We Love To Give Discounts for Fashion Bloggers

Discounts for Fashion BloggersFashion bloggers wanted

As an online women's swimwear company, getting reviews of our products and geting the Swimsuits Direct name out there is essential to promote ourselves and grow. That's why we're always looking to work with fashion blogges like yourself to review and share our bathing suits and swimwear accessories. We would be happy to give just about any fashion blogger 35% off our entire site.

Whether you want to talk about us in a post about finding the right swimsuit, a lookbook or an outfit of the day we'd love love love to work with you. All we ask is that you share SwimsuitsDirect.com with your followers. 

And if your site gets more than 25,000 visitors a month we may even be willing to send a bloger like you at least one free bathing suit of your choice! 

Because of how stressfull bathing suit shopping can be, many women turn to bloggers like yourself for swimsuit advice. It's no wonder posts on swimwear fashion are often some of the most liked and engaging posts for fashion bloggers.

If you have a fashion blog and would like to get some new swimpieces for 35% off or Even for Free, send an email with your name, site's name and number of monthly visitors to our support at support@swimsuitsdirect.com. Check out our huge selection of adorable women's swimsuits and swimwear

We're Always Looking For Guest Posts/Guest Bloggers

Do you have brilliant style, beauty or fashion advice that relates to swimwear? Let us know because we love having a blog that accepts guest posts from fashion bloggers because it allows us to share so many more insights and opinions about swimwear fashion.We're one of the few websites that accept guest blog posts in the fashion industry. And we're happy to work with you!

We're looking for any articles related to swimsuits. It can be about anything you'd like. From guides for picking the right bikini top to hair styles for the beach to beautiful beaches to visit, we're looking for anything related to women's swimsuits. We're glad to be a website that allows guest bloggers.

The article must be original and at least  400 words long (unless it's a picture series or video.) And put your effort into it because the better your post the more likely it will get read and shared and build readers interest in you as a writer.

What's in it for you?

  • You get a chance to connect with the many new readers
  • Help other readers and shoppers by sharing your swimwear expertise and experience. You may be amazed how much it could help them.
  • We will optimize your article so it gets found on Google and Bing.
  • If you write about a popular topic it may give you a continuous stream of visitors to your site.
  • You'll get a permanent do-follow link to your site.
  • A 20% discount for our collection of online women's swimsuits

Send an email with your name, site's name and your topic idea to our support team at support@swimsuitsdirect.com

Be a part of our SwimTalk interview series

Think you're a fashion leader? If you have your own fashion blog then we want to talk to you. We're always looking for new bloggers to interview for our weekly series called SwimTalk. It's a great way to get free backlinks to your site, expose your blog to a new audience and most of all help others find their own swimwear and fashion styles. Do you want to share your views and thoughts on swimwear fashion and the world of style in general? Drop us an email at support@swimsuitsdirect.com with a link to your website.

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Want Us To Sell Your Line of Swimsuits or Swimwear Accessories?

Are you a fashion designer with your own line of swimwear? Reach thousands of more potential customers by selling your bathing suits on SwimsuitsDirect.com. We're also looking for swimwear accessories like hats, sunglasses, sandals, beach bags and anything else related to the beach. Drop us an email with your name, contact info, some information about your company and some pictures of your swimwear to support@swimsuitsdirect.com . We'll help you get set up from there.