50 Fun Things to Do in Your Bathing Suit This Summer

50 Fun Things to Do in Your Bathing Suit This Summer

As a fashion forward woman, you probably own more than one adorable bathing suit that you absolutely love to wear. But there are  just never enough opportunities to show off your super cute swimwear or that beach body you've been working on all winter. You deserve to get more wear from your swim outfits, so we've put together a list of 50 fun things you can do in your swimsuit this summer.

Nothing beats a good book in a bathing suit

1)      Go to the beach

2)      Sit at your computer and look up pictures of the beach pretending you are there!

3)      Go swimming (an obvious one)

4)      Lounge by the pool reading a good book

5)      Wash your car

6)      Go for a stroll on a boardwalk

7)      Summer concert. Get sweaty dancing.

8)      Layout on the lawn and get a tan

9)      Water balloon fight!

10)   Take a selfie

11)    Seduce your husband

12)   Buy a sandbox and a kiddie pool and make your own beach. Get the kids involved and have them pretend they're your monkey butlers.

13)   Give the dog a bath (for a harder challenge give the cat a bath)

14)   Host a swimwear party make it beach themed

15)   Mud wrestling

16)   Go fishing

17)   Play go fish

18)   Go sailing

19)   Pay bills online (no one will ever know)

20)   Go shopping like Rihanna

21)   Three letters: B.B.Q.

22)   Enter a bikini contest and try to win

23)   Beach volleyball

24)   Parasailing (for the brave)

25)   Make your own Wipeout course in your backyard

26)   Dance like no one's watching

27)   Work out

28)   Sit outside drinking a piña colada

29)   Clean your house in your swimsuit, this will make your significant other happy

30)   Run around a sprinkler with your kids

31)   Homemade slip-and-slide

32)   Swim in a creek

33)   Learn to belly dance on youtube

34)   Host a Hamptons-themed brunch for your girls with a bikini-only dress code. Spend the afternoon sipping frozen cocktails and pretending to be on the Real Housewives

35)    Beach Picnic

36)   Have your own Victoria Secret fashion show

37)  Set your camera timer and practice taking bikini model shots

38)   Watch a Baywatch marathon in your own one piece swimsuit

39)   Go canoeing/kayaking/tubing

40)   Get a large box with your kids pretend you're exploring the ocean floor in a submarine

41)   Jetski

42)   Make a bet with your husband. Loser has to do lawn work in a bathing suit

43)   Build a sandcastle

44)   Boost your comfort in a swimsuit by wearing one around the house all day

45)   Crash a beach wedding like Serena Williams

46)   Pick out a super fashionable beach outfit by trying on different hats, sunglasses, cover-ups and beach shoes.

47)   Take a warm bath wearing your bathing suit. Put on this youtube video of relaxing sounds of the beach pretend you're at the beach.

48)   Make a day at your local water park 

49)   Watermelon eating contest

50)   Go for a romantic walk on the beach

Let us know if you have any other ideas for things you can do in your swimsuit

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