis that leave nothing to the imagination should always be avoided by mature sophisticated women. And there are lots of styles and patterns that work well on teenagers and 20 year olds that would look immature on a grown woman. It really seems like many swimsuit companies design their swimsuits for girls under the age of 25. These suits just would not look right on an adult woman. So you can focus your swimwear search on designer bathing suits brands like Anne Cole, Leilani, It Figures and La Blanca Swimwear who craft their swimsuits for mature women who love to feel classy and chic in their swimwear. Limiting your search for the best bathing suit to a number of brands will make it so much faster and easier.  It's incredible how amazing a women's one piece swimsuit can make you look.[/caption] The Miracle working one piece There's a misconception amongst young women that one piece swimsuits are just for old ladies in water aerobics classes. So wearing a one piece isn't as socially acceptable for younger women. But it seems like when you turn 40 or become a mother, the women's one piece bathing suit almost becomes expected. And this works out great for you. There are so many advantages one piece swimsuits have. They're perfect for hiding imperfections. They're more forgiving and flattering to the female form. They often are constructed to smooth your troubled spots and help you look your best at the beach. And the right one piece can look just as sexy and alluring as any bikini. More swimsuit money, less swimsuit problems It's a fact that women in their 40's and over typically make more money than younger women. This gives them much more swimsuit buying power. It's much rarer to see a middle aged women thinking, I wish I could buy this cute bandeau bikini. If only I had more than $200 in my bank account. As a result of being able to spend more on bathing suits, women over 40 are able to buy better quality swimwear that fit better and last longer. And they're able to buy several at a time so each swimsuit holds its stylish appearance and shape better and longer.

Three words: Anne Cole Swimwear If you're a lady over 40 and you haven't heard of Anne Cole, then stop reading this post and go order several Anne Cole swimsuits online right now and you'll see why they are the best swimwear brand for women over 40.

Swimsuits like this Anne Cole bikini are great for ladies over 40 looking to get their 'Wow!' factor on. It's easier to Wow!' in a swimsuit when you're over 40.

There's a very inaccurate stereotype that 40+ women and moms can't be as hot or look as amazing in a bathing suit than their younger counterparts. This negative assumption can be one of your biggest advantages. A prime example of this in magazines like People or Us Weekly where they might describe a celebrity over 40 as being hot for a 40 year as opposed to not being called attractive at all. It's good for you because it lowers the standards for what people consider attractive.

You can use this to your advantage by going bold with your swimsuit. Wear a one piece with a deep v cut neckline or just rock a sexy bikini. With the standards being lowered, it's easier to surprise those around you how good you actually look in your swimsuit. 

Not needing to dress to impress 

You go to the beach to relax and have fun. You're not thinking about impressing a bunch of college age boys (cougars aside.) You probably already have a man of your own and frankly a beach or a pool is not a great place meet men your age. So when you're picking out a bathing suit you don't need to care about what any man thinks you can buy a bathing suit because you love how you look in it. 

Shopping online for women's swimwear at SwimsuitsDirect.com 

Swimsuits Direct offers a unique advantage for gals like you. Unlike most online bathing suit stores that seem to bombard you with images of stick thin yet well endowed 20 year olds in skimpy bikinis, SwimsuitsDirect.com has somewhat of a focus on swimsuits for women over 40. It's our niche in the super competitive world of women's swimwear. We even have a post on the best bathing suits for women over 40. By being over 40 and looking for a new swim piece you get the advantage of using SwimsuitsDirect.com to shop online for age flattering swimwear from the comfort of your own home. You won't have to spend hours looking through hundreds and thousands of bathing suits. You just go to our site and find your ideal swimsuits. And with our free shipping and free returns, you can order as many swimsuits that you like and return the ones you don't. So you're guaranteed to be happy with your new swimwear.

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